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Campaign Proposal AW 15/16


Picture It University of Huddersfield Fashion Communication and Promotion Final Major Project Mango AW 15/16 Communication Campaign Proposal U1267753

CONTENTS Executive Summary.............................................2 Background & Rationale...................................3 Consumer Profile...............................................4 British Market and Psichology of the consumer..............................................................7 Aims and Objectives............................................8 Strategic Approach...........................................9 Creative Brief....................................................10 Press..................................................................11 Advertising Campaign......................................13 Student Discount............................................14 Digital Marketing..............................................16 Mango LIVE......................................................16 Newsletter......................................................17 Social Media.......................................................18 ‘Picture it contest’.........................................19 Alternative Advertising.................................20 Retail setting....................................................22 Blogger Endorsement.....................................24 Timeline...............................................................26 Assesment and Conclusion............................28 Future of the campaign...................................29 Appendices.........................................................30 Refferences......................................................42


Executive Summary

This communication campaign proposal seeks to explain the essence and outcomes of the AW 15/16 marketing campaign for Mango. This proposal represents a multi-channeled approach and aims to explain its commercial relevance. Starting with an outline of brand’s background and campaign’s rationale, this document also points out the aims and objectives the campaign is expected to achieve. The strategic approach is there to explain the implementation of deployed techniques, using the creative brief and the timeline for the launch of the campaign step by step. This section will give a better understanding of the campaign techniques, its intent and ways in which it will achieve the aim of the campaign. Then, a section with the marketing tactics will grant a comprehensive description of all tactics deployed. Further the conclusion and the future section are there to provide an analysis on all of the tactics proposes and evaluate their potential impact. To summarize, the assessment and conclusion will succinctly recap this document.


Kate Moss for Mango, 2012

Background and Rationale Founded in 1984 in Barcelona, Spain by brothers Isak and Nahman Andic, Mango is a clothing design and manufacturing company. Today Mango has stores in 109 countries with 2600 points of sale all over the world and a turnover of £ 1.25 billion a year, with the majority of the income coming from foreign markets (Mango 2012). Mango’s first international point of sale was opened in 1992 in Portugal, which noted the beginning of brand’s expansion over the Europe and later in the whole world (Singapore and Taiwan in 1995, USA in 2006). Today Mango offers a wide range of collections: Mango/MNG, Mango Touch, Mango Premium, H.E. by Mango, Mango Kids, Mango Sport and Intimates and Violeta by Mango (Plus Size Collection). Its 900 designers bring clothing and accessories collections 4 times a year. The brand’s mission is “to be present in all cities in the world and project a coherent and unified image”. Its main priorities are to offer high quality garment at a reasonable price and keep prices competitive (Casi, 2009). Mango was first introduced to the British market in 1997. Today it has 87 points of sales all over the country. Annually, the brand assigns 4 percent of the total sales to the advertising(Mango 2015). Mango faces competition from brands such as Zara, Topshop and Urban Outfitters, all companies targeting the same consumer. Since 2010 Mango’s profit loss in United Kingdom in steadily growing by £1 million, while the turnover decreases by 8 per cent (Ermay, 2012).

Mango sustainability report 2012


Consumer Profile The target market of Mango is 20-30 years old, middle and upper-middle class women who want the latest trends in fashion. They live in urban areas and are confident and career driven young professionals and students. The Mango woman is price conscious and highly enthusiastic when it comes to fashion. The amount of money they spend on fashion is a little above the average and prefer mid-range priced item. The Mango consumers buy key fashion pieces that reflect their individual style.They are incredibly loyal to a group of brands, and often return to the store many times prefer non-formal clothes such as jeans and tops. Their lifestyles are often very busy, with a fully booked 24/7 schedules. They shop often, and enjoy cultural activities. They are tech savvy and are up to date with the latest trends in technology, spending a considerable amount of time catching up with their friends on social media. The Mango women are determined, creative and career orientated.


Mango Consumer


Competitor’s window display: Topshop


British Market and Psichology of the consumer British demographic is slightly different to the target consumer in Europe, and the difference lies in the mindset focuses (Terrelonge, 2014). Research commissioned by marketing service AgilOne shows a majority 75 per cent of UK shoppers expect shopping experiences to be tailored to their needs. This shows how much power the consumer has in the UK. The same report says that the huge amount of choice and availability on high street has resulted in consumers expecting brands or retailers to chase after them. Also the report indicates that British consumers expect to be recognized as an individuals and being communicated directly by the brand, so it is crucial for the retailers to truly understand their consumers. Mango’s competitors’ (Zara, Topshop , Urban Outfitters) stores have more creative, personalized and interactive campaigns which makes them more successful than our brand. Mango’s current campaign plays on its international appeal while proving itself to be inefficient for the British consumer. The aim of the new campaign is to have a bolder presence on the market and also connect with the consumer’s life, focusing on their lifestyle and cultural values. This will make the campaign very visual and interactive. This campaign will be addressing the main issues the brand is dealing with, such as brand recognition and consumer awareness, everything being made with the scope of enriching the visibility of Mango on the market. Throughout this campaign there will be listed several tactics that will ensure its success, and, with a minimal effort and budget by implementing few of these tactics in future campaigns these results could be maintained for several seasons upfront. 7

Aims The main aim is to produce an aggressive campaign in order to boost the consumer awareness, increase sales and achieve sustainable competitive advantage during AW 15/16 season. It is also fundamental to take steps that will ensure continued success after several seasons.


To increase the brand recognition achieved through “# Picture it� campaign, August 1st 2015 to January 31st 2016 as well as a strong PR presence in the UK. To create an appealing advertising campaign that would reflect the consumer To produce alternative creative ways of advertising that will have an instant positive impact on sales To revise old methods of collaborating with bloggers and propose a more efficient way to endorse bloggers To create a community within the brand To offer reasonable discounts for everyone willing to engage with the brand To make sure the consumer is aware of all current offers/promotions/discounts To propose a striking yet versatile window display 8

Strategic Approach

The main aims of the ‘ #Picture it’ campaign is to boost consumer awareness about the brand and increase sales. Techniques are introduced throughout the proposal to guarantee the success of the campaign by drawing the attention of Mango’s target consumer. ‘#Picture it’ takes the brand in a new direction as it only targets one small geographic area at a time opposed to the traditional international campaign. This campaign is inspired and is aimed to reflect the British consumer, which unlike most of the world consists of more open-minded and fashion forward individuals. It is also certain that the need for a personalized for the UK market campaign is needed in order to be able to compete with the surrounding abundance of creative tactics employed by brand’s competitors on the UK area. ‘# Picture it’ will maintain brand’s core values while it adapts to one of the most saturated markets in the world, by adding a bit more creativity to its advertising methods, while still keeping them visually minimal and clean. In order to cultivate the consumer’s interest towards the brand, this season, Mango is going to be present on social media pages dedicated specifically for all British consumers. The main aim of this is to inspire the consumer to join the Mango community and also to become closer to the consumer. The new window displays are designed to capture the attention of the consumer as well as reflect the latest trend that is slowly taking over the world; the popularity of social media and people’s obsession with sharing details of their lives with the world.


Creative Brief ‘ #Picture it’ was inspired by Mango women as it reflects the incredible change that social media brought in our lives. With the constantly growing abundance of platforms that make socializing faster and easier, it is no surprise that it took over the lives of many people. It is amazing how many ways it gives people to tell their story, allowing them to share only particular things that they want to be associated with. Social media gives the opportunity for everyone to be whomever they want on social media. This is where the inspiration came from: the multiple aspects of the illusion of the reality reflected by social media. This is going to be translated in to various parts of this campaign, which separately, might not make much sense to the consumer. However, when put together, it will send a strong message to which the people can relate. The bold and glamorous atmosphere of the shoot will resemble the illusion of the perfect life as seen of social media. Research into Brits opinion on sharing their life on social media is provided in Appendix 1, but to briefly outline; the use of party and glamorous shots are heavy. It is also the Holliday season with an lots of parties and going out involved.


In order to translate a holiday atmosphere the models will feature heavy makeup, with bold eye and lip makeup. All this pays homage to the British consumer who will better associate with Mango’s Spanish brand as well as it incorporates in the AW15/16 trends. The clothing featured in the shoot will be a more stylish and classy version of traditional party outfits. The style of the shoot was inspired by of the AW 15/16 major trends: Simply Fancy trend (appendix 2). The outfits combine contemporary and fancy items with everyday pieces for a playful and decorative look. The photo-shoot is going to take place on an outside location as it portrays some “ en route to the party shoots”. As this is one of the key tactics deployed, which will last the longest it is important to make sure it is being executed on a high level and that it gests as much visibility from the consumer as possible in order for it to build brand awareness and recognition.

Selfie Absorbed Editorial, Vogue USA 2014

Press A press release, consisting of no more than 500 words will be produced and sent both physically and electronically 5 weeks prior the launch of ‘# Picture it’ campaign, to industry’s most influent and relevant fashion personalities and representatives of media. The press release will describe briefly the essence and the purpose of the campaign featuring its key strategies and theme. Its aims is to produce coverage in relevant, fashion related publications, making sure that its content will be delivered to readers who classify into Mango’s target consumer group.


Advertising campaign Inspiration: Vogue Italia September 1994 1990’s : Models as party girls

Advertising campaign Advertising represents a corner stone in promoting goods especially in the fashion industry, as we know it today. With a constantly growing abundance of brands, the competition became very tight for retailers all over the UK, especially in big cities and of course London- one of the top fashion shopping destinations from all over the world. Given that, relying on good word of mouth to act as an efficient method of advertising is not enough. After a careful consideration of the primary research effectuated on the brand, it has been concluded that the lack of advertising has led to brand unawareness amongst its target consumers (Appendix 3). Also given the fact that British consumers are more fashion forward and easily adapt to new trends, it is clear that the international advertising campaign will not target the desired audience. Instead it will target an older, more conservative audience, fact that is happening right now. Together with other tactics, the advertising campaign is going to ensure that the message the brand is trying to communicate is going to be received by the consumer. After having high profile figures such as Scarlet Johansson, Penelope and Monica Cruz, Zinedine Zidane, Kate Moss and Miranda Kerr were proved to be inefficient for the British market, the decision of not featuring any celebrities as the face of the new campaign came naturally. The money saved from this practice could be used to finance other advertising techniques that work better for this particular marketplace. (the techniques will be listed in the next chapters) . The advertising campaign will be shot by photographer Ian Hooton, featuring models Louise Rianna, Mercedes Schindler, Sophie Thorpe and Tiffany Saunders. Famous for his bold fashion photography, and previous work with Christian Dior, Burberry and Disney, Ian Hooton is to create a series of images for this advertising campaign based on the theme “# Picture it� following the creative brief given. This dynamic campaign will catch the attention of the audience we are trying to appeal by following the AIDA model and will also address the attention of younger demographic.


The adverts will be print and digital based and will run across billboards mainly in town centers or next to universities, busses, buss stations and underground which makes perceiving and noticing them by the target audience as they travel daily to and from work/university through this highly trafficking areas. The adverts will also be featured in magazines (Vogue, Elle, and Cosmopolitan) as this is the press the target read by brand’s consumer (Appendix 4). They will also feature a QR code that once scanned, will take the consumer directly to the website. Last but not least, in store visual merchandise including behind the scenes snippets are going to be used as a method of advertising and as well as internet advertising using Addwords to minimize costs while targeting the desired audience. The above-mentioned techniques had a successful impact on the campaigns developed by Mango’s competitors for years, which suggests their effectiveness (Brand Republic 2004). A behind the scenes video will be shot with the intend of giving the consumer an insight of the making process. It will represent a short creative video featuring interviews with the team, their thoughts on the brand and the collection as well as some fun moments from the shoot. The video will be available exclusively for the consumers who subscribed for the website’s newsletter. It will later be uploaded to the brand’s YouTube page, from where it will be shared to all of its social media platforms. 4 other videos with the duration of 15 seconds (max allowance on Instagram) will be also shot and released prior specific holiday (Halloween, Christmas and New Years Eve). The last video will be shared, with the announcement of the ‘# Picture it contest’ ( see Social media chapter).

Student Discount A 10% student discount will also be introduced to the brand, since all of its competitors already practice such experience. The discount will be offered to anyone able to present a valid student ID while shopping in store or enter the unique code provided by UniDays. Terms and conditions apply (Appendix 5)



‘Mango Live’ section mockup

Digital marketing

Mango LIVE The digital element of the campaign has been designed to blend seamlessly with the rest of the elements of the campaign. The newly redesigned website will be launched on August 1st 2015, and will consist of a cosmetic update. The possibility to chose which country the user is from is a great opportunity for the brand to customize users’ experience based on the geographic factor. This being said even though there has been created a base for a customizable experience, it is clear that this service is not used on its full potential. Therefore in order to enrich the consumers’ experience on the website a new category will be introduced to the website. We will be introducing “Mango Live” devoted to costumer lifestyle, inspiration; season’s must haves, contests, short videos and weekly bestsellers. This will follow the same style as the rest of the website featuring social media buttons, allowing the consumer to share their favorites with their friends. The design of the section visually will resemble to a mixture between Tumblr and Pinterest; consumer’s main destination in a hunt for inspiration. The website will encourage the consumer to share their outfits with the brand, by asking them to upload their looks on social media using the tag “#myMangoUK”. ‘Mango Live’ will be a part of ‘Women’ Section as Mango Men is yet to be introduced to the British market in the following years. 16

Newsletter The newsletter content is to be changed, since the brand is notorious for sending emails on a daily basis as well as sending them in Spanish. This left numerous people frustrated and eventually led the consumers to unsubscribe from the mailing list. In order to correct the damage produced by the inefficient email system management; there have to be taken few steps. First the default language of emails will be changed to English. Second, the number of emails send out by the brand will drastically decrease. In order to make sure each of our consumer’s wishes are being taken in consideration, when subscribing to the mailing list or creating an account, they would be given the option to choose from a list of services the consumer might be interested to hear about(Appendix 6). Last, each of the newly joined to the mailing list consumers will be rewarded with a 10% off their next purchase terms and conditions (apply appendix 7). The consumers who are already subscribed will also receive an email with a unique code that will offer them a 15% off their next purchase (appendix 7). This offers are going to be advertised online, on social media, blogs, as well as mentioned in print advertising and will also be promoted on the website and in store with cards given out to each costumer with their receipt. (Appendix 8) 17

Social Media In order to deliver content customized for the interest of the British public, Mango will get new pages on two of Britain’s the most popular Social media platforms; Facebook and Instagram. Creating separate pages for the UK consumer is necessary in order to make the interaction between the brand and consumer easier. The number of the people subscribed to the pages will be drastically smaller, thus considering the feedback of each of the consumers will be much easier. The new pages will go under the name “Mango UK”. In order to build consumer awareness about the new pages several steps will be taken. First, Mango ‘s official page on social media will give links to its new profile “Mango UK”. Second, Facebook (Appendix 9) and Instagram (Appendix 10) advertising and promotion tools will be engaged. Third, in order to encourage the consumer to interact with the brand and share their experience with the world, Mango will introduce a unique tag “#myMangoUKlook”, for everyone willing to be featured on its official pace. Every week, MangoUK will feature 10 of its best-dressed consumers on its official pages as well as on the website in the “Mango Live” section. Last but not least Mango will be very creative and consistent with its posts, and unlike the international page, which only features catalogue shots. ‘Mango UK’ will post outfit inspirations, flat lays, promotions, updates about the events the brand is hosting, fashion week streetstyle, its best dressed consumers and fashion related quotes. ‘Mango UK’ will be consistent with its post on social media, posting 3 times a day, in order to be more present on the social networks but also making sure it does not over saturate its followers feed. The content of the social media pages will resemble to the one in ‘Mango Live ‘ section, however it will differ. Unlike social media pages, ‘Mango Live’ will feature a more unique, refined content opposed to a more relaxed community like content of the social media pages, this being done in order to keep consumer’s interest for the page. 18

‘#Picture it’ Contest

In order to enrich the consumer awareness of the brand, Mango will launch a contest, which is going to take place on social media, and can have anyone participating. The participants are required to upload on Instagram or Facebook a picture of himself or herself wearing an outfit with at least an item by Mango. To validate their entry all the participants are also required to use the hashtags #pictureitcontest and #MangoUK. In order to encourage the consumers to participate, familiarize themselves with the brand as well as make a purchase, all participants will get a 10% off their next purchase (Terms and conditions apply, appendix 11). The contest will be announced shortly after the campaign will launch, on Friday, September 4th 2015 and will close Monday, September 28th. The winners will be announced Friday October 2nd 2015 and will be chosen by the PR team. The contestants with the most original, fashionable or striking outfits will be contacted via Direct message or email, if provided (Instagram) or Messenger (Facebook) right after the names of the winners will be announced. The contest will be advertised by the endorsed bloggers, ‘Mango UK’ social media pages as well as cards given out with the receipt after every purchase. The 5 lucky winners will get the chance to spend 3 days in Barcelona, the city where the brand originated. They will visit Mango’s main office where they will be familiarized with the brands history and heritage. The winners will be staying in a 5 star all-inclusive hotel and will also be provided an outfit for each day of their stay (appendix 12). During their stay they will also be introduced to the Spanish culture, fashion and most famous sights. They will be following a strict timetable from throughout the day (appendix 13) after which they will be given time to relax and spend the time for their needs. During the activities organized by Mango they will be followed by a camera crew, which will videotape their experience. Together with their interviews about their experience the footage will be edited into 3 short videos, which will sum up the winners’ day as well as a short feature of the outfits they are wearing, each video representing one of the three days spent in Barcelona. The videos will be uploaded first on the brands website in the ‘LIVE’ section, followed by Facebook and Instagram. 19

Alternative Advertising Throughout the year social media networks have changed the way we percept many things starting from the way we connect with people, to the ways products are advertised. It has inspired the creation of some creative installations, whichcome as an alternative, creative and efficient way of advertising the brand. The installations will feature 2 mannequins with a mirrored surface standing in a glass cube separated by a mirrored wall. The mannequins will have a human body but instead of a head they will feature a Polaroid camera. Capturing various moments from our daily life have been extremely popular lately. An incredible amount of pictures and are being snapped and instantly shared regularly by almost everyone. This is where the inspiration for the displays comes from. There is a constantly growing amount people that walk around, with a phone at their head level as they try to capture some images so they could instantly share them with their connections on social media. This is especially popular in big or touristic cities. The idea of being able to instantaneously share the images inspired the use of a Polaroid camera as the head of the mannequin. The Polaroid cameras are the old school version or the actual inspiration of a popular social media network: Instagram as well as they are the only cameras able to print instantaneously an image after it has been taken. The installations represent a creative way of showing the reality as it is, being inspired by today’s culture. The mirror has been chosen as the main material for the production of the mannequins as they are meant to reflect the targeted consumer and there is no better way to see a reflection than in a mirror. They also reflect the glamorous, carefully selected images that reach other users, the perfect version of the ones posting it online; while the separating mirror wall in the glass cube is there to show how false this reality is. The mirrors in the mosaic are strategically placed so that the reflection of the mannequin standing in front of it could be distorted; just like the illusion/false reality we get to see online. The mannequins will be manufactured out of small pieces of mirrors in order to create same reflections as a disco ball. This would guarantee a spectacular view for everyone passing by. Since a significant part of the consumers are students, the installations will be placed in Britain’s biggest cities: London, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham as they also happen to be the ones the ones with the biggest amount of Universities thus students. Also, the Installations are to be strategically placed in the most trafficked areas. (Appendix 14 ) The installations serve as an eye grabbing, creative way of advertising and promoting the brand. They would be hard to go unnoticed and will have a long lasting impact on the consumers. 20

Alternative Way of Advertising: Creative instalation (Mock-up)


Above:Window Displays inspired by the Scottish artist David Batchelor ( Full images available in the Look Book) Right: Mirror (Mock-up)

Retail Settings Although the redesign of the retail settings would be beneficial for the brand as it would reflect brands identity more accurately; it is not crucial in order for the brand to boost consumer awareness and increase sales. In fact it represent an expensive cosmetic procedure, which is in no way strictly necessary as most of the stores have been recently renewed, and also because it could be risky from a financial point of view. This comes judging by they brand’s poor performance from previous years that had a strong impact on its financial situation. Opposed to that, the brand will benefit from some more eye grabbing window displays. The windows will go along with the theme of the campaign, as they will display mirrored mannequins with a Polaroid camera instead of their heads. Instead of a typical for Mango UK all white background, it will be decorated with long, thin neon lamps. 22

Inspired by Scottish artist David Batchelor’s light installation exhibition, this background represents a cheap, versatile and eye-catching technique that could be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. This being said the only things required are the mannequins and the neon lights. Since the mannequins are manufactured by the same technique for both window display and creative installations, they will give the same disco-ball alike reflection. Also the simplistic design of the window display is required in order to make sure the windows are not too busy. During the period of time when the campaign is going to be rolled out the pattern and the position of the neon lights will change depending on the occasion: Fall, Halloween, Christmas. The ‘Fall Display’ will run from August 1st 2015 to September 31st 2015 and will feature some blue horizontal neon lights that allude to rain. The ‘Halloween Display’ will run from October 1st 2015 to October 31st 2015 featuring orange neon lights that allude to a pumpkin. The ‘Christmas Display’ will run from November 1st 2015 to January 31st 2016 and will feature neon lights taking the form of some giant snowflakes. In addition, Mango will have its fitting rooms renewed. In order to refresh the store design in a cheap and creative way, mirrors in the fitting rooms will be decorated with stickers shaped as Polaroid frames. The stickers will feature three hashtags: #Pictureit #OutfitOfTheDay (one of Instagram most popular hashtags for everyone willing to share their outfits) and #MangoUK. 23

Blogger endorsement

In order to be able to get the best out of collaborations with bloggers, this campaign offers a new, more efficient and profitable way of collaborations. This season three of Britain’s favorite bloggers will be offered a 60% percent off all Mango products as well as an opportunity to get any 3 items of their choice every month during the period of time August 1st to January 31st (the discount can not be used in conjunction with any other promotion, and it will be charged from full priced items only, as well it can not be exchanged for cash). Such generous discount will encourage the bloggers to purchase considerably more items from he brand, thus increasing the chances of brand to be featured on their blogs. Among with the discount, getting free items every month works both as an endorsement as well as a payback for the services the bloggers offers. In return the bloggers will require displaying the Mango advertising on their blogs and announcing special offers and contests on their blogs, once they are launched. This kind of collaboration will be beneficial for both the brand as well as the bloggers. The brand will benefit from not having to pay actual money for its services, and getting its products and services advertised with minimal expenses, while the blogger will get paid with goods, the full cost of which will considerably exceed their blog’s monthly revenue (Mysitecost, 2015) as well as satisfying their passion for fashion and shopping. Information retrieved from primary research indicates that most bloggers usually work with brands for free or in exchange for goods. The selected bloggers are: Anoushca Proetta Brandon, Sandra Hagelstam and Sarah Ashcroft. Their stats are provided in appendix 15.


Top: Anoushca Proetta Brandon, Left: Sandra Hagelstam Bottom: Sarah Ashcroft





A : July B : August C : September D : October




E : November F : December G : January



July: Press releases send out August : Campaign Start, Announcing Newsletter subscription 10 % discount, Cards Distribution (to promote subscription to the newsletter) Bus advertising Underground Advertising Blogger Endorsement Launch of ‘Mango Live’ Launch of Facebook and Instagram pages Digital advertising Unveiling of the new fitting room mirrors September: Contest announcement, Cards Distribution (to promote the contest) Unveiling of creative installations Blogger Endorsement Unveiling of the behind the scenes pictures and videos Magazine advertising Digital advertising October: Contest winner’s trip to Barcelona Halloween Window Display, Blogger Endorsement Bus stop advertising Digital advertising November: Christmas/ Holiday Window Display Announcing Student discount, Cards Distribution (to promote student discount) Magazine advertising (Holiday advert) Bus Advertising (Holiday advert) Digital advertising (Holiday advert) December: Blogger Endorsement, End of season sale Begins Magazine advertising Underground Advertising Digital advertising January: Blogger Endorsement End of season sale finishes Digital advertising Underground advertising Bus advertising


Assessment and conclusion

The success of the campaign will be measured in several ways. Initially the success indicator will be the sale performance from the 2nd and 3rd quarters of the year. The exceptional sale performance will prove the success of the campaign, which with minimal effort, the success can be maintained throughout the following season. To measure the success of the tactics deployed in order to boost consumer awareness about

the band, few focus groups will be summed. Among with the focus group participants, random consumers in malls and shopping areas will be interviewed briefly. They will be asked how   feel about the brand and the new direction it took. The answers will be analyzed and comthey pared to the ones achieved prior to the campaign launch. Also the success of the campaign will   be also monitored through the reports published in local publications and also by analyzing the   number of publications that have featured the brand.  







Creative Installations  

Window Display  

Extra Discounts  

Blogger endorsement  

Adverting     Digital   Marketing   Social   Pages  



Even though the campaign will only run for one season, it was designed in an effective way in order for It to have a strong impact on sales performances and consumer awareness for future seasons. The campaign’s focused tactics are there to target the desired consumer base, create a community within the brand and connect with the British consumer like never before. The AW 15/16 ‘#Picture it’ campaign marks a new beginning in the methodology of advertising of the Spanish High Street retailer.

Future of the campaign In future, Mango could follow the new direction taken by the brand with this campaign. To celebrate the brand, it could hold an even/party/dinner where it could invite relevant journalists, influential fashion bloggers and some of its loyal consumers. Store redesign will also be beneficial, once the brand is in a better financial position. A more artistic/ creative approach to the store design will lead to a better communication of brand values and identity to the consumer as well as it will make the stores more appealing and visually entertaining. Mango should continue giving reasonable discounts and promotions in order to encourage consumers to come back and keep their interest for the brand, as mostly its consumers are students, with part time jobs and low income. Also the brand should keep the newly created community entertaining; continue promoting creative and relevant content through its community and social media pages. In addition the brand once the brand is established and the consumer is fully aware of the brand, introducing H.E by Mango, Mango Kids and Mango Intimates will lead to significant sales growth. This type of strategic approach will maintain the successful impact of ‘#Picture it’ campaign will have a positive effect on future sales.




Appendix 1 Britain’s favorite way to spend a Friday or Saturday night is going out. This is when the most of the socializing is made; they meet to catch up with friends, relax and spend quality time. This is also when the majority of their pictures are being taken, as it represents a highlight of their week, and although the so called ‘selfies’ are still the most popular ( Inconsquare, 2015), food and pictures from nights out are on the 2nd and 3rd position (Iconsquare, 2015).

Appendix 2 AW15/16 Major trends Highlighting the most directional trends to emerge from Première Vision in Paris, three fashion stories were promoted in the main forum and throughout the show: High Volume – looking at fabrics in three dimensions using folding, cutting and faceting. Mixing materials and borrowing techniques from sports and workwear, translating looks into easily wearable contemporary pieces for both men and women. High Volume: Geometric patterning. Raised decoration. Pleating and quilting. Layered prints. Burnt-out and cut-yarns. Contrasting weights for double-face fabrics.

Simply Fancy – combining fantasy and the everyday for simple visual impact.Mixing of cultures and folklores, updating Eastern and Nordic accents for a playful and decorative look. Simply Fancy: Graphic weaves and knits. Digital folklore. Stylised florals. Simple repeats. Wool lace. Precious camouflage. Colourful contrasts.


Appendix 3 Low sale performance as well as primary research indicated the consumers are unaware of the garments and styles the brand offers. In order to understand the phenomenon better and get a more in depth insight to the problem, a focus group was summed. After analyzing the responses given by participants, they were asked to give suggestions on how the situation could be improved; what would they like to see from this particular brand in future as well as why they think the brand failed to communicate the message throughout the years. (Full report provided in research file) Majority of the respondents said they knew about the brand however they did not buy anything, neither from online or traditional stores. They have also mentioned they have never been inside a Mango store saying the main reason was being unaware of brands products as well as the fact that the store vitrines are boring, comparing them to the ones in Gap and Benetton. They have suggested they have never seen advertising for Mango. When asked if the bloggers influence them into buying certain brands they have asked negatively. However, when asked what could be the reason for it, they suggested that it results from the fact that bloggers wear new items every single day which makes it hard for the reader to remember what the bloggers wore yesterday or a week before unless the blogger has a favorite brand which they wear on regular basis, and even wear the same item in several posts, which almost never happens because of the big amount of clothing they get sent. Not liking the item but being obliged to post an feature about it leads to a minimum amount of posts with that particular item. A more detailed research and analysis is provided in the critical journal.

Appendix 4

Appendix 6

Elle Target Readership: 18-34 years 45% ; 2549 years 55% (ellemediakit, 2015)

Option list for services offered by mailing list

Cosmopolitan Target Readership: 18-34 years (Bauer Media, 2015) Vogue: Target Readership: 28-45years ( Digital assets, Condenats, 2015)



All updates about Mango


Sale updates


Collaboration updates


Unique offer


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Appendix 5 Student discount terms and conditions 1. All students with a valid Student card are entitled to 10% discount (“the Discount”) on all products purchased online at and in Mango stores in the UK (excluding selected concessions) between 00:01 Saturday 1st August and 23:59 Friday 31st January. 2. To redeem the Discount online, register to UniDays and provide the unique code given. To redeem the Discount in-store, show your valid student card at the checkout in-store. 3. A student is defined as an individual currently enrolled in a full-time or part-time course at an institution of higher education. 4. The Discount may not be exchanged for cash and is non-transferable. The Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion code, unless specified in that offer’s or promotion code’s Terms and Conditions. The Discount may not be used to purchase gift cards or to settle store card accounts. 5. Returned items will be refunded at the discounted price paid. This does not affect your statutory rights. 6. Mango reserves the right to refuse any Student card that it deems to be invalid or fraudulent. Photocopies will not be accepted. 7. Mango reserves the right to (i) cancel this offer at any time; (ii) refuse to allow any individual to participate in this offer; and (iii) amend these terms and conditions. 8. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the event of a dispute.

Appendix 7 Terms and conditions for mailing list discount 1. This discount is only good for a single transaction and is not exchangeable with cash 2. This discount is on available in conjunction with any another discount/offer . 3. This discount will not be replaced when lost. 4. In the event of any dispute, the decision of Mango is final. 5. Mango reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice. 6. This discount is only available in Mango stores in UK area.


Appendix 8 With every purchase made inside a Mango store in the UK are, each of the consumers will receive a small card, with their receipt. Each receipt will be stapled inside this card as it represents a more sophisticated and creative way of giving out receipts and also in order to make sure the consumer will read its content thus become more aware of brand’s promotions and updates. The cards will be compact and will feature brand’s logo on the front page. Inside, depending on the nature of the offer, it will notify the consumers about particular ways to redeem discounts, advantages of joining mailing list and contests. The cards will be only given out during the period of the promotion. Ex: Mailing list discount –August 1st , 2015 to September 3rd , 2015; Contest- September 4th 2015 to September 27th 2015 etc. They will be designed in a sleek, minimal design following Mango’s signature minimal design and will include few lines about the current promotion and will include a link to the website.

Appendix 9 Facebook advertising Price 6£ per post (Facebook 2015) Running time: Wednesday 1st August 2015 to Friday 31st January 2016. Facebook Advertising creates a unique opportunity of controlling who your ads are going to be seen by. It gives the brand the opportunity to chose the group age, interest, gender and location of the targeted consumer. Running time: Wednesday 1st August 2015 to Friday 31st January 2016. (please check the page for more content) Appendix 10 Instagram Advertising Unlike facebook, Instagram does not give the opportunity to control over whom might see your add. Instead, it only gives the opportunity to run the adverts on a monthly bases, targeting consumers worldwide with similar interests to your brand. It also request anywhere from 230 000 £ to 655 000 per month for this service, which is unbearable much for a brand with a constantly growing profit loss. It will also be ineffective as it targets consumers worldwide when there is no such necessity. Instead Mango will apply promotional techniques such as contests, daily updates, highly creative posts and engagement with the consumer for an organic growth of followers. Running time: Wednesday 1st August 2015 to Friday 31st January 2016.


Appendix 11 1. There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to enter this competition. 2. Route to entry for the competition and details of how to enter are via [http://mango. com/gb/picture-it-contest] 3. Closing date for entry will be 11:59PM 28th. After this date the no further entries to the competition will be permitted. 4. No responsibility can be accepted for entries not received for whatever reason. 5. The rules of the competition and the prize for each winner are as follows: Further information can be found at: [] 6. Mango reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition and these terms and conditions without notice in the event of a catastrophe, war, civil or military disturbance, act of God or any actual or anticipated breach of any applicable law or regulation or any other event outside of the promoter’s control. Any changes to the competition will be notified to entrants as soon as possible by the Mango. 7. The promoter is not responsible for inaccurate prize details supplied to any entrant by any third party connected with this competition. 8. No cash alternative to the prizes will be offered. The prizes are not transferable. 9. Winners will be chosen: by an independent adjudicator or panel of judges appointed by Mango 10. The winner will be notified by email and/or letter within 1 calendar week of the closing date. If the winner cannot be contacted or do not claim the prize within 24 hours of notification, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize from the winner and pick a replacement winner. 11. Mango will notify the winner when and where the prize can be collected. 12. Mango’s decision in respect of all matters to do with the competition will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. 13. By entering this competition, an entrant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions. 14. The competition and these terms and conditions will be governed by English law and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England. 15. The winner agrees to the use of his/her name and image in any publicity material. Any personal data relating to the winner or any other entrants will be used solely in accordance with current UK data protection legislation and will not be disclosed to a third party without the entrant’s prior consent. 16. The winner’s name will be available calendar week after closing date by sending a direct message via Instagram, private message via Facebook or email when possible. 17. All contestants should have a valid EU passport and should be able to cover the cost of their travel to London Gatwick Airport. 18 The discount can be claimed in store only, by presenting a print screen of your entry. 19.The discount acquired by entering the competition can not be used in conjunction with any other promotion/discount. 20. Entry into the competition will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.


Appendix 12 Date: Friday October 23rd to Sunday October 25th 2015 Location: Barcelona, Spain Itinerary: Flights: Business Outbound: 08:10 London Gatwick (LGW) 11:05 Barcelona (BCN) Duration 2h 5m Airline: Iberia Flight Nr: IB5660 Return: 20:45 Barcelona (BCN) 22:00 London (LGW) Duration 2h 15m Airline: Iberia Flight Number: IB5664 Tickets required: 8 Price per person (Return): £220.76 Stay: W hotels (all Mongo events, contest winners and endorsed bloggers previously stayed at this particular hotel. The hotel offers the best rooms with a stunning view for anyone staying and also because of the brands previous collaboration with the hotel Mango is now being associated with the hotel). Prepaid Rate from GBP £310 Description: 431 sq ft / 40 m² W Signature Bed Beach and city view Floor-to-ceiling windows iPod docking station Breakfast Available in all rooms in the hotel: Additional Amenities

Rooms required 8


Meals: Bravo restaurant (W hotels) Breakfast, lunch and dinner all as set menus Price per person per day £117

Transportation to the airport in Barcelona: Private car service: Price per travel : £30 Max Allowance: 2-3 persons Cars required 3 Total Price Outfit budget £330 Per Person Outfit sets required: 3 Transportation during the day: Private car service: Car type: Mercedes S Class Max Guests: 2 Price: 170 £ per day Cars required: 4 Total number of guests: 5 Winners 2 Members of the Mango Team 1 Camera crew. Total Budget: £ 8686.08

Appendix 13 Activities timetable Friday 23rd October 2015 11:45 AM Pick up from Airport 12:15PM - 1.15 PM Guest Check in, Refreshments, Rest, Unpack 1:20 PM Group Meeting on the ground floor W Hotels 1:30PM- 2:30PM Brunch at Bravo, where the plan for the day is discussed. Also guests are introduced to the health and safety conditions. 2:45PM - 4:45PM Mango Office tour, 4:55 PM – 5.15PM Guests are being dropped off back to the hotel 5:15 PM- 6:20 PM Guests are given time to relax and spend time for their own needs 6:30PM- 7.30 PM Dinner at Bravo Guests are given time to relax and spend time for their own needs for the rest of the day and upon Saturday 24th October 2015 9.30 AM Wake up call 10.00AM 10:45 AM Breakfast at Bravo, Mango team shares the plan for the day 10:55 AM – 12.30 PM Guest are being interviewed for the camera, they share their experience of their 1st day with Mango 12:30 PM- 13.55PM Sight seeing: Fargada Familia, guests are being followed by camera crew and giving quick interviews sharing their thoughts on the experience 13:55PM – 14:20 Guests return to the hotel for Lunch 14:40 PM 15:40 PM Lunch 15:50 PM 16:50 PM Sight seeing: Casa Batlo 16.50PM 18.20 PM Montserrat Guests are being interviewed by the camera crew about their 2nd day with Mango 18.20PM- 18.40PM Guests return to the hotel 18.40PM 19:00PM Guests are given time to rest and refresh 19.10PM -20.10 Dinner 20.10PM Guests are given time to enjoy themselves Sunday 25th October 2015 10:00AM wake up call 11:00AM-11.45AM Breakfast, Mango Team shares the plans for the day 12:10PM-13.10PM Sightseeing :National Museum of art, Catalunya 13.10PM-14.30 Parc De la Ciutadella, guests are being interviewed about their 3rd day with Mango 14:30PM-14:45PM Guests return to the hotel 14:50PM- 15:50 Lunch 15:50PM- 17.50 Guests are being given time to rest and prepare for the following trip 17:55PM-18:25 PM Dinner 18.35 PM- 19:00PM guests are being taken to the Airport 20:45PM Flight to London 37

Appendix 14 Highly trafficked areas Installation locations London:

St Pancras:





Appendix 15 Blogger stats: Blog : Blogger: Anoushca Proetta Brandon Location:Dublin, Ireland Instagram Followers: 63.7 k Average nr of likes per post: 1000 Facebook:34.5k Average nr per post: 70 Blog: Blogger: Sandra Hagelstam Location: London, UK Instagram Followers 64 k Average nr of likes per post 1.5k Facebook 17.3 k Average nr per post 50 Bloglovin Followers: 62k Blog: Blogger: Sarah Ashcroft Location: Buckinghamshire, England Instagram Followers: 283k Average nr of likes per post 10k Bloglovin: 3k Youtube: 19k Average nr of views 17k


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Mango 'Picture it' Campaign Proposal  

Throughout the years, the Spanish fashion retailer Mango lost its ability to successfully compete with other brands on the British market. M...

Mango 'Picture it' Campaign Proposal  

Throughout the years, the Spanish fashion retailer Mango lost its ability to successfully compete with other brands on the British market. M...