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i-Suite Brochure 2020 Making solutions work together

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Our Mission Our mission is to be the 'go-to' provider of smartcard and payment systems, to become a recognised supplier within corporate and other educational marketplaces.


To deliver systems which are unrivalled in the marketplace in both their technical ability, affordability and reliability. We will achieve this by expanding our operations and extending our horizon, consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

About Us

Enhancement of customer satisfaction will be implemented and measured through the effective application of our processes for continual improvement.

Established for 10 years, IPS Ltd has provided tailored integrated and practical solutions for a range of industry sectors. We value our customers and take on board their requirements to make sure that we deliver high-quality products.

IPS Ltd is committed to maintaining and improving a documented Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. Through on-going strategic planning and effective systems and processes, we aim to satisfy the needs and expectations of all our stakeholders.

Our technology can enable your company to deliver overall better customer experience without having to employ additional staff.

We provide bespoke hardware and software solutions to assist in visitor management, stock & till management, access control and cashless payments to both the private and industry sectors. Many of the IPS Ltd staff have worked for many years within the further education sector and fully understand their policies and procedures. With that in mind, we have been able to create a range of bespoke systems that are tailor-fit to the education sector, ensuring that our software meets all safeguarding standards. We are highly recommended in the industry and are rated for our product quality and customer loyalty.





For more information on our products, take a look at our website ips.software

Our Products

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i-Connect i-Pay

i-Connect extracts data from your Management Infomation system without you having to supply us with any secure documentation. The IPS Development Team is then able to extract the data into any of the IPS systems that you require without breaking data protection regulations. If new data is entered or updated into your Management Information System, i-Connect is able to automatically extract this information. IPS stores all data provided in the IPS Ltd database that is hosted on your premises. The data held here may vary depending on your requirements but is held in a GDPR compliant environment.


The active directory system is an umbrella for a broad range of directory-based identity related services. i-ADD investigates your management information systems, it is able to identify if an existing account is in place and then creates a password, email address, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams (the new virtual learning platform) and groups accounts for the individual. It will then categorise the user into the correct organisation unit (OU) based off the information provided. i-ADD can provide this information in seconds reducing staff time consumption and enable them to work on other daily duties. This system can also be used as self-service, and it can be accessible from anyone who needs to reset their logins or passwords securely.

For more information on our products, take a look at our website ips.software

i-Card Our personalised ID Card’s (i-Card) functionality are state-of-the-art.

i-Card issues users ID cards utilising Mifare technology to provide a one card solution in your company. Therefore saving your organisation money for any additional cards and software input replication. The information is collated when someone starts employment, a visitor signs in, a contractor arrives onsite or students enrol onto courses. i-Card allows the manual entry of user records not otherwise supplied from your Management Information System, such as contractors and visitors. You can set these users an access level inside i-Card which will give them the appropriate access rights within your access control system.


This printing can be sent to any card printer within the network allowing for flexible print stations. The card is compatible with all IPS Ltd products and can also be integrated to work with both your existing hardware and software (subject to a consultation). The i-Card system features a designer which allows you to create and customise a design which can be set to cards, meaning that your corporate brand is visible and in your control. There is also a printer dashboard that provides you with real time statistics on the card printing operations.

i-Card printing can be done individually or within batches, either manually or through your MIS system.

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i-Access i-Access

Keep your buildings secure with our integrated Access control system gateway, that automates user and access level entry. The MIS system defines the access level for a user. When that user is processed through IPS and they are issued an ID card within seconds, that card will be usable on the access control system. Through i-Access you remove the manual process of entering and updating the access control system. Cards will be automatically blocked when a card reaches its expiry date set by your MIS system. This state-of-the-art product is also a security reporting system that can report who has entered rooms at a given time, and can also track movement around the building utilising UHF and RFID technologies. Make your building occupants safe, your assets protected, reduce risks and maximise efficiency.

For more information on our products, take a look at our website ips.software


i-Work i-Pay


Through the use of video recording hardware, the i-Eye system is able to trigger video recording at the tap of a card.

i-Work is an administration system that can upload and manage large amounts of work and send it to a manageable location.

There is no need to have additional camcorders. i-Eye is set-up using a fixed IP address and state-of-art hardware which is installed in your desired location.

This technology enables users to send work remotely and not have to be on the premises of a company.

It can be turned on when an ID card is scanned on a reader, the activation is shown by a green-light indicator, and the same process deactivates the recording, this time a red-light indicator is displayed. When finished, recordings are automatically uploaded to a configured location. This system is suitable for dictation, interviews and training purposes in all industries. It also is effective in a range of sectors, including; the emergency services and the education sector, ideal for students who need to generate visual portfolio evidence.

This is a perfect solution for the education sector, particularly for university students who have late deadlines or apprentices and students that are on work placement and do not spend time in college. This system provides a wealth of access for students, college staff, employers and parents. Importantly, it links to the student records system. Students can view their placement details, log their hours, upload evidence, submit work-ready evidence and complete evaluations. Parents can also gain access to give parental consent. Employers can even access i-Work to log attendance. It also has very important safeguarding advice and documentation.

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i-Mark Live self-service registration software that identifies class attendance and helps student retention...


This technology is ideal for training providers, schools, colleges, and universities. i-Mark provides immediate awareness of absence, lateness, shows if students are attending the wrong classes, if tutors have used the wrong rooms and if classes started late or too early. It provides a live report to your management information system, meaning safeguarding, attendance, accurate classroom utilisation awareness and for tutors - register taking is never an issue. i-Mark is activated when a tutor scans their card in a classroom and the student follows by scanning their card against the reader to mark their attendance. This automatically produces the register in the Student Record System.

“Over a three month period Hugh Baird College has had a trial of i-Mark and has tested this against the subjects of English and Maths. During the trail, the attendance level increased at an outstanding rate making the trial be invaluable. We are delighted with the improvement and we intend to use i-Mark throughout the rest of the College Curriculum.” John Billington Head of Services

Less work for teachers

Less room for error

Less work for admin

Less chasing to achieve 100% register completion

Less input from data personnel

More time for personal interaction during registry periods Automated tracking of staff and student’s attendance

For more information on our products, take a look at our website ips.software


i-Monitor i-Visit


i-Visit is a visitor management system that can track, pre-book, sign-in and sign-out visitors.

i-Monitor is a highly technical safeguarding system that tracks the movements of all people within your building.

The technology can be configured to send alerts to the person being visited by email or SMS. These alerts can provide the time of appointments, the reason for the visit and the visitor's photograph.

It can identify what rooms people have been in and where they currently are. This information allows you to track user activity and the flow of people within your building.

This straight forward system also provides you with a full understanding of who is within your building at all times, meaning that your security is second to none. The visitor receives a label or an ID card that can be programmed with access level, money for hospitality and signing out when they leave.

Alerts are created and configured based on parameters set by you, such as the frequency of door use by individual users. This system is ideal for a range of industries, from organisations who need to have secure buildings and even for the further education sector, who have vulnerable students that need to be monitored.

Giving your visitors a great first impression and reducing their waiting time is achievable with i-Visit. There will be no need to use the old fashioned paper-based visitors’ books and stops reception staff trying to locate the person they are meeting.

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i-Pay i-Pay

i-Pay is a secure multipurpose payment platform that allows your customers to pay for set items and services that you manage. Users can login through AD accounts enabling them to purchase items from a set shop, top-up their catering balance, pay for trips and even allows for parent and guardian control. A parent and guardian have the ability to top-up the child's account, report on what they have been spending and track any bursary statements that they may have.



This easy to use technology enables users to keep their cash and credit cards at home and always know that they are able to purchase items within your company using the one card solution.

For more information on our products, take a look at our website ips.software

i-Till i-Till

Our i-Till system uses cluster synchronisation, meaning, every till is included on the central server and contains all the information generated by every user ...

i-Till allows cashless payment through the use of user ID Cards.

i-Till enables the collation of Some of the units we have been live data reporting as and supplying have been in situ for when required. over 9 years and are still fully functioning today. Our method of installation enables tills to work offline After training, tills can be when your networks fail. programmed by your company admin users, who can list Once the tills are back products, manage operators, online they will synchronise program deals and run with each other to reports. update on the transactions that they have made. IPS Ltd can work with you to split This avoids downtime VAT automatically through when these occurrences cashless payments by adding take place. buttons on the till for staff and students, enabling the checkout i-Till utilises hardware that is to be separate (VAT and manufactured by our non-VAT). partner, Posiflex. It comes in a variety of models and is Customers can use a range of currently used by a range payment methods to purchase of companies including; products at the till using cashless Waitrose and KFC. catering, these include; Cash,

Apple, Android, Google Pay, Debit or Credit Card, Vouchers, Cheques and the ID Cards (that are supplied to staff, students, visitors or contractors). Scanning an issued ID card at a till will identify that user and select them. Once selected the operator can identify them by their name, photograph and current cashless/bursary balance. The system is compatible with a range of PDQ machines and can be integrated with any payment provider.

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i-Order i-Pay

i-Order provides a mobile alternative to making orders, pre-orders, and payments suitable in a queue or restaurant environment to provide your customers with the advanced customer service that you cannot beat. Waiting staff can take orders from customers with hand held devices, that submits the order straight to the kitchen and then to the tills. This eliminates the need to keep track of orders with paper and streamlines the process with easy to read screens. Through i-Order you can tackle queues directly, ensuring your customers are served in a speedy manner. The simplistic interface enables you to have full control over the tables on your restaurant floor.


i-Vend integrates vending machines into our existing cashless catering solution. The control of vending machines can be done through i-Stock, which includes creating items, editing prices and changing layouts. Stock is managed and alerts can be configured to identify that stock is running low. It generates a full stock control report which identifies a total of stock purchased and how many products are left. The primary integration allows customers to purchase items using their ID cards with their cashless purse.

Need to move tables around? No problem, with i-Order you can manage and align the layout of your restaurant.

For more information on our products, take a look at our website ips.software

i-Kiosk i-Kiosk

A self-service Kiosk that enables independence for the user. Through one of these stations you can view and top-up your cashless balance, reset your AD password, purchase a replacement ID card and sign-in as a visitor. When issuing a new ID card by using state-of-the-art facial recognition technology, our software can confirm the identity of the user and allow them to proceed. Having this machine reduces queue time, cuts down on staff intervention and allows them to focus on their day-to-day activities. The i-Kiosk is also able to have a reporting facility to provide a range of data to key players within the business. The i-Kiosk is heavily customisable so that it can meet your exact requirements.

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At IPS Ltd we have focused to make our software compatible with a wide range of hardware and pride ourselves in integration with new state-of-the-art technology. We are able to integrate with any existing systems in your organisation, including:Management Information Systems: -

Hardware IPS Ltd is proud to work alongside partners who share our vision to provide robust and reliable solutions. Where our software technology is the brain, their hardware is the body, allowing seamless services to be constructed and tailored to your exact needs.

ProSolutions, EBS, Civica, REMS, SIMS, & Unit-e Access Control Systems: Paxton, Salto, Lynel, Synel, Avigilon, SmartAir & Assa Abloy ID Printers : Evolis, Magicard, Smart IDP & Zebra Auxiliary Management Systems: Heritage & Papercut AND MANY MORE

Whether that be through providing high-quality ID cards with Zebra card printers, safeguarding solutions with Paxton or catering solutions with ForPOS. IPS Ltd’s ever-expanding portfolio of partnerships with manufacturers, as integrators at heart, we strive to provide multiple solutions and the hardware necessary to do so. As part of our partnership with our suppliers we can provide unique and competitive quotes to our customers to enable them to make extensive savings.

To find out more about the hardware we have available contact 01202 006 677 we can also provide you with a FREE quote.

IPS Partners For more information on our products, take a look at our website ips.software

IPS Ltd is now Zebra Certified Registered resellers - enabling us to provide competitive pricing. Registered Independent Software Vendor - our i-Card is Zebra certified solution Registered Card Specialists enabling us to supply the Zebra ZC350 specialist printer Coming Soon Printer Repair Specialist - allowing us to provide a complete level of service of Zebra printers To be announced in 2020

To find out more 01202 006 677 ZEBRA ÂŽ ZXP SERIES 7 TM PRINTERS

To speak with one of the IPS team or request a FREE consultation contact 01202 006 677