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IPRH NOW WORK-IN %&06"/  %")!1%"Ćœ/01++2)   ,4,/(Č’ +Ç˝Organizations from across the campus and the community came together to discuss what can be done to bridge the distance between the university and the rest of the world. This year we $&+&+3&1"# 2)16Çž012!"+10Çž01Ć›+! community residents to share what they are doing about contemporary questions that command our attention—and the kinds of knowledge, expertise, experience and commitment they are mobilizing in the public sphere. Ç–Ç˝/"0"+1"/0+!11"+!""01  ȉ0Ćœ/01++2)4,/(Č’&+ Ç—Ç˝/"0&!"+1&*&))""+Çž%&04&#","/1 ,%+0,+&))""+Çž +!  &/" 1,/+1,&+"11"2/1,+ Ç˜Ç˝!600"6&/" 1,/ *2")6+!,*!&0 200"01%"-/,$/*4&1%+11"+!"" Ǚǽ& "%+ ")),/#,/"0"/ %"1"/ %&Ć›"/+!/,#"00,/ 1%/6+"/!" (



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IPRH Newsletter 2017  

The Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was established in 1997 to promote int...