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Exploring the Option of a Retirement Community Old age is something not everybody is prepared for. It brings about significant life changes and limitations. Fortunately, many options are available for seniors to live the retirement life they wanted aside from aging at home. Ideally, planning stage starts when one is still active and able to work for the conceived old age existence. Planning for the retirement age should include option for living in a retirement community. Retirement community are housing accommodations for active seniors 55 years old and above with minimal needed assistance. There are different levels of retirement communities catering to seniors’ different circumstances. 

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Independent living. This community is designed for seniors who value their independence and are still active, with no mental and health issues and do not need assistance in activities of daily living. Assisted living. Seniors in this community enjoy the lifestyle of independent living plus the security of having 24 hours assistance with basic activities like bathing, grooming, cooking, dressing, toileting and transferring from one position or location to another. Continuing care. This retirement community offers extension from independent living and assisted living to a time in the future where extra health care needs arise. Elder co-housing. This community is planned, owned and managed by residents who also serve as the socialization network for the community. There are multiple-owned units built in one area with common place for activities. LGBT community. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders fear of discrimination especially in their old days. The LGBT community offers same services afforded the other types of retirement communities in a discrimination-free environment. Active adult. This is a variation of independent living but designed to cater seniors who are active in fun, leisure and sports activities. Communities like these may include swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court or golf course.

What to expect in a retirement community? A whole lot of conveniences, activities and socialization await seniors in retirement communities. Nowadays, senior living takes a big leap from the monotony of aging at home to a lifestyle full of fun and excitement. Most retirement communities have some or all of the following:       

Wellness and entertainment facilities including clubhouses, pool, workout facilities, library, media room, movie theaters Planned activities and events such as day trips, shopping out, special-interest groups Cultural and recreational events Concierge service Local transportation Laundry service 24-hour security

  

Computer access Beauty salon and barber shop Gardens and walking pathway

The cost of aging in a retirement community depends on many factors. First thing to consider is the type of community you’ll perfectly fit in. Next consideration is your financial capability. Your planning should include budget for the entrance fee which is most of the time non-refundable. If you’re planning for a monthly rate, you should expect for yearly increase in price. Extra services and high class amenities call for higher costs. The type of house you prefer also depends on your ability to pay for it. When you consider aging in a retirement community, intangible benefits should be weighed equally with the financial aspects of the plan. Advantages of a retirement community include:       

Freedom from housekeeping and home maintenance Social connections Well-planned meals Assisted living services Recreational activities Mental stimulation Transportation

Retirement communities are changing the way seniors live their golden age. It’s the best alternative to aging at home where seniors can still live life to the fullest where loneliness can never be a problem and self-esteem is boosted through various activities and programs. About the Author: Kristina Brown, a proficient provider of care for Home Care Arizona has been passionately involved in the endeavor. She wants to share insightful information about it. You can learn more about us by visiting us.

Exploring the Option of a Retirement Community  

Old age is something not everybody is prepared for. It brings about significant life changes and limitations. Fortunately, many options are...

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