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APTE 2011

MISSION The Alleviating Poverty Through Entrepreneurship Summit seeks to educate, inspire, and empower individuals to alleviate local and global poverty through market-based solutions. By connecting students, academics, practitioners, policy makers, and community members, the Summit spreads the spark of social entrepreneurship and gives attendees concrete channels of action to create positive social change.

APTE 2011

VISION APTE 2011 will be extensively marketed to universities across the US in order to build bridges between students across multiple campuses. Furthermore, all APTE planning processes will be carefully documented and institutionalized to create an easily replicable turnkey operation for future years and in new locations. APTE 2011’s Innovation Marketplace seeks to provide numerous channels for action for all student attendees through placement in mission-aligned internships, volunteer and research opportunities, and studies abroad. APTE 2011 will specifically examine how innovation in the sectors of healthcare, energy, and education can holistically alleviate poverty.

APTE 2011


APTE 2011

TIMELINE OF EVENTS An opportunity for registered APTE attendees from around the country to eat and drink with people interested in similar topics

The channel for action for all inspired APTE participants. (Please see the Innovation Marketplace section for a more concrete description)

Innovation Marketplace @ Gateway Film Center (tentative)

No-Host Dinners (aka Dine-Arounds) @ local restaurants April 14th, 2011 6PM-8PM

April 14th, 2011 8PM-10PM

April 15th, 2011 9AM-6PM

Speaker and Supporter Networking and Appreciation Reception @ Sandbox

The Summit @ Mershon Auditorium of the Wexner Center for the Arts

A modest reception to thank all who have been heavily involved in the realization of APTE 2011

An interactive series of speaker presentations, all focusing on market-based solutions to alleviating poverty (an expected audience of 500-800)

April 15th, 2011 6PM-8PM

APTE 2011

APTE 2011

CONFIRMED SPEAKERS Gaby Blocher Research Director of Nuru International From a practitioner's perspective, why is research crucial in the fight against global poverty? Nuru International is a social venture dedicated to fighting the greatest humanitarian crisis of our generation: extreme poverty. Its mission is to eradicate extreme poverty by holistically empowering rural communities to achieve self-sufficiency and inspiring the developed world to confront the crisis of extreme poverty.

Keith Zook Global Sustainability Fellow of P&G’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program How can (and why should) large corporations fight against global poverty?


P&G is committed to improving the lives of people around the globe, saving children's lives, and providing clean drinking water to as many people as possible. As the creator and producer of the PUR packets, P&G provides both technical expertise and financial support, in addition to human resources, manufacturing facilities, research and advocacy, for this global issue.

APTE 2011

CONFIRMED SPEAKERS Katherine Rosenberg Director of Evaluation and Education at Grameen America The story of how a Bangladeshi microfinance model was successfully implemented in inner-city America. Grameen America provides affordable micro-loans to financially empower low-income entrepreneurs in inner-city communities across the United States. Grameen America relies on the lending model developed over 30 years by Grameen Bank in Bangladesh to serve the 28 million Americans who lack access to financial services.

Josh Nesbit Founder of FrontlineSMS:Medic

How can entrepreneurs use the world’s 5 billion cell phones to fight poverty?

The mission of FrontlineSMS:Medic is to advance healthcare networks in under-served communities using innovative, appropriate mobile technologies. Its centerpiece is FrontlineSMS, a free, open-source software platform that enables large-scale, two-way text messaging using only a laptop, a GSM modem, and inexpensive cell phones.

APTE 2011

CONFIRMED SPEAKERS Sonya Perez-Lauterbach Director of Young Ambassadors for Opportunity International What obstacles does the microfinance model face and what innovative solutions are being employed to confront them? Opportunity International provides microfinance loans, savings, insurance and training to over two million people who are working their way out of poverty in the developing world. Clients in over 20 countries use these financial services to start or expand a business, provide for their families, create jobs for their neighbors and build a safety net for the future.

Audrey Seagraves Director of Programs at World of Good

How can the average consumer join the fight in alleviating poverty?

World of Good creates innovative technical solutions to empower informal workers around the world. By recently partnering with eBay, it became the world’s first online marketplace to convene thousands of People Positive and Eco Positive sellers and products all in one place, empowering consumers to shop in ways that align with their personal values.

APTE 2011

CONFIRMED SPEAKERS Jill Kickul Director of Satter Program for Social Entrepreneurship at NYU Stern How has the field of social entrepreneurship changed in the past and where is it heading in the future? The Satter Program in Entrepreneurship is to educate, challenge, and inspire social entrepreneurs to leverage intellectual, social, and financial capital resources with a focus on social change, innovation, and impact. The program provides training and skills that enable social entrepreneurs to create, grow, and accelerate their businesses and social value propositions.

Erin Krampetz Co-Director of Ashoka U

How can students get involved in social entrepreneurship on their college campuses? Ashoka is the global association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs—men and women with system changing solutions for the world’s most urgent social problems. Since 1981, Ashoka has elected over 2,700 leading social entrepreneurs as Ashoka Fellows, providing them with living stipends, professional support, and access to a global network of peers in more than 70 countries.

APTE 2011

CONFIRMED SPEAKERS Dr. Howard Goldstein and Dr. Jay Barney Directors of International Poverty Solutions Collaborative What obstacles does the microfinance model face and what innovative solutions are being employed to confront them? IPSC is a group of over 70 faculty committed to partnering with practitioners and community members to find solutions to the problem of poverty. It believes that the complicated problems facing today’s families and communities requires insight on the interrelations among economic, social, cultural, educational, health and political factors that impact people’s lives.

Shuiab Siddiqui, Yasmina Zaidman, and Wei Wei Hsing Portfolio Managers for the Acumen Fund What obstacles does the microfinance model face and what innovative solutions are being employed to confront them? Acumen Fund is a non-profit global venture fund that uses small amounts of philanthropic capital, combined with large doses of business acumen, to build thriving enterprises that serve vast numbers of the poor. Its investments focus on delivering affordable, critical goods and services – like health, water, and energy – through innovative, market-oriented approaches. *due to the Acumen Fund’s annual board meetings occurring on the same date as APTE, Shuiab,Yasmina, and Wei Wei will join the conference via a pre-recorded message

APTE 2011

CONFIRMED SPEAKERS Taylor Stuckert and Mark Rembert Co-Founders of Energize Clinton County What obstacles does the microfinance model face and what innovative solutions are being employed to confront them? In the midst of crisis after the town of Wilmington lost 8,000 jobs overnight, Energize Clinton County has led efforts to revive the community by demonstrating new possibilities for local economic development and a rich community life. Realizing that its challenges are shared by communities across the country, ECC is working to make Clinton County a model for small towns seeking to rediscover their place in the world.

APTE 2011

APTE 2011

TARGETED SPEAKERS Geoffrey Canada CEO and Founder of Harlem Children’s Zone

Thoughts on the role of the average consumer in alleviating poverty.

Called "one of the most ambitious social-service experiments of our time,” the Harlem Children's Zone Project is a unique, holistic approach to rebuilding a community so that its children can stay on track through college.The goal is to create a "tipping point" in the neighborhood so that children are surrounded by an enriching environment of college-oriented peers and supportive adults, a counterweight to "the street" and a toxic popular culture.

Hans Rosling Founder of Gapminder Institute

Thoughts on the role of the average consumer in alleviating poverty.

Gapminder is a non-profit venture – a modern “museum” on the Internet – promoting sustainable global development and achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Its Trendalyzer software seeks to unveil the beauty of statistical time series by converting boring numbers into enjoyable, animated and interactive graphics.

APTE 2011







APTE 2011

Metrics of Success: !  25 students plugged into socially entrepreneurial internships !  15 students conducting research in poverty alleviation !  150 volunteer opportunities !  $1,000 in socially conscious merchandise sold !  300 attendees

APTE 2011


Kyle Girardi

Adam Millat

Kali Grant


Suzy Bureau

Jaime Gusching

Megan Colgan

Alyssa Antram

David Sherry

Bill Babeaux

Jon Fish

Madeline McCarty

OUR CREDENTIALS AND EXPERIENCE Studied abroad in Ecuador ! Intern at Opportunity International ! Co-Organizer of APTE 2010 ! Studied abroad in Ethiopia ! President of OSU Net Impact " Honors Researcher in Low Energy Water Desalination ! Mentor at Invention Convention ! Studied abroad in Brazil ! Community Organizer in Bolivia " Intern at JoeMetric ! Member of the Honors Collegium ! Intern at Ashoka: Innovators for the Public ! Critical Language Scholarship Recipient – Turkey " VP of Social Entrepreneurship - Business Builders Club ! Intern at Adept Marketing ! Studied abroad in Spain ! Undergraduate Student Government Business Senator ! Studied abroad in Mexico ! President of Alpha Pi Epsilon ! Intern at OSU Office of Energy Services and Sustainability ! Honors Contract Business Student ! Co-Founder of OSU chapter of Global Business Brigades ! VP of Marketing – Business Builders Club ! Intern at JackThreads ! Studied abroad in France ! Emerson Fellow " OSU Presidential Scholar ! Intern at Merrill Lynch ! Production Associate at Dannon ! Ashoka Ambassador ! Apple Scholar ! Studied abroad in Italy

APTE 2011


Dr. Sharon Alvarez

Dr. Melissa Briggs-Phillips

Tony Wells

Dr. Mabel Freeman

Sean McGee

Professor at the Fisher College of Business

Director of the International Poverty Solutions Collaborative

Business and Community Leader with 23 years of experience in the IT industry

Vice President of Undergraduate Admissions and First Year Experience

Founding Partner of CauseImpact and serial entrepreneur


APTE 2011


Alleviating Poverty Through Entrepreneurship

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