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Big Thunder Mountain Ira Kadet


All I heard was people screaming and my heart thumping. I was about to go on a ride at Tokyo Disney Land. The ride was called Big Thunder Mountain. I was afraid of roller coasters, but I went on a roller coaster that changed my mind. The Gadget Go Coaster. After the Go Coaster, I wanted to go on a roller coaster even better, longer, and scarier, so that’s why I picked to go on Big Thunder Mountain. Big Thunder Mountain looked like a western mountain with a railroad on it. The actual mountain wasn’t that high, but it still looked scary. The line was starting at the bottom of the mountain, up a wood trail and into a station kind of thing. I knew there would be more, but I can only see that much from the bottom on the mountain. I knew it was too late to turn back now. I was in line to go on Big Thunder Mountain. I was in line next to a window where you can see the coaster going. Every time a coaster passed, I heard screaming, which made want to go to the bathroom. My nervousness level went up every scream. I wondered why I chose to go on. I got to a point where I could see the coasters. It looked like, or should look like a western train. My heart thumped even more. I saw one coaster go. Then I heard screaming. I saw the coaster I was going to get on. Now I really wanted to go to the bathroom. I got on. It was around the middle of the coaster. I saw the last person get on. A few seconds later, the coaster started to move. I said to my dad “Oh no.”

I plugged my ears while we were going up a hill. It was really loud. Right after the coaster started to move, there was a quick and fast turn. And now were here going up a hill. I saw light at the top. My eyes hurt for a second because of the sunlight, and then I felt my body drop as I went down. My stomach felt like it was being scrunched. I felt a lot of wind blowing on my face. It felt like I was flying. I saw some people put there hands in the air. I thought they were nuts. I got to the second hill. Load sound again. We got to the top then we were back going down again. We did a curve and we went up, and back down. When we got to the third hill, it was dark. The loud sound hurt my ears. I saw the light getting bigger. I thought my heart stopped as we went down. I held on tight on my dad. We went under some animal’s bones. After that hill, the coaster slowed down and finally came to a stop. After that ride, I wasn’t scared anymore. I ended up going on Big Thunder Mountain four times, and every time after the first ride I put my hands in the air like the people I thought were nuts. Now I love roller coasters.

Big Thunder Mountain  

A story of me going on Big Thunder Mountain.

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