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Perhaps the real question should be, “What SHOULD your shopping cart software do? Many people search for the best shopping cart software. Few find satisfaction. This blog post deals with a few key elements that should have you examining your shopping cart to see if it measures up.

Bulk Actions: Do you know the most common complaint of online store owners? It’s about uploading product pictures and descriptions. It can seem daunting to enter 1000 product descriptions one at a time. That’s why the best shopping cart software gives you bulk actions. You can upload everything at the same time. This can save you considerable time when keeping your store updated. Also, integration with your inventory is another bonus. If you are able to show your current items as “in stock,” it allows your shoppers to feel comfortable placing their order. 2

Social Media Integration:

Today, more people are sharing online than ever before. Social media (such as Facebook and Twitter) can do wonders for improving your word-of-mouth advertising. There is a form of social proof that comes with these sites. Not only can others vouch for your products, they can also vouch for you and your company. That can make the difference between a successful sale or losing the customer to another store.

Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment: Losing a customer at the shopping cart comes with a certain sting. It’s the equivalent of running a marathon only to give up a short distance from the finish line. Shopping Cart Abandonment should concern you. 3 That’s why the best shopping cart software gives you features for investigating and reducing it.

Are they Listening to Feedback?

Ultimately, the best shopping cart software doesn’t exist by itself. Someone creates it. To truly make sure you’re getting the best, look for people who are listening to you. As the internet evolves, so should your software. If you go with a company that values your feedback and makes changes, then you know you’ve found a real winner. 4

So there you have it. Those are a few items for your consideration. If you feel your shopping cart isn’t doing what you need, then consider a free trial with IQecommerce. You have up to 30 days to try it free. Plus, you don’t even need a credit card to get started. This allows you to feel confident you’re using the best shopping cart software before you even spend a cent of your own money.



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Is Your Shopping Cart Software Doing Everything You Need  

Many people search for the best shopping cart software. Few find satisfaction. Don’t worry. IQecommerce is here to satisfy you.

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