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Donato Perez Garcia, MD

Letter From Our Newly Elected President

Thomas Kroiss, MD

Welcome Members of the Academy Letter

Honorary President Director Board of Education

Founder of the Academy

Martin Von Rosen, MD President

Arman Lurye, MD VicePresident

Irina Lurye Revisor

History of the Academy for IPT What it means to be a Certified IPT Practitioner 18th IPT GLobal Conference 2018

Rebecca Ayre-Stealey, RN Treasurer

Jessica Ferrari

Executive Assistant IPT Journal Editor /Designer

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7- Question Interview with Dr.Donato: Using HEEL products in combination w/Insulin Potentiation Therapy What’s NEW on IPT Dr. Donato? 19th IPT Global Conference 2019 2019 Traning Workshops and Seminars

Letter from our Newly Elected President: Dear colleagues and friends: I was elected the new President of the Academy for IPT, founded by Dr. Thomas Kroiss (Viena,Austria) in 2010 with the support of Dr. Donato Pérez García III, and the European counterpart, Europäischer Fachverband für Insulin-Potenzierte Therapie (IPT/IPTLD at the 14 International Conference for IPT in Tijuana, Mexico October 5th. The other board-members are Dr. Arman Lurye as vice-president, Irina Lurye as reviser (both from Almaty, Kazakhstan), Dr. Catalin Cirstoveanu from Romania as secretary and our beloved Rebbeca Ayre-Stealey as treasurer (CDN). You see - it´s a fresh, international board. Additionally we welcome Jessica Ferrari who is our Executive Assistant Secretary in Tijuana and who is coordinating the Academy and is doing all public relation work from Tijuana. It is an honor for me but also an huge responsibility and obligation to restart the Academy after the response of our members and communication between all of us during the last years were decreasing. Especially exchange of our experience with our patients is important to develope the IPT as an effective cancer-treatment tool. We all know that most IPT-practioners are practicing IPT slightly different. that´s ok when the basics of IPT treatment are respected but it´s not acceptable when the IPT/IPTLD is brought into discredit. Donato has the longest and biggest experience with IPT among us and he changed the procedure of IPT and IPTLD the last years to improve outcome. This current procedure should be the fundament for our individual adaptions. Thats why we should attend to the conferences regularly, to boost and renew our knowledge, share our experiences and learn from each other. Additionally i´ll plan web-conferences / zoom-chats where each of us can present patients or discuss interesting or difficult case-reports (remind: we learn best of mistakes but it ´s not necessary that we all to the same). I would like to invite you to be part and preferably an active member of our community. I also invite you to write us (me and the other board-members) feedback, suggestions and wishes so we can improve our work for the IPT and you. I also need an answer of you who is still practicing IPT to update the list of IPT-practioners. There is also an IPT-WhatsApp-Group 526642283367, for quick information-exchange). The next conference will be held in Fulda - Germany Oct. 4th - 6th 2019 Hope to see you there. Sincerely,

Dr. Martin Von Rosen

As Acting President Iʼd like to welcome you to the European Academy for Insulin Potentiation Therapy, an international association founded to unite all officially trained IPT Physicians and share our professional work to help improve the life of patients worldwide. As an Academy member you are most welcomed to participate in our annual IPT Global Conferences and workshops, receive news and updates in the medical protocol, video lectures, share and publish your professional essays in our bimonthly electronic magazine and connect to IPT physicians all over the globe. Your name and professional contact information will be added to our Academy web page as well as in the official list of IPT MDʼs endorsed by the successor of the inventor of Insulin Potentiation Therapy, Dr. Donato Pérez García Senior (1896-1971). We encourage you to be an active member, share your knowledge and experience with us and. Welcome to the family! Regards,

Martin Von Rosen, MD -President of the Academy-

ACADEMY FOR IPT MEMBERS 2019 Leonid Macheret, MD. (USA) Martha Grout, MD. (USA) Alexis Naranjo, MD (Costa Rica) Donato Pérez García, MD (Mexico) Josef G Keys, MD (UK) Leonid Macheret, MD (USA) Snejana Sharkar, ND (USA) Martin von Rosen, MD (Germany) Thomas Kroiss,MD (Austria) Hartmut Baltin, MD (Germany) Desanka Petricevic-Reidel, MD (Switzerland) Mohamed Ali Zayen,MD (Germany) Catalin Cirstoveanu (Romania) Martin Lee, MD ( Germany) Arman Lurye, MD ( Kazakhaztan) Rebecca Ayre-Stealey, RN (USA) Simon Yu, MD (USA) The Academy for Insulin Potentiation Therapy is the official professional organization of IPT/IPTLD® physicians established to oversee the ethical, professional, scientific and business-related development of the IPT/IPTLD® medical protocol within each member’s respective community and global society at large.

History of the European Academy for Insulin Potentiation Therapy

I made my first IPT seminar with Dr. Donato in the year 2003. There I learned to perform IPT on my patients. I went home and had very good successes! Fortunately, at that time we were three doctors from Germany/Austria so we could talk on the telephone about patients and problems and so one could be helped by the other. From then on, I visited the annual conference every time since 2003 and had to realize that I needed to correct my procedure through the first 4 years because there were always a number of things I had overlooked so far; in this way I improved my treatments every year. – That was the first time I realized how important it would be to have a profound education by an Academy and to have group of expert doctors helping each other.

When I heard of the American doctors who turned their backs on Dr. Donato and behaved as if they had invented IPT and even trained other doctors in the name of IPT I decided that this must not happen in Europe! So I founded an international academy (which was possible in Austria, in Germany it was only possible to found a national association). My first action was to set up Dr. Donato as the lifetime Honorary President in the constitutional charter so nobody would ever be able to come along and take over for his own profit. Unfortunately, we could not do anything against doctors who just heard about using insulin together with chemotherapeutic agents in cancer cases and using the name “IPT” for doing so.

They were and are not really doing IPT and factually using a false name (“IPT”). Also I found that we sometimes had educated bad doctors who were not doing the correct medical procedures besides IPT. Both things were a certain danger for IPT itself but one cannot force people to be well educated; we could only provide good education on a voluntary basis. This is where we stand. In 2014, we had sufficient money on our account and we had a considerable number of active members in Europe so I retired as the president. I hope that from now on the Academy will be keeping up the high standard of educating and performing IPT. I wish you all the best!

by Thomas Kroiss, MD

Founder of the Academy for IPT

What it means to be a Certified IPT Practitioner There is a difference between “also do IPT” and being an “IPT professional”. You become an IPT professional by really looking into the procedure, using the side treatments, what other doctors do in IPT and Donato’s 82 years experience of his family: The aim is to become virtuous. Most doctors do an initial 2 day training seminar then go out and create homepages presenting themselves as the inventors. When I’ve visited them and looked at what they are doing; it is terrible. Even the nurse cannot check the blood sugar correctly (blood mixed with alcohol on the fingertip) and the doctor does not know what is going on. In order to compensate they construct a treatment monster of 5 different things under the motto thinking “something is going to work”. Unfortunately the patients tend to think the same and are thankful in the beginning but then it becomes expensive and they quit after the "8th treatment", running out of money saying “it did not work”. I am not trying to impose. What I am asking for is respect and honor to the years spent by my family and myself, and to allow me the opportunity to present and share scientific research and advancements. I am also asking for a team of physicians and medical professionals to join together and grow upon what has been accomplished so far. We can accomplish this together, as minds working toward the same goal for the advancements in IPT. One of the Academy’s goal is to create a standard IPT technique and establish stronger guidelines. It is common for patients to receive false therapies and dangerous protocols advertised as “IPT”. This hurts the very core of the IPT/IPTLD foundation. When you were trained in the IPT technique, you were required to follow guidelines. No one should take off with information and then use it the way they see best, disregarding the recommendations which were taught. I welcome your comments, ideas and thoughts. I ask this from every physician. However I do not ask that everyone claims IPT to be their own. That was never the intention of any member of the Donato legacy.

Our intention is to move forward with the betterment as a whole and I only ask a listening ear and respect during the process.

Our intention is to move forward with the betterment as a whole and I only ask a listening ear and respect during the process. Of course a doctor can continue to use the letters IPT. However, if they claim to use the trademarked protocol, using papers and information from magazines and books, it must be understood that there are administration rules to follow, as Dr. Donato Pérez García teaches and practices. If guidelines are not followed, where is the support for the technique being used? Again, I wish to move beyond the ‘I am the only one' or ‘I am the best’ and further the teachings of IPT. The Academy is open to interested doctors. Yes, I hold the legal rights, copyright and manual to IPT / IPTLD. This is not to say I hold nor want to claim the right to all future advancements. Instead of being combative, please join the Academy. The IPT technique has been in use since 1930. Many substances and delivery methods have been tested since then, some did not produce the expected or better results, today what we must do is adhere to a standard protocol. Then we can give information about what substances are best combined, in what time frame; which is best to use or not to use. If someone chooses to open their own school about IPT, I ask that they do not use my name, my family name and/or references to the name. Many long hours and hard work is behind this work; this requires respect and honor.

by Thomas Kroiss, MD Donato Pérez, MD

The 18th Global IPT Conference 2018 On October 5th of 2018 the 18th Annual Global IPT Conference took place at Hyatt Place Hotel in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico were participants from Rumania, Kazahkaztan, Malasia, United States, Japan, Germany, Austria, Bahamas, Bulgaria, Costa Rica and Mexico were welcomed by an opening speech by Dr. Hartmut Baltin now previous President of the European Academy for IPT. The first talk was given by Dr. Donato Pérez García on the benefits of becoming a member and IPT Official Certification. Dr. Martin Von Rosen (Germany) presented an interesting presentation on the necessity of using Insulin Potentiation Therapy in the future as well as a heart warming family testimony of courage and human hope. Dr. Thomas Kroiss (Austria), founder and first Academy President then followed with “Cancer and Nutrition and the relation to chronic diseases”. Then Dr. Hartmut Baltin (Germany) followed by Christo Damyanov (Bulgaria) who presented several preliminary clinical cases using IPT in combination with Biomagnetic Therapy of Magnetic Pair in Advanced Metastatic Tumors.

Dr. Damyanov will give a hands-on clinical demo on the 2019 Conference in Fulda, Germany. After a quick lunch and coffee break our next speaker was Rebecca Ayre Stealer, RN with the subject entitled “Scoping Review of IPT” A presentation of clinical case of an Osteosarcoma in a young boy using IPT Low Dose Chemotherapy with remission and no surgical amputation of leg by Dr. Pérez García.

Also a superb presentation by Dr. Martha Grout with 3 clinical cases using IPT and alternative treatments. Then a historic presentation of a clinical trial done by the late Donato Pérez García I and II on “Blood serum modifications induced by the administration of RA Insulin 1964 Retrospective Analysis”.

Voting and Academy Board Memeber Elections were held for next period 2018-2020: President - Martin Von Rosen Secretary - Catalin Cirstoveanu Treasurer - Rebecca Ayre Stealey and new Academy Executive Assitant Jessica Ferrari.

Our special guest Chris Duffield pH.D gave two fantastic lectures on “Therapeutics with NAD+Boosters and IPT boosting by enhancig uptake of substances into tissues and cells using simple bio modification”.

Next year’s conference was elected to be in Fulda, Germany. Second day conference day began with a compelling medical presentation by Dr. Sergio Pablo Mascareño called “Breast cancer locally advanced ulcerative type. Therapeutic options. Combination of Surgery and IPTLD” a fellow surgeon and colleague of Dr. Donato in Hospital Angeles. Then followed Dr. Leonid Macheret with a clinical case presentation on blocking the Sphenopalatine ganglion, he will also give a hands-on demo during the 2019 IPT Conference in Fulda.

A special IPT Award Ceremony given by Dr.Donato to key members who’ve made significant contributions in disseminating the word and work of Insulin Potentiation Therapy. Dr. Kroiss and Balting gave opening and closing heart warming speeches on the history of the academy, IPT and long life-time friendship with Dr. Donato. Another encouraging speech was given by Dr. Ross Hauser, author of the first book published in english about IPT titled:

(Treating Cancer with Insulin Potentiation Therapy. Beulah Land Press. 2002.) gave emotional words on his experiences using IPT, writtng the book, treating patients and participating in the NIH meeting on September of 200 in Bethesda Washington were Dr. Donato , Ayre and Hauser presented the Best Case Series to the Board Members of the Alternative Medicne Department. Among the IPT Award receivers where: 1) Steven G Ayre,MD.(USA) received by daughter Rebecca Ayre-Stealey RN (USA). 2) Thomas Kroiss, MD.(Austria) 3) Sachihiko Okuno,MD.(Japan). 4) Hartmut Baltin, MD(Germany). 5) Christo Damyanov,MD (Bulgaria) 6) Chris Duffield,PhD 7) Ross Hauser,MD (USA).

Christo Damyanov, MD

Dr. Steven G. Ayre

A photo session with all participants and Academy Members. Afterwards a Gala Dinner for the 7 IPT Award Recipients invited by Dr. Donato in Downtown Cesar’s Restaurant.


-receiving award- Rebecca Ayre,


Sachihiko Okuno, MD

The IPTAward was an original painting by Dr. Donato portraying the First IPT Clinic by his ancestors at Ponciano Arriaga #28, Mexico City, founded in 1928.


To Watch the Official IPT Conference Video and Interviews Go TO Our YouTube Channel:

Thomas Kroiss, MD

Hartmut Baltin, MD

Mr. Chris Duffield

or Scan: Ross Hauser, MD





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7-Question Interview with Dr. Donato:Using HEEL products in combination w/Insulin Potentiation Therapy

IPTJOURNAL: Dear Dr. Donato it is a pleasure to interview and get your opinion of HEEL medicines in combination with ipt.

IPTJOURNAL: Do you use these medications in all of your patients for all the diseases?

DPG: Yes and I use them specifically to complement my protocols with IPT or IPTLD because I consider that this medication will “tell” an affected cell function to restart working and if it has not been completely damaged, it will achieve the reactivation of the autoregulatory capacity of the liver, immune system and reduce the chronic inflammatory reaction.

DPG: I appreciate this opportunity to share clinical experiences using this medicine. IPTJOURNAL: Do these medications cure? DPG: No. The HEEL medications are manufactured from natural ingredients. They are made up of low concentrations of multiple natural active components to target multiple points in the body’s chemistry and they are intended to restore by stimulating the body’s autoregulatory capacity. This multi-target approach enables the organism to reactivate it’s autoregulatory capacity instead of only suppressing the symptoms and signs of an illness.

“This multitarget approach enables the organism to reactivate it’s autoregulatory capacity instead of only suppressing the symptoms and signs of an illness”

“Patients in my practice report feeling better the day after’”

IPTJOURNAL: When did you hear about HEEL medicines? DPG: Back in July of 2003 as a result of Mad Cows disease, the Liver Extract medication manufactured by an American Pharmaceutical Company was discontinued. This liver extract was administered intramusculary and it helped to protect and detoxify liver function in patients undergoing IPT. Liver extract was used by my grandfather and then my father who trained me on IPT in 1982. Initially I only administered to all my patients the following IV combination: HEPAHEEL, THYREHEEL,SOLIHEEL, GLYHEEL and LYMPHOMYOSOT. As a test I gave them two times per week this combination to patients with altered liver function , increased bilirubin and enzymes. After 3 weeks in patients with liver metastasis, the tests were improving, reduction in bilirubin, GGT, SGOPT SGPT and this was also making the patients feel clinically better with energy and less fatigued.

IPTJOURNAL: What other uses do you give HEEL PRODUCTS? DPG: I use multiple HEEL protocols to help improve Liver function, Detoxification, boost the immune system, reduce the chronic inflammatory reaction around solid tumors and a combination to reduce the activity of some cancer cells. Patients in my practice report feeling better the day after.

“ it will achieve the reactivation of the autoregulatory capacity” IPTJOURNAL: Have you personally used these medicines? DPG: Yes. To help me reduce right knee inflammation and pain, it helped me improve movement after an injury during a Conference trip to Europe. I started to take ibuprofen but it only worked for 6-8 hours. To get rid of the discomfort and pain after arriving home at the end of the trip I started to use oral TRAMEEL-S 1 tid; RHEUTHEEL 1tid: MERCUREEL 1tid. Since it helped me after 36 hours of use, my pain and inflammation was reduced by 70%. I was pleased with the result. I use this oral combination in some patient that have been chronic users of NSADIs with results in 36 hours of effectively reducing pain and inflammation in areas affected by solid tumors. IPTJOURNAL: Do you teach about HEEL medicine in your IPT/IPTLD training workshops?

DPG: NO. My IPT/IPTLD training workshop is focused on sharing my clinical experience of more than 34 years of practice using insulin as a biological response modifier agent interacting with the cell membrane and the principles of IPTLD as a metabolically supported chemotherapy to treat chronic degenerative diseases and cancer.

“with results in 36 hours of effectively reducing pain and inflammation in areas affected by solid tumors”. IPTJOURNAL: Dr. Donato it was a pleasure learning about your experience with these medicines and your practice helping patients. DPG: My pleasure and happy to share with interested doctors IPTJOURNAL: Dear doctors thank you for reading our interview and in our next issue we will offer another learning experience with other Academy members.



All IPT Academy Members are welcomed to send us their medical articles to be publish in this e-Magazine! Requirements: * All articles must be original and written by IPT Academy Members only. * In English Language. * Limit length to 2 letter size pages max. * Copyright disclaimer by the author.

What’s NEW on IPT Dr.Donato? T

here are two important updates in the clinical practice of Insulin Potentiation Therapy. The first is regarding the calculation of the dose of rapid acting insulin to be administered to the patient. When in 1985, I was asked by the late Dr. Steven G. Ayre (1945-2013) to make an adaptation of the protocol used by my grandfather and my father that would be approved by american physicians. I introduced a formula based on the patient’s body weight. With that formula I trimmed the protocol making it simpler, so nurses can follow step by step. This was the original plan Dr. Ayre had in mind to introduce IPT to the American Medical Society back in 1984.

In the year of 2007 I was accepted to be part of the The body detects the external insulin and releases Medical Staff as a treating physician at Hospital Angeles. During the first semester of my work in this new Hospital I had the opportunity to speak with an Endocrinologist and Intensive Care Doctor. They were interested in my protocol and we had a good exchange of questions and answers. Based on this exchange of scientific conversations, I set the new dose for calculating insulin based on the pre-treatment blood sugar of the patient.

By doing this procedure I will be in control of the

hypoglycemic reaction, that has always been safe but also will reduce the adrenergic response that comes as an immediate response of our body when external rapid acting insulin is administered intravenously.

adrenalin to alert other organs. If there is too much external rapid acting insulin followed by chemo drugs, many patients will end up building chemo resistance as a result of the increased adrenergic reaction to high doses of external insulin and later the patient will also be chemo resistant.


how to reduce the adrenergic reaction induced by the administration of insulin. Select the drug you want to use, dexamethasone or prednisone and administer IV before giving your dose of insulin to your patient.

-Dr. Donato Pérez García-




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The European Academy for Insulin Potentiation Therapy invites you to our annual IPT Conference in Fulda, Germany on October 5th ant 6th of 2019.




IPT Global Conference 2019 will be held October 5 and 6 in C

Fulda, Germany

Scan QR for Registration Link Hotel Esperanto, Esperantoplatz 36037 Fulda, Germany

Fulda Here We Come!

XIX IPT GLobal Conference 2019 Managing Metastatic lesions in liver & bones from lung, breast and prostate cancer using IPT and IPTLD®.

DAY 1 Saturday October 5,2019. Conference 09:00 AM - Welcome by Martin von Rosen.(Germany) President EAIPT 09:15 AM – Lecture by Dr. Arman Lurye (Kazakhstan) 09:50 AM – Lecture by Dr. Catalin Cirstoveanu (Rumania) 10:30 AM - Lecture by Hartmut Baltin (Germany) 11:10 AM - Coffee Break 11:30 AM - Management of metastatic liver lesion in patients with breast cancer using IPTLD. Lecture by Dr.Donato Perez Garcia (Mexico) 12:10 AM - Presentation of the 2019 IPT Award to a special IPT Practitioner. 12:30 PM - Lecture by Dr. Martin von Rosen (Germany) 01:10 PM – Lunch ( included in your Registration fee) 02:40 PM - Lecture by Thomas Kroiss, MD (Austria) 03:20 PM – Lecture by Rebecca Ayre-Stealey, RN (USA) 04:00 - Coffee Break 04:15 PM - Lecture by Desanka Petricevic (Switzerland) 04:55 PM - Academy for IPT Members Meeting. 07: 35 PM - Group Dinner at a Local German Restaurant (not included in Conference fee)

DAY 2 Sunday October 6, 2019 09:00 AM – BIOMAGNETIC THERAPY OF MAGNETIC PAIRS. A practical demonstration By Christo Damyanovm MD (Bulgaria) 09:45 AM – How to block the sphenopalatine ganglion in combination with IPT. A practical demonstration by Dr. Leonid Macheret (USA) 10:30 AM - Coffee break 10:45 AM - lecture by to be announced 11:30 AM - lecture by to be announced 12:15 PM - lecture by to be announced 01:30 PM - lecture by to be announced

SPECIAL PRE-CONFERENCE IPT TRAINING SEMINAR Friday October 4, 2019: IPTLD/IPT Basic Seminar training with Dr. Donato Pérez García. For interested doctors a one-day training seminar on the basics of IPT/IPTLD will be offered. For information on this special one day intensive seminar contact directly Dr. Donato Pérez García by sending an email:


IPT Training Seminars and Workshops with Dr. Donato

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Pre-Conference Training Seminar Friday October 4 IPTLD/IPT Basic Seminar training with Dr. Donato Pérez García WHERE: Fulda, Germany a day prior to the IPT GLobal Conference.

Seminars in English

Seminarios en Español

April 22 – 26 September 2 – 6

Mayo 13 – 17 Octubre 21 – 25

WHERE: Department of Functional Medicine at Hospital Angeles Tijuana, Mexico.

WHERE: Department of Functional Medicine at Hospital Angeles Tijuana, Mexico.

To Register for any of these please write to:

REGISTRATIONS 19th Global IPT Conference in Fulda October 5th and 6th 2019

IPT Training Seminars 2019




A medical tradition since 1930

Inventor of ipt DONATO PEREZ GARCIA, MD (1896-1971)


The Academy for IPT wishes you all

HAPPY HOLIDAYS filled with love, warmth and health.

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