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Exclusive Rohini Rau

What sets this Olympic class sailor apart ?







If I could, I’d call October ‘The Month of Lessons’.

Sitting at a desk for two months poring over magazines, editing articles, arranging post-its and driving everyone crazy, I’ve not only realized the importance of time, but that we have begun to spend all our time working. This November, IQUBE’s pages will feature Rohini Rau, an inspiration to all those who still use the same excuse of ‘not having time’ to pursue their dreams. Of course, this is no ordinary issue for a number of reasons - We took the liberty to try and bring you the best of our reader’s wishes over the past month - (Yes for those who have asked, we have tried to cover nearly everything - from social issues to college mayhem). And for those who have been asking about our Entrepreneur exclusives, I can only say that IQUBE will soon be coming to your college to meet you in person and involve you in ‘B-Hive’ , our very own Youth Entrepreneurship event! So keep a tab at those bulletin boards - you never know when we might think of visiting. Finally, for the sake of reminding you, we do not spend too much time wringing out the latest crime stats in the city or wade too deeply into the politics behind India’s faltering educational system —that’s enough for another special issue or two. Instead, we do what you want us to do — give you space to tell us about issues that affect you and the fundamental challenges youth are facing the city. If there is anything you wish to say, please feel free to spam our mail with suggestions. Looking back, September 2009 will undoubtedly be remembered as the most pivotal month with the launch of ‘IQUBE’ at the Checker’s hotel in Saidapet. The launch saw the best of entrepreneurs across Chennai from Sunil Cherian, CEO, Burgerman, to Ashok Subramaniam, Classic teacher, USA, and had a special inauguration function by K. Sriram, General Manager, Star Vijay. To those of you, who couldn’t join us that day, we missed you!

Meera Vijayann

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The other side of the wall

Over 30 million children are known to be Dyslexic in India, yet awareness about the condition is minimal, says Jayshree Ashok, Principal, The Alpha to Omega Learning centre. ‘Bharat’s handwriting is illegible and he can’t spell. He forget names of places, cannot identify characters in a story and has a limited vocabulary’ ‘Saravana speaks so well but cannot even write a sentence’ ‘Ravi finds it difficult to read his text books’ These are some of the common utterances we hear when children do not perform with regular schooling. Learning disability is used to describe a specific group of children, adolescent or adult, who have problems in learning. These problems are generally in the area of reading, writing, spellings, and mathematics. Parents and teachers usually ‘discover’ the problem when the child fails to cope with school work. Learning disability is common across all ages and in all socio-economic classes. Today it is grossly misunderstood as a type of mental retardation. The truth is, an IQ is normal or sometimes above normal. Dyslexia refers to a difficulty with words. It implies difficulty with reading, spelling, writing and language. The reasons for this vary from individual to individual and since these difficulties are not externally visible they don’t attract the attention immediately. Perceptual difficulties, High rigidity, Behaviour problems, distraction, and Neurological impairment are prime indicators. How one can identify a child with Learning Difficulty? Reading: If a child holds book too close, points to words, reverses words, substitues words, skips complete words, sees double, Re-reads lines or does not read fluently, vocalizes during silent reading,-does not comprehend in oral reading, chances are that your child could be dyslexic. Writing and spelling: Notice your

child’s writing capability. If his or her handiness is unstable, lacks an automatic response to alphabets – such as spacing between words and letter reversals, sits with poor posture, is unable to write on lines, moves paper or body when writing, pressure points in writing, writes with fingers, organizes thoughts poorly, has no grasp of writing mechanics and Grips pencil tightly or awkwardly it could be a sign. Poor spellings and indifferent lettering is also significant of Dyslexia. Mathematics: A Dyslexic child also tends to reverse numbers, is unable to transfer in computation, has difficulty with story problems, has a poor digit memory both forward and backward, is unable to tell time, has poor number concepts and understanding and is unable to respond automatically to basic maths facts at appropriate level. Early intervention is always better. An initial assessment is a must to test and identify children with learning difficulties. There are a number of structured programs in reading, writing and spelling to help them. Today, there is great hope that a LD child will be able to function effectively and become successful in life with the right diagnosis and right intervention.

Prime indicators Disorders of attention Poor motor abilities. Perceptual and information processing problems. Failure to develop and use cognitive strategies for learning. Oral language difficulties. Reading difficulties. Writing language difficulties. Mathematics difficulties.

Mission Impossible Independent and fierce - Vinay Dora points out why youth today need to be driven towards issues around us and recover from indifference.

‘ The Good news is that change is happening’

As the player, one can only imagine the joy of being in the thick of such exhilarating moments, especially when it’s an outcome all the toil and sweat, and sacrifices made. Various fields have scripted such awe-inspiring moments - Music maestro, A.R. Rahman continuously climbing the ladder over the years and finally winning two Oscars this year is another such moment. Despite our glorious history, it’s a general observation that Indians, Resident Indians in particular, are yet to realize their true potential. The nation of a billion deserves many more musicians, Olympic medalists, iconic politicians, path-breaking researchers and revolutionary entrepreneurs. Over the years, hackneyed excuses and mundane cynicism have dominated the reasons for this dearth in achievement - not to brush aside beliefs that it is bad news because high-handed authorities do not guide, or when there is lack of support from close circles. But then the most damping news of all would be when these excuses are used to shun dreams.

The good news is that change is happening. From being called risk-averse to taking up various passions, some of them unconventional, India’s youth are leading the way. Today, schools are beginning to identify talent early, and are also incorporating in their students, virtues like confidence, commitment, perseverance, diligence and the other essentials required for a meaningful journey. A recent talk on education in India had Hillary Clinton and Aamir Khan discuss how teachers could mentor and make a difference in children’s lives. The panel concluded that most teachers are underpaid and hence teaching has rarely been a preferred career choice. True, yet questionable. Why is talent not served better? Don’t teachers deserve respect and a suitable remuneration? In the same event, a young woman from the audience sought some advice. She wanted help in handling parents of slum children, who didn’t want their kids to attend free classes. In response, Aamir Khan simply asked her to persevere and not to give up on her mission. The audience was taken aback, especially considering how easily the actor could have convinced those parents. However, this curt response did mean a lot more - never giving up was possibly the biggest reason for their success. Let us also not give-up, if not anything else let us not give-up the belief. Just as in a rollercoaster, in life too there are highs and lows but in the journey is where the entire thrill is. So let us start taking those steps, rest-assured that we aren’t alone.


Why is it that in a tennis match, the crowd invariably backs a player who is down and almost out? Well, one of the most quoted reasons is the admiration for resilience – hoping for a comeback, and quite remarkably the player most often than not ends up victorious. The rise like a phoenix, from the ashes when dead and buried, the victory from the jaws of defeat is an overwhelming high of wonder and admiration.

mind over matter

Shades Of Red The Truth About Emos


Eyebrow piercings, Punk hairstyles and Goth subculture – Naveen Ramkumar talks about the growing popularity of Emo culture in India.

Namrata* (name changed) had always been ridiculed since her childhood about her weight problem. Constantly insulted through college, and lacking the support she deserved from family and friends, she took to self-injury to try and alleviate some of her worries. She found that expressing her anguish and anger by causing pain to herself, and cutting her arms was a way of displaying the hurt she felt inside, caused by society. Unfortunately Namrata is not part of an aberrant minority of youngsters. While the prevalence of self-injury in the West is common*, this harmful trend is on the rise in India as well, where suicides in particular are extremely common, which are usually the result of personal problems and depression. The truth is, self-injury by itself is not typical suicidal behaviour, although there is the possibility that a self-inflicted injury may result in life-threatening damage and is a result of psychological imbalance. The motivations for self-injury vary as it may be used for different purposes, but in particular it is used as a coping mechanism which provides temporary relief of intense feelings such as anxiety, depression, stress, emotional numbness and a sense of failure or self-loathing. Since the craving for social acceptance and popularity with peers is extremely high among the youth, the denial of these necessities can cause depression and lead them to punish their body. Although some teens who self-injure do not suffer from any forms of recognized mental ill-

ness, those experiencing various forms of mental illness do have a higher risk of self-injury. Substance abuse is another such risk factor among teens. In India, there is a growing trend among youth glorifying self-injury and depression. Emo, or emotional hardcore, which first made waves in the USA in the early 1980’s is making a profound impact here in India for the last 10 years. A style of rock music typically characterized by melodic musicianship and expressive, often confessional lyrics Emo bands include My Chemical Romance and Fall out Boy. Though Emo music glorifies self-injury, Emo bands deny that they aim to romanticize expression through self-injury. Emo fashion, which includes wearing dark clothes that display emo bands, studded belts, tight jeans and sporting long bangs as hairstyles and black nail polish is becoming popular among Indian teens. These teenagers therefore tend to be introverts and often can only associate with others who share their views and way of life. This growing fashion statement and style is what further influences youngsters to practice self-injury without qualms or a feeling of guilt. Self-injury awareness has slowly started spreading in India, with Self-injury Awareness Day (SIAD) set for March 1 of every year. There are a number of youth counselling centers and help lines to assist youngsters who feel compelled to injure themselves. * (10% of all patients admitted to hospitals in the UK are a result of self inflicted harm)

WWW.IQUBEMAG.COM Photo : Thalabathi SS


mind over matter

For teens across the country who have recently discovered rock and rave, it is a pact with the devil. While most parties are innocent fun, some of them have more to offer than music. Synthetic drugs such as Ecstasy and Ketamine have become an inherent part of the new rave culture sweeping across the nation. Unlike Marijuana or Cocaine, these synthetic drugs can be concocted right at home with the correct ingredients and a simple recipe. With fully equipped laboratories cropping up all over the country for this very purpose, it is hardly a surprise that anybody can get their hands on these popular party drugs. And if you thought tripping on Ketamine was going to end up with a stint in jail, here is the deal. Ketamine is neither a narcotic nor a Psychotropic substance. This means that anyone could choose to spice up their parties with this drug and get away with it! With Ketamine selling in countries like Malaysia at three to four times the market value in India, this has become an opportunity for many to make some quick cash. But be warned! According to Mr. K. Sathish formerly with the Madurai Central Excise (NARCOTICS wing), peddling Ketamine both in the country and outside could spell trouble if you don’t have a proper license. Ketamine and Ecstasy are just two of the many popular drugs that have become a rage in India. For teens with enough cash to spare, many other exotic drugs such as snake-bite (yes, real snake that is made to bite!) are available. But such drugs come with a range of problems that make them highly risky. So why are these drugs so popular with the youth? Ask John, an engineering college student from Chennai. He says, ‘These drugs give you the energy to party all you want. And all your inhibitions melt away. It’s like you can accomplish anything you want.’ But what when they wear off? ‘It leaves you with a bad hangover’, he laughs, ‘ You feel tired and restless. Sometimes your heart speeds up leaving you feeling panicky. But that only happens when some noob mixes too many drugs and alcohol together.’ More and more youngsters these days are beginning to see drugs as a solution to their problems, especially while dealing with low self-esteem or depression. Leela, a student from Bangalore explains how she tried snorting at a party for the first time because she thought it would give her the confidence to talk to her long time secret crush. Strange but true, as Mr. K. Sathish also believes, the disposable income in India is increasing like never before. Today’s youth have lots of money to spend with no control whatsoever. Some of these drugs are harmful enough by themselves. A mistaken overdose could prove to be fatal. Mix them up together and they make lethal cocktail. But many trippers have begun to mix drugs up in larger and larger proportions in a desperate bid to get a better high. Many people have died as a result of this misguided assumption that the more drugs you pump in your system, the better the end result is. So next time you decide to get smashed at a weekend party, keep track of whatever you put in your mouth!

Ecstasy (MDMA) Taken orally as a capsule or tablet. Intense feelings of pleasure, empathy, warmth, and happiness Causes confusion, depression, sleep problems, drug craving, and severe anxiety.

Ketamine Snorted or injected intramuscularly. Out-of-body experiences, hallucinations, loss of motor control In high doses, can cause impaired motor function, high blood pressure, and potentially fatal respiratory problems, delirium, amnesia

Acid (LSD) Sold in tablets, capsules, and liquid form. It is usually taken orally Hallucinations, delirium, feelings of euphoria. Dilated pupils, rise in body temperature, increased heart rate and blood pressure, sweating, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, dry mouth and tremors.

Celebrity deaths caused by drug abuse Jimi Hendrix - Respiratory arrest caused by alcohol and barbiturate overdose and vomit inhalation. Kurt Cobain - Alleged suicide by gunshot after heroin overdose. Heath Ledger - Accidental death Combined Drug Intoxication of various prescription drugs Bruce Lee - Died of acute cerebral edema due to a reaction to compounds.esic

Weed and little E’s

Getting arrested. Rave parties. Big money. A relief. Madhumitha Madhavan throws light on why college goers enjoy the thrills of drug use despite its risks.

Photo : Thalabathi SS


On Speed,

Taking The Big Step

Let’s face it. A relationship is simply a number of successive tests and trials that reveal whether two people are indeed right for each other. Today, choosing to move in is as much an underrated decision-making process as choosing to get married! So is it really as big a deal as they say it is? Firstly, moving in together comes at a price, and doesn’t seem a bad idea as we know all the good things that come with it. However, it is of paramount importance to understand that men and women experience the intricacies in the same relationship very differently.

For Men:

Many men assume that they no longer need to flirt once they’re in a relationship. Well, If that made you think it was flirting with other women, you’re already going down! We are talking about flirting with your lady. ‘I know how much she is into me, no matter what I look like this evening’ Wrong. Attraction is like fuel. It is a depletable resource. Just because she was attracted to you once, does not mean she will continue to be attracted to you unless you keep it coming. Just because you have moved in together for a month, doesn’t mean you can walk around in the morning in your boxers, smoking, unshaven, and unkempt! A lot of men stop paying attention to their partners as the sense of routine and monotony takes over. They no longer do those little sweet things she loves. They have forgotten to give her those surprises that would sweep her off her feet.

India is slowly opening doors to western lifestyles and more young couples opting to live in together. Praveen Chandar talks about its highs and lows.

The Marriott, love you’. And, how about coming home a little early from work on a day that isn’t otherwise special at all, cleaning up the place, and welcoming her into a completely candle-lit house with her favorite pasta, steak and house wine? It is better to be hated than ignored. There are a million such things to keep your relationship interesting and ticking after you have moved in together.

For women :

This is going to be really simple. Men are a pack of really predictable animals. Want to make a man happy? Say lovely things. Pamper. Offer shelter. Give him space. Appreciate. Buy him his favorite football shoes. Surprise him. Be surprised or at least pretend when he surprises you! When something is always in your face, it no longer remains unattainable and thus, becomes less desirable in time. Leave him begging for more! It is important for a couple to understand that, once they have decided to live in, various aspects of their personal life are exposed, and it’s not always pretty. It takes time for both to figure out, understand, swallow and learn to live with it. Moving in together is a great opportunity to understand the intricacies involved in a relationship. Seeing each other every day, day in and day out, could really turn from a celestial bliss to a nightmare! It is important to stay desirous of each other, maybe taking off for a few days, now and then, knowing to miss each other could help. Understanding these few things before taking the big step could make a difference.

Paying attention to the detail goes a long way in a relationship. Leave little messages like ‘Dinner tonight at Photo : Flickr / CCS

Life and other laughs Sometimes the silliest things happen when we least expect it. Seema Sarheen dishes out the lighter side of college life.

The college tour to Goa was announced and everybody was thrilled to bits. We eagerly checked out the itinerary and were excited about the jampacked events, surprised at our college for allowing water sports! The girls discussed about clothes and accessories to carry while we boys decided to show-off our toned abs as well as athletic skills in the best sport gear we could afford. Amidst all this excitement, we (especially the girls) were having a tough time deciding how we would share rooms - gangs had to be split, and it already seemed to cause major fights! Loyalty to one another soon came into the picture. This kept delaying us from submitting our room arrangement. Finally our class-advisor, after an extremely long lecture spent on advising us, and pleading for co- operation, exasperatedly announced, ‘If you people would just tell me whom you wish to sleep with, I could submit this list!’ If only. Haha!

My teacher, who was also my class-advisor, had a well-deserved reputation for being strict and I was one of the many who constantly received her disapproving glare. Once, I got into serious trouble with her over a poor test performance, talking in class, as well as not submitting an assignment on time - all in the same week- and was to bring my parents over. (Unfortunately she lived quite close to my place as well). I didn’t tell my parents and decided to go meet her myself thinking of some good excuse for their absence. When I reached, her son opened the door and asked me to be seated on their sofa, where her amiable pup soon joined me. Suddenly, I heard a familiar voice shout from behind, ‘How dare you sit on the sofa Raj?’ I jumped up and began apologizing. Turned out that my teacher was referring to her dog. Couldn’t she think of a better name? Argh. Rajesh (Meenakshi Engg. college)

Ashwin (Hindustan College of engineering)

To Sir, With Love

Never Been Kissed

I was among the select few who has attended Math tuition while in college! My family forced me inspite of my opposition. However, after my first class my enthusiasm to attend almost made my mom suspicious. The truth was it turned out that my teacher, just a couple of years older than us, was totally hot! Even better, I realized that he was quite good at his job too. Ours was a huge room with a hundred students occupying it. I preferred the end rows, as I wasn’t interested in being questioned or noticed. Obviously. After our first cycle test he asked if any of us had topped our class in his subject. I raised my hand and he asked me my mark. I said, ‘One hundred and forty-three, sir’. He couldn’t hear me and made me repeat it over and over, till I shouted ‘1-4-3, sir.’ Thanks to that, I had the entire class laughing at me. Talk about sounding SO corny! I was flushed.

During my first year vacation, my cousin in Delhi invited me to her place. As she was my age, I was certain I would have a lot of fun. She introduced me to her friends, and we got along quite well. The entire time I tried hard to maintain the ‘cool girl’ image of myself, as everybody considered Chennaiites very conservative. After a couple of nights at the local clubs and hang-outs, appreciating the right songs, faking a few stories about how cool my own college was and dressing perfectly, I congratulated myself on raising the bar for all Chennai girls. One evening in a coffee shop, while playing ‘Truth or Dare’, I was asked to kiss the guy on my right. I was mortified! Everyone burst out laughing. Apparently, they had figured I was making up quite a bit of my atrocious stories and had said that just to tease me. Jeez! Aditi (WCC)

Down Boy

Darshana (St Josephs College)


Room Arrangements



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ending is t all bart a th Is . re r side of omen galo vers life at the othe w d n a s rtie ’Mann’s disco Booze, pa rasanna, B naraman P a l, ly a a n K i io s tr s ya dng Profe about? Ga ith Barten w ending. r rt a te B n f u o o the c School


come men or be o w e th n o uys’ ‘Don’t hit with the g s ie d d u b best

fession serious pro time a s a d e rg ying part d in s not eme highest pa -forties an y- Bartending ha e id th ge bar m f o r u e o n bove avera t it is o synon re in y a u a is b n , a u o ia rd y re o d a w If In . in you ight. An t the Bartenders 15,000 a n n land. If a – likely tha to scruple c 0 t t s 0 c u o o je ,5 y 7 b m u e s s is ak job it r. Sandare Chennai, can even m t 2,000 a night. M e’ hangs ose ethics u d h a o w g y e n r, n a e d re m u l n te enders, ha cia abo mous wit nown bart nce! rand of ‘so u are in your late cer earns k b n te la s e e th e b fr m ’s o e h ia o ac performa ne of Ind and over w en neon board. If y one you look at edding or Verma, o w p e re e e g e n th rasanna o ig is r b e e fo a th like es – H cape pty bar’, P good Lakhs s ti e m n in e e s to n e a tw d rg e y is a g s ch arl he mana nder hate der, but a teens or e at a barte onder how r bandwagon. e a barten h w m ‘W o d c n e rpersonal a b e e n n e w in a ne ca ions, o g care good inte o n s y in e ri n p c e o e n ‘A la in ry s a a g y b sa en st thing ho contr doctor or r all, the la even is a guy w e een these bartender r ft e a tw A d f e ’ n o b e g fe rt in in a li b re e ink er or Somewhe on-feet th er about th most importantly, d custom h d e it n d o n w e w ls ff t il o u k b s d ants is an cant help career an artender w one for that matter! ility as a b b a ia v s ! it it s and wn to nconsciou n Y so dra ative soits an u s a h why is Ge i a the conserv rtendn g n e in h e C B , ? s w a o t the ladie f female b o don’t kn ’s school what abou ai is, the number o f you wh o – B’Mann o S e Bomk g e s li in o e d ti th s n rg n e r Fo as la f the in y t Chen of bart o a rl l a d o th e a o n e ty h h t c ie s o e c th e number ut n very own artending Prasanna, idering th en prereasing b s c ‘B r. n in . o M ts . is ‘C h g . ig rs in re s e in that wom r Bangalo of bartend s for difvaluable y, Delhi o ies nights, it logical ety of age a us some b ri s a e v r iv a e g g th n te . d tu mo d to o the r’ he grins ubs and la popular a are heade tter of p e of the ba e e thinks is E id b h s courses are s. Youngsters who t r r a e fo h th e w o rs e u im o th IM h c r n L k o a fe T s s E dies do ferent rea r note, I a king the lly, a SWE pursue stu n a lighte women ta re. ‘Actua to O d redients ju e s g n g ie o in rc -a tr a e n le p to u re d co e mid nly th house t drink il o s a h e m re h w p a g u s u b re p e to jo e h , ‘T plains fro to to p part time he laughs f courses ly get com was! kills only !’ o s b A a e e ri D d a th u O v it S e s in lt e course u are a mu certainly course to nk, but w Kurprised? I to the dri ims. There om a 1-week crash u S la c ’. it e Chennai. t h u ’ in o ty b fr rs a e s e d rs g n e n e te art m. Ra custom special no course. to all the b choose fro able and a ll-fledged y, here is k ll in fu a th in th n F n u o e ! a two-m lime soda ploring th s. dos on ex the sweet ritten rule g w n rt n ti c u ta e s n rf e d an old r pe customer es three g of luck fo He divulg too personal with a r) e b b la b et en runk and • Never g on’t get d with the m (d s ly e d ri n ie to s fr d ies n d a d n u e sharing m st b to the wo ecome be b r o n e • Be kind om on the w l (don’t hit use (you’l uys) on the ho s k n ri d with the g y an ive too m • Don’t g !) d elf fire get yours


s’ r a b y t p hate em

Photo : Thalabathi SS

Sailing Highs She’s making waves, sailing high on success, and doing more than sit pretty at twenty-three. Gayatri Kalyanaraman talks to Chennai’s own woman sailing champion – Rohini Rau.

16 Success story

‘My mother believed in me

How many of us know that Chennai based Rohini Rau is India’s number one woman sailor? Recently a Thai newspaper read ‘Chennai, April 14 (IANS) Rohini Rau created history by becoming the first Indian woman sailor to finish on the podium in an international Olympic class Regatta’ but not many noticed. It does not stop there, actually not even close. She started her medal hunt in 2000 with a gold in National Optimist Championship (open/girls) and in 2009, about 40 such achievements later, she adds her latest

gold in The Laser Coastal Nationals (Radial – Women). It still doesn’t stop. In September 2006, she was the only woman sailor competing in the Asian Games Selection trials. Later, she represented India in the ISAF World Championships at Cascais, Portugal, where she was the first Indian woman to sail the Laser Radial Class. This was the first qualifier for the Olympics in Beijing 2008. Come July 2007 she made it to the ISAF World ranking – 341 and this made her first Indian Woman skipper to ever be ranked. Rohini is the first Indian woman to win an international medal in an Olympic class Laser Radial - Bronze at Izola Spring Cup, Slovenia Grade 3 event. June 2009 saw her taking part in the 420 Nationals in Chennai and she was placed fifth overall and first among the women. Needless to say she is currently the National Champion in the Laser Radial and 420 Class.


Youth Icon. When we hear these words, especially in the fields of sports, we usually picture a highly talented performer whose skill is a little overrated and whose toothy smile is on commercials or billboards every now and then. Maybe its this that makes our outlook prejudiced towards an elite set of sports and others, no matter popular they are worldwide.

Photo : Thalabathi SS


Success story

So what does this Olympic class sailor do when she is not hitting the water bodies around the world? That is a whole new list. After her schooling in Chettinad Vidyashram, she went on to join Chengalpet medical college to pursue medical education. It is almost unbelievable to note that this sailor-doctor is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer for over a decade and also practices international dance forms like Tap Dance, Jazz and salsa to a certain extent. She also helps in choreographing for the little theater that is managed by her mother. As if that’s not enough, she has been playing the piano ever since she was 5. Rohini has been bestowed with the rare honor of a TED fellowship. It stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design but its scope has grown over the years and currently the fellows include people such as Bill Clinton! She was one of the 103 people to receive the fellowship and will be attending the TED conference in Mysore shortly. Apart from all these achievements and honors, the most remarkable thing about this young lady is her cool head and positively down to earth attitude. When questioned about how it feels to be her, she responds with a nonchalant wave of her hand and says ‘Today I have two best friends, one Latvian and one Belgian. The international exposure this sport has given me is riveting and irrespective of winning or losing, the whole journey has been amazing and I have no regrets about the choices I have made on the way here’. We bet! Like any upcoming athlete, she also encountered all kinds of trouble. Apart from sponsorship woes, hiring a full time coach is also out of the picture. But on a periodic basis, she has trained under some of the best in the world. In February 2007 she went for a one month intensive training camp to Ils Des Embiez, France under SailCoach. The trainer was none other than Giedruis Guzys from Lithuania (Olympic laser sailor – Sydney and Athens). But the two coaches she swears by are Filip William and Allan Julie. Rohini attributes most of her success to her mother who has been her biggest impetus. ’My mother took me to my first sailing class, my first dance class and piano class. She saw beyond the chains of just education and strongly believed that the potential of every child is unique and the talent can be spotted only after exposure to rich cultural and traditional practices. If nothing else, it makes you a more complete human being’. Wisely said and maybe it is a thought that all of us should borrow.

Wish to join a sailing club? http://www.colabasailingclub.com http://www.yai.org.in http://www.windsportspune.com/ http://tnsa.in/ http://www.royalbombayyachtclub.com/ http://www.malabar-yacht-club.org/

With more than 58.7 million people suffering from Diabetes in India, Dr.Mohan, Chairman and Chief Diabetologist of Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre throws light on the disease.

A Bitter-sweet life

20 Health & Fitness

A: Type 2 diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) is known to be a multi- factorial disease caused by a complex interplay of genetic (inheritance) and environmental (diet and lifestyle) factors. Indians have always been known to develop T2DM a decade or two earlier than Europeans. Recently, there has been a further shift of the age at onset of T2DM in India and it has now started affecting the adolescents and children. This shift can be attributed to two reasons : strong genetic factors (diabetes in parents) and changes in lifestyle, particularly, changing food habits and patterns. Due to urbanization, busy schedules and easy access to ‘junk’ food both adults and children have developed faulty eating habits and have no time for exercise. This is the root cause of the problem. Is there a certain type of Diabetes that generally affects young people? Previously, T2DM had only been reported in 1–2% of children, with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) accounting for the vast majority (>95%) of diabetes in children. However, recent reports from USA, Japan and India suggest that of those children with newly diagnosed diabetes, as much as 40 – 50% now have T2DM. This may reflect changes in lifestyle. Is it possible to get Diabetes even though you have no family history of Diabetes? A: Yes. T1DM which is the main form of diabetes seen in children usually does not have a family history of diabetes. What are the warning signs of the onset of juvenile Diabetes? Are there particular symptoms that one should be aware of? A: The warning signs of diabetes are :

+ Maintaining a very active lifestyle + Walking at least for 45 minutes at least 6 times a week + Reducing weight if overweight + Eating diet rich in vegetables, fruits and whole grains + Cutting down on fats, calories and sugar intake. + Follow traditional diet pattern instead of switching to western dietary patterns + Reducing stress (through yoga, meditation, time management etc) + Limiting television viewing and other sedentary activities + Screening for diabetes at regular intervals In order to stay healthy, one should mainly avoid using fried snacks such as chips, wafers and junk food items such as samosas, Bhajjias, Bondas, fries, desserts, and other very high calorie foods. Avoid saturated fats and Transfats such as ghee, coconut oil and Dalda (Hydrogenated vegetable shortenings) as well. From experience, what do you think are the common myths people in India have about Diabetes? A: A few common myths are as follows: 1) Eating lots of sweets causes diabetes – Excess eating of any carbohydrate food will certainly increase the load on the pancreas to secrete more insulin. However, singling out just sweets as the cause of diabetes is not quite right. If there is no family history of diabetes, it is unlikely that just by eating sweets one can get diabetes. 2) Diabetes can be cured – Diabetes can rarely be cured. It can however be prevented or managed well so that one has a full and healthy life despite diabetes 3) Children do not get diabetes, only old people suffer from diabetes – As shown above, children do get diabetes 4) Diabetes is the disease of the affluent – No longer true. Our studies show that diabetes now increasingly affects the urban people as well as rural people.

1. Sudden and drastic weight loss typically following an acute infection or fever. 2. Excessive thirst and hunger. 3. Frequent urination.. 4. Any wound or boil which does not heal. 5. Tiredness or persistent aches in the limbs. With the fast-paced lifestyle of today, what sort of a diet-plan would you suggest to avoid Diabetes? Can you explain which fats we need to avoid to stay healthy? A: In addition, to consuming a balanced, healthy diet with special attention to the quality and quantity of sugars and starches in the food, we also need to maintain regular timing of our meals. Eating 5-6 small meals a day rather than 3 large meals will help reduce the load on the pancreas and allow it to secrete just enough insulin as needed. A few suggestions to prevent type 2 diabetes : Photo : Thalabathi SS


A lot of young people are developing or inheriting Diabetes. Is this just a sign of deteriorating lifestyles and ‘no-control’ exercised by parents to push for exercise or better eating habits?



Where ‘growing old’ means a million bucks. Swati Narasimhan speaks to Shashank Banerjee about his passion for collecting Vintage car models. livd a close shave with ob Today, many have ha 00s 19 the of ls ee big wh ion, but the truth is, the n su the e tim ery yalty! Ev still manage to spell Ro o wh all to p cu other hic goes down, it adds an dream to own them.

e. ost 75% of them vintag cars at hand with alm wn do led sca s, model car His prized collection of ke size, is enough to ma al gin ori to 18 times the , tal me ast dic , tin of plastic, your jaw drop. Made the of are m the , some of wood, brass and so on ctional as the original. fun as d same quality an

I’m the e cars that make even e cars so special? Since So what makes vintag What is it about vintag e. d rje an ne w Ba bo k a an e tak ash so ask Sh Maybach no automobile freak, latest Rolls Royce or r ve ou -lo fav 5 car a n his th tha r ow bette explains wi After all who would kn step aside? Shashank es bik d an s car l ng mode who has been collecti nt rite models. y this second year stude da To e? since he was fiv del ring has about 150 mo of Automobile Enginee

Mercedes Benz 770 K 07) ce Silverghost (19

Rolls Roy

, V-12, 245hp Engine: 7300cc (Silver), tinct colour Features: Dis ade of m knobs etcare some parts like ames fr e th er parts like real silver. Oth with t hi a d. Certainly are silver-coate swanky. the richest and made. er Silverghost History: First ev ive in ns pe and most ex Oldest, rarest collection. the model cars anklin ,000 rupees (a Fr Cost: model: 25 mint make) time, expensive of its Original: Most it. on e ic n’t put a pr we certainly ca

Shashank Banerjee

Engine: S-8, 7655cc, 2 valves per cylinder, maximum power 200.0bhp, at 2800rpm specific output 26.1 bhp/ltr. Features: Completely bullet proof including the tyres, body, windshield etc. The sturdy plates at the bottom save it from being blown up. The car was used by Hitler and has interiors that are different for the driver and the passenger. Black on his side of the car and another shade from the driver’s side of the separator. He also modified it so as to make his 770K unique. History: Commercially manufacture d but modified and owned by Hitler. Out of 15 assassination attempts on him, two were made while he was in this car. The actual car with the bullet stuck in the windshield still stand in the Hara museum, U.S. Cost: Model: 6,000 INR Original: Auctioned for 1,60,000 USD in 1973 will go for about 4-5 million easily today.

k (1917)


e truc ox- a fir


Lincoln X100 (1961



model J (19


(The Lincoln co ntinental limou sine) Engine: 430-cubi c-inch, V-8 Features: Firest one Bullet resi stant tyres. The rear se at can be raised up to 10.5 inches for be tter view of the President. There are 4 Retractable step s for agents (one be side each wheel ) and two near the rear bumper. History: It was us ed by President Kennedy througho ut the world. Th is is the car in which he was assassin at ed. Cost: Model: 65 00 INR (Preside nt ial collection), cam e with a Licensed certificate. Original: 2,000, 00 USD back th en.

Engine: 32 valve, dua l-overhead Horsepow camshaft e er, 6.9 ltr. P ight cylind ower plan Features: S er, 265 t. imple ladd er frame w Complete ith solid fr with revolu ont and re tionary ma matic lubri ar axles. intenance cation to v syst arious part lights to in s of the ch em with autoform driv assis. Dash er about m and oil ch board ile ange. Its characterist age, battery mainte model J. nance ic paintjob seen only History: M in the ade by A CD (Aubu 481 rn-Cord-D uesenberg cars were ). Only produced. T his was th days. e car for th e aristocra Cost: Mod ts of the el: 7000 IN R Original: E asily greate r than 3 m illion toda y.

So the Silverghost, I guess, is his favourite of the lot. ‘No’, he smiles, ‘It’s the 1935 Merc 500K”. And why? ‘It’s one of the first cars in my collection, was produced scarcely and used by the Royals back then. It’d be nearly priceless if auctioned today, and I’d want to be the one buying it,’ he grins. So a perfect date, according to him, would be in the latest supermodels or the prestigious oldies?

‘The vintage ones any day!’ he laughs. Well, good luck with that, but I really got to scoot. Sorry about the abrupt ending folks, but I’ve got to stop my uncle from selling his what-makes-a-piece-of-junk-metal-today-but-willmake-us-a-millionaire-one-day Ambassador. I know, my hopes are actually up! (Scheming-but-not-very-evilgrin) Ka ching! Photo : Thalabathi SS


rforigh pe en h y r e giv t v 8, No ortance was V : e Engin een as imp s ar. ck’s mance e fighting ge onal fire tru i r t c fi d n la der to the : A fully fu esand itself p i p s e r r e Featu g wat o help cludin ssary t gear in ything nece n er and so and ev on fire. father s Fox. a e r y e b w t if it hren e firs and A the y: mad Histor uo- Charles d used from y d n ull -in-law as kept in a as the first f w r w The ca e station. It r seo . m k i c t tru engine d Bal e e r r fi fi ( l a R n te functio del: 7, 000 IN h a gold pla t o i Cost: M s received w henticity. a ut ries), w symbol of a llion i a coin as l: About 1.5 m a Origin


Indulge Thyself


Simple and delicious, Aparna Ghosh talks about local dining in the city.

Dining at Eden was a tough call for a religious ‘Chickenitarian’ like me. I entered Harrisons, Chetpet, with my mind all set for a disappointing evening just when the doors of Eden opened and I smelt something heavenly! A well-furnished place with coolgreen surrounding walls, it looked like an earthly imitation of Eden. I looked into the ‘Green menu card’ and took more time to decide than my co-vegetarians for the day. There was a range of vegetarian food, right from light bites, South Indian snacks such as Idlis, Thayir Vadais, Sambhar Vadais etc. to continental food and Indian breads. I opted for the Vol-au-vents, a round puffed starter filled with corn and cheese. It tasted like eating real liquid cheese! Later, I ordered the chef’s special Chef’s baked bowl, which was a combination of mushrooms, corn and macaroni with cheese as space fillers. It almost confirmed that this could be Eden in reality! The prices were reasonable and did not make me regret my evening. A meal for two would cost around Rs 250.


ujarat Mandal

Gujarat Mandal is a perfect example of ‘North meets South’. I entered this small outlet in Broadway, near the High Court to find myself amidst ten other north Indian families. The menu card, needless to say, consisted of different delicacies from the Western quarter of our country. This included a variety of snacks from the Kachoris to the Dhoklas and the Sev Khamani. I ordered a Bhaji Roti (Indian bread) with Meethi Kadi (sweet curd) and a plate of Dhoklas (a snack made of chickpeas, garnished with chillies and ginger). What I ate, was a miniscule of what was served. The portions were generous and the prices were surprisingly affordable. After the meal, I opted for the Gujarati sweet, the Basandhi. The sweet made of cold thickened milk and garnished with nuts, just blew me off my feet. It was the best thing I had ever tasted under the category of sweets! I walked out feeling proud about spending within my budget and also left a huge tip. The prices were very reasonable and if you must know my bill didn’t cross 155 INR.




Method - Cut Paneer in large pieces. - Mix curd, Chilli powder, Garam Masala, saffron powder, salt, ginger-garlic paste together to form a mixture. Marinate the Paneer cubes in the curd Masala mixture for 2-3 hrs. - Heat the cooking oil in a Kadai and shallow fry Paneer pieces in the heated oil on medium flame. - Cut tomatoes and capsicum in round shape.Serve hot with rings of onions and mint chutney.

5 Chicken Sausages 2 tsp ginger-garlic paste 1/2 tsp green Chilli-Coriander paste 2 tsp red Chilli powder 1/2 tsp Garam masala 1 tsp lemon juice 1/2 tsp chaat masala 4-5 tbsp Oil


- Cut the chicken sausages into thick slices or bits. - Add ginger-garlic paste, Chilli powder, Garam masala, Chat Masala and lemon juice to these chicken bits and let them marinate for some time. - Heat a Kadhai, add oil and let it heat. - Add a pinch of asafoetida (hing) and then add the marinated chicken. - Mix and cook stirring occasionally for 3-4 minutes. - Decorate the serving dish with lettuce leaves, spring onions and tomato slices and transfer the chicken bits to the dish and serve as a starter or snack. Photo : Thalabathi SS



Spicy Chicken Bites

1/2 kgs Paneer 1 big Capsicum, 2 Tomato, 1 Onion, 1/2 cup curd 1/2 teaspoon Red Chilli Powder, 1/2 teaspoon garam masala Ginger-Garlic Paste, Orange Food Color Cooking Oil.

Paneer Tikka




Gaming Galore

Who said that Gaming is a sure way of emptying your pockets? Yamuna Matheswaran talks about a career in gaming and animation.

Careers that combine talent, creativity and patience, with a large dose of fun added to the mix, are very few. Gaming & Animation is one such field, and offers lucrative prospects as well. A host of institutes offering courses in the field are cropping up in country, and they offer varied specializations. In the gaming domain, there are essentially two fast emerging career options are Animation and Character design, and Game programming.

What is Animation? Animation is an artistic, skillful avenue, and the competition today is cut-throat. So possession of technical knowledge, computer skills and, artistic talent is mandatory to take up a course. BSc and Diploma courses, as well as short-term courses in animation are available to prospective animators. In today’s Game Design industry, there are three major roles played by animators: Concept Artist 2D/3D Animators 2D Texture Artist A Concept Artist is one who creates the basic design of the characters and environments in video games, which is then developed into animated form by 2D/3D Animators. A 2D Texture Artist uses myriad packages such as Photoshop, Painter and Illustrator to create the texture elements that are so essential to

the game.

Where could I study Animation? Various professional institutions such as The Academy of Animation and Gaming (AAG) located in Noida, Gurgaon, Lucknow and Bhopal, offer a one-year Foundation Course that students can take up, before enrolling for the Diploma in Animation (2 years) or BSc in Animation (3 years) courses. Diplomas in Game Programming (2 years) and Game Art (6/12 months), short courses in Multimedia, Games Development, 2D Animation, and online programs, among others, are becoming an increasingly popular choice among students. The prerequisite for any of these courses, apart from skill, is the completion of 10+2. Once enrolled at a school, successful completion of the course will lead to the production of a demo reel, portfolio and business contacts within the industry.

Will I make a million bucks? The Gaming and Animation industry is flourishing like never before in India and is turning rapidly into a profitable industry. Indian Animation companies are tying up with international animation powerhouse, such as Walt Disney and Pentamedia, thus providing a myriad of jobs in this arena. There is a high demand for developers, designers and testers in the Gaming field.

Jobs in the field of Video Game Design $100-$130K. include: Best Video Game Design & Animation Games Programmer Schools in India

However, despite the surge of the industry, there still exists a shortage of experienced and trained professionals in India. To make a mark in the field, be prepared to strive for a couple of years before you can reap the rewards. Patience and passion will get a skilled animator through.

Where do I fit in? The fast-growing Gaming industry encompasses online and mobile gaming, and the industry is expected to grow at a rate of 90% in the coming years. A large amount of students who’ve successfully completed animation courses here in India are being offered profitable jobs abroad. Artists and Animators, thanks to the dearth of skilled professionals, are offered $50 to $60K if they are extremely good. Programmers start with a comparatively slightly lower salary of $45-$55K, but can earn up to $150-$250K as lead developers. Project Managers and Producers make substantial amounts of money, with skilled managers getting paid $80-$100K, and experienced producers earning in the range of

Arena Animation ITT Technical Institute Academy of Animation and Gaming (AAG) Animaster – India

Online Programs DeVry University The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Westwood College Online Digital Media Arts College Savannah College of Art and Design John Hopkins University

Institutes in Chennai offering Gaming & Animation Courses Arena Multimedia Global Institute of Gaming and Animation Animaster AH Graphic Studios So if you’ve got an artistic hand, an eye for detail, computer skills, and are interested in the creative field of Gaming & Animation, you have an array of options to choose from, so remember to choose wisely!


Lead Programmer Al Programmer Engine Programmer Tools Programmer


Tech & Gadgets

For The Love Of Music The ESP Company Limited, founded in Tokyo in the year 1975, and headquartered in California, is an electric guitars and basses manufacturer. ESP manufactures mass versions of the personal guitars and basses of various artists who use or are endorsed by ESP guitars. Willie Adler, Rhythm guitarist in the band Lamb of God, uses the ESP Will Adler signature guitars, including ESP WA200. It features a Bolt-On Neck, basswood body, thin U neck contour, and ESP tuners.

Grand Symphony 5

Endorsed by the legendary lead guitarist of Metallica, the ESP KH-203 is among the many ESP KH guitars Kirk Hammett uses. Hammett was one of the first two guitarists to have a signature guitar with the ESP Company. It features a Bolt-On neck, basswood body, and extra thin flat neck contour. 24XJ frets, black nickel hardware, ESP tuners, Floyd Rose special bridge, and a black finish are among its other features.

Vocalist Live 4

Kirk Hammett 203

Musee Musicals, a European & British legacy, came into existence in the year 1842. As I walk into this antique music store I notice that it has a captivating charm about it, as I suspect any 150 year old building would. I first notice the wooden staircase straight ahead of me, leading up to the Carnatic instruments section, and the various models of acoustic guitars to my left. A small crowd is gathered around a man expertly playing a version of ‘Tears in Heaven’ on one of the guitars. Later, he introduces himself as Mr. Melvin and shows me around the store.

Will Adler 200

Yamuna Matheswaran steps inside Musee Musicals to rediscover some of the finest musical instruments in the history of Music.

Taylor Guitars, established in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug, is based in California and specializes in hollow-body acoustic guitars. Semi-hollow, as well as solid-body electric guitars are also available. Unlike in the case of most other guitars, artists are not paid to use Taylor guitars. The superior reputation of Taylor guitars is wellknown, and various skilled artists such as Eric Clapton, Neil Young, and Bryan Adams choose to play them. The GS 5 model is a recent one, and is an original designed by Bob Taylor. A cedar topped, mahogany guitar, it is known for its rich tone, and bass sound.

A stomp box, the DigiTech Vocalist Live 4 is unique in the sense that it tracks guitar chords, instead of your voice. Hence, it allows you to accomplish accurate vocal harmonies with all kinds of songs, in various keys. It is an extremely useful tool for any aspiring musician.

Steinway Model B Grand Piano

Vision Maple VMX

Pearl Musical Instrument Company, leading manufacturer of percussion instruments, is based in Japan, and was founded in the year 1952. Pearl Drums introduced the line of Vision drums in 2007. Professionals have preferred maple as the choice of wood for their drums, and the Vision Maple VMX is touted as Pearl’s most affordable, 100% Maple shell pack. It features two ply heads, a matching maple snare drum, and a high-gloss lacquer finish.

With the many services it offers - from selling quality instruments and offering service and repair, to conducting music classes, and being the hub of significant musical societies, Musee Musicals has firmly established itself as a solid, valuable part of modern Chennai.


Steinway Pianos, founded in the year 1853, have an excellent reputation, where quality precedes everything else. Artists who use Steinway Pianos include Sergei Rachmaninoff and Billy Joel, among countless others. The Steinway Model B Grand Piano is designed for a number of spacious settings, such as auditoriums, smaller recital halls, broadcasting and recording studios, and spacious homes. It weighs 345 kg, and features a completely hand-rubbed, heavy full-bodied black or clear lacquer finish.



Top Games of The Month From the hottest to the fastest, Abhi Maruthu lists the best games of the month.

DEMON’S SOULS PS3 Publisher : Atlus Co. Developers : From Software Genre: Action Role-Playing Release: Oct 6, 2009 ESRB: Mature Rating: 8/10 Demon’s Souls is an action role-playing game that pits you against the dark forces so you fight to save humanity from extinction. You come in face-to-face combat with the most deadly creatures from hell who are really hard to kill. Demon’s Souls is a dark medieval fantasy world that comes with great graphics. The intense sword and shield combat techniques add to its crisp game play. Check out its new online features. Bottomline - This game is extremely difficult yet one of the finest games of 2009.

Developers - Codemasters Genre : Modern Tactical Shooter Release: Oct 6, 2009 ESRB: Mature Rating : 9/10 OF is a sequel to Codemasters’ Popular Shooter takes place in a modern setting where tensions are high between China and Russia. You play as a US soldier with a mission to aid Russia. The campaign takes place on a fictional island off the coast of Russia that has been occupied by the Chinese. The entire game involves a long and difficult campaign and is set in a beautiful and realistic environment. Unlike other shooters, if you get hit you die or stay wounded throughout the entire mission making it extremely realistic. It offers a good variety of weapons and vehicles. Bottomline - Impressive AI but will encounter a few bugs at times. Solid multiplayer action.


SAW PS3 XBOX 360 PC (Oct 31 2009) Publisher: Konami Developer: Zombie Studios Genre : Horror Action Adventure Release: Oct 6, 2009; PC Oct 31, 2009 ESRB: Mature Rating : 6/10 ‘Would you like to play a game?’. For all the SAW fans who are familiar with the films will find this horror adventure game very similar to the movie. You play David Tapp, the detective from the first SAW film. Jigsaw has removed the bullet from your chest and replaced it with a key making you ‘the hunted’ by the other captives who need this key to get them out of the asylum. The graphics are good with intense visuals giving you the feel and atmosphere of the Saw films. There are good puzzles but this tends to get repetitive. The combat is highly unresponsive and frustrating. Bottomline - The adventure wears out in the final hours of game play with its repeated puzzles and the sameness of visuals.

Nintendo is out with their new WII FIT PLUS with a new workout routine feature that can be customized letting you be your own personal trainer. There are six new yoga and strength activities with an option to mix, and match different exercises. The way the game keeps track of your total calories is surely one of its most important features. Looking onto the fun side of fitness, The WII FIT PLUS has fifteen balance games such as Skateboarding, Perfect ten, Juggling and many more. The WII FIT PLUS comes with balance board and can also get it separately for the previous WII FIT owners. Bottomline – Good buy.




Publisher: Nintendo Developer: Sports Release: Oct 4, 2009 ESRB: Everyone Rating: 8.5/10



The Best Of All Worlds By SWATI NARASIMHAN

Movie Review

Jack Johnson In Between Dreams A gist - ‘In Between Dreams’, Jack Johnson’s third album was compiled by the singer-songwriter while preparing for a career as a championship surfer. The album kicks off with ‘Better Together’, a chilled out track written for his wife where he says it’s always better to face life together. The album continues on a breezy note with never know. Banana pancakes is a rather cute render. With good people, Johnson talks about the world being pushed to a sad state with the number of good people diminishing. Sitting, waiting, wishing seems to be almost everyone’s favourite pick of the album. Johnson’s whimsical lyrics and sublime voice makes you lay back and smile. The music of In Between Dreams is languid but comes to serve as a tropical sun down therapy for a hard day’s night. For a third studio album, there is not much experimentation and yet it is considered his best album so far. Johnson himself describes the songs on the album as both ‘romantic and nostalgic’ Our Verdict - The music of In Between Dreams is languid but comes to serve as a tropical sun down therapy for a hard day’s night. So if you’re stressed out, missed watching the sundown and are short of a Jacuzzi, then worry not, Jack Johnson will set it right in mere forty-one minutes. But rock lovers, stay away, it’s a warning!


A gist - A completely orthodox Christian couple and their five teenage daughters make up the Lisbon family. The story is narrated by one of the guys in the neighbourhood who had a certain interest for the girls and thus kept a close watch on what the girls were upto. The story concentrates slightly more on how the happy-go-lucky youngest girl, Lux Lisbon, is driven by rules, restrictions, an unstable relationship, and other factors, into depression, promiscuity to killing herself. Just when you feel that things may just get better, all the girls kill themselves. Kirsten Dunst as Lux and the other girls win your empathy, Josh Hartnett as her boyfriend makes you want to track him down and kill him! And Kathleen Turner is convincing as the mother who still thinks all she was trying to do was give love! Sofia Coppola has given us a tale that leaves us pondering over this common but oftenneglected subject called depression and the extremities that tag along with it. Our Verdict This is the story that talks about what abstinence does to people. From rock music being regarded as devil music to not being allowed to step out of their room, I would personally never want to be a Lisbon girl!

Our verdict - Manish Jha takes a rather bold step by making a movie that consists of all the societal taboos in India. However shocking it may be, this is not mere anathema, it’s the ugly truth.


The Virgin Suicides

A gist - The story takes place in a remote village where a father, who was hoping against hopes for a baby boy, learns that he is ‘cursed’ with a girl child. He goes on to drown the baby in a social ceremony (female infanticide). This continues till a point when the village is flooded with men. This leads to sexual frustration and men are in a desperate look out for women. A father of five sons learns that there is a woman living somewhere outside the village. He literally buys her from her father and marries her to all five sons. She’s forced to satisfy each one of them, and sometimes even the father. The youngest son who treats her with respect, is killed by the other brothers. In the end, she delivers a girl child and the village is literally fighting over her and her child. A homosexual act of a priest, gang rape, serial rape, incest, polygamy, manslaughter and frontal nudity, this documentary leaves you with gasping. So much around us is hidden beneath layers of hypocrisy by so-called believers of ‘culture’!



Trailing the forgotten path Did you know that Mylapore got its name from ‘Myl’, which means peacock in Tamil? Legend has it that Parvathi roamed the area in that form, after being cursed by her husband Lord Shiva in a fit of anger? If you have a thirst for knowledge, adore traveling, but most importantly, love a good story, then Storytrails is just the kind of experience you are looking for. Started in December 2006 by Vijay, an IIM Indore graduate, this company’s policy is that every region has a story to tell and that Indian travel destinations are to be experienced, and not just seen. He wished to implement a whole new approach to traveling that would be informative, fun and woven in a manner that leaves travellers fascinated, always attentive and craving for more. The participants are taken on fixed routes or trails as they are known, and each trail covers certain parts of the city, which are categorized under the same theme. For example, a Bazaar trail would include a trip to some of the lesser known, but historic and colourful markets in the city. The Coromandel trail takes you to beautiful Mahabalipuram, to soak in some rich architecture, myth and legend. To add more authenticity to the whole experience, the Storytrails crew arrange little chats with the local fishermen, to help you learn about their lives and

loves, allow you to sample the best in local cuisine and of course dazzle you with stories of the sites you’ve just visited, the science involved in the sculptures and mixing fact with fiction to help you completely involve yourself in the experience. The number of trails keeps increasing as the ideas keep poring in and currently the company arranges close to ten trails around Chennai for adults. The group also caters to children, with specially designed trails amounting to around thirty-five for the younger enthusiasts, including a Chocolate and a Book Trail. There are also various events arranged for children. Each trail revolves around a different theme, helping them discover stories behind ordinary things they see everyday, but don’t care to explore the details. The children loved every minute of the experience and some of them even claimed that it was the best day of their life! If you think that this experience would mainly be preferable for tourists, you are wrong. The company also offers cross-cultural services that promote an alternative and fun way to learn about the city, the culture and heritage for the visiting travelers, its trails are just as popular with the city’s residents, who are provided with a chance to see the city they’ve been living in with a whole new perspective.

How indifferent are we to history around us? Naveen Ramkumar discovers a new side to Madras after visiting The Storytrails.

But just how does this kind of an experience compare with the more conventional options available for spending a holiday? As Vijay puts it, if you have the inclination for it, you can enjoy it. The company attracts a more thinking audience, one that has an eye for the more intricate details of travelling and of course receptive to knowledge that has been woven in a manner that avoids it being boring or monotonous. He says that the audience reception in this city has been very good and that the number of enthusiastic young adults and college students are increasing steadily and many of them come back for more, especially since the costs for these trails are reasonable. The Storytrails team comprising of college students, retired professionals, cultural trainers, teachers, and professional storytellers; there is an array of varied skills that are contributed towards amplifying the experience. Most of the trails are invented based on thorough research, with information derived from sources like books and the Internet but most importantly, from the first-hand knowledge available with the locals. There is a lot of time, hard work and dedication

devoted towards digging out material and weaving them into stories, but it is this work that Vijay and his team love doing, and are passionate about. So go ahead if you’re looking for adventure, knowledge, lots of fun and most importantly, a story that will live with you for a lifetime.

Contact info: Storytrails India Private Limited No. 34, North Usman Road , T.Nagar, Chennai - 600017, INDIA Telephone: +91 44 4212 4214 Mobile: +91 99400 40215 Skype: storytrails Email: chennai@storytrails.in / kids@storytrails.in


These include carefully planned family outings, college and school trips, and corporate events.


In search of Paradise


Who’s bored? - Aparna Ghosh rediscovers one of the city’s most upbeat trekking clubs to be in to revive those long lifeless weekends.

The CTC or The Chennai Trekking Club was started a couple of years ago by a group of trekking enthusiasts from a company on Old Mahabalipuram Road. The founder, Peter Van Geit along with his other co-founders have arranged and organized more treks than we can ever imagine. What is interesting is that not many of us know as much as this Belgium born founder. He has researched on every easily/partially accessible nook and corner of the Eastern and Western Ghats drawing mind maps each time he and his groups set out on a trek. There is a strict criteria that each trekker must satisfy before enrolling to be part of the CTC. The criteria include good stamina, perfect BMI (Body Mass Index), mental strength and a non-finicky, adjusting attitude. Why they talk about mental strength is because none of these treks are for the timid. It is not a happy vacation with guided sight seeing. These are short breaks arranged over the southern regions during every weekend. There are also graded levels of difficulty in these treks. Its starts with easy terrain, then moderate level gradient and the toughest is the high degree gradient. Since the CTC is a non-profit organization, they do not believe in ripping off their loyal, yet tough group members. Everything is arranged by the club, and the expenses are spilt by the members. For travel, accommodation and food, the members usually split the expenses. So each trek approximately costs around 900-1500 INR, inclusive of other expenses. The most recent CTC treks have been to places like Nagalapuram, Talakona and Roopkund. Almost all CTC treks are arranged in such a way that most of their travelling is done in the night so that they can trek during the day. What could be more exciting than trekking through wild vegetation, wading through knee-deep water or swimming through deeper pools? The CTC promises that each and every member of the club has enough of the most breathtaking sights, the freshest of scents and the richest of memories to last them more than a lifetime. For anyone who loves walking, running or trekking-- this is the club to be in! Photo : chennaitrekkers.org

Things to carry on a CTC Trek:

Shoes- good running shoes or study sandals. Back pack- not a bulky Himalayan back pack. Sleeping bag- light weight and compact. Sleeping mat-comfortable and light. Torch light. Tents (arranged by CTC). Cooking material (arranged by CTC). Navigation tools/maps (arranged by CTC).

How to sign up: Login to the official website of the CTC and fill up the registration form. http://www.chennaitrekkers.org/ Wait for them to reply to your registration by sending you an acknowledgment mail. Follow the guidelines mentioned in the mail and enter their group’s loop. Wait for them to mail you about their upcoming treks.



DEMAND Conditions applied

Pay just Rs. 7999/- for annual membership Rs. 1000/- for monthly membership


Call us @ 044 - 4303 7761/62




Physio counselling

Diet counselling

Personal training




A brief history of Chocolate AD 600


The 14th century


Mayans migrate into northern regions of South America establishing earliest known cocoa plantations in the Yucatan.

Mayans and Aztecs took beans from the ‘Cacao’ tree and made a drink they called ‘Xocoatl’. Aztec Indian legends held the seeds from the cacao plant had been brought from Paradise and that eating the fruit of the cacao tree endowed one with wisdom and power.


The first chocolate house was opened in London by a Frenchman. The shop was called The Coffee Mill and Tobacco Roll. Costing 10 to 15 shillings per pound, a mug of chocolate was considered a beverage for the elite class.


Chocolate was introduced to the United States when Irish chocolate-maker John Hanan imported cocoa beans from the West Indies into Dorchester, Massachusetts, to refine them with the help of American Dr. James Baker. The pair soon after built America’s first chocolate mill and by 1780, the mill was making the famous ‘Baker’s’ chocolate.


The pioneer of Swiss chocolate making, François Louis Callier, opened the first Swiss chocolate factory.


A Dutch chemist, Johannes Van Houten, invented a method of extracting the bitter tasting fat or ‘Cocoa butter’ from the roasted ground beans. His aim was to make the drink smoother and more palatable, however he unknowingly paved the way for solid chocolate, as we know it.


John Cadbury mass-marketed the first boxes of chocolate candies.


Daniel Peter of Vevey, Switzerland, experimented for eight years before finally inventing a means of making milk chocolate for eating. Information: www.about.com/ chocolatehistory.net

Daniel Peter and Henri Nestlé joined together to form the Nestlé Company.

Canadian, Arthur Ganong marketed the first nickel chocolate bar. William Cadbury urged several English and American companies to join him in refusing to buy cacao beans from plantations with poor labor conditions.


Swiss connoisseur Jules Sechaud of Montreux introduced a machine process for manufacturing filled chocolates.


Belgian chocolatier, Joseph Draps starts the Godiva Company to compete with Hershey and Nestle in the American market.


A candy-coated chocolate is created especially for the United States military forces by Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie at Mars, Inc. Their initials lead to the name ‘M & M’.


At Milton Hershey’s suggestion -- and in a move reminiscent of the Aztec practice -- the American military decided to include three four-ounce chocolate bars, each with 600 calories, in a soldier’s ‘D-Ration.’ Although meant to sustain the men, the bars also came in some way to be associated with the return of peace, when, longmalnourished victims of the Germans found themselves approached by Americans holding out chocolate. The chocolate is still a standard issue in the military.


Jim Walsh, an advertising executive from Chicago, decided to move with his family to Hawaii to start a chocolate business. He chose the premium criollo variety and established his plantation on Kona and Kea’au. The fermented, dried beans are sent to California where they are made into very high quality chocolate sold by mail order, especially to professional pastry chefs.

The Chocolate Room

Our mission is simple – To be the most loved and respected chocolate company in the world.

Our values

At The Chocolate Room, our values are simple: We are committed to excellence and innovation in everything we do. Our partnerships are based on integrity and trust. We believe in people, building and changing lives. We foster a culture of joy and passion throughout our company.

Our specials

Unlike other chocolate houses, The Chocolate Room gives its customers a wide range of uniquely designed chocolates to choose from. From Chocolate Butterflies to Chocolate CDs, Chocolate Hearts and Chocolate Biscuits, it allows you to indulge your senses without

a hint of guilt! Looking for the perfect gift? Customers are offered a wide range of chocolate gift boxes such as The Belgian assorted wooden box, and the assorted chocolate box. Our people Vikas, Kumar and their brilliant team of professionals provide all the assistance you would imagine that comes with professional franchise – site selection, fit out, staff selection, training and on going support. The response to The Chocolate room, thanks to its wonderful staff and its atmosphere, has left customers more than satisfied!

Come visit us

The Chocolate Room is located at at various junctions across the country. In the South, we are located at : Chennai- V. R. G. Choco-foods Old No. 15, New No. 26 100 Feet Bypass road, Velachery, Chennai 600042 . Phone No. 044-22591435 Email ID: tcrchennai@gmail. com Bangalore - St. Marks Road, Basement of Richie Rich Ice cream, Opp. Bank of India, New No 14, Bangalore -560001. Phone No. 080-22115661 Hyderabad- Plot no:-268, Kavuri hills, Near Madhapur Police Station Crossing, Jubilee hills, Hyderabad 500033. Phone No. 040 64589595 Photo : Ravikiran Vissa


Drawing on several years of retail experience, Vikas and Kumar have produced an inviting and distinctive fit out for this unique chocolate café in Velachery. One of its kind in the city, The Chocolate Room is committed to building a unified family, consistently serving the highest quality hot chocolate and coffee to all those who visit, and providing outstanding personalized service in a vibrant atmosphere.

Photo : G Venkata Krishnan



IQUBE Street Icon Photography Winner ‘09 Varun Chordia.P D .G Vaishnav College

Disclaimer - The Paper Works Company does not hold any responisbilty for the image be it reproduced, previously published or printed. Exclusive rights belong to the photographer.




The Wackiest Movie Titles

On Profiles and otherwise - Aparajith Raman

- Madhumitha Madhavan It (1990) The thing (1982) The Return of the Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe (1972) I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998) (Well not really. But I think I have a pretty good idea and when your daddy comes home you are so BUSted!) Pootie Tang (2001) (Err.. !) The Longest Most Meaningless Movie in the World (1970) (Need we say more?) Blacula (1972) Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Alien, Flesh Eating, Hellbound, Zombified Living Dead Part 2: In Shocking 2-D (1991) (Brevity, people) Le quatrième morceau de la femme coupée en trois (2007) (Translation: ‘The Fourth Piece of the Woman Cut In Three’!) Ssssss (1973) (Sssssscary ssssssnakes, Hairssssss raissssssing!)


Post: Head programmer Job code : Flapdoodle Minimum Qualification :Institute of Infinite Torture (IIT) : 9.9 GPA and above. Info: No need for any programming knowledge as you wont be programming in any case. Sound ‘logical’ brain required. Salary - a whopping 40k (tax will be taken away later). Failing which to reach your hands will be given in the form of Infosys shares, which, also fail. Microsoft Post: Erudite Coordinator Job code: WTF? Minimum Qualification: Biceps 45 cm (Triceps are an added advantage) . Good aiming skills and if possible a decent knowledge on computers. Info: Very responsible position and job requires you to travel a lot with a team of 50 people and take incharge and attack any thing with the name ‘SUN MICROSYSTEMS’ or ‘OPENSOURCE’ written on it. Salary: $20k excluding perks. ICICI: Post: Branch Manager Job code: Yawn! Minimum Qualification: 10+2 pass with 20% marks in math. Info: Very whimsical job and must be able to keep secrets that would lead the company to close and thus get a profit of 250 Cr. Rs. Must also be quick in terminating the branch when Boss says so. And opening it quicker. Congress Post : Cabinet Minister Job code: Poppycock Minimum Qualification: 5th standard fail. Hindi - 60%+ No knowledge on Politics and Law Info: Very important job and you need to pay attention, not to what people ask you to do , but what Pastaji tells you to do. Perks only that include photo in the newspaper everyday VVVIP treatment. Tax Exemption under the Bureaucratic Money Law. Free Car and Unlimited petrol. Free phone. Free Thugs allowance.

Adyar: ADYAR ELECTRONICS 24465823/24465823, HELLO WORLD 9884022213, IT HIGH WAY 42605000/42, MERCY ELECTRONICS-24463673, OASIS NETWORK 4211 5822, SHA NETWORK 42154040/9840478574, IT DEPOT 24512288/9884021688, KONICA COLOUR LAB 24917303Aminijikarai: MERCY ELECTRONICS 26640153, Anna nagar: CONNEXIONS 26260429, DOT COM 42693043, MERCY ELECTRONICS 26200783Alwarpet: KONICA COLOUR LAB 24991010 Besant Nagar: IT @ home 9840991902/24466898 Citi center: CAMERA INN 43533293/9840211571, LANDMARK 42658317/28477777, PC INN 9444452841Egmore: MOBILE ZONE 42638686Gopalapuram: AESTHETIX AUDIO VIDEO INDIA PVT LTD 43518484Kodambakkam: DEBORAH MUSIACALS 42133393Kottiwakkam: CYBER SPACE ABACUS PVT LTD 24512288/9884021688Mount road: GLOBE TRONICS 42119262, MAHAVEER COMPUTER SPARES 9840077334, MUSEE MUSIACALA PVT LTD 8522780, NATIONAL ELECTRONICS 9962497908, OASIS NETWORK 9840057413, TECH NEXT 45120304/05, TAMILNADU ELECTRONIC CORPORATION 43227536, VISUAL MEDIA SYSTEMS 3916 9186/9841084329Nungambakkam: LANDMARK 4214 4266,Sasi enterprises 23746661, IT DEPOT 24512288/9884021688, KONICA COLOUR LAB 42909898/28275878, YAMAHA MUSIC SQUARE 42909800Porur: WOODIES ELECTRNICS 24826323/9840871145Sowcarpet: RAKHIWALA 25391775/25391776Spencers: CD BYTE INFO PVT LTD 2854830/28491146/285491153, LANDMARK 2849 5997-5767T.Nagar: KOHINOOR 9840763267, PUJAS 2024950/9940445566, S.R. COLLECTION 28155112, 4260 5333, THE AUDIO PEOPLE 42125999/9840563336, VIGNESH & CO 28341644/42123393, STUDIOCELL 9884030201Tambaram: CALVIN ELECTRONICS 22264018Thiruvanmiyur: MERCY ELECTRONICSTIRUVANMIYUR 2440 4184Vadapalani: MERCY ELECTRONICS-VADAPALANI 2473 0157,ROYAL SHOPPY 42048567Velechery: AZA NETWORK 941367442, COMPUTER GALAXY 45493235, SIMPLE CITY 42021828, Valasaravakkam: IT DEPOT 24512288/9884021688 Coimbatore:UB sofetek 9894526123,AV design 2494104/9843167879,GREAT DIGITAL SHOPPE 0422-2234082/9842928220, SMART SOLUTIONS0422-28252071/9884040777Kerala: TRIVANDRUM-Sangeeth Mahal-9895482629,LAYA Musicals-9349337457.Calicut-R.S.Electronics-9895800098 Trichur-Gulf Traders-0487-2322166,Zone City center -0487-2320676.Cochin-BASILS-9846032532,Mobile Land GCDA-,Tokyo Pentamaneka0484-2381543,Sangeeth Mahal-2359117,Alif Pentamaneka-0484-2360454,SWISS Times-94447779999, Idduki-Musicland-9446608628.Kollam-Quilon Radios-0474-2740491 Pondichery:Streo shock 9443957500

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