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USB Flash Drives have Mass Appeal In today’s digital world, both businesses and consumers find great value in owning a portable storage device which gives promotional USB drives a universal appeal.


Why USB drives work?

45% of U.S. Consumers Own Promotional USB Drives


of U.S. consumers keep USB drives because they are useful

Utility is Key 2

Trends among Youth Younger consumers are most likely to own a logoed USB Drive

60% 51%











What do California and New Hampshire have in common? They both choose USB Drives as their most influential promo product



3 practical reasons to choose Custom USBs 1

Have important files available to you 24/7:

Store as many files as you want without having to wait for them to download


Share pre-loaded content with your target audience:

Perfect for company presentations, photos, medical files, orientation documents, student curriculum & much more



Store information for up to 10 years:

More durable as well as economical than other popular forms of storage media


USBs are also Eco-friendly Have you ever been to a conference or trade show and received a large stack of paperwork or other materials? • Brochures are costly to print and tedious to store • Share your presentation on a USB drive and GO GREEN • Consumers care about companies that care about the environment


USB drives compared to other promotional Utility is products key # of months promotional items are kept Writing Instruments Health/Safety

5.3 Months 5.5 Months

Caps & headwear

6.0 Months

Desk/office accessories

6.0 Months

Average Bags

6.6 Months 6.8 Months

USB drives

6.9 Months


7.1 Months

Outerwears & fleece

7.3 Months


9.0 Months


USB is the #1 Influencer If you want to influence opinions, give away USB drives. Top 5 most influential products on opinion of advertisers.

1 2 3 4 5 Performance Wear

USB Drives



Writing Instruments 8

Top 8 most popular USB flash drive styles Classic USB Drives

Twist USB Drives

Credit Card USB Drives

Aluminum USB Drives

Lanyard USB Drives

Wrist Band USB Drives

Wooden USB Drives

Key USB Drives


100% Customized USB Drives Custom 3D USB drives are one of the best leave-behind gifts! These miniature products don’t just look cute but are also functional, and take the exact form of your product, brand mascot or just about anything that represents YOUR BRAND! Your clients will never throw something like this away – making it truly a gift that keeps on giving.


Case Study – Wedding Photography Here’s how “Kelly Photography Studio” leveraged USB drives to win more business, and conveniently deliver photos to their clients. Situation and Challenge With back-to-back weddings and growing business it was not possible for the studio to rush to the office in between events to transfer photos to the computer. A storage solution was required on-the-go. Moreover, delivering final results to clients on DVD was getting outdated, time-consuming and expensive. The Solution Kelly Studio now completely relies on USB drives for transferring and storing photos on-the-spot! PLUS – with personalized uniquely designed USB drives to deliver wedding photos, couples are delighted and business is booming. • Personalized Wood carved USBs with studio logo • Inexpensive storage option • Pretty packaging • High brand recall value 11

Case Study - Education Here’s how Clark County School District “Student Support Division” used Flash Drives to support and manage the development of students with learning disabilities. Situation and Challenge With learning disabilities, many students needed to review content over and over again to understand it. Much of the content and home work was provided in the form of software which had limitations on installation. Students needed to be provided with electronic access to the software whether at the school, library, or home and a means to efficiently transport and organize their work. The Solution 2500 USB Wrist bands (5 different colors–500 each color) were pre-loaded with software that runs directly off of the flash drive • • • •

Wristbands were easy and desirable to carry (reminded of a concert) Wrist band colors solved different purposes depending on student need Pre-loaded file systems helped students organize their work Additionally, drove student engagement 12

Market with Promotional USB Drives • A USB drive is a useful tool for consumers and can be a positive way for you to market your brand to others. • Are you interested in using USB drives as part of your marketing campaign?


Custom USB Flash Drives have Mass Appeal!  

USB Flash Drives are one of the trending promotional products for both business and clients. It can be used for data storage as well as for...

Custom USB Flash Drives have Mass Appeal!  

USB Flash Drives are one of the trending promotional products for both business and clients. It can be used for data storage as well as for...