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Issue 1: An Exploration of Modernism and Post Modernism


Iqra Bibi April 2014 Form Follows Fuction


Modernism & Post Modernism


Street Graphics


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Earth Artifacts


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odernism is a fundamental nature of knowledge, a reality and existence which is known as a philosophy. A movement that along with the cultural trends and changes, it rose from wide-scale and success which improved in West society in the late 19th and early centuries. Amongst all influences that shaped Modernism, modern industrials societies was one of the factors that developed modernism and the rapid growth of cities, which was also followed by the WW1. Many Modernists also rejected religious belief. Modernism, in general, included those who felt the traditional forms of art which through doing the activities and the creations towards art, architecture, literature, religious faith, philosophy and activities of the daily life that were becoming outdated in the new economic. A famous characteristic of Modernism is mostly based on self-consciousness, which often led to experimenting with forms. Along side that the use of different techniques was also very popular as this drew a lot of the attention to the process and materials that where used in creating a painting, poem or any other work of art. Besides all this Modernism clearly refused the thought of realism and made more use of the works that is related to the past by the employment of reappearance, combinations, rewriting and revision. Modernism designs always have a purpose, most of modern designs were created whit a positive purpose. Modernist always thinking about the society and how the art or designs will be helpful for them. Their biggest weapon was their brains, as they used to think about the purpose of the design or art before constructing or creating something. Modernism found less is more that is why modern art is understandable and simple. Within modernism there are other art (ISM) included into it such as Cubism, Symbolism, Constructivism, Dadaism and Futurism. All of these are styles are part of modernism and modern art.


ost Modernism is what we have now which came after Modernism. Through Modernisms development and experimentations, Post Modernism came along from the improvement of Modernism. Modernism is the world that associated with the rise of modern science. Modernism is when people believed in progress and the role of human reason, the idea of reason will eventually will be able to give us every answer. This was last centaury. Now the 21st century see all of those modern thoughts as old fashion. People now see modernism as simple and Post Modernism is yet to be defined. Post modernism is a general term that is used to define movements in art including critical concept and music. Movement in art is known as postmodernism which came after modernism. Modernist found less is more, and for postmodernist less was a bore. They believed modernist needed more references as possible to determine their own subjective conclusion. Postmodernism was a movement related to architecture that rejected the modernist, as postmodernist where passionate for the new. Modernism is understood in art and architectures to create forms for no other purpose than innovation. In the 50’s and 60’s, architectural postmodernism rejected modernisms valorisation of the new, because postmodernism wanted to continue to use the elements of modern usefulness while returning to the encouraging classical forms of the past. The result of this was an ironic brick-a-brack or collage approach towards construction that combines several traditional styles into one structure. As collage, it is found in combinations of already created patterns. Post modernism have gotten rid of modern designs that symbolized modernism so that Post modernist can improve modern designs and make them look better. Modernist found less is more therefore modern art was simple, where as to post modernist less Is bore. As a result post modern designs are so complicated and are totally opposite of modern art.



his project was about researching into the graphic language of the streets, such as how imagery, artifacts and emphemera bombards the senses with visual messages. I had to first demonstrate the ability to select suitable subject and create into it using graphic experiments. This means that I had to pick a topic based around streets and create it in a way that it represented graphic language. The idea behind this project was to experiment with my work and the subject that I base my street graphics on and form a basis of an exhibition exploring the role of the influence from the streets into graphic language. From my research I then had to develop the most appropriate concept and produce a cohensive body of work which explores the concept of street with graphic language.

I started of with an idea of creating my final piece based on typography, in order to do that I brainstormed what I could base the typography on that also represented the streets. I came up with an idea of creating a road map using typography, this made me think what could be the journey about. Since I live in Bradford and travel for half an hour to Huddersfield, I decided to do it on my travel to University. Since this was my first project I was not able to think of something unique or different, but I stuck to this idea whilst keeping in mind that during my experimentation and development my idea and final outcome might change. In my road map I used shop names as the main elements, the reason for this is because since I was focussing on typography, the shop names where appropriate to use on the map. I came up with this bevcaue I had the idea of recreatting the typography into my own syle by getting the influence from my artists research. After experimenting with techniques and ideas, I managed to create a final piece but I was not so satistfied with it. My final piece was created on illustrator. I did not create the typography on illustrator because I did not understand it well enough to use the software to its fullest. Therefore I hand drew the typography in a way that the design of the typography fitted in with the shop name and what the shop soled. Which I then stuck onto coloured card and coloured tissue and scanned them onto illustrator, and from there I put the whole illustration together. The concept of my final piece was to create a poster beased on my journey from bradford to Huddersfield and what I see during my journey. Since I mostly see shops on my journey, I made the shops as the main elements. From the poster on the right, You can see that My journey starts from 8:00am and during my way I see different shops but as i get near to Huddersfield, I see the same shops that i see in Bradford




his project was about creating a cabinet or shrine on my most memorable experience. The brief of this project required me to create a shrine inside a box that would tell a story about my personal experiences by using elements like collected things or memorabilia’s inside the box. For this project I decided to base my final piece on my trip to Umrah. When I read the brief I was instantly reminded of Umrah. I based this project on this topic because Umrah along side Hajj is a big part of a Muslim’s life, and is also compulsory for a Muslim to complete Umrah or Hajj at least once in their life time. Umrah for me has been and still is the most wonderful experience I have ever experienced.

The pictures underneath, and at the right hand side are of my 2nd box that I have created based on all things about Umrah. My first idea was just an idea which drove me to my second idea, therefore i decided to create this one instead This is the first box of this project that I have designed. This box is about the memories that I collected, as I wanted to create a box on all the memories that I have kept from when I went to Umrah. I used elements like photos, money, plain airline, money, tasbeeh and a book that was given to me before Umrah which contained information about what to do before going umrah, what to wear etc like instruction. I also decided to decorate my box so that the whole thing could come together, and also so that it looks special. The decoration on top of the box is of the Khanna kabah because Khanna kabah is the heart of the Journey to Umrah.







his is my 3rd idea and my second box for this project. Here again I have based it on the same topic which is Umrah but the elements that I have used show a different picture compared to my 1st box. The concept of my first box was to show my collected stuff that I had kept when going and coming back from Umrah. The elements showed the things from that place but for my 2nd box I wanted to create something different.

So for this box I decided to create a scene inside the box in a way that it represents my whole umrah trip in one box. I included elements like the mosques that I visited, the food I eat, The mountains that I saw etc in one box so that when someone else looks inside of it, they would be able to see and feel how Makah and Madina is. I tried to create a near perfect experience of two weeks in one box so that the people who have never seen Makah and Madinah, they would be able to picture how it would be like just by looking inside the box. I used other elements like the cup to represent the zam zam water, the two mosques to show the two most famous mosques, the zam zam tower as the new built building (which kind of looks like big ben). I have also used dates to represent the food that I had, musk (perfume) to make people feel the beautiful smell of that place. I have already explained the meaning behind each elements that I have used but the concept of this box was to make people think what the elements mean, even though the box shows how Umrah was, I also wanted to make people think. The concept that I wanted this box to have was successful and also very happy with both of my final outcomes. I made sure everything inside the box had a meaning behind it. I also experiemented with techniques and materials. I glued down some sand near the mountains to make the mountain scene, by adding the sand I created the feeling it was like when I visited the mountains. And where I placed the mosque sculptures, underneath them I glued down a long prayer mat which are found inside the mosque to create that feeling of praying inside the mosque. I hand stitched the prayer mat to make it look special.



My two weeks trip to Umrah in a box



his is the back of my second box. Just like the first box, I also wanted to make this box special too, therefore i created it in mosque form. this is also significant because when I went Uumrah, the khanna kabah was placed in the middle of a mosque, as the mosque surrounded the khanna kabah so thats what I wanted to create. Instead of creating a mosque around the khnna kabbah, I instead created a mosque and placed the shrine inside of it. I also decorated this box in the form of a mosque. I decided to use one of the mosques in Afghanistan because the design and color of that mosque fitted in perfectly with my shrine. I created a blue mosque because the scene inside the mosque has a blue sky therefore I wanted the colors to be consistent. My main colors of this mosque where blue and gold, so I did the design and the geometric shapes in blue and gold too. Some designs are in silver and bronze, because I wanted some of the patters to stand out from the background color so I used a darker color to make that possible.



1st box idea


2nd box idea





he requirement of this project was to submit visual and written proposals for the new version of ‘Earth Artifact’. The new version had to be contemporary and not a reproduction of original golden records. The subject of the new version of golden records had to be on things that are important in the world. The new version had to reflect in the content and the format/ media channel of choice. For this project I had to demonstrate a critical understanding of of the design challenge. I also had to be inventive and demonstrate my ingenuity in solving this design challenge. For this project I wanted to focus on something that is really important important in this world. The topic I chose to base my new version of golden records was education because I believe that everyone should have the right to get educated because education creates a better life style. When I was thinking about that something came into my mind. Some people who are able to go school and get educated take it for granted and people like the poor are not so privileged therefore they are not able to go school. Another thing that crossed my mind was that could education be the stop to poverty, I mean the countries that have a high rate of education also have high rate of money, whereas the poor countries are not able to afford education even though it would make their life’s and country better. After all if you have education you have the ability to make things better because you have knowledge and are able to build a better future. But this can not happen because due to poverty poo children cannot have education. It is not easy to explain this as it goes around in circles.

This then drove me to an idea that I thought would be very interesting and appropriate for this project. I decided to create a pie chart on the statistic of the poverty in Africa that would how many children want to get educated, how many have to work to earn money and how many drop out of school to earn for their family. Due to all of these reasons kids in Africa are not able to get education or have a better feature. To make this much easier to understand I decided to create it in a pie chart for by just using percentages. This piece is based on info graphic. I used a pie chart to get the message across. The pie chart that I created was no ordinary pie chart because I used different technique create it and to show my research in a visual way. By using my artist research I managed to create a pie chart using symbols and colors to create my information in a graphic language. My main element in this idea was using symbols to tell the meaning of the pie chart. I experimented with different symbols, colors and shapes to create this piece. I created the pie chart in cloud shape to represent dreams. The concept behind this idea was to show that education is a dream for people who can not afford it like the poor, and I wanted to show that using graphic icons and symbols which I have managed to achieve. I designed my final info graphic on illustrator and hand made the pie chart using colored card and card board to give the layering affect. I created the pie chart in the form of a cloud because I wanted to represent the statistic about education as a dream because it signifies that education is a dream for the poor people.



Can education stop poverty in Africa? 35%





his is my second idea for the earth artifact project. For my second idea I decided to stay with the idea of poverty because in my first idea I mainly focused on education. My second idea was to create a concertina based on the things poor people go through and how they feel. I created 3 different illustrated pieces.

The first illustrated piece was about how the poor feel about the condition they are in and. I used an image of a girl filling up a bucket of water and illustrated it for the first piece. I used the girl because I wanted to show that at such a young age they have to work to live instead of going to school or play. I then used some quotes and words that where related to the image and placed them in a way that graphically it shows the words coming out of the girl. The concept I had for this is that how the poor feel inside about the conditions they are in but they are not able to say it out. So the quotes that I used for the girl are about self confidence, love, being proud of who they are, they shouldn’t be judged etc. The quotes are a mixture of both what people would say to her and how she feels inside. The second illustrated piece is on the pain they go through. For this I decided to use a picture of slippers made out of shoes which I illustrated. The concept of this piece was to show how much hardship the poor go through and yet they dont express it. Again I used quotes in the same way as the first piece but the quotes that I used in this are about feet and the things they are limited to. The picture shows that they are not able to buy shoes or clothes so they make it out of what ever they can. The third illustrated piece is about food. I used illustrated bread and some raw fruit to represent the food the poor eat. For this piece I wanted to use the quotes inside thebcread so that the text was in the shape of the bread piece but that did not work out well therefore, I used the ordinary way to place the quotes inside the bread. I used different quotes inside the bread that are about food and hunger so that they fitted in with the food subject. I then printed the three pieces out and put them together as a small concertina so that the message about the conditioned of the poor is easy to understand and people are able to see what the poor go through everyday in order to survive.





“1 billion people in the world are chronically hungry. 1 billion people are overweight.”

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of

- Ann Voskamp

“I hunger for filling in a world that is starved.”

“A starving child is a frightful sight”- Anne Rice

-Mark Bittman


“Where people are really attached, poverty itself is wealth.” - Jane Austen


s to




an d


mi foodl,es to




where the

in a We live ld STRANGE wor

“Hunger of choice is a painful luxury, hunger of necessity is terrifying torture.” - Mike Mullin, Ashfall.

- Mahatma Gandhi

The only way for the poor to fill their stumach and not think about their health is to eat what they don't want, drink what they don't like, and do what you'd rather not, beacuse they dont have a choice

LIMITED food and water

ore M s i There FRUIT in a Rich man’s


Than a Poor man ’s PL




or my Type Transcription I designed 3 different typography styles by looking at 3 different artists work. From them I was satisfied by one typography style but it did not suit my kind of deigning style as it was too simple. I wanted to challenge my self so I researched for my own artist ‘Marian Bantjes’ who’s work I really find inspirational and picked out an images that I was able to use to create my own typography. I first sketched out the full alphabet using the shapes from one of Marian Bantjes’s art work. I tried to find the shapes that kind of had the shapes of letters so that i could use that style specifically for the letter. One I sketched out all the letters, there where some letters that needed improving or changing in order for them to fit into the whole alphabet style. On illustrator I illustrated all the alphabet letters and also made the changes of some letters.





I am for a design which finds critique and refine I am for a design that is not everything, sometimes a perfect work of art perfect in creating graphic design shows the true colours of the but just to use it for relaxation for designer and its passion. I am for a design which learns from making mistakes and taking risks. most of the time. I am for a design which cannot be spoken, a design with hidden emotions in each piece of art.

I am for a design which holds so many meanings that cannot be expressed by words. I am for a design which

I am for a design knows its own weaknesses and fears. which is not afraid of trying new and crazy ideas I am for a design which tries new techniques , from time to time, because a masterpiece is media, experiments because the things a designer often driven from the negative idea that inspires fears from the most, that fear often becomes its one to create a better design in order to get a strength, which they are unknown of until they positive outcome. Â try and concur their fears. I am for a design which tries new techniques , media, experiments because the things a designer fears from the most, that fear often becomes its strength, which they are unknown of I am for a design who freely until they try and concur their fears. explores new ideas, because even if an idea is not perfect it can still be an inspiration to create a different idea in which that I am for a design which brings out the colours of has a better outcome. the world, like the bright colours of the rainbow, the

I am for a design which knows to push itself to do the very best.

I am for a colour of nature, the colour of the surroundings. design which makes dreams come true. I am for I am for a design which makes people wonder because not everyon has a design the same response to a design. I am for a design which I am for a design which makes you wonder about knows how to speak up and which deliver the message. the shapes of the nature. finds I am for a design which finds negative inspiration in the littlest things. I am for a design that brought apps to your phones. I am for a design which makes a I am for a design that space packaging stand out to the buyers. makes life interesting positive. I am for a design that makes a child smile when watching a kids show. Â

I am for a design that can never be I am for a design whichI am for a the same as another because each deasign that makes reflects individual’s people peechless. design has its own specialty, its own style. personality. I am for a design that motivates people every day.

I am for a design that makes designers push the boundaries and work outside of their comfort zones.

I am for a design that changed the world of advertisement.

I am for a design which is limited I am for the design that bought ps4 to game lovers. edition,one in a million.


University of Huddersfield New Visual Language April 2014

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