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SPECIAL FOCUS | Iskandar Malaysia – High Speed Rail Link and The Medini Advantage

ISKANDAR MALAYSIA – HIGH SPEED RAIL LINK AND THE MEDINI ADVANTAGE Ho Chin Soon’s research focus on Iskandar Malaysia has given him invaluable insight into its accelerated growth and the tremendous investment opportunities it offers.

Ho Chin Soon, Chairman of Ho Chin Soon Research Sdn Bhd sat down with editor, Roshan Kaur Sandhu to highlight 2 key developments that he defines as game changers to Iskandar – The High Speed Rail (HSR) link and Medini. He began by providing us with key statistics as a basis for our understanding of the impact these 2 developments have on the investment landscape in Johor. He first shared the housing price index for 5 of Malaysia’s top performing states for the last 14 years as shown above:

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