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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: Sarah French, Marketing Coordinator Community Properties of Ohio (CPO Management), Community Properties Impact Corporation (CPO Impact) Telephone: 614.545.3023 Fax: 614.253.4218 Email: CPO POVERTY INITIATIVE EXPANDS TO BROADER COMMUNITY-LEVEL THROUGH PARTNERSHIP WITH THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY AND INTERNATIONAL POVERTY SOLUTIONS COLLABORATIVE Former Community Properties of Ohio Vice President, Louise Seipel, accepts position with OSU and forms joint partnership with CPO. March 3, 2011, Columbus, OH – Louise Seipel, former VP of Community Relations, has accepted the position of Community Engagement Director with the International Poverty Solutions Collaborative (IPSC), an organization initiated with support of Academic Affairs and Research offices of The Ohio State University. CPO is proud that through her work with CPO residents, partners and staff, Ms. Seipel has laid a foundation for greater community-wide impact on poverty solutions. Ms. Seipel has been appointed to the CPO Impact Board of Trustees. This will provide the opportunity for continued and significant collaboration with these organizations and CPO. CPO Management provides quality affordable housing, and is committed to helping residents move beyond poverty where possible. The CPO portfolio presents unique challenges, requiring ongoing innovation and significant investment. Community Properties Impact Corporation (CPO Impact) was established to fund CPO initiatives and support the research and development needed to find and design interventions to further the mission of CPO, including stabilized housing, safe neighborhoods, and helping CPO children to become successful. Through the support of partner and funders (United Way of Central Ohio, JP Morgan Chase Foundation, Columbus Foundation and the Women’s Fund of Central Ohio) CPO housing is a stepping stone to future opportunities for residents.

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Ms. Seipel has been the heart of the CPO Impact mission and is broadly recognized as a ‘community treasure.’ She has fostered true community, with the safety necessary to support the real dialogue needed to better understand the issues related to poverty. Over time, CPO Impact has leveraged CPO as a community learning laboratory to foster community and systems impact for the benefit of CPO residents and other individuals living in Columbus. Core programs, including Bridges Out of Poverty, Circles and Getting Ahead (curriculum created by aha! Process) were envisioned to support greater community impact, including fostering a deeper understanding of the causes and reality of poverty, allowing individuals and organizations to recognize what can be done to make things better. We are grateful to Howard Goldstein, Principal Investigator and IPSC, as well as the many other community partners and funders who have been involved in the Bridges and Circles work, and are proud to see this work moving to a broader community forum. The mission of the IPSC is to identify holistic, culturally relevant solutions for individuals, families, and communities facing poverty and its consequences. Ms. Seipel has significant experience and expertise in this field will make a significant impact on poverty dialogue at a community-wide level through the work she will be doing with IPSC. This is challenging work. Together we can make a difference. Resources:,,


CPO Press Release, Louise Seipel  

CPO Management announces Louise Seipel as the new Community Engagement Directof with The International Poverty Solutions Collaborative

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