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having yours dinged. By increasing the sizes you would lose one space for every five – but that’s five happy couples instead of six angry ones! Shops, especially those in the town centre, know what happens when you take on the motorist. And we have tape measures.

Port In A Storm Suffolk has a lot to be proud of. Landmarks, countryside, history – and, occasionally a football team. I was surprised however to find myself feeling proud of ‘Felixstowe’s ability to berth the world’s biggest container ship’. Not the mightiest of accolades amongst the broad scheme of things – but I’ll take it. The Port of Felixstowe is under attack, trade-wise, from the London Gateway so this was an important poke in their eye from a part of Suffolk that employs thousands and brings serious trade to the area. The ship in question is an enormous quarter of a mile long and can carry enough containers to stretch from Felixstowe to London Gateway! I give you the Majestic Mearsk… Park & Hide Another month, another driver hits my car with his door whilst getting out of his vehicle. I rarely blame the drivers concerned because it is down to the ridiculous design of car parks. The spaces in the vast majority of them are just too small. Official Department of Environment guidance states that the minimum width of a car parking space should 2.4 metres or 7ft 10inches. Well, I have a very average sized car and the space required to allow two average sized people to get out is 10ft 2inches or 3.1 metres. So I have a number of questions. Which sleek-suited, pen-pushing numbskull came up with that guidance? And, more importantly, why do companies insist on sticking to it? Surely it is part of the general experience of the visit that you can park and get out of your pride and joy without denting every car around you – or


99 Not Out This month my beloved turned 50. She’s a little sensitive over it as I am a 49 year old mere youngster by comparison. If truth be told however, she is no different to when she was 25. And I am no different to when I was 16. Strikes me our generation are the first to actively refuse to get old. Whilst Karen and I have a combined age of 99 we still like loud music, we sing a lot, we mess about, we giggle at stupid stuff and I even caught us making stupid faces at my laptop when I inadvertently switched the web cam on. When I think back 50 used to mean slippers, pipe and Radio 4. These days it is very different. 50 is the new 20 and I am proud that my generation have worked out that getting old may be compulsory, but being old is a choice. Floppy Discs They call it progress. New technology is appearing almost daily – and we lap it up. New phones, new tablets, new computers – smaller, faster blah blah blah… Well I found out recently, after interviewing the British astronaut that fitted it, a fascinating fact about ‘the latest technology’. The Hubble Space Telescope, which has made thousands of discoveries, dramatically enlightened our knowledge of the universe and has symbolised the technical brilliance of mankind’s intellectual prowess… runs on a 386 computer. Remember those? They were around in the early 90’s and just about managed to run the first version of Windows. They did not have enough memory to store one single photo from today’s cameras and were less powerful than your current washing machine. Yet look what it has achieved. Proving once and for all… It’s not about your kit, it’s what you do with it. Metal Fatigue This month the inevitable happened. After getting somewhat cocky and over confident with my welder I found myself jumping around the garage as piece of molten metal buried itself in my leg. I found the whole experience – wait for it – very un acetylene. I’ll get my coat. See you in December




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Firework Spectacle

This month we have advice on how to slim your bin and turn that household waste into useful compost. Plus what to do when you run out of storage space and other home and garden ideas.

27-28 Health & Wellbeing Jules Button has some advice on improving your immune system, plus healthy ideas and advice to look after yourself.


Two pages of where to see the region’s finest displays of fireworks as we .... remember remember the 5th of November.

14-15 Jason takes on the world: Jason Donovan stars in a DVD/Blu-ray version of Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds. We catch up with Jason and talk to him about his latest role.

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Live Music 24

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This month we have details of great sixties acts, rock n rollers Showaddywaddy, new music at the Apex and gigs around the local area.





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From Neighbours to Saving the World … talking with Jason Donovan Following a triumphant UK and European arena tour in 2012, Universal Pictures have announced that ‘The New Generation’ of one of the most ground-breaking and bestselling musical works of all time, Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds, will be released on DVD and Blu-ray™ on Monday 25th November.

Ipswich24 caught up with Jason Donovan to find out what it was like playing Parson Nathaniel in Jeff Wayne’s musical version of The War of the Worlds.

Is that your beard or Parson Nathaniel’s beard? It’s Parson Nathaniel’s. It’s an opportunity to put yourself into a mould, find the character, do something different. Someone like myself is quite associated with being Jason Donovan. It’s just a nice opportunity to put a stamp and say this isn’t anything remotely to do with 1989 or “Too Many Broken Hearts”. This is a grown-up serious role. I use a number of things to try and find roles whether it’s beards or walks or hand movements, or just standing still – that’s always an interesting one.

into the sky. And I think religion and someone like a parson probably was the sort of celebrity of their time – not the celebrity – he was the person that unified communities through the Bible so if he was panicked everyone else would go into a panic. It’s very complex.

Could you tell us about Parson Nathaniel? He’s a rather complicated character who’s rather delirious at the time. It’s a very whirlwind fourteen minutes and 37 seconds, to be concise, in the show. His wife Beth who has escaped this moment in time, this Martian invasion, has found him delirious in a church and he has the opportunity to explain why this whole thing has come about which he believes is through the Martians – it’s the evil spirit within man which has enabled this thing to happen. You’re most associated these days with musical theatre. Does this show feel like a cousin of musical theatre? I think the interesting thing about this show is it isn’t really musical theatre. It’s more cinematic, to describe it. It’s like a music cinema arena experience. I guess it is theatrical. It’s a piece of storytelling. I’m always a big firm believer that the music drives the journey of the piece and the story is the most important thing. I’m a big believer that it’s not necessarily about how you sing these songs, it’s about your interpretations of the lyrics. Of course the melodies are extremely important but it’s very much about telling the story. Could you cast your mind back to the time when you first heard this as an album? I presume that you did hear it as a child or young man growing up in Australia. To be honest with you I hadn’t really heard of it. I’d heard obviously the violins, that classic soundbite. Everyone would recognise that because that has been used on a number of occasions and has been a number of things in the press and on radio and television where those recordings are recognisable. It wasn’t until about three years ago that I was asked to do the piece that I did a little bit of research and started to listen to the record and discovered what a


little gem this actually is. It’s an incredible piece of music that was developed from a story written at the turn of the century, a sort of Seventies rock opera type musical cinema experience. Presumably it’s sci-fi that has realised that ability to be a hybrid. Could we talk about sci-fi? Do you believe that we are alone in the universe or is there something out there? Well it’s hard to not believe that something else exists in the universe. I mean no one knows any different, do they? Personally we haven’t had any proof of it yet. It’s hard as a very literal person to imagine what could be out there. But who knows the depth of universe? I don’t know. Will we discover that when we die? I don’t know. How do you think you would react if we were invaded? Would you be the hero or like the Parson would you go into a blind panic? Well I think the Parson does not go into a blind panic. When you look at the characterisation and the time and the period, we’re talking about a story that was based in the beginning

and the turn of the century. We have a lot more understanding of what the world is about now through our scientific discoveries, but in those days things was very simple and the world was still opening up so there was an element of imagination and fiction in people’s minds of what could happen when you looked up

Could we finish by talking about the role of Jeff Wayne not just overall in bringing this show to fruition but actually on the stage when you’re there performing? Jeff, what do I say about Jeff? What a great guy and a real believer and a passionate man. I think it’s an incredible piece of work for someone in a lifetime. Just one of these compositions in a lifetime is outstanding. Jeff has gone on to do other things. I’ve been very fortunate in this production and with this company to play two roles. They liked the first one so much they invited me back which is great, to do something sort of different. And I like working for these people. They look after you and at the end of the day it’s a great product and it’s a great story and for me as a performer it’s given me the opportunity to explore my craft and be cast in something I can really add value to. Jeff’s seen that. I’m quite professional about the way I approach this sort of show, and I think so is Jeff and Damian and all the team at War of the Worlds. The attention to detail is very important. And like any of these things the details is in the small print and there is small print all around that stage. The graphics, the band, the casting, the catering, the pyrotechnics, the magic that happens. There’s a lot of detail and I like that.

Filmed at London’s O2 Arena and combining music, technology and live performance, War of the Worlds features an all-star cast including Marti Pellow as The Sung Thoughts of The Journalist, Jason Donovan as Parson Nathaniel, Wicked’s Kerry Ellis as his wife Beth, Kaiser Chiefs’ Ricky Wilson as The Artilleryman and Jettblack’s Will Stapleton as The Voice of Humanity. Internationally acclaimed actor Liam Neeson completes the cast and will be seen in the new production in stunning 3D holography portraying the role of George Herbert, The Journalist. Taking over from Richard Burton’s iconic narration. • Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds... The New generation is released 25th November on DVD and Blu-ray through Universal Pictures.




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Expert vets with added convenience Meet the Companion Care Vets team Companion Care Vets in Martlesham is located within Pets at Home and is owned by veterinary surgeons JF Nell (qualified 2002) and Joe Oberholzer (qualified 2004). They are supported by highly experienced vets Heather Collinson (qualified 1995) and Anca Vasile (qualified 2006). JF and Joe are pleased to be able to offer a great service to the pet owners of Martlesham by this experienced team in their brand new surgery. The team has a passion for caring for the local community's pets and educating pet owners how best to manage the day-to-day care of their beloved animals. The brand new purpose built surgery has three consulting rooms, two operating theatres, X ray, ultrasound and laboratory facilities as well as separate hospital wards for dogs, cats and rabbits. The introduction of the surgery to the

emergency operations come through our doors, from broken bones to abdominal blockages. We perform many routine health checks, neutering procedures and vaccinations each week”

Why it’s nicer to neuter

local area provides pet owners with a veterinary clinic with ample free parking that is open seven days a week. The surgery is located inside Pets at Home which also operates a groom room in the store. And extended opening hours and great location creates a true ‘one-stop-

Festive-Themed Quiz Night to Benefit Three Local Causes One local company is looking for your support with their forthcoming festive fundraiser, raising valuable funds for three local causes. The Hearing Care Centre in Ipswich has organised a Charity Christmas Quiz Night, on Sunday 24th November starting at 7pm. The event is being held at Greshams Sports Club, on Tuddenham Road, Ipswich and your support is needed to make it a fantastic night. Karen Finch, MD of The Hearing Care Centre said, “This promises to be a brilliant night out in the run up to Christmas. If you are looking for an inexpensive evening out to celebrate the festive season with friends, family and colleagues, then this is for you!” This the sixth trivia fundraiser organised by the company with over 1,000 members of the public raising £7,500, so far

from previous years. The aim of the event is simple – to raise as much money as possible. Teams for the quiz can include between four to six members. Entry is £4 per person (mince pies and other festive nibbles included), and the top five teams all taking home cash or other prizes! The Hearing Care Centre has traditionally raised funds for one charity, however this time three charities will be benefit from the funds raised. The charities include Age UK Suffolk, which supports the elderly, the Papworth Trust who are a leading disability charity, and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, which provides dogs to alert deaf people to important sounds and reduce the isolation of deafness. • To purchase tickets call The Hearing Care Centre on 01473 230330 or buy online at

shop’ for all of your pet’s needs. JF says, "The people who work with us here at Companion Care are dedicated, experienced professionals with a wealth of experience treating companion animals. I believe continuous professional training and development is essential to assure that our colleagues are equipped to perform their jobs at the very best of their abilities. "No two days are ever the same,

Neutering dogs, cats and rabbits is one of the most major, routine operations carried out in veterinary practice. Your vet can offer you specific advice for your pet and Companion Care Ipswich Martlesham Surgery is running Neutering Offers until 31st December 2013 and would be delighted to discuss your pet’s specific requirements. The many benefits of neutering include reducing the risk of disease, including cancer, preventing unwanted pregnancies and reducing the risk of aggressive and inappropriate behaviour. If you would like to find out more about the services on offer and the special offers at Companion Care Vets you can pop in and chat to any of the team and have a tour behind the scenes, or call us on 01473 636 550.

Please visit for full details including terms and conditions.





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Santa Needs Some Help! For those of you wanting to buy Charity Christmas Cards and make a difference to the charities involved, Cards for Good Causes will again be running their Charity Christmas Card Shop. The shop will be based in Ipswich Tourist Information Centre, St Stephens Lane (opposite the Buttermarket Shopping Centre

Strictly Pampered Strictly dance sessions on offer at Exclusive Pamper and Shopping Evening The ITFC Charitable Trust have organised with Suffolk New College to host a ladies only Pamper and Shopping night on Thursday 7th November with a variety of beauty and craft stalls. Jo Barker from the Trust explains, “We are selling tickets in advance for £7 for the ladies to enjoy some exclusive pre-Christmas shopping and plenty of beauty demonstrations and taster sessions throughout the evening. Not only that, but each person who comes to the event will have a complimentary glass of wine, a goodie bag and will be entered into a free draw to win a pair of tickets to see the West End smash – We Will Rock You.” The Ipswich School of Dance will also be there on the night and are offering free Strictly dance taster sessions, places must be booked in advance by contacting Emma on 01473 251323 or by emailing Everyone is welcome to attend this night, which begins at 6.45pm at Suffolk New College. There are over 35 stands booked to create a unique evening of beauty treatments and shopping. Tickets need to be reserved as places are limited, to book yours call the ITFC Charitable Trust on 0845 369 333 or tickets are available at the BodyShop in Tavern Street, Ipswich. You can also find out more details via their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

entrance) from now until Saturday 21st December from 9am until 4.45pm Monday to Saturday. Approximately 50 charities are involved with at least 400 designs so there is something for everyone. And, more importantly charities receive at least 70p in every £1 worth of cards sold, so it really does make a difference and enables you to give twice – once to the charity and again to the person receiving your card. If you are concerned at the high cost of postage, the local scout groups will have a post box at the shop and can deliver locally for just 20p per card – a substantial saving

on current postage costs and again supporting another charity when sending your cards to friends and family. If you want to help further there are one or two gaps on the volunteer rota; yes in order to give more to the charities the card shop rely on volunteer helpers for one morning or afternoon each week for approximately 10 weeks. The group are a very friendly bunch who really enjoy what they do. If you would like to find out more please contact Jean Potter on 01473 723409 for more details or call in the shop in the Tourist Information Centre.

Model Railway Open Day The Felixstowe Area N Gauge Group invite you to their final Open Day of 2013 on Saturday 2nd November at The Welcome Hall, High Road, Trimley St Mary. The group will be running their club modular layout along with group members layouts and you are welcome to bring your own N Gauge stock to run on their layouts. The Groups new “hands on” layout will be attending again along with the N Gauge Society second hand stall. Some of the group’s current projects will be on show so that you can see how they are progressing. The Group is open to anyone who is interested in N Gauge model railways and they welcome new members of all ages and abilities. The Open Day will be open between 11am and 4pm and admission will be free so please come along and have a chat over a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits. For more information contact Chris Shum 01394 277211 or visit

Prom Show will showcase the latest seasons dresses The prom season maybe a way off but already it's time to begin thinking about your big leaving event.

everything else you need to make your prom great, including car hire, make-up advice and hair style ideas.

There's a great Prom Show taking place at the Felixstowe Academy on the Garrison Campus on Wednesday 27th November, from 7.30pm until 9.30pm. There will be a catwalk display of the new season dresses as well as

Plus, if you attend the show you can get 20% discount on any prom dress that you buy at Jewellery Box in Felixstowe! Jewellery Box in Orwell Road is the original and oldest prom dress suppliers in Felixstowe they have a wealth of experience and, with probably the largest selection of dresses in the area. Plus, for the 2014 season Jewellery Box will be adding a hire service as well. • The Jewellery Box is at 7 Orwell Road, Felixstowe you can contact the boutique on 01394 278100 or visit their website at





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Great news for Ipswich Chocolate lovers Everyone loves chocolate, however we all have different tastes, with some people liking the bitter taste of a rich dark chocolate and others preferring the creaminess of a sweet white

chocolate, and, then there are so many different flavours and topping that can be added!

What if there was somewhere that you could go and have your perfect chocolate treat created, somewhere where you could choose your favourite chocolate combinations? Well, there is…and it’s right here in Ipswich! The Chocolate Boutique in St Nicholas Street is the ideal place to go if you have a sweet tooth, here you will find lots of yummy chocolate treats, many of which can be customised to your tastes. The chocolates at The Chocolate Boutique are all handmade using high quality Belgium and Swiss chocolate. These chocolates are unique due to them being so vibrantly coloured and with an

amazing choice and variety of flavours to choose from you are bound to find your perfect treat. Plus, all of the shop’s chocolate slabs can be made to order, in any flavour combination and also personalised on the day.

The Lady Florence Story The Lady Florence River Cruise Restaurant operating from Orford Suffolk needs no introduction throughout East Anglia. She has become an institution in her 29 years of operation. Then eleven years ago, the small business took the giant step of becoming international, with a second boat, the Allen Gardiner, operating on Durban Harbour, South Africa. Eleven years on again, the business has taken the colossal leap in consolidating both businesses back in Suffolk. Allen Gardiner was loaded on an ocean freighter in Durban on Thursday 19th September and left Durban the following morning. Despite walking away from a successful Allen Gardiner brand established and built since 2002, the reversal of the 2002 decision is a daring but wise and logical one. It will result in a doubling of turnover and employment opportunities in Suffolk in the short term. This continent-moving project has even wider repercussions in terms of change management compared with the 2002 decision to go international. The family business has consolidated in Suffolk twenty-one years on. It will prove to be a simpler, more economical operation, with hands-on control on a daily basis, the combined business will be more efficient and increase purchasing power and employment in Suffolk. It is an extremely expensive step for a small business, but we are confident of its success. It is thanks to Foundation East and NWES that the project is financially viable. Moreover, the thousands of satisfied Lady Florence customers over the years will now have an opportunity to explore another, and totally different, river environment, with the same standard of cuisine and excellence to which they have become accustomed. And it will open up opportunities for groups much larger than the licence for twelve on Lady Florence, and also the facility to operate after dark on the lighted buoyed channel of the River Orwell. “There are many stages to this project before the Allen Gardiner becomes operational on her maiden voyage on the River Orwell from Ipswich Marina, which we anticipate will be in November in time for Christmas celebrations.” Says John Haresnape founder of the company. The Allen Gardiner was lifted on to her £ 10 000 cradle on the 6th September. After delays with inclement weather whilst loading cargoes in Cape Town together with adverse seas along South Africa’s aptly-named Wild Coast, Allen Gardiner was loaded into the hold of MAC Lines Blue Master ll on Thursday 17th September, ready for leaving Durban for Rotterdam the following morning. “It will be fascinating to follow the progress of this project, and it is our intention to provide you with frequent update reports.” Continued John. For further information, please contact John Haresnape on 01394 421554 or email or websites and or follow us on facebook.

And it’s not just chocolate, at The Chocolate Boutique in store you will also find lots of lovely cakes, cookies and cupcakes, again in all manor of flavour combinations. At the Chocolate Boutique they are also getting ready for Christmas

and they are now taking orders for Christmas hampers and personalised chocolate gifts. Owner of The Chocolate Boutique, Noel Thomas has 25 years experience in bakery and patisserie. The qualified chef started the shop with his partner Leanne McKinney, in memory of his father, Mr William Thomas, and due to the success of the shop, Noel is now in the process of setting up a sister company called Catering Boutique that will cater for small weddings and events. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the chocolate lover in your life, or maybe you would just like to treat yourself to something yummy, if so then the Chocolate Boutique at 24 St Nicholas Street, Ipswich is the place to go!





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Midnight Walk St Elizabeth Hospice’s highprofile Midnight Walk is back with an exciting new route and new theme! It will take place on Saturday 10th May starting and finishing at Ipswich Town Football Club and for the second year running is open to men as well as women. There will be three routes to choose from; participants can walk or run five miles, eight miles or a new night-time half-marathon style course will offer a unique challenge. There is also an exciting new theme

– St Elizabeth Hospice’s Midnight Walk 2014 - early bird offer!

- Cowboys and Cowgirls - with everyone encouraged to hoe down and dress up country and westernstyle! The Midnight Walk is the charity’s biggest fundraiser of the year and all participants are asked to raise sponsorship. Last year around 1,300 men and women took part, raising around £110,000 for the Hospice. Leanne Carhart, events fundraiser, said, “St Elizabeth Hospice’s Midnight Walk is our most popular sponsored event and the money it

raises to fund our services, so they can be provided free of charge, is vital. “Last year's event was opened up to men for the first time and was a resounding success. For 2014, we thought we would introduce more twists and we are excited about our Cowboys and Cowgirls theme and our new half-marathon style route, which will be the first ever nighttime half-marathon in Ipswich." Many people take part in groups as a fitness challenge, in memory of a friend or relative or just to have a

fun night out. Registration for Midnight Walk 2014 opened in October – and you can save £5 if you sign up using the early bird offer, before midnight on January 31st. Register at St Elizabeth Hospice provides services free of charge to patients and their families in East Suffolk and South Norfolk and relies on fundraising and donations to meet most of its £9.1m a year running costs.

Celebrity butcher Jamie opens shop in Ipswich Local celebrity butcher Jamie Willows, otherwise known as The Artisan Butcher has recently opened the doors to his flagship butchery in central Ipswich. After months of hard work converting the 16th Century stable block - The Rose House Butchery opened its doors to the public for the first time on Saturday 19th October 2013. Jamie’s career as a butcher has seen him in many an interesting job role including television appearances. He is a regular at many regional and national shows and events demonstrating his butchery skills, including most recently at The Grand Designs Show in Birmingham. Jamie is passionate about working with small producers with

an interest in Native, Rare and Traditional breeds and developing the artisan skills of curing, smoking and charcuterie. The converted stable block, which is now home Rose House Butchery is situated in the courtyard of Rose House on St Peters Street, providing it with a brilliant, central Ipswich location. Jamie remarks, “The butchery has three main ingredients - pride, passion and provenance.” The premise of the butchery is all about offering high quality cuts which are completely traceable to farmers who also believe in Jamie’s traditional methods. It’s all about bringing high quality meat back to the high street and offering advice on how to prepare more unusual cuts which are more economical too. Jamie comments, “I am so excited that after months of hard work I can finally open the doors to the public and show off everything we’ve been talking about.” As well as housing the butchery, the stable block will be the base for many hands-on courses offered by Jamie including butchery skills, sausage making, smoking and curing. Jamie continues, “I’m passionate about making butchery accessible to everyone, regardless of background and existing knowledge and skill.” More information can be found on the website at and via Twitter @artisanbutcher or pop into the Rose House Butchery to sample some of the delights that Suffolk has to offer and be transported back to a traditional, local artisan butchery.

Santa sails into town Santa will sail into the stunning Ipswich Waterfront on board the Sailing Barge “SB Victor”, arriving at the quayside, by the Old Custom House, at 4.45pm on Thursday 21st November. “SB Victor” will be decorated with hundreds of Christmas lights and Santa will have armfuls of sweets to share with the children who come along to welcome him on the quayside. From the quayside Santa will board an historic Fire Engine, which will drive him to his grotto on Giles Circus, Princes Street, in the Town Centre, for 5.00pm.





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Stroke Association calls for Adrenaline Junkies for Abseil! The Stroke Association is calling on daredevils seeking the ultimate challenge to take part in a fundraising abseil down Colchester’s historic Town Hall. Thrill-seekers will have a rare opportunity to scale the venue on Sunday 26th January 2014. George Burroughs, regional fundraising manager at Stroke Association, said, “We’re calling on people who’d like to kick off the New Year with an amazing personal challenge for the Stroke Association. No experience is necessary, and everyone taking part will receive abseil training before enjoying an incredible view over Colchester and the January sale shoppers.” Over 11,000 people have a stroke in the East of England each year, and stroke is the single largest cause of adult disability. Funds raised through the charity abseil will help the Stroke Association continue to offer vital services to stroke survivors and their families. The entry fee for the Stroke Association Colchester Abseil is £10, with a minimum sponsorship target of £50. To register to take part please visit or call 01284 749650.

Happy Birthday Maggie!! Pic: Christine Knight, IBC

Foxhall Community Centre to host Mums & Tots Meetings The popularity for the new Foxhall Community Centre (formerly St Clements Sports and Social Club) has been increasing since the new leaseholders took over in September. Along with all of their other weekly activities, which include Zumba, Karate, Ladies Keep Fit and Modern Jive Lessons the Community Centre are opening a special soft play room next month for the launch of their Mums and Tots group. Anna, From Foxhall Community Centre says, “It’s so nice to see so many families coming along and enjoying our facilities especially at the weekends. We were asked by several mums if they could come along one morning during the week to meet up with their preschoolers.” She continued. “Our soft play room will have places for little ones to play alongside their older brothers and sisters too.” To register your interest for this new group Foxhall Community Centre’s David starting in December you can text Kieran on Scourfield now taking bookings for 077893 33227 or just call in to the Foxhall their Family Christmas Party Community Centre on Foxhall Road which is open every day from 11am and everyone is welcome, you don’t have to be a member although memberships are available. This new hub for the local community is also hosting a special Children’s Christmas Party on Sunday 22nd December and is open on Christmas Eve too. Kieran from the Centre says, “These are two dates which are traditionally a time when parents have finished work and can enjoy the start of the festive period with their families.” He continued, “By joining with other families the children have a great time in a safe and sociable atmosphere and the parents get to take a break too.” The Foxhall Community Centre is open every day with a full Sky Sports Package on wide screen TV, a large, comfortable lounge, and discounted drinks. For more information check out the website or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

“Maggie” The Ipswich Community Playbus celebrated her tenth birthday on the road as a Playbus on Thursday 3rd October 2013. Decorated with balloons, streamers and banners, “she” welcomed the Mayor, Councillor Hamil Clarke MBE, on board at Downside Close, Ipswich to meet families using this unique service and to have a slice of birthday cake! A new play session has also started up in Derby Road, Ipswich. Situated by Eric Dines Carpets, this session takes place every Thursday afternoon, 1.15pm to 3.15pm, term time.





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The Tractor Boy Column For this month’s article I have chosen to write about Netball, one of the least known Olympic Sports. With the Great Britain women being unbeaten this year I expected a good quality game as I left my house to go and watch my sister play. Before watching her play her first ever netball match for the school I had always thought of Netball as quite a dull, tepid sport. However, not for the first time I was wrong… The pace was the thing that really struck me the ball could get from one end of the court to the other in less than ten seconds. It was unbelievable to watch! In contrast to that speed, the game literally comes to a halt if a player gets in a shooting position, every

Suffolk’s youngest sports pundit

player on the pitch just stop and watch hoping either for it to pass straight through, or for it to miss entirely. The different emotions if the ball does go through the hoop are quite contrasting. The pure ecstasy of the team that scored compared to the dismay of the conceding team. High-fives at one end, glum faces at the other. Just watching this would probably keep me entertained for a while, but the actual game itself is very engaging and exciting. Despite all these bonuses there is one problem with Netball, the rules… Now I am going to have a go at explaining some of them (I do apologise to any Netball coaches who may be reading this as let’s say I am not an expert). Perhaps the most basic

of the rules is time, players are only allowed to hold the ball for a maximum three seconds, this is one of the reasons for the speed of Netball, and apparently this is a difficult rule to get used to. I mean if you do not have any options then where are you meant to throw it, you hold the ball for too long and you are then penalised. This happened a lot in my sisters’ game; I mean a lot, about once every minute to be exact. There are millions of things players can be penalised for (well it felt like it) but apparently this is the easiest to learn not to do. Don’t touch another player if they have the ball. Simples. It maybe but it still happened a lot in the game I watched there was slapping grabbing and I swear I saw someone throw a punch, okay maybe not that,

but still there was quite lot of contact. So, in my opinion Netball is a highly intense sport, which is spoilt slightly by the infinitive amount of rules there are. My sisters match played in front of a raucous crowd, made up of me, and my Mum and Dad, finished in a 9-6 defeat but it was a valiant performance from the team and one to be proud of!

• Dan Ford aka “Tractor Boy” would love to hear from readers with suggestions for future items in the column: Tractor Boy, c/o Ipswich24, PO Box 774, Ipswich, Suffolk IP1 9FW.

Hospital broadcasters recognised for 255 years service Hospital Radio Ipswich volunteers were recently recognised by the Hospital Broadcasting Association for their long service. Hospital Radio Ipswich’s Station staff were presented with certificates at their recent AGM totalling an incredible 255 years of service. The Radio Station broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week to patients at Ipswich Hospital with a mixture of live and prerecorded recorded programmes and is staffed entirely by people who volunteer their spare time. Certificates were given for five, ten, 15, 20, 25, and in two cases 35 years by the Hospital Broadcasting Association

to recognise the continued commitment that members of Hospital Radio have given to the Station. The longest two serving members are Gwenda Gibson and John Alborough who both joined the station when it was based at Anglesea Road Hospital and both collected their 35-year certificates. Hospital Radio Ipswich are always on the lookout for new members, if you are interested in joining visit where you can download an application pack. For more information about Hospital Radio Ipswich or to listen visit To make a request for a patient or member of staff call 01473 704666.

• Centre Gwenda Gibson and John Alborough receive their awards from BBC Radio Suffolk’s Lesley Dolphin and Mark Murphy.





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News from ITFC Charitable Trust Online booking is launched for Holiday Sport Camps and celebrating the wilder side of fundraising. The Trust are again running their Holiday Camps for the Half Term Holidays from 28th October until 1st November and this year you can book in your child online. There’s a variety of fun football and multisport courses running for young people aged between 5 and 15 years old including girls only and goal keeper training camps. The Trust also run a special introduction to football for the little ones from 4 – 6 years old and their Ability Counts holiday camp is for any children with learning or physical difficulties or mental health issues. All of these courses can now be booked online at or call them on 0845 1369 333 or follow @ITFC_Trust on Twitter. The Trust would also like to extend its gratitude to Wildtracks for hosting a Charity Karting Night recently, which raised a phenomenal £1500 for the Trust and included an extra donation of £200 from Smart 421 who also put in four teams. Wild Tracks who are based at Kennett near Newmarket put on a fantastic night of racing on their off road activity park. The winners on the night were The HalfMoon expertly driven by: Matt Ebbs, Scott Moore, Tom Lorenton and Rica. The team which came in a close second was the Black Tiles with drivers Greig Barnes, Mark Hunt, Donna Warnick and Luke Rutland and team Smart 421 were third. The night featured an exciting evening of endurance racing and in total 13 teams of four took part including staff from Pretty’s Solicitors and SEH French Ltd in Ipswich, the White Lion in Aldeburgh and the Heating Company and Oil Tank Change from Kennett with some companies putting in several teams. After the racing a hog roast was provided by Mark and Helen and the outside bar supplied by the Black Tiles quenched their thirsts. The Trust would like to extend its thanks to the teams who took part and also to the Wildtracks staff Arabella, Martyn, Will and Brenda for not only putting on a great night but for also choosing the ITFC Charitable Trust as their Charity of the Year.

Helping you get back on your bike Last year’s Olympic Games and seeing the likes of Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton fly around the velodrome, with the fantastic array of medals that the Great British Cycling Team picked up has made the sport very popular, with more and more people getting back on their bikes. So, with many of us wanting to revisit the sport and dig our old bikes out of our sheds, only to find the tyres are flat or the brakes have seized up, what do you do! Well, there’s no need to worry as that’s where the Bikefixers can help. Bikefixers is a brand new service that has recently been launched in Ipswich and Felixstowe. Bike Man Pete Stanley can visit you with his mobile workshop to sort out your bike and get you on the road in no time. Getting your bike serviced or repaired is easy, just give Pete a call and he will arrange a convenient time and place to visit you, be it your home or place of work, removing all the hassle of transporting your cycle to a bike shop. The amount of people who shop on the internet is on the increase, however many people don’t realise that if you buy a bicycle online, it will most likely be delivered in a box and that it will need putting together and the brakes and gears will need to be set up. If you are buying a bike online or maybe even as a Christmas present, don’t be disappointed, get Bikefixers to come and build your new bike for you, so it’s ready for Christmas morning and that maiden bike ride! So, if you’ve thought about going on a little bike ride but the state of your bicycle has made you abandon the idea, maybe you use your bike everyday but have never had it serviced, or you are thinking of buying a new cycle and want somebody to set it all up for you, then give Pete at Bikefixers a call on 01394 278025 or visit their website at

For pictures of the teams check out the ITFC Charitable Trust on Facebook.





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New version of much loved musical Felixstowe Musical Theatre (FMT) is performing at the Seckford Theatre, Woodbridge from Thursday 21st until Saturday 23rd November nightly at 7.30pm with a 2.30pm matinee on the Saturday afternoon. Half a Sixpence is based on the novel ‘Kipps’ by H G Wells. This production is the acclaimed new version of a much-loved musical that Bill Kenwright toured across the UK in 2007 and 2008. The story centres around Kipps, an orphan who unexpectedly inherits a fortune • Members of FMT in rehearsal

and climbs the social ladder without real success. One of his newly acquired friends manages to lose his money for him and he then realises his foolishness and his love for Ann, his childhood sweetheart. This production has all the familiar storylines and characters of the original show but has been given a facelift for today’s audience with additional scenes, bigger roles for some of the supporting characters with more pace and humour. Originally the musical was written as a vehicle for pop star Tommy Steele.

FMT who are renowned for their strong singing have a cast of 35 for this lively musical and will be performing alongside a seven piece live band. FMT have for decades performed at The Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe but have had to relocate due to the closure of the Spa earlier this year. The theatre company are looking forward to welcoming their loyal audience to

the Seckford Theatre in Woodbridge, and are also hoping to attract many new faces too. So hurry up and purchase your tickets from the Felixstowe Tourist Information Centre 01394 27677 and then you can go along and enjoy the vibrant sounds of musical numbers such as Flash, Bang Wallop! and Money to Burn.

Saint Nicolas and World Premiere of “Seasons” As part of the Britten Centenary Celebrations, Ipswich Choral Society presents ‘Saint Nicolas’ at Ipswich School on Sunday 17th November at 3pm, conducted by their Music Director, Stephen Rumsey. The concert also includes the world premiere of part of a newly commissioned work by renowned composer Stevie Wishart. First performed at the Aldeburgh Festival in 1948, Britten’s cantata focuses on the life of Saint Nicolas, patron-saint of children and sailors and Bishop of Myra during the fourth century. Ipswich Choral Society are joined by local tenor Richard Edgar-Wilson performing the role of the saint with choristers from St Mary-le-Tower as the pickled boys. The wide skies and flatlands of the Suffolk landscape inspired the new work by Stevie Wishart, written as a homage to Benjamin Britten, a past President of the Society. The text for two songs has been provided by Dr. Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury.

A legacy bequeathed to the Ipswich Choral Society from Judith Hawkshaw has been used for the commission. Judith was an active member of the Society for many years and would be thrilled that her gift to the choir was being put to such creative use. Particularly as Benjamin Britten was a former President of Ipswich Choral Society and also nephew of a past conductor of the choir. Stevie Wishart was delighted to receive the new commission in honour of Benjamin Britten. “Britten has been very important in the formation of my own musical language. Growing up in East Anglia I attended master-classes at Snape. A genius at setting the English language and like myself, relishes English dialects and harks back to Chaucerian medieval English. But for all that, is thoroughly modern and pioneering.” The concert programme also includes two pieces by Purcell, a composer who inspired Britten. “Come ye Sons of Art” was composed as an Ode for the occasion of Queen Mary's birthday in 1694 and is one of many that Purcell wrote for courtly or ceremonial events. Soloists Fran Burn (Contralto), Chris Burn (Counter-tenor) and Tom Ping (Bass) will join the choir for this piece. A local orchestral group will also be • Stevie Wishart performing Purcell’s Chacony in G minor. As usual interval refreshments will be available in the form of delicious cakes and other home-made goodies, provided by Creative Cooks. To book tickets contact the Box Office on 01473 738324 or visit the website: for more details





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In the mind of Igor Akram Khan Company’s latest production, iTMOi (in the mind of igor), will return to the UK in November after a sell-out world tour that has received huge critical acclaim. Described as “spellbinding” by The Times, the work commemorates the centenary of Igor Stravinsky’s legendary The Rites of Spring and will be taking centre stage at Snape Maltings Concert Hall, Suffolk, as part of DanceEast’s Snape’s Dances series in an exclusive two-night run on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th November. Akram Khan is one of the most celebrated and respected dances

artists today. He has collaborated with some of the world’s more respected cultural figures including Kylie Minogue, Anish Kapoor,

Anthony Gormley and Juliette Binoche. In just over a decade he has creates a body of work that has

New Wolsey hosts revival of 1960s double-bill The New Wolsey Theatre autumn season is rattling along and, as the nights draw in, there’s been a wealth of cosy productions to enjoy. This November the Original Theatre Company return from their sell-out hit Birdsong with a 1960s double-bill revival of The Private Ear and The Public Eye. A West End and Broadway hit in 1962 creating stars out of a young Kenneth Williams and Maggie Smith, The Private Ear and The Public Eye are by the acclaimed, multiaward winning British playwright, Sir Peter Shaffer (Amadeus, Equus, The Royal Hunt of the Sun, Lettice & Lovage and Five Finger Exercise). Both plays have three characters and take a look at love and unrealistic expectations. The first in the setting of a small bedsit where Bob is trying to entertain Doreen, the second in an accountancy office where Charles Sidley and Private Investigator Julian Christoforou are discussing Charles’s wifes apparent infidelity. The two are tightly written, funny and poignant stories played with great skill by the small cast including Jasper Britton one the UK’s leading classical actors fresh from a successful run of Race at Hampstead Theatre, Marat/Sade at the RSC London and The Last Cigarette (Chichester Festival Theatre/Trafalgar Studios), Rupert Hill known as ‘Jamie Baldwin’ from Coronation Street with theatre credits including When Harry Met Sally and Future Me, Steven Blakely, known as ‘PC Geoff Younger’ in Heartbeat with theatre credits including Dry Rot and Funny Peculiar and Original Theatre regular Siobhan O’Kelly who has appeared in our productions of Dancing at Lughnasa, See How They Run and Twelfth Night as well as on screen in Inspector George Gently, Mutual Friends and Sky 1’s Treasure Island. • The Private Ear and The Public Eye will be at the New Wolsey, Ipswich from Monday 4th until Saturday 9th November. For more information and to book visit or call 01473 295900.

contributed significantly to the cultural arts in the UK and abroad. With an entirely original score by Nitin Sawhney, Jocelyn Pook and Ben Frost, iTMOi is another extraordinary artistic collaboration from Khan and his talented team, which includes costume designer Kimie Nakano, lighting designer Fabiana Piccioli, set designer Matt Deely, dramaturge Ruth Little and a large cast of 11 international dancers. Inspired by Stravinsky’s original Rite of Spring, the work combines visually arresting imagery and powerful dance to explore the human condition, as well as the way in which Stravinsky transformed the classical music world by evoking emotions through patterns and their disruption, building an episodic drama around the ritual of sacrifice. Speaking about the work, Akram Khan said, “We are really looking forward to bringing iTMOi back to the UK after such an extensive world tour and are honoured that it has been so well received. Snape Maltings Concert Hall is such a beautiful and unusual dance space that the company and I love returning to so presenting iTMOi there with Aldeburgh Music and

DanceEast is an exciting prospect. iTMOi is a project that uses Stravinsky's life and work as a starting point, in which I focus on his seminal piece of music The Rite of Spring, and particularly the story of sacrifice as the main theme of his ambitious work.” When Stravinsky’s ground-breaking The Rite of Spring was first performed in 1913, the music and choreography caused a near riot in the audience. It has since come to be regarded as one of the masterpieces of the 20th century and has been performed all over the world in many different interpretations. Akram Khan Company - iTMOi (in the mind of igor) will be at Snape Maltings Concert Hall on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th November at 7.30pm. To book tickets contact the Box Office on 01728 687110.


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On Saturday 2nd November in Christchurch Park, Ipswich, The Return of Guy Fawkes will be staged by larger-than-life entertainers from Party Spooktacular as part of the annual Fireworks Extravaganza. This promises to be a truly spooktacular event that will feature characters from CBBC shows, the Ipswich Blues Brothers and Guy Fawkes himself, supported by his entourage of choir, dancers and acrobats. This stunning audiovisual spectacular will culminate in a fantastic firework show provided by event hosts Ipswich Scouts. Party Spooktacular is a Suffolk-based production, providing family entertainments for parties and events across the region. This new show, developed especially for the Christchurch Park event, is built from successful shows across the region and appearances on national

Make sure your Bonfire Night goes off with a bang, as you join the crowds at the Museum of East Anglian Life, Stowmarket for their annual Bonfire Night Celebrations, on the Saturday 2nd November. With a spectacular fireworks display, roaring bonfire, as well as amusements and engines in steam, the museum is the perfect location for an evening of family fun! Gates are open from 5.30pm giving you the chance to enjoy the selection of Old Tyme Amusements and traction engines in steam before the main event. Food and refreshments provided by the Osier Cafe will be available to buy throughout the evening. Keep toasty by the bonfire, which is lit on the top field at 7pm before the fireworks begin at 7.30pm, a brilliant display that’s guaranteed to wow all the family. Take advantage of advance tickets which are available from Mid Suffolk Tourist Information Centre - Adults: £4.50, Children £3.50 and the Special Family Ticket £12 which is only available in advance (2 adults and up to 3 children) Alternatively, buy your tickets on the night - Adults: £5 and Children £4


and international TV and stage by a number of characters who will appear on the night. Show choreographer and creative director of Party Spooktacular, Nigel Dixon, said, “This show is shaping up to be a Spooktacular experience for all! We are fusing together a number of elements to create a truly explosive and memorable night out! The audience will be able to enjoy and participate in a larger than life experience while being entertained by characters from BAFTA-award winning children’s TV shows, with great music and a stunning light show.” Join in the fun at 7pm for the most spectacular Guy Fawkes and lantern procession through the park that you have ever seen with fire jugglers, bands and the burning of a giant Guy Fawkes on the bonfire. Don’t miss the live music feature

Goldstar Ground, Felixstowe – 3rd November


Christchurch Park, Ipswich 2nd November


MEAL, Stowmarket 2nd Nobember


from the up and coming new local band ‘Bassline’ The musical fireworks costing over £25000 are designed and fired by the Shell Shock firework Company from Bramfield here in Suffolk. Shell Shock will start at 8pm. The gates to Christchurch Park will open at 6pm. For more information or to pre-book tickets visit the website

The 6th Annual Felixstowe Firework Spectacular in association with Goldstar Transport Ltd is on Sunday 3rd November 2013 at The Goldstar Ground, Dellwood Avenue, Felixstowe. Gates will open at 5pm with the firework display starting at 7pm. And, the fun will not stop with the firework display, there will also be plenty of entertainment to keep you amused. From 5pm until 9pm there will be a funfair and side shows, then at 5.10pm the fresh Gold Roadshow will start proceeding. At 6.45pm you can enjoy the Team Thunder Tiger Night Flight Model air Show and then it will be time to countdown to the grand Firework Display, which will start at 7.20pm. Ticket prices on the gate on the evening are Adults £7, Under 16's £5, with Under 5's free. For more information visit


St Alban’s Church, Digby Road, Ipswich 5th November



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There will be a Fireworks Night on Tuesday 5th November at St. Alban’s Catholic High School, Digby Road, Ipswich. The gates open at 6pm with the fireworks starting a 7.15pm. Tickets are available in advance costing £4 for adults, £3 for children and a • Guy Fawkes family ticket costing just £15 family (2 adults & up to 5 children). Ticket requests with payment please (cheques payable to “Friends of St. Alban’s”) to school office in envelope marked “Fireworks”. Please include name & address details for return of tickets. Tickets can be purchased on the gate on the evening costing £5 for adults, £4 for Children and £20 for a family ticket. Free parking will be available at the venue on the night. For more information you can call 07860 255781. MORE FIREWORK DISPLAYS CAN BE FOUND ON OUR WEBSITE

Fantastic evening of Fireworks at Stonham The last of the beautiful Suffolk weather is fading, there’s a bit of a chill in the air and the autumn colours are beginning to show, which must mean that it’s time for the highly anticipated annual Stonham Barns Firework and Bonfire Night 2013! Returning for its third year, the fantastic evening is being held on Friday 1st November with the display commencing at 7.30pm. This year the gates will be opening from the earlier time of 4pm meaning that you can bring the family for something to eat, a ride on the attractions at the funfair and a wander around the boutique shops before going to get a good spot on the Showground to watch the display. Admission this year is £2 per adult, £1 per child (5 - 16yrs) and under 5’s go free. Parking is free and everyone is welcome to attend. This year there is more planned to keep everyone entertained, with the funfair, sideshows, numerous food outlets and the newly refurbished ‘Showground Bar’ serving refreshments all evening. All you need to do is wrap up warm, bring some pennies and look forward to a fantastic evening full of wonderful fireworks. The team at Stonham Barns are looking forward to welcoming you all to make their Firework and Bonfire night a fantastic evening full of fun, laughter and excitement. For further details on the evening or any other events at Stonham Barns please visit the newly re-launched website or contact the events team on 01449 711 111 who will be happy to help. Find Stonham Barns on facebook, search stonhambarnslv and like their page today!





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Have your Event Listed Free!! Email: Post: PO Box 774, Ipswich, IP1 9FW



Every Monday

Every Wednesday

Every Saturday

Badminton, Handford Hall School, Gatacre Rd, Ipswich, 7.15pm - 9.30pm, Experienced and beginners always very welcome, for a free taster session or more information contact Adrian 01473 464920 Ballroom and Latin Class, Goals Centre, Grimwade Street, 6.30pm - 7.30pm Yoga, Holbrook Village Hall 9.30am 11am, Suitable for beginners and intermediates, Contact Cathie 07734469038/ 01394 388379 for details Yoga, Henley Community Village Hall, Ashbocking Road, 7.45pm – 9.15pm, 01473 690762 Suffolk Promenaders Square Dance Club, Rushmere Village Hall, Humber Doucy Lane, Ipswich, 7.30pm – 10pm, Only £2, tea and coffee provided, contact 01473 422663 after 2pm for further details Badminton, Sidegate Lane Community Centre, 7.30pm - 10pm, Social Badminton further information contact Alan 01473 437707

Ipswich Croquet Club, Fynn Valley Golf Club, Ipswich, 2pm, experienced players and beginners always very welcome, for a free taster session or more information contact Fran Rousham 01394 671642 Ballroom & Latin Dance Classes, Sidegate Community Centre, Ipswich, 7pm - 10pm class fees £3, For details phone 01473 713046 Dance Class for people with Additional Needs, 22 Bond Street, IP4 1JE 1.15pm – 2pm, 07736306519 Voices Together, female singing group, Whitehouse Baptist Church, Waterford Road, Ipswich, 7.30pm - 9pm. Friendly rehearsals. Call Kath 01473 652351 Ballroom and Latin class, Sidegate Lane Primary School, 7pm – 8pm

Cycle Speedway, Great Blakenham Cycle Speedway Kids Club, 10.00am – Midday, A variety of activities connected with Cycle Speedway, Mill Lane, Great Blakenham (Next to Village Hall) For more info contact Terry on 07860 262112 Wot's up 18+ Community Club at Castle Hill Community Centre, 10am - 5pm, Free taster session, more info call Mags 07926428432, The Club is manly Learning/Physical Difficulties but they would like to reach out to Mental Health, The Elderly, Head injuries

Every Tuesday Art Group, meeting at J Parker Studios, Ivy Cottage, Wenham Road, Great Wenham Beginners welcome tuition available, for details 01473 313100 Cycle Speedway, Great Blakenham Cycle Speedway Club Training, Juniors and newcomers 6pm - 7.30pm, Seniors 7.30pm - 9.00pm, Mill Lane, Great Blakenham (Next to Village Hall) Co-op Ladies Choir meet at The Co-op Education Centre from 2.15pm to 3.30pm, performing a variety of music including chart hits, musicals and classical. If you would like to join us please contact Lynn Scannell 01473 710820 Senior Singers, Co-op Education Centre, Fore Street, Ipswich, 10.30am – 12pm, Male & Female singers, 55 plus, Call Maggie on 01473 713597, Dance & Music Improvisation, Northgate Arts Centre,Ipswich, 7pm -8pm (studio available from 6.45pm - 8.15pm) £5 / £3.50 Call 07830 755070 Martlesham Heath Country Market, The Pavilion, The Square, Martlesham Heath, 9am, home-made, home-grown, and home-crafted items for sale. For further information Tel 01473 623849 or Ipswich Folk Dance Club, St Johns U.R.C, Cowper St, 8pm - 10pm. Experience not necessary, as all dances are walked through first, and then called, for full details call 01473 212085. Tea Dance, Ballroom & Sequence Dancing, Sidegate Lane Community Centre, 2pm - 4pm, £2. inc tea and biscuits, call 01473 257593. Knit ‘n’ Natter Group, Bags of Handles, Walton, Felixstowe, 6pm – 9pm, Knit, Natter and browse through hundreds of knitting magazines available to the group. 16

Every Thursday Jive and Swing Classes, Felixstowe Conservative Club, 7.30pm - 9.30pm, Further info 01394 282285 Wot's up 18+ Community Club at Castle Hill Community Centre, 5pm - 9.30pm, Free taster session, more info call Mags 07926 428432. The Club is mainly Learning/Physical Difficulties but would like to reach out to Mental Health, The Elderly, head injuries Badminton, Handford Hall School, Gatacre Rd, Ipswich, 7.15pm - 9.30pm, Experienced and beginners always welcome, for a free taster session or more information contact Adrian 01473 464920 Carpet Bowls, Sidegate Lane Community Centre, Ipswich, 2pm – 4.15pm, £2.80 includes tea & Biscuits, for further information telephone 01473 725274, Woodbridge Country Market, Woodbridge Community Hall, next to Deben Pool, 10am - 11.15am, Local Home Produced Food, Plants, Vegetables and Hand made crafts for sale, Comfortable tea room to meet your friends, Open to all Free Entry. Ipswich Country Market, Rushmere Village Hall, Humber Doucy Lane, 10.15am to 11.30am, Local Food, Handmade Crafts Open to all, Free Entry, Coffee and Chat: informal coffee morning with activities, 10am – 12pm All Saints Church Hall Blenheim Road, Ipswich

Every Friday Ballroom Class, United Reformed Church, Ipswich St, Stowmarket, 7.30 - 9.30pm, further info 01394 282285 Ballroom and Latin class, Dance East, Jerwood House, Foundry Lane, 7pm – 8pm, 07736306519 Carpet Bowls, Sidegate Lane Community Centre Ipswich, 2pm - 5pm, £2.50. per session, New Members very welcome, for more details contact Tony Crane on 01473 410740

Every Sunday Lions Club of Ipswich Car Boot Sale, Portman Road Car Park, Ipswich (Weather permitting), Gates open at 6.30am, Pitch fees - car £5.00, Car & Trailer £10.00, small van (Escort size) £5.00, large van (transit size) £10.00 all payable on entry, Refreshments and toilets on site, Other details visit Ipswich Transport Museum Open, Old Trollybus Depot Cobham Road Ipswich 11am to 4pm Adults £5.00 Children £3.00 Concessions £4.50 Family ticket £14.00 (2 Adults & up to 3 Children) Under 5s free Ballroom and Latin class, 22 Bond Street, Ipswich, 7pm – 8pm, 07736306519 Qigong Open Air Sessions in Constable Country with Qigonguk, Flatford, 11am to Midday (subject to the weather), Free and Open to Everyone. For more information visit or call 07976 382930.

Fri 1st Nov Martlesham Heath Aviation Society present The Royal Air Force Past, Present and Future, Martlesham Heath Community Centre, Old Felixstowe Road, Near Ipswich, 7.30pm, Admission £1.50 members £2.50 Non Members, 01473 274300 The Lullaby Concerts (London Sinfonia and Claire Bloor), John Peel Centre, Church Walk, Stowmarket, Tickets from Stowmarket Tourist Information Centre, 01449 676800 Bonfire Night and Firework Display, Stonham Barns, Near Stowmarket Ipswich Transport Museum, Old Trolleybus Depot Cobham Road Ipswich open 1pm to 4pm Adults £5, Children £3, Concessions £4.50, Family ticket £14.00 (2 Adults & up to 3 Children) Under 5s free Tango Night with Amir Giles and live music from Tango3, DanceEast, Jerwood DanceHouse, Ipswich, 6pm, To book tickets contact 01473 295230

Sat 2nd Nov Firework Display, Christchurch Park, Ipswich,




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Have your Event Listed Free!! Email: Post: PO Box 774, Ipswich, IP1 9FW N Gauge Model Railway Open Day, Felixstowe Area N Gauge Group, The Welcome Hall, High Road, Trimley St Mary, Nr Felixstowe, Felixstowe Area N Gauge Group, 11am – 4.30pm, Free

Sat 3rd Nov – Sun 4th Nov Hog Run ‘Whole Hog’, Wantisden Hall, Near Ipswich, (Adventure Event which follows a mile running course and exciting tasks),

Sun 3rd Nov Mary’s Tea Dances, Kesgrave Community, Kesgrave, 2pm – 4.15pm, £4.75, inclusive of Tea and Cake, 01449 720185

Wed 6th Nov Orwell Decorative Fine Arts Society - The Golden Age of the Royal Navy, Tower Hall, Rushmere St Andrew, 2.15pm, £5 Donation, 01473 710921 Quiz Night, Seckford Golf Club, Seckford Hall Road, Woodbridge, £15 per person, Includes hot meal. Reservations necessary 01473 231004, iao British Heart Foundation

Fri 8th Nov - Sat 9th Nov Magic Lantern Show with Music ‘Transport of Yester Year’, Sailing Barge Victor, Waterfront, Opp Old Customs House, Ipswich, 7.30pm, £10, 01473 258070 Charity Barn Dance, Kesgrave Community Centre, Kesgrave, 8pm – 11.15pm, Music by Inertia Reel, Celebrating 32 years of making music, Tickets £5 each including ploughmans dinner, 01473 728209

Sat 9th Nov Winter Bird Watching Cruise, Waterfront, Ipswich, 11am – 1.30pm, Booking essential 01473 433994, Adults £14, Concessions £12, Children £10 Craft Fair, Hemingstone Church and Hut, Hemingstone, 10.30am – 4pm, Over 20 craft stalls and demonstrations of weaving, spinning, willow and glass craft. Plus light refreshments all day. This is a free entry event

Sun 10th Nov Remembrance Day, Christchurch Park, Ipswich, Martlesham Heath Remembrance Day Parade and Service, The Barrack Square (at the Memorials), Martlesham Heath, 3pm, everyone is welcome. Parking available, call: H King 01473 274300 The Winter Warmer, Transport Museum, Old Trolleybus Depot, Cobham Road, Adult £6.50/Family £18, Rides 1.30pm 6pm, 01473 715666,

Mon 11th Nov Quiz Night, The Rosary Club, 172 Bramford Rd, Ipswich, Teams of up to 6, £5, organised by The Dame Vera Lynn Trust, 01473 857678,

Festival of Remembrance: Ipswich Hospital Band, St Peters by the Waterfront, Ipswich

Tue 12th Nov Ipswich and District Historical Transport Society; Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway, Ascension Hall, Larchcroft Road, Ipswich, 7.30pm, 01473 422145

Thu 14th Nov Leonard Squirrel Suffolk Artist, Museum Street Methodist Church, Ipswich, 1pm1.50pm, Admission is free, with a retiring collection of £2pp Ipswich RSPB Group Indoor Meeting. ‘Asia's Teardrop - Birding in Sri Lanka’, an illustrated talk by David Cromack, Editor of Bird Art & Photography Magazine. Sidegate Lane School, 7.30pm, Admission: Local Group members £2.00 (concessions apply), Non-Members £3.00, includes refreshments. All welcome. For more information contact 01473 423213.

Fri 15th Nov Broke of the Shannon and the War of 1812, Records Office, Gatacre Road, Ipswich, 10am, £5.50pp

Sat 16th Nov Cure or Care – The Contribution of Medicine to the Mortality Decline in Ipswich, Ipswich, Records Office, Gatacre Road, 10.30am. Live Singing and Disco Featuring Bellaresa and DJ LEE, Pinewood Community Hall, Laburnum Close, Pinewood, Ipswich, 7.30pm-12.00am, £5, Licensed Bar, Waiter service during Live Singing, Tickets on sale now, for info email:, call: 01473 692690 or Tickets are available from the Pinewood Community Hall.

Sun 17th Nov St Peter’s Street Vintage and Craft Market, St Peter’s Street, Ipswich Giant Craft & Gift Fayre, Cameo Hotel Copdock Ipswich, 10am – 4pm, Over 60 stalls selling locally made crafts & quality gifts, Free parking. Refreshments available, £1 entry in aid of FIND – Ipswich Families in Need Christmas Lights Switch On at 5pm, Cornhill, Ipswich Ipswich Choral Society presents Britten Centenary Celebration Ipswich School, The Great School Ivry Street, Ipswich, Tickets Adults £12, £10 Concessions, £4 Children available from Ipswich Choral Society members, ICS Ticket Line 01473 738324 or Music World Queen Street, Ipswich RSPB Local Group Field Meeting at Alton Water for winter birds. Meet at 10am at Birch Wood car park nr Tattingstone. Map ref TM146367. 3 hrs. 6 miles. Contact 01473 258791, All welcome.



Tue 19th Nov Ipswich RSPB Local Group Midweek Walk round Bourne Park area and park. Meet at 10am at Bourne Park car park (Bourne Bridge entrance). 2 hrs. Map ref TM161419. Contact 01473 714839, All welcome,

Wed 20th Nov Suffolk Wildlife Trust; Tracking Cuckoos and Other Birds, Illustrated Talk by Graham Appleton, St Margaret’s School, Bolton Lane, Ipswich, 7.30pm, Admission £2.50

Thu 21st Nov- Sun 24th Nov Christmas Market, Ipswich

Thu 21st Nov The Monthly Meeting Ipswich Branch,Suffolk Family History Society, The Red Cross Hall, Chevallier Street, Ipswich, 7.30pm, Admission £2 per person for Society members £2.50 per person for non-members, who are welcomed. Tickets not required

Fri 22 Nov – Sat 23rd Nov Orwell Astronomical Society Public Open Weekend, Orwell Park Observatory, Orwell Park School, Nacton, 7.30pm – 10pm, Adults £3, Child and Concessionary £1.50

Fri 22nd Nov Dance & Contact Improvisation Class, DanceEast, Jerwood DanceHouse, Ipswich, 6.15pm, 01473 295230,

Sat 23rd Nov Christmas Sale, The Ipswich & District Animal Welfare, 181 Cauldwellhall Road, Ipswich, 10am – 1pm, Free Admission

Sun 24th Nov Britten and connections by the Tower Chamber Choir, St Mary Le Tower, Ipswich, 6.30pm, Choral works by Britten, Holst, Bridge, Walton, Leighton Vintage and Modern, Festive Market, Snape Maltings,

Wed 27th Nov Ghosts at Otley Hall “Wonderful Magical Storytelling” – A Pleasing Terror Otley Hall, Otley, 7.30pm, Tickets £15 in advance, 01473 890264

Thu 28th Nov Christmas Fayre, Bury St Edmunds

Fri 29th Nov – Sat 30th Nov Akram Khan Company, Snape Maltings Concert Hall, Snape, 7.30pm, to book tickets contact 01728 687110

Sat 30th Nov - Sun 1st Dec Christmas Gift Fayre and Late Night Shopping, Stonham Barns, Near Stowmarket

Ipswich24 cannot be held responsible for cancellation of any event, if in doubt please contact the venue or organisers of event.





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Ipswich Switches on Christmas The Big Switch-on 2013 promises to be full of even more Christmas wonderment than last year’s big reveal! The Cornhill will be full of street performers on Sunday 17th November from early afternoon onwards, including snow queens, stilt walkers and

much more. As the afternoon turns to evening, attention will turn to the full program of onstage entertainment, hosted once more by Town102 and featuring choirs, theatrical performances and guaranteed snow! The Big Light Switch-on will be at 5pm. With over capacity crowds at last year’s event it is important to arrive early to get the best spot for “The Big Switch-on”, but if you can’t make the event don’t panic the lights will be on every night over Christmas, so why not pop back on another day and enjoy some Christmas shopping under the towns lights!

Traditional Christmas Cakes and Cupcakes too! From the traditional Christmas cakes too festive cup cakes, there is something to suit all tastes and budgets at The Little Cake Place in Dales Road in Ipswich. With only a few weeks to go until Christmas, now is the time to start thinking about your Christmas cake. At The Little Cake Place they create lovely cakes that, not only look amazing, they taste really yummy too! Maybe you’re stuck for a gift idea for a friend or relative. Why not have a special festive cake made just for them? Plus, if you are interested in trying your hand at your own cake then The Little Cake Place has a wide range of accessories to give your baked creation that added sparkle,


from Christmas accessories, Boards, Ribbons and Cake Toppers. The Little Cake Place is open six days a week and can be found at 85 Dales Road, Ipswich. For more information or to order your Christmas Cake telephone Lucy on 01473 744717 or visit




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That something special With Christmas just around the corner it’s been a busy time at Delvaux on Hamilton Road in Felixstowe.

The past few weeks have seen a steady flow of exciting deliveries, each one brings another selection of unusual gift ideas for Christmas. Delvaux is now bursting at the seams with lots of gorgeous items, stocking everything from wall art, glassware and ornaments to jewellery and accessories, so you are guaranteed to find that perfect gift for someone special and maybe treat yourself to a little something along the way! Why not make your Christmas shopping a calm and enjoyable

experience this year without the crowds and the queues? Just relax and enjoy what Delvaux has to offer. If you would like to come along with a group of friends for an ‘exclusive shopping hour’ outside of the shop’s usual opening hours just give Carla a call and she will arrange to open the shop for you and your party. Delvaux is open Monday to Saturday from 10am until 5pm, 11am to 4pm on Sundays during November and December and can be found at 116 Hamilton Road, Felixstowe. Tel 01394 278364

Foods and Crafts all under one roof Are you looking for that extra special Christmas present? Or, maybe you are just in the mood to treat yourself. If so, then the Hadleigh Food and Craft Fair is the place to visit. Set in the beautiful surroundings of The Guildhall Complex the Hadleigh Food and Craft Fair boasts four halls, packed with over 50 exhibitors offering lots of lovely gift ideas and yummy local foods. With woodturning, children’s wooden toys, clothing, accessories, natural beauty items, jewellery and much more, you’re sure to find that perfect gift. And, if it’s food and drink you are after, be sure to take a visit to the Food Hall. Here you will find lots of locally produced cheese, pies, cakes, pickles and beers – And, many of the stallholders let you try before you buy!

After you have done your shopping, why not visit the dining room, here you will be able to take time out from all that gift buying and enjoy some of the many refreshments on offer. Previously the Food and Craft Fair was run by the Hadleigh Entertainments Committee, however this hugely popular event has now been taken over by the Hadleigh Market Feoffment Charity, who this year are offering free entry to all visitors to the fair. The Hadleigh Food and Craft Fair takes place at The Guildhall Complex in Hadleigh on Sunday 3rd November from 10am until 4pm. There is no charge for entry. • For more information visit or telephone 01473 822544.





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Another chance to see a Christmas Dickens tale Red Rose Chain returns to Jimmy’s Farm with The Magic Fishbone this Christmas! Following the huge success of The Taming of the Shrew at Jimmy’s Farm this summer, theatre company Red Rose Chain has announced that they are returning to the Farm for a special Christmas show for all ages. Joanna Carrick’s adaptation of Charles Dickens’ short story, The Magic Fishbone has already wowed audiences and critics and is returning for performances at the Aspall Barn at Jimmy’s Farm from December 19th to January 5th. This run will be followed on Saturday 11th January with performances at St George the Martyr Church in Southwark, London. Dickens was closely associated with St George’s and the original wall of Marshalsea debtors’ prison still stands in the churchyard. The Marshalsea is where Dickens, as a child, visited his father when he was imprisoned for debt and features heavily in Carrick’s adaptation. The Magic Fishbone of the title comes to life as an amazing puppet created by WarHorse Assistant Puppetry Director, Jimmy Grimes and puppeteered by regular Red Rose Chain actor Joel Johnson. Joanna Carrick said, “We loved working at Jimmy’s Farm and we couldn’t wait until next summer to return! The Magic Fishbone will appeal to our Theatre in the Forest audiences with its blend of comedy, puppetry and songs.” Jimmy Doherty said, “The creative energy and community ethos of Red Rose Chain is the perfect match for Jimmy’s Farm and we are delighted to be welcoming them back to the Farm.” Red Rose Chain patron Emma Freud said, “I am really looking forward to enjoying Christmas in Suffolk and bringing my friends and family to see The Magic Fishbone. I saw it last year and was bowled over by the inventiveness and fun of it all. I can’t wait!” • To book tickets to see The Magic Fishbone you can call the Box Office on 01473 603388 or visit





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Former Wrestling Star brings his Christmas Nostalgia Show home to Ipswich Can you remember when the spirit of Christmas was more important than receiving presents? When you really did dream of a White Christmas, or if you were really lucky you would find a six pence or a three penny bit in your Christmas pudding? Well all those memories and many more, mixed with everyone’s favourite Christmas songs and carols will be on offer when the country’s most popular Christmas nostalgia show, Remember When at Christmas appears at The Ipswich Corn Exchange on Wednesday 27th December at

2.30pm. The show is produced and hosted by locally based former heavyweight television wrestling star Neil Sands, who is really looking forward to bringing the show to Ipswich for the very first time. “The show is now in its seventh year of touring theatres, and for this new 2013 production we will doing a 30 date tour all around the UK from Devon to Cumbria, Hull to Liverpool and many stops in between. For the past two years we have taken the show to The Spa at Felixstowe, where last year it almost sold out, but with that now

Wish list is perfect solution for gift ideas Ladies, we all know that the men in our lives just go to pieces when it comes to getting us girls our Christmas presents. However this year there is no need to worry as The Jewellery Box in Felixstowe has come up with a great idea... Your Christmas Wish List. Just pop in to the boutique in Orwell Road and select a few items that take your fancy, pop the item numbers down on the Jewellery Box’s little "Santa Wish List" along with your contact details. Then all you need to do is take a voucher home and give to your partner or loved one. He can then visit the shop and select something from your wishlist - Who knows if you're a lucky girl he may buy everything on your list! “We find that men always find it difficult to choose the perfect gift for the lady in their life, however anybody can use this service.” Says Corrina from the Jewellery Box “We came up with the idea of the ‘Santa Wish List’ to make shopping for gifts easy. So, whether you are shopping for your mum, sister or the special lady in your life take the stress out of present buying this Christmas and use our Santa Wish List”. • The Jewellery Box is at 7 Orwell Road, Felixstowe you can contact the boutique on 01394 278100 or visit their website at

closed I am so pleased to be coming to The Corn Exchange, a venue close to my heart as I wrestled The Mighty Quinn there in 1981 for the heavyweight championship of the world.” Sais Neil. Neil is joined by another local singer Annika Rands who having spent many years performing on some of the world’s finest cruise liners is now the newest addition to the show. Annika is joined by Hertfordshire’s Gemma Turner, who is very much in the mould of Katherine Jenkins. This production brings a truly wonderful mixture of great songs from Rocking Around The Christmas Tree, Silent Night, The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, O Come All ye Faithful,

Let It Snow, Jingle Bell Rock, Away In A Manger, Sleigh Ride, Winter Wonderland, Santa Baby and many, many more. Over two hours of festive music and fun taking us all back to a time when Christmas was the most wonderful time of the year. To book tickets you can contact the Box Office on 01473 433100.





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Christmas at the New Wolsey Christmas in Ipswich is always a fountain of theatrical treats and this year is no exception! At the New Wolsey Theatre they have two shows that should appeal to any age to make your Christmas experience a festive treat for all the family. The rock’n’roll pantomime this year is Dick Whittington – where the streets are paved with the classics in this musical twist of a traditional tale. The best of pantomime with the greatest pop songs are all served up by an astonishing company of actor-musicians. The show runs from Thursday 21st November to Saturday 25th January – making it one of the longest running panto in the country. The New Wolsey Theatre not only brings you their yearly instalment of the rock’n’roll panto, but also a cheeky, vibrant children’s show for those a little smaller. Stuff and Nonsense’s The Elves and the Shoemaker will be making themselves at home at the New Wolsey Studio from Tuesday 10th December until Saturday 4th January. Elves and the Shoemaker is for shoemakers aged 3+ and their families, with shows at 11am and 2pm most days over December. There will also be signed performances on Friday 3rd January at 11am and 2pm. For more information, and to make a booking or reservations, please contact the Ticket Sales team on 01473 295900 or visit

Sarah Mahony, Sean Kingsley and Lilly Howard in Sleeping Beauty. Photo by Mike Kwasniak.

Tasty treats at Tourist Information Centre Ipswich Tourist Information Centre, St. Stephens Church, St. Stephens Lane, is preparing for the festive season and holding its’ annual “Taster Day” on Saturday 23rd November from 9am until 5pm. Staff at the Centre will be offering samples of delicious local produce, completely free of charge, including tasty Suffolk jams, juices, and a hot, alcohol free, winter punch. As well as local produce the Tourist Centre offers a range of local interest Christmas gift ideas from DVD’s and books, to pottery and prints of local scenes. Cards for Good Causes – the Charity Christmas card shop representing 50 local, and National charities – once again have their shop at the Tourist Information Centre offering the best selection of


Christmas Cards. At least 75p in every £1 goes direct to the charities. And, the Ipswich Scouts will be bringing a post box to the Tourist Information Centre enabling local people to post their Christmas Cards for 20p per card for delivery in the postcode areas IP1 – IP5. David Stainer, Manager of the Tourist Information Centre said, “The Taster Day is one of our busiest days of the year and is enjoyed annually by many regular local customers as well as visitors – not to mention the staff and heralds the start of the Christmas season.” Entry is free and all are welcome • Full details are available from the Tourist Information Centre on 01473 258070 or email




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Bah Humbug comes to Snape There’s a distinct feeling of humbug at Snape Maltings Concert Hall this December as Ebenezer Scrooge takes to the stage in a new Christmas Spectacular! production by the Co-op Juniors Theatre Company. Based on the timeless Dickens novel, A Christmas Carol, the new show features all the familiar characters, including Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim, Jacob Marley and a whole bevy of ghosts in the form of Christmas past, present and future. “We’ve taken a fresh look at the Christmas Carol story,” says musical director Nigel Virley, who has also written the script. “We add our unique blend of signature song and dance numbers which enhance the fabulous Dickens tale. It’s many people’s favourite Christmas story, with strong characters and Scrooge’s journey from miser to funmeister!”

Scrooge a funmeister? In the experienced hands of performer Richard Rumbellow, who created the role at the Ipswich Regent back in 1997, audiences at Snape are guaranteed laughter in equal measure with the stunning staging, costumes and effects for which the group are famous. “There’s a humorous side to Scrooge, which is perfect for our style of show,” adds Nigel. With a cast of more than 100 and hundreds of costumes, the spectacle of the show has found a regular audience for the last eight years at Snape Maltings. Says co-director Jeannie Ingram, “The concert hall is a world-class venue, and we’re delighted that Christmas Spectacular has proved so popular with audiences. Coming up with something fresh and innovative every year is a challenge, but we’ve added a storyline in recent years, which has

reinvented the show.” This year’s staging features a double height set with a revolving section which transforms from a Christmas tree to Scrooge’s bedroom where he encounters the ghost of his business partner Jacob Marley and the spirits of Christmas. “There are lots of moments of stage magic,” reveals co-director Pauline Walker. “We have a great creative team who constantly come up with new ideas of how to stage such a large show with strong choreography and a new setting every year.” The group is looking forward to celebrating their tenth anniversary show at Snape Maltings next year. In the meantime, rehearsals at their Ipswich studios provided by East of England Co-op are in full swing. “There’s a real sense of anticipation

this year, with such a well-known story interwoven with musical numbers to set toes tapping and raise the roof,” adds Nigel Virley. Christmas Spectacular! is at Snape Maltings Concert Hall for 12 performances from Friday 13th until Sunday 22nd December. For performance dates and times, visit For tickets, call the box office on 01728 687110 or book online at Tickets are from £10 to £24, with group discounts. Coach companies also offer combined travel and show tickets.

The Little Matchgirl Celebrated director & choreographer Arthur Pita brings his magical new dance theatre show The Little Match Girl to DanceEast this Christmas. Based on Hans Christian Andersen's classic Christmas story, this touching tale of an impoverished young street girl's hopes and dreams is beautifully told through dance, song and original live music. A snowy stage sets the scene for an icy cold Christmas Eve, where the Little Match Girl paces the emptying streets, shivering and desperate, trying to sell her matches. Cold, hungry and with just one final match flame to keep her warm, she sees a vision of her beloved grandmother. Leaving her troubled life behind, the Little Match Girl is guided up into the night sky by her grandmother who takes her to the moon. Now, on a clear night, if you look closely, you might see the light of a shooting star, or is it a match burning brightly? Award-winning choreographer Pita returns to DanceEast following recent successes God's Garden and Critics' Circle National Dance Award-winning The Metamorphosis. • The Little Match Girl will be at DanceEast, JerwoodDance House, Ipswich from Thursday 12th until Tuesday 24th December. To book tickets contact the Box Office on 01473 295241





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Showaddywaddy celebrate 40 years Showaddywaddy have long been established as Europe's most successful ever exponents of retroinspired rock & roll. The record simply speaks for itself! Twenty three Top 40 hit singles, including 10 Top 5 hits (Under The Moon of Love, When, You Got What It Takes, 3 Steps To Heaven, Hey Rock & Roll, Etc!) Fifteen massive selling albums (including the Christmas number 1 in 1978) An incredible live show - acclaimed the world over! In excess of 50 Top of the Pops performances, and countless Industry awards! Royal Variety performances (one to the delight of the Queen Mother- who actually requested to meet the band post-performance) Bill toppers at the prestigious Golden Orpheus World Music Festival before a staggering TV audience of 300 million people - making history in the process by becoming the first westernworld band to be screened live in communist Cuba! As if the band's amazing success through four decades were not enough, here well into the 21st Century the demand for these legendary performers is every bit as strong, which is surely a testament to

their outstanding reputation as live artists. Late 2004 saw the release of the band's re-mastered "Very Best Of" collection, which helped the band achieve their first Gold Album award for more than 20 years, with the album staying on the chart for three months

world-wide sales. Late 2008 saw the much anticipated release of the band's concept album and DVD entitled "The Sun Album". Researched from 9800 original Sun titles, the band had lovingly created 'the album they always wanted to make,' at the same time as achieving

and it's phenomenal success exceeding all expectations. This once again confirmed Showaddywaddy as proven recording artists, and it was not long before the boys were requested to record their first album of new material for 15 years. The record was entitled "I Love Rock & Roll", and was a classic collection of covers of hit songs by their 70's contemporaries. The album was released during late 2006 on DMG, and once again was a huge success, with outstanding reviews and healthy

a long time ambition in the process by recording at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. The CD/DVD were released to amazing Industry and public acclaim, and inspired by this there are plans to record a further collection very soon. From 2009 thru 2011 the band performed a series of unique concerts across the UK under the title of "An Evening of Rock & Roll with Showaddywaddy". The gigs featured the band delving into their formative years, along with selected songs from The Sun Album in an exclusive

opening set, followed by a stirring second half full of the band's many hit singles. On the back of these hugely successful concerts, and after massive public demand, the band again toured extensively with a brand new show in the spring of 2012, with an expanded line-up to perform "The Greatest Hits". The show featured two drummers for the first time since the glam days of the 70's, and has been hailed as 'an adrenaline fuelled nostalgic treat.' 2013 marks a very special year for the band as they celebrate 40 years of rock & roll with a landmark 40 plus date nationwide tour, which is expected to include many surprises along the way. The band's track record and versatility are without question - concerts, corporate conventions, festivals, universities, colleges, clubs and private functions the world over still clamor to book the remarkable Showaddywaddy! After 40 incredible years, rock & roll music is truly alive and kicking in the hands of this amazing band. •Showaddywaddy will be performing at the Regent Theatre, Ipswich on Friday 8th November. To book tickets contact the Box Office on 01473433100.

Re-live the Sixties For lovers of Sixties music, Sixties Gold is the ultimate, and probably never to be repeated, line-up. Featuring record breaking Merseybeat band Gerry & The Pacemakers. The first act to reach No. 1 and the first act ever to top the charts with their first three singles, “How Do You Do It”, “I Like It” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Also from Liverpool and tipped to be as big as The Beatles, The Searchers’ first single, “Sweets For My Sweet”, also went to No. 1 and led to five more Top 5 hits and a total of 128 weeks in the charts. The Fortunes stormed the Top 10 with You’ve Got Your Troubles, Here It Comes Again, Freedom Come Freedom Go and Storm in a Teacup. Controversial, ponytailed P.J. Proby, whose trouser splitting shocked the nation, was a Melody Maker teen idol award winner in 1964 and his 12 hit singles spent 91 weeks in the charts. And finally, Brian Poole and Chip Hawkes, both previous lead singers of The Tremeloes. All on stage together. The audience is sure to be tapping their feet and dancing in the aisles just like it always did. Sixties Gold will be at the Regent Theatre, Ipswich on Friday 15th November. To book tickets contact the Box Office on 01473 433100.





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Have your Gig Listed Free!! Email: Post: PO Box 774, Ipswich, IP1 9FW Fri 1st Nov NONE OF THE ABOVE, The Steamboat Tavern, Ipswich, £2, 16+, ID required COLOURBLIND HEDGEHOGS, The Mulberry Tree, Ipswich THE REASON, Isaacs, The Waterfront, Ipswich, 6pm IRIE J, The Spread Eagle, Ipswich KARAOKE, The Grinning Rat, Ipswich WAXIES’ DARGLE, The Royal Oak, Ipswich HAYDEN’S COUNTRY, Olive’s Bar, Orwell Crossing, A14 East, Nacton

Sat 2nd Nov JEREMIAH MARQUES & THE BLUE ACES, The Steamboat Tavern, Ipswich, £5 including Chilli Supper HURRICANE ALLEY, The Plough, Ipswich HANDSOME DEAD, The Grinning Rat, Ipswich BUCCANEER KARAOKE, Olive’s Bar, Orwell Crossing, A14 East, Nacton 23X, The George, Hadleigh, SHAMEFUL BEHAVIOR, The Royal Oak, Ipswich DIRTY DC, The Railway Venue, Ipswich DOUBLE BARREL, The Mulberry Tree, Ipswich

Sun 3rd Nov JAZZ JAM, The Steamboat Tavern, Ipswich, Food from 12pm, Jazz from 2pm LA VENDORE ROUGE, The Spread Eagle, Ipswich DOMESTICS, OVERLOAD, HOSTAGES FOR SMACK, The Royal Oak, Ipswich, £5 SOUL PROVIDERS, The Grinning Rat, Ipswich WORDS & MUSIC, The Crown Hotel, Manningtree, 3pm

Tue 5th Nov BIG COUNTRY, The Railway Venue, Ipswich Wed 6th Nov WEEKLIT BLUES JAM, The Spread Eagle, Ipswich

BUCCANEER KARAOKE, Olive’s Bar, Orwell Crossing, A14 East, Nacton

Sun 10th Nov SECOND SUNDAY JAZZ LUNCH featuring THE GIPPING VALLEY STOMPERS, The Steamboat Tavern, Ipswich, Food from 12pm, Jazz from 2pm THE BONE SHAKERS, The Grinning Rat, Ipswich JOHNNY ONE EYE, The Spread Eagle, Ipswich SUNDAY FOLK SESSION, The Mulberry Tree, Ipswich

Tue 12th Nov KARAOKE, The Royal Oak, Ipswich

Thu 14th Nov FOLK JAM, The Steamboat Tavern, Ipswich, WEBBY’S JAM NIGHT, The Royal Oak, Ipswich WEEKLY BLUES JAM, The Spread Eagle, Ipswich HALF TON MAN, Olive’s Bar, Orwell Crossing, A14 East, Nacton

Fri 15th Nov BIG JOE BONE, Isaacs, The Water Front, Ipswich, 6pm WORDS & MUSIC, The Selkirk Inn, Ipswich ASHTON JONES & THE INNER HEART BAND, The Spread Eagle, Ipswich CLAY PIGEON, KARMA PARTY, The Royal Oak, Ipswich WAXIE’S DARGLE, The Mulberry Tree, Ipswich KARAOKE, The Grinning Rat, Ipswich BLACK STEEL, Olive’s Bar, Orwell Crossing, A14 East, Nacton

Sat 16th Nov

SUFFOLK SONGWRITERS, The Steamboat Tavern, Ipswich, KLOWNS KARAOKE, The Spread Eagle, Ipswich REMINISCE, Olive’s Bar, Orwell Crossing, A14 East, Nacton WEBBY’S JAM NIGHT, The Royal Oak, Ipswich

THE REPLICATORZ, Kesgrave Social Club, Kesgrave RED HOT RADIATORS, The Spread Eagle, Ipswich CAMELFOOT RAIDERS, The Mulberry Tree, Ipswich JUKEBOX FURY, The George, Hadleigh WORDS & MUSIC, The Gainsborough Labour Club, Ipswich SHOOT THE GLASS, The Royal Oak, Ipswich

Fri 8th Nov

Sun 17th Nov

Thu 7th Nov

KARAOKE, The Grinning Rat, Ipswich MENTALLICA, GROSS AFFRAY, The Royal Oak, Ipswich, £6 HURRICANE ALLEY, The Mulberry Tree, Ipswich JOHNNY MARKS, Olive’s Bar, Orwell Crossing, A14 East, Nacton

Sat 23d Nov SALTDOG, FLAT MOUNTAIN FAMILY, The Steamboat Tavern, Ipswich, £3 DARREN BUSBY, Kesgrave Social Club, Kesgrave BACK PORCH, The Mulberry Tree, Ipswich BIF BAN POW, The George, Hadleigh ROX OFF, The Royal Oak, Ipswich BUCCANEER KARAOKE, Olive’s Bar, Orwell Crossing, A14 East, Nacton

Sun 24th Nov LAST SUNDAY JAZZ CLUB featuring LA FONTAINE ENSEMBLE, The Steamboat Tavern, Ipswich, Food from 12pm, Jazz from 2pm CHOCOLATE FIREGUARD, The Spread Eagle, Ipswich SUNDAY FOLK SESSION, The Mulberry Tree, Ipswich

Tue 26th Nov KARAOKE, The Royal Oak, Ipswich

Wed 27th Nov WEEKLY BLUES JAM, The Spread Eagle, Ipswich

Thu 28th Nov FOLK AT THE BOAT, The Steamboat Tavern, Ipswich, WEBBY’S JAM NIGHT, The Royal Oak, Ipswich WORDS & MUSIC, Olive’s Bar, Orwell Crossing, A14 East, Nacton

Fri 29th Nov

DEAR SLEEPER, VILLIANS, OUT FOR TOMORRO, FOREVER CAN WAIT, The Steamboat Tavern, Ipswich, £3, 16+, ID Required

BACK TO THE POINT, The Steamboat Tavern, Ipswich, £3 SHABOOGAMOO SHUFFLERS, The Mulbery Tree, Ipswich LOUIE-2-TONE, Isaacs, The Waterfront, Ipswich, 6pm KARAOKE, The Grinning Rat, Ipswich WORDS & MUSIC, The Bull Hotel, Woodbridge HURRICANE ALLEY, The Royal Oak, Ipswich ANDREA BURDETT, Olive’s Bar, Orwell Crossing, A14 East, Nacton

Tue 19th Nov

Sat 30th Nov


JEREMAIH MARQUES & THE SKAGILLS, The Steamboat Tavern, Ipswich, £3 BLUES SITUATION The Mulberry Tree, Ipswich COLOURBLIND HEDGEHOGS, The Spread Eagle, Ipswich MISTER TOUCAN, Kesgrave Social Club, Kesgrave HATMAN, The Grinning Rat, Ipswich LYYKEN, The Royal Oak, Ipswich

THE AURORA, SKY IS RED, IN THE FIRELIGHT, The Steamboat Tavern, Ipswich, £3, 16+, ID required THE BONESHAKERS, The Spread Eagle, Ipswich JUNKYARD ALIENS, The Royal Oak, Ipswich SKA’D FOR LIFE, The Mulberry Tree, Ipswich TERRY LEE TRAVIS, The Dolphin Hotel, Felixstowe KARAOKE, The Grinning Rat, Ipswich PARALLEL, Isaacs, The Water Front, Ipswich, 6pm JEFF GALLANT, Olive’s Bar, Orwell Crossing, A14 East, Nacton MICKEY FLYNN, The George, Hadleigh

SILBURY HILL, Thomas Wolsey Pub, St Peters Street Ipswich, 2pm BLUES SITUATION, The Spread Eagle, Ipswich SKA’S 4 LIFE, The Grinning Rat, Ipswich

Sat 9th Nov

WEEKLY BLUES JAM, The Spread Eagle, Ipswich

MIKE SOLO, Kesgrave Social Club, Kesgrave THE DOWNSETTERS, The Mulberry Tree, Ipswich TEENAGE KICKS, The Royal Oak, Ipswich STETSONS ARE COOL, The Spread Eagle, Ipswich THE SHABOOGAMOO SHUFFLERS, The George, Hadleigh


Mon 18th Nov

Wed 20th Nov Thu 21st Nov WEBBY’S JAM NIGHT, The Royal Oak, Ipswich KLOWNS KARAOKE, The Spread Eagle, Ipswich

Fri 22nd Nov PISTOLS & VULTURES, Isaacs, The Waterfront, Ipswich, 6pm

Please note Ipswich24 cannot be held for cancellation of any event 1 25




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Paper Aeroplanes fly into The Apex Paper Aeroplanes are an alternative pop band from West Wales formed around 2009, although both members have played together since 2005. Their fanbase has been built up around early years gigging in Cardiff and the UK. Sarah and Richard grew up 30 miles from each other along the coast of West Wales, in houses you could see the sea from. They spent their formative years walking on cold beaches, messing in rock pools and finding records in charity shops a world, and two-hour drive, away from the nearest music scene. Or Topshop! After a substantial usage on BBC drama Lip Service and recent radio support from 6Music's Lauren Laverne, Nemone & Cerys Matthews and Steve Lamacq & Bob Harris on Radio 2, Paper Aeroplanes have been very busy. The band has three headline tours under their belts and recent sell-out shows in London, Birmingham and Norwich. Paper Aeroplanes will be at the Apex, Bury St Edmunds on Tuesday 19th November at 7.30pm. To book tickets contact the box office on 01284 758000 or visit • For more information about the band visit

“Rock 'n' Roll Paradise” is a spectacular rock 'n' roll show where the music plays the leading role! This show delivers the dream line up of six legendary acts in a concert that would have been too good to be true! Now in its fifth year on the road this incredibly talented cast brings you “the show that never was” in the golden era of rock and roll, but delivered with all the fabulous flair of a high-energy 21st century live concert. You’ll be blown away by Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, the Big Bopper and Eddie Cochran, as these icons of rock and roll join each other on stage for this musical extravaganza. Backed by the superb Paradise Band, this show has audiences dancing in the aisles, singing along with the music, and yelling for more. Whether you saw these guys the first time round or are just a fan of live music, Rock ‘n’ Roll Paradise has something for everyone in this feel-good two hour celebration of the magic of rock and roll with over 40 songs packed into this roof raising critically acclaimed show. • “Rock 'n' Roll Paradise” will be at the Regent Theatre, Ipswich on Saturday 23rd November. To book tickets contact the Box office on 01473 433451 or visit





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Fish Supper at your fingertips Avoid flapping around for tasty fish recipes on the move. The Fish Society has just launched its new website for mobile devices so, if you have a smartphone, it takes seconds to net a speedy suppertime menu or a dinner party treat. Either, read-through the list of ingredients and then simply typein the first four characters of the name of the fish or shellfish to 'click' and 'buy' in The Fish Society's online shop. Alternatively, if you're mad about

monkfish or a self-confessed sucker for scallops, then search for your main ingredient first and then check-out the recipe suggestions. "Being able to instantly dip into our full range of over 300 products is welcomed by many of our busy customers," says Alistair Blair, chairman of The Fish Society. "We've taken the hassle out of meal planning. But if you've got the time to browse in the Main Fish Hall or to call by the quickNeasy counter, these

popular sections of our website are readily available too." The Fish Society has also made searching for recipes back in the kitchen easy by including a QR (Quick Response) code on all of its fish labels. Once scanned tempting on-screen ideas are dished-up immediately. And, there's more inspiration contained in The Fish Society's regular mobile-friendly email bulletins. You can register to receive these straight to your inbox at

Thinking inside the box Buying a “Cheap” shipping or storage container is not always the best policy. Billie Box knows that there are a number of container retail companies out there that want to offer you a “cheap” container. Well at Billie Box, they think “You get what you pay for”. Billie Box offers second hand shipping containers that are generally 10 to 15 years old, they are watertight and structurally sound. “We ensure our depots check all our containers before delivery. Remember, they will have been used to ship goods all around the world via sea and road. During their life; they will have been lifted on and off ships and trucks, full and empty. So they will have seen a good shipping life! After about 10 to 15 years or so (time varies depending on the shipping lines sale policy), these containers will be perfect for static storage.” Says Jane Billing of Billie Box. So, if you are thinking of getting a second hand shipping container, here are Billie Box’s top buying tips: Your second hand container should fulfil the following criteria. 1 It MUST be Watertight and structurally sound (you should not see any daylight from inside, when the doors are closed) 2. A lock box (cowl) would need to be fitted – for security 3. Check that the door hinges are working freely 4. The door locking bar handles are working freely 5. The wooden floors are fairly intact 6. There will be surface rust, scratches, scuffs, non-transferable markings and dents which should still be in cube. The above criteria will ensure (with a little maintenance) that your static storage container will last you another 10 to 15 years. There are suppliers that are offering containers that are over 20 years old. These containers will not last as long as the 10 to 15 year old ones. These 20 year old containers will cause you troubles with many elements whilst being used for static storage. The longer a container is used for “shipping” the more it will deteriorate. At Billie Box they strongly recommend you get more information before you buy.


Please do use their buying tips above. And… Remember: You get what you pay for! Billie Box offers 8ft, 10ft, 20ft and 40ft shipping container for static storage. They are available in new or used condition on a sale, rent or conversion basis. • For more information, visit the website: or call Jane, free on 0800 121 7388





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Time to get Composting Make the most of those falling leaves and Get Composting this autumn.

the leaves and helps to speed up the composting process.

The nights are drawing in and there is a distinct chill in the air, all signs that autumn is now upon us. Met Office figures show that 2013 has been the hottest summer since 2006 and the higher than average temperatures along with the occasional heavy downpour, has encouraged plant growth, creating an abundance of garden waste.

The secret of great compost is a good mix of materials (you don’t want too much of any one material). If you have too many leaves for your compost bin, put the excess into a bin bag, make a few holes in it, and leave it in a secluded spot to rot down. It takes a little longer but the end result is leaf mould, a fine product that could be used in place of peat as potting compost for container plants.

The traditional picture of the autumn clear up are mountains of leaves blowing about and smoky bonfires, polluting the atmosphere. A much more environmentally-friendly way to dispose of this waste is to compost it at home. Simply throw it into a compost bin and over the winter months it will rot down into a crumbly rich soil conditioner that will enrich spring planting and help to produce an array of flowers, fruit and vegetables next year. Fallen leaves, pruning’s, dead plants and flowers are great material to feed the compost bin and nature makes sure they are in plentiful supply. A good tip is to use a lawnmower to collect up leaves: this shreds

Home composting is not only great for the garden but also provides an effective and sustainable way of reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. Plus, using a home compost bin will ensure that your wheeled bin is not filled to capacity with unnecessary garden waste. Most local authorities are offering discounted compost bins in partnership with Prices start at £16.98 plus delivery – less than half the recommended retail price of £39. Some local authorities are even subsidising the cost to reduce prices even further.

To see what’s available in your local area - call 0844 571 4444 or visit Simply enter your postcode to find the best deal for you.

Get fruity this Autumn The great summer that we have seen this year has given some bumper fruit harvests following on from last year's wet autumn followed by an unseasonably cold spring and a hot summer.


Research commissioned by the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) revealed that over two fifths (41%) of gardeners mistakenly believe that fruit trees and berries should be planted in spring, whilst in actual fact autumn is the key time to do so. Despite the surge in grow your own gardening; many people still overlook the possibilities of home grown fruit tree and berries. There is an increasing number of tasty, unusual fruit such as gooseberries, blueberries and loganberries that will happily grow in the UK climate. As part of the Plan it, Plant it this Autumn campaign, the HTA aims to encourage gardeners to start planting their fruit and berries plants when the soil is warm and at its best. Small fruits and berries are nutritious, easy to grow at home and relatively low-maintenance, but planting them is a long-term commitment and it can take several seasons before fruit is seen. As the greatest abundance of

fruit tends to appear in late summer and early autumn, it's important to plant them during the autumn season and early winter. Both raspberries and blackberries can be planted as bare root plants in the autumn months Raspberry varieties such as ‘Joan J’, ‘Autumn Bliss’ and ‘Glen Ample’ can be grown in both beds and containers. New canes will carry their first crop this time next year and can be harvested through from July until October. Blackberry varieties such as ‘Reuben’, ‘Loch Tay’ and ‘Asterina’ can also be planted from September/October onwards in a sunny spot and will produce an abundance of fruit the following year. Autumn is also the prime time to plant blueberries, fig trees, blackcurrant bushes, strawberries, rhubarb, cherry trees and gooseberries ready to harvest in the summer next year. It is also provides the ideal opportunity

to tidy up existing fruit beds by removing any dead and yellowing leaves from plants. Mulch existing and new plants with compost or manure and remove any plants showing signs of disease to promote growth. Fruit trees are best planted in the autumn, which is considered nature’s time to plant. Newly planted trees do best when exposed to moderate temperatures and rainfall and they need time to root and acclimatize before the onset of summer heat or the harsher temperatures of winter. Fruit trees can be divided into two categories: Pip Fruit involves apples and pears and Stone Fruit involves plums, apricots, peaches, greengages, nectarines, cherries and damsons. Each type of fruit tree has a wide range of varieties and, once planted in the autumn, fruit will eventually be produced over a long period in summer for storage into autumn.




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Health and Wellbeing Advice is that you should exercise all year With summer now a distant memory and winter slowly creeping in, The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) points out that accredited trainers are instrumental in helping exercisers to maintain focus and avoid the winter blues.

their part in encouraging those whose interest in exercise wanes at the end of the summer. Attitudes tend to change and adapt to the current season; particularly with the aptly named SAD seasonal effective disorder, which is why there’s need for new approaches.

The Register, which promotes professionalisation and personal development within the exercise industry, has called on those in the sector to play

The lack of sun we are exposed to during the winter can affect morale but keeping active improves a sense of wellbeing. Exercising regularly comes with many

perks – both mental and physical – and strengthens the immune system thus lessening the risks of a cold. It’s therefore important that exercise continues well into the winter, according to REPs. Greg Small, Operations Manager of SkillsActive, the Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure and Wellbeing, which operates REPs, said, “Although keeping fit and active in the colder months is just as important as keeping fit in any other season, it’s far

too often neglected at this time of year. The winter blues are caused by the inability to keep active during the day and the feeling of being cooped up all the time. “Exercise generates endorphins which trigger feelings of happiness within the brain, improving concentration and energy levels; so keeping active will therefore be extremely effective in fighting the blues. It all starts; however, with the motivation and resolve to give a new

training regime a flying start, which accredited professionals, can play a key role in assisting with.” Greg continued “Fats and toxins exist all year round, so it helps to maintain a good diet and fitness regime. It goes without saying that many will flock to the gym in January to begin their New Year’s resolutions, but until then, registered professionals will continue to offer support their clients in a variety of ways in order to keep clients active.”

How to Help Your Immune System

with JULES BUTTON of Rainbow Apothecary

The Immune System is your body’s natural defense system. It’s a complex network of cells, tissues and organs that link together to defend your body against nasty invaders. These nasties can include bacteria, viruses, parasites, even fungus, all with the potential to make us ill. A healthy immune system protects us by helping to create a barrier to reduce the amount of nasties entering the body. There is no single pill or supplement that will boost your immune system; it is a combination of many factors that will help keep you healthy during the winter months. Sleep: If you are deprived of sleep you may feel fatigued, irritable and run down, well so does your immune system. During sleep your body has the chance to heal and replenish. Lack of sleep can lead to more colds, flu, and other infections. Try to get at least seven hours sleep to aid healing.

Exercise: Researchers aren’t sure exactly how exercise helps strengthen the immune system but studies do show that people who exercise have better functioning white blood cells. Even just going for a 30 minute brisk walk everyday can help improve your immune function and help to decreases stress levels. Stress: When your body is under constant stress, you’re more vulnerable to everything from the common cold to major diseases. Look at your lifestyle and see what changes you can make to incorporate relaxation and fun. Meditation, exercise, hobbies and being with friends help you enjoy life more, thus feeling less stressed. Healthy Diet: Eating healthily is essential for a strong immune system. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals can boost resistance to infection. Fruit and Vegetables that are dark green, red, yellow and

orange are packed with antioxidants. Make sure you drink adequate water everyday; cells need fluid to stay healthy. Supplements: A professional grade Multivitamin and Mineral taken with a good Antioxidant can help your immune system. During the winter, herbs such as Echinacea, Elderberry, Turmeric, Garlic and Astragalus are know to improve wellbeing. Supplements that include; Selenium, Zinc, the B Vitamins, D, E and C can also be of benefit if taken regularly. Good relationships, a healthy diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep will all help keep your immune system healthy. If you think you are lacking in vitamins or would like to take some herbs to help boast your immune system, talk to a Nutritionist, Herbalist or pop into an

independent Health Shop. Don’t take loads of supplements just for the sake of it; what you take, when you take it and the quality of supplements can make a huge difference. It pays to get professional advice. For more information about this article or Naturopathic advice contact or call 01394 386777 or pop into Rainbow Apothecary 6E Church Street Woodbridge IP12 1DH

Zinc Testing on Saturday 16th November at Rainbow Apothecary call in or telephone to book your test.





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Health and Wellbeing Remembering a loved one Sign up and get connected with app A series of special remembrance events will be held in East Suffolk for people wanting to remember a loved one in the lead up to Christmas. St Elizabeth Hospice is holding six Light up a Life events to bring together anyone, not just those touched by Hospice care, who wish to remember and celebrate the lives of loved ones at this poignant time of year. Each event includes Christmas carols, music and readings as well as a time for reflection. The events are free to attend, no ticket is needed just turn up on the day. Your nearest Light up a Life event is being held at: Framlingham: Sunday 1st December 4pm, St Michael’s Church. Stowmarket: Sunday 8th December 4pm, inside the United Reformed Church, Ipswich Street. Felixstowe: Sunday 15th December 4pm, Trinity Methodist Church, Hamilton Road. Ipswich: Sunday 15th December 4pm, St Mary le Tower Church. Ipswich: Thursday 19th December 6.30pm, St Elizabeth Hospice, Foxhall Road.

Get Connected Helpline Launches Charity App Supported By Actor Daniel Radcliffe Get Connected, the UK’s free confidential helpline service for under-25s, has launched the first ever charity helpline App of its kind. ‘Get Help’ with the new Get Connected App will give 14 to 25 year olds access to the Get Connected Helpline in their pocket via phone, text, email, webchat and the online directory, WebHelp 24/7. Uniquely featuring geolocation software, the App gives information on the most local help available. Last year 95,000 young people contacted Get Connected about a wide range of issues including homelessness, self-harm, bullying and drugs.

Pilates is for You

Pilates is a safe and effective form of exercise suitable for any age and any level of fitness. It's loved by elite athletes who find their increased flexibility and strength can give them that extra edge when it comes to top performance. But it's also great for people with limited mobility and fitness that can include older people, people who've had an injury or who've recently had a baby, all looking to regain a bit of their old self. The Penny Jones Pilates Studio is on the Suffolk Food Hall site at Wherstead, just outside Ipswich. It's very close to the A14 tucked under the Orwell Bridge, it means in just 20 minutes you can get to the studio from the Woodbridge, Stowmarket and Colchester areas. There is plenty of free parking, and it's easy to combine a class with a little shopping or a well-earned cappuccino. The mat work classes are small, with maximum of ten in each group. Some are more suitable for beginners; others are aimed at people who've been practising Pilates for some time. At Penny Jones Pilates they are happy to advise you where to start and how to progress to get the most out of your class. All the classes take place in a dedicated studio in a converted medieval barn, and all the equipment you need is provided. There are classes Monday to Saturday during the day and the evening. A block of six classes costs £51. Look at the website or call on 01473 604300 to find out more information.


The new App, funded by social investor Nominet Trust, will also keep young people regularly updated with exclusive free or discounted products and services donated by Get Connected’s corporate supporters. Actor Daniel Radcliffe, Get Connected’s ‘Best Friend’ supporter said, "It’s brilliant! With this App on their phone young people all over the country will know that they are just one tap away from help whenever they need it." Fiona Clark, Chief Executive of Get Connected, said, "The Get Connected Helpline App ensures our Helpline remains accessible to young people, enabling them to access to our support 24/7 regardless of where they live". Annika Small, CEO Nominet Trust, funders of the Get Connected Helpline App said, “We love funding the sorts of innovative pilots and prototypes that other funders would find too risky. Young people, as we all know, are under real social pressure right now but are tremendous users of technology.” Thomas Mueler, Deputy Head of Programmes, Child Helpline International said, "The Get Connected App is the first project of this kind in Europe and has a great opportunity to inspire or be re-used by organisations in many other countries". Andrew Harrison, CEO of Carphone Warehouse, Get Connected’s biggest corporate partner, said “At Carphone Warehouse, we believe in the power of technology to enhance people’s lives. This is why we’re proud to support this ground breaking new app, which will help reach more young people seek trusted help and support, whenever they need it, wherever they are in the UK.’ The App can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play and




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TEL. IPSWICH 742708 Celebrating over 30 Years IPSWICH24 COMPETITION RULES & CONDITIONS: The editor's decision will always be final. No competition entry will be entered into. Ipswich24 cannot be held responsible for cancellation of events (in the event of cancellation no transfer will be offered or cash alternative). We cannot be held responsible for failure of entries not arriving by deadline. There is no cash alternative to any prize. If you send entries for several competitions in one envelope, each competition must be on a separate postcard with the answer and your details, including a contact telephone number (failure to do this will result in your entry not being included). Ipswich24 reserve the right to pass on competition entry details to third parties, If you do not wish you details to be passed on please state so on your entry.





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IPSWICH24 _ November 2013  

Firework guide, events for November, plus we talk to Jason Donovan

IPSWICH24 _ November 2013  

Firework guide, events for November, plus we talk to Jason Donovan