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Sharing the Wealth of Knowledge 50 years of NEH Engagement at the University of Illinois

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Sharing the Wealth of Knowledge Words from the Director

6 NEH@Illinois: By the Numbers

10 NEH Awards to the University of Illinois 1965 to the Present

35 Acknowledgements

Sharing the Wealth of Knowledge 50 years of NEH Engagement at the University of Illinois

Since its establishment in 1965, the National Endowment for the Humanities has generously supported faculty research in both core humanities disciplines and emerging interdisciplinary areas at the University of Illinois. Here, as elsewhere across the nation, NEH has been an invaluable partner in sustaining the vibrancy of intellectual life and promoting the importance of humanistic inquiry in public higher education for half a century. This engagement has, in turn, helped to enhance the University of Illinois’ standing among world-class leaders in humanities scholarship. From history to literature, from music to material culture, from philosophy to performance — NEH has

invested generously in the pursuit of scholarly excellence in the humanities at Illinois, one of the country’s early land-grant institutions. In recognition of this longstanding relationship with NEH over the last five decades, what follows is a description of the wealth of knowledge made possible by NEH funding: more than 300 grants totaling more than $28 million since 1965. Harder to quantify is the impact of research that expands the horizons of the human experience. Scholars at Illinois have asked profound questions about war, social change, and revolution. They have explored classical poetry, modern literature, and many aspects of American politics, history, and cultural experience. Their inquiries have been

Please visit our online exhibition showcasing 50 years of NEH awards to the Urbana-Champaign campus at


local and global, ancient and contemporary, philosophical and artistic, digital and analog. And Illinois humanities scholars have shared their knowledge not only in books and articles for other scholars but in institutes and summer workshops through which faculty bring a wide range of humanities topics into classrooms at all levels of the curriculum. NEH support has also helped to sustain library, art, and heritage collections built up over generations and provided opportunities to share them with the public. This wealth of knowledge belongs not just to the state of Illinois but to the nation as well. We are all students of the human condition. Especially at the present moment, we need deep and syncretic thinking

and the visionary ideas that humanists bring to both their research and to today’s issues. NEH support has helped Illinois to develop and sustain its distinctive, pluralist approach to nurturing new knowledge in the humanities disciplines and beyond — knowledge that is indispensable both to scholarly conversation and in our globalized world. As we celebrate NEH’s 50th anniversary, it is our pleasure to document the extensive and vibrant history of NEH-funded projects and research at Illinois. Together, we will continue to support our outstanding scholars and foster a public conversation about what is possible as we head into the next decades of the 21st century.

Antoinette Burton Interim Director, IPRH


NEH@Illinois: By the Numbers 1965 to the Present

NEH in the Midwest State

Grants Total Funding




Ohio Michigan

1,683 1,449

$122,000,507 $112,138,657




Wisconsin 1,108


Minnesota 1,107








Total NEH awards to the State of Illinois 2,944 Grants $274,882,284

University of Illinois Awards by Campus 56% UrbanaChampaign

IA 627

MO 853

WI 1,108

MI 1,449

IL IN OH 2,944 1,366 1,683 Number of grants by state

19% University of Illinois System 550 Grants $37,725,518

40% Chicago 217 Grants $9,111,266

309 Grants $28,135,981 2% Other* 11 Grants $269,361


MN 1,107

2% Springfield 13 Grants $208,909 *Includes the University of Illinois Press, the Medical Center at Chicago, and grants for which the campus was not specified. All statistics based on data provided by NEH. All percentages rounded to the nearest whole number.

University of Illinois System Projects by Division Misc. Humanities Projects 2 Challenge Grants


Digital Humanities


Public Programs


Fellowships and Seminars Preservation and Access Education Programs

39 58 95 321

Research Programs

Over 85 Disciplines Represented, including: Aesthetics African American Studies African History African Studies American Government American Literature American Studies Anthropology Archaeology Architecture Archival Management and Conservation Area Studies Art History and Criticism Arts (General) Asian Languages Asian Literature Asian Studies British History British Literature Classical History Classical Languages Classical Literature Classics Communications Comparative Literature Composition and Rhetoric Cultural Anthropology Cultural History East Asian History East Asian Studies

Economics Education English Ethics European History Film History and Criticism Folklore and Folklife French Language Gender Studies German Literature History and Philosophy of Science, Technology, and Medicine History of Philosophy History of Religion History (General) Intellectual History Interdisciplinary Studies International Relations Jewish Studies Languages (General) Latin American History Latin American Languages Latin American Literature Latin American Studies Law and Jurisprudence Library Science Linguistic Anthropology Linguistics Literary Criticism Literature (General)

Logic Media Studies Medieval Studies Museum Studies or Historical Preservation Music History and Criticism Native American Studies Natural Sciences Near and MiddleEastern History Nonwestern Religion Philosophy of Religion Philosophy (General) Political Science Psychology Religion (General) Renaissance Studies Russian History Russian Literature Slavic Languages Slavic Literature Social Sciences (General) Sociology Spanish Literature Theater History and Criticism U.S. History Urban Studies Western Civilization


President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Arts and Humanities Bill in the Rose Garden of the White House, September 29, 1965. Photo Credit: LBJ Library


Sharing the Wealth of Knowledge


National Endowment for the Humanities Awards to the University of Illinois, 1965 to the Present 2015


Antoinette Marie Burton Wars Against Nature? Environmental Fictions of the First Anglo-Afghan Wars

Valeria Sobol The Haunted Empire: The Russian Literary Gothic and the “Imperial Uncanny,” 1793–1844

Robert Michael Morrissey The Illinois and the Edge Effect: Bison Algonquians in the Colonial Mississippi Valley

Allyson Purpura World on the Horizon: Swahili Arts Across the Indian Ocean Museum Exhibition

(William) Ted Underwood Understanding Genre in a Collection of a Million Volumes

Susan Alt (2014– present), Timothy Robert Pauketat (2014–15), Thomas Emerson (2015–16) Cahokia’s Richland Farmers: Agricultural Expansion, Immigration, Ritual, and the Foundations of Mississippian Civilization

Mireya Loza The Bracero Program: A History of the U.S.Mexico Guest Worker Program, 1942–1964

Valeria Sobol Visions of Empire in Russian Gothic Literature, 1790–1850 Timothy Pauketat Spirits, Birds, and Luminous Beings: Reconceptualizing Ancient Urbanism François Proulx Reading and French Masculinity at the Fin de Siècle Leslie Jean Reagan Seeing Agent Orange in the United States and Vietnam: Quilt of Tears


John Monaghan* The Lord Eight Deer Saga J. Stephen Downie, Erez Lieberman-Aiden Exploring the Billions and Billions of Words in the HathiTrust Corpus with Bookworm: HathiTrust + Bookworm Project

D. Fairchild Ruggles The Alhambra and Spain’s Islamic Past

2013 Mara Wade Emblematica Online II

Jennifer Teper Providing Sustainable Climate Control for the Archives Research Center at the University of Illinois

2012 Laura Kozuch Preservation Assessment and Purchase of Environmental Monitoring Equipment to Preserve Archaeological Collections

Sandra Sufian* A History of Disability, Pathology, and Adoption in America, 1945–present Gayle Magee Music in the Films of Robert Altman: From M*A*S*H to A Prairie Home Companion Kim Sheahan NEH on the Road: ¡Carnaval! Elizabeth McCoy The Centrality of Translation to the Humanities: New Interdisciplinary Scholarship Rebecca Ginsburg Education Justice Project

2011 Ramona Curry Trading in Cultural Spaces: How Chinese Film Came to America Kathleen Jones Conservation Survey of Lee Wonsik Collection of East Asian Art Heather Hyde Minor Imperfect Ruins: A Study of Italian Artist and Antiquarian Figure Giovanni Battista Piranesi, 1720–1778

* University of Illinois at Chicago † University of Illinois at Springfield

Kevin Hamilton Re-Framing the Online Video Archive: A Prototype Interface for America’s Nuclear Test Films Sloan Williams* Decoding the Swahili Leilah Lyons, Joshua Radinsky* CoCensus: Collaboration Exploration of Census Data in a Museum Nancy Jervis, Gary Xu Chinese Film and Society

2010 Kathleen Jones Purchase of Storage and Matting Supplies for Works on Paper Jennifer Teper Developing an Energy Efficient and Sustainable HVAC System at the Archives Research Center

2009 Kathleen Jones Krannert Art Museum Art-Storage Furniture Improvement Lisa Lee* Jane Addams and the Hull-House Settlement: Redefining Democracy Mara Wade Emblematica Online: Emblem Digitization, The German Emblem Database, and The OpenEmblem Portal Mary Stuart (2008– 12), Adriana Cuervo (2012–13), Marek Sroka (2013–15), Kyle Rimkus (2015– present) Illinois Digital Newspaper Project Joel Palka* Archaeological Sites, Indigenous Frontiers, and Unconquered Maya Culture at Lake Mensabak, Chiapas, Mexico

NEH is one of the great intellectual treasures of our nation. — Alma Gottlieb Anthropology, Gender and Women’s Studies, and African Studies 11

2008 Richard R. John* Network Nation: Ideals and Institutions in American Telecommunications, 1840–1920

S. Max Edelson The Cartography of American Colonization Database Project

Stephen G. Engelmann* Biopolitics: Charles Darwin, Moral Philosophy, and the Growth of a Governmental Social Science

Orville Vernon Burton (2008–09), Kevin Franklin (2009–present) Humanities High Performance Computing Collaboratory (HpC): Coordinating High Performance Computing Institutes and the Digital

Ellen Swain Preserving Archival Records


Laura Kozuch Cataloging and Rehousing Cahokia Archaeological Artifacts Ramona Curry Trading in Cultural Spaces: How Chinese Film Came to America

Brian S. Bauer* The Chanka and the Development of Native Lords in the Andes Lisa Jeanne Downing* Empiricism and Newtonianism: Locke, Berkeley, and the Decline of Strict Mechanism

Through the NEH we were able to go out in teams all over the Southwest and Mexico and make sure that this history was not lost. — Mireya Loza Latina/ Latino Studies and History 12

Frederick Eugene Hoxie Challenging the State: American Indians and the “Empire of Liberty,” 1800–2000

2006 John Ramsey* A Commentary on Cicero’s Philippics 10–14 Alma Gottlieb Africanizing Europe: Cape Verdean Perspectives on Race, Class, Gender, and Identity in a Globalizing Portugal Julia Hendry* Stabilization of the Chicago Urban League Records

2005 Christopher Robert Boyer* Community, Industry, and Science in Mexican Forests, 1880–2000 Sydney A. Halpern* A History of Human Experiments with Hepatitis, 1942–1972 Margaret Strobel* Hull-House in the Progressive Era: People, Places, and Ideas

Margaret Strobel (2004–06), Lisa Lee (2006–present)* Planning a New Jane Addams Hull-House Museum Permanent Exhibition Abraham Sesshu Roth* Shared Agency, Self-Knowledge, and Testimony Thomas Teper Conserving and Rehousing the Carl Sandburg Collection

2004 James H. Dee* The Epithetic Phrases in Homer: A Study of Descriptive Expression in the Iliad and the Odyssey Mahir Saul Local Politics of Decolonization in West Africa Barbara Allen Preservation Microfilming of Books and Serials Related to the History of American Railroads Robert W. Barrett Writing from the Marches: Cheshire Poetry and Drama, 1195–1656

* University of Illinois at Chicago † University of Illinois at Springfield

Joel W. Palka* Unconquered Mayas in the Rainforest: Culture Change in a Tribal Zone

Jordana Mendelson Propaganda Laboratories: Artists, Magazines, and War in Spain, 1936–1939

Joshua Radinsky* Bringing Historical Census Data Alive with Geographic Information Systems

Stephen Engelmann* Selected Writings of English Political Philosopher Jeremy Bentham, 1748–1832


Daniel S. Smith* Magnifying American Society: A Collective Biography of the Northern Military Effort during the Civil War

Gretchen Lagana* Processing and Creating Access to Archival Records of the Jane Addams HullHouse Association Michael Lieb* The Faces of God: Milton, Deity, and Discourse

2002 David Mitchell* Integrating Disability Studies into Secondary Education Curricula Debra Hawhee Bodily Arts: Athletic and Rhetorical Training in Antiquity Clare Haru Crowston Accounting for Rose Bertin: Credit, Fashion, and Gender in 18thCentury France

Mary Stuart Illinois Newspaper Project: Cataloging

2001 Peter Fritzsche The Undergraduate History Course in a Global Age Paul Tiyambe Zeleza Curricular Development Seminar in African Studies Achsah Guibbory Imagined Identities: The Uses of Judaism in 17th-Century England Virginia W. Wexman* Hollywood Directors and the Cultural Construction of the Artist


Katherine Hoffman* The Place of Language: Talk, Song, and Land in Southwestern Morocco Anthony Simon Laden* Critical Assessment of Secondary Literature on Rawls’s Liberalism Tom M. McCourt† American Radio Broadcasting Redefines Itself, 1947–1962

2000 Brian S. Bauer* The Prehistory of the Cusco Valley: the Development of the Inca State and the Social Organization of the Inca Heartland Mary Kay Vaughan* Citizenship and Schools: The Mexican Generation of 1968 Craig M. Koslofsky Pleasure and Power: Experiencing the Night in Early Modern Europe, 1600–1800 Nils P. Jacobsen Peru in Revolution: The Civil War of 1894–1895 and the Formation of Modern Political Culture


Peter B. Hales* The Changing American Cultural Landscape, 1945–1999

Mi-Kyoung Lee* Protagoras and the Development of Early Greek Epistemology

Stephen J. Hartnett Executing Democracy: The Rhetoric of Crime, Justice, and Capital Punishment in Antebellum America

Nils Jacobsen Political Cultures in the Andes, 1750–1950

Thomas Peters CIC Coordinated Preservation Microfilming Project, 2000–2002

Robert Bruegmann* The Built Environment of the American Metropolis: Public and Private Realms, 1900–2000

Sharon Hogan* Saving the Jane Addams/Hull-House Photograph Collection Burton Andersen* Ancient Mesopotamian Medical Therapies

1999 Heidi Roupp* Teaching a Global Perspective Peter W. Hylton* The Philosophy of W.V. Quine (b. 1908) Norma Claire Moruzzi* Imagining a Jewish Homeland: Benjamin Disraeli, British Imperial Policy, and the Origins of Zionism


Gerald Danzer* Cartographic Traditions in World History Ned Lukacher* European Literary Modernity and the Idea of Eternal Recurrence Donald Crummey Nature and Human Societies in Three Continents: North America, South America, and Africa Peter W. Hylton* Philosophy of W. V. Quine Brian S. Bauer* Cusco Valley Archaeology Project (Peru)

Louise Ann Cainkar* Discrimination, Forced Migration, and Resettlement After the Gulf War Alma Gottleib The Afterlife is Where We Come From: West African Infant Care Practices (Côte d’Ivoire) Mark David Steinberg Proletarian Imagination: LowerClass Writers During Russia’s Time of Crisis and Revolution, 1907–1925 Barbara Allen CIC Coordinated Preservation Microfilming Project, 1998–2000

1997 Orville Vernon Burton River Web: A Knowledge Network of Mississippi River Basin History and Culture Nicole Jordan* European Power Politics in an Age of Escalatory Warfare, 1914–1941

Eric J. Arnesen* Brotherhoods of Color: AfricanAmerican Railroad Workers’ Struggle for Equality Klaus Muller-Bergh* A Critical Edition of the Work of Mariano Brull: Poesía Reunida, Prosa Selecta, Traducciones Joel W. Palka* Cross-Cultural Interaction and Lacandon Maya Social Change on the 19thCentury Guatemalan Frontier Laura E. Hostetler* Mapping Territory, Depicting Peoples: Aspects of the Qing Colonial Enterprise and the Shaping of Modern China Phyllis Danner Cataloging and Preservation Microfilming of the Sousa Archives Margaret Strobel* Historical Encyclopedia of Chicago Women


C. M. SperbergMcQueen* Dissemination of Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and Interchange [TEI] Barbara Allen CIC Coordinated Preservation Microfilming Project, 1996–98

1995 Charles Stewart Course Design for “The Fate of the 20th Century,” Ideas and People Shaping the 20th Century Gerald Danzer* Cartographic Traditions in American History James Sloan* A Critical Biography of Jerzy Kosinski Joseph L. Love A History of the Latin American Structuralist School of Economics Sharon Clark (2000– 06), Mary Stuart (2006–present) Illinois Newspaper Project: Cataloging

Natalie Crohn Schmitt* W. B. Yeats’s Theater Aesthetic

* University of Illinois at Chicago † University of Illinois at Springfield


Judith McCulloh Shoshone Ghost Dance Religion: Poetry Songs and Great Basin Context, by Judith Vander Kathleen E. Kennedy Changes in Society and Language Transmission Jonathan Conant Western Responses to Iconoclasm in NinthCentury Europe

1994 Richard Jensen* History On-Line Dianne Pinderhughes The African American Experience: A Framework for Integrating American History Patricia B. Ebrey Gender in Chinese Culture Sydney A. Halpern* Colleague Control and Experimental Ethics: American Vaccine Research Communities, 1920–60 Ronald Toby The Hairy Barbarian: Cultural Contexts of a Japanese Ethnic Pejorative


Da’an Pan Tradition and Poetics of Tihuashi in Chinese Literature Roger Clark The Committee on Institutional Cooperation Coordinated Microfilming Project, Phase III William Maher Preservation Microfilming of German and Latin American Literature and American and Irish History Sydney Halpern* Ethical Constraints in Medical Science: Clinical Testing of Vaccines, 1930–60 Judith McCulloh Appalachian Mountain Religion: A History, by Deborah Vansau McCauley Karen Hewitt Writing Out My Heart: The Journal of Frances E. Willard, 1855–1896, ed. by Carolyn De Swarte Gifford John Rohsenow* A Chinese-English Dictionary of Proverbs (Yanyu)

C. M. SperbergMcQueen* Dissemination of the TEI Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and Interchange

1993 John Walter Hill Cardinal Montalto and Roman Monody John Ramsey* A Commentary on Cicero’s Philippics I and II A. LaVonne B. Ruoff* Native American Written Literature Anne D. Hedeman Pierre Salmon’s Réponses à Charles VI: Illuminated Texts in Medieval France Sydney A. Halpern* Ethical Disputes in Experimental Medicine: The 1935 Polio Vaccine Controversy Robert G. Ousterhout Canli Kilise: A Church and Monastery in Cappadocia Gene Ruoff* Jane Austen: Self and Society

Michael Mullin Shakespeare Across Cultures: Planning Grant for an Interpretive Exhibition Norman Gevitz* Domestic Medicine in America: A History of Lay Intervention in Illness, (1620–1720) Elizabeth Gebhard* The Archaeology of Cult and Settlement at Isthmia (Greece) Richard Wentworth Worker-Writer in America: Jack Conroy and Midwest Literary Radicalism, 1898–1990, by Douglas Wixson Margaret Strobel* Historical Encyclopedia of Chicago Women

Kelly S. Jones The Cultural Patronage of Anne, Countess of Warwick

A. LaVonne B. Ruoff* History of American Indian Literature in English

Peter N. Gregory The Scripture of Perfect Enlightenment, a Medieval Chinese Buddhist Text

Alma Gottlieb Early Childhood among the Beng of Ivory Coast

1992 Gerald Danzer* Cartographic Traditions in the History of Western Civilization Michael L. Friedman* Translation of Kant’s Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science David P. Jordan* Baron Haussmann and the Struggle for Paris

Wayne T. Pitard The Care of the Dead and Thoughts on Afterlife in Ancient Canaan and Israel: The Archaeological and Literary Evidence Mindie Lazarus-Black* The Role of Law in the Transformation of Kinship, Class, and Gender in Antigua William F. Kelleher Narrative and the Construction of Histories in a Northern Ireland Border Village

From its inception, NEH has supported scholarship in fields that are not well represented in the academy. Women’s history, the history of Native peoples, quantitative (now digital) history, labor history, the history of sexuality—these are all fields that developed without the patronage of powerful people in the profession. NEH took on that patronage and made an enormous difference. — Frederick Hoxie History * University of Illinois at Chicago † University of Illinois at Springfield


Norman E. Whitten, Jr. The Epitomizing Symbol “1492–1992”: Nationalist and Ethnic Dimensions in Ecuador Helaine I. Silverman Contextualizing Death: A Study of Ethnic Interaction and Sociopolitical Complexity in Ancient Peru Douglas A. Kibbee The Politics of the Standard Language in France, 1870–1914 Anthony Roeber* Law and Gospel: A Comparative Study of Pietism and Early Capitalism in 18thCentury Prussia and British North America Karen Hewitt Lynching in the New South: Georgia and Virginia, 1880–1930, by W. Fitzhugh Brundage

Judith McCulloh Santiago De Murcia’s “Codice Saldivar No. 4 Vol. 1,” ed. by Craig H. Russell U. Henry Gerlach Critical Bibliography: Conrad Ferd. Meyer Sean D.M. McConville* Punishing the Conscionable: Protest and Punishment, 1860–1920 Sydney A. Halpern* Clinical Research Controversies Robert G. Ousterhout A Byzantine Church and Monastery in Cappadocia James R. Barrett American Bolshevik: A Biography of William Z. Foster Alejandro Lapunzina The Curutchet House by Le Corbusier; La Plata, Argentina, 1949–52

NEH has made all the difference [....] It opens one door after the next for me, my colleagues, and my students. — Mara Wade Germanic Languages and Literatures 18

1991 Donald Crummey African Literature for the General Education Curriculum Michael Lieb* Occult and Visionary Mentalities in the Renaissance Maurice Friedberg A History of Literary Translation in Russia Valerie Hoffman-Ladd Sufism, Mystics, and Saints in Modern Egypt Leon C. Chai Jonathan Edwards and the Limits of Rationalism R. Stephen Warner* Religious Pluralism in the United States Mary Carruthers* Orality, Literacy, and Memory in Medieval Vernacular Literature Richard Schacht Nietzsche’s Philosophical Thought and Its Interpretation Philip Graham, Alma Gottlieb A Parallel World: A Memoir of Africa

Wayne T. Pitard Care of the Dead and Thoughts on the Afterlife in Ancient Canaan and Israel Gene Ruoff* Jane Austen: Self and Society Roger Clark CIC Coordinated Preservation Microfilming Project Judith McCulloh Folktales of Newfoundland: The Resilience of the Oral Tradition, 4 vols., by Herbert Halpert and J.D.A. Widdowson Mara Wade European Court Festival, 1580–1750 Judith S. Hull* Alvar Aalto, Finnish Nationalism, and the Building of the First Modern Library, the Viipuri City Library Thomas J. Bassett Colonial Côte d’Ivoire: The Making of a New Agricultural Geography Olga Soffer Stylistic Study of the World’s Oldest Ceramics from the Pavlov Culture Ca. 26,000 B.P.

* University of Illinois at Chicago † University of Illinois at Springfield

Michael A. Mullin Theatre at Stratfordupon-Avon, 1879–1990

1990 Diane Koenker Workshops on the Literature of Eastern Europe and the Soviet World Gerald Dworkin* Autonomy and the Enforcement of Values Jefferson A. McMahan The Ethics of War and Nuclear Deterrence Olga Soffer Moravian Ceramic Figurines: A Study of Late Paleolithic Material Culture Michael F. Bérubé Melvin Tolson and Thomas Pynchon: The Critical Reception of Their Work William Maher Humanities Preservation Microfilming Project Philip Kolb A Critical Edition of Marcel Proust’s Correspondence

Donald Crummey The History of Ethiopian Land Tenure and Its Social Context Elizabeth Dulany The Ancient Art of Northern Asia, by Anatoly I. Martynov, ed. and tr. by Demitri B. and Edith M. Shimkin Elizabeth Dulany Wartime Washington: The Civil War Letters of Elizabeth Blair Lee, ed. by Virginia Jeans Laas Judith McCulloh Traveling Opera Troupes in the United States, 1825–60, by Katherine K. Preston JaHyun Haboush Confucianism and Late Choson Korea, 17th to 19th Centuries Consuelo L. Springfield The Memorias of Luis Muñoz Marin: An Intertextual Reading of Autobiography Gloria G. Fromm* Selected Letters of Dorothy Richardson Thomas F. Rowlands* The Sculptors of the French Revolution


William Hoisington* Imperial Vision: Lyautey and French Imperialism in Morocco, 1912–25 Carolyn F. Hoffman Renaissance Views of the New World: 1492–1564

1989 Richard Betts Architects Read and Write: Theory and Practice from Alberti to Venturi Dennis E. Baron A History of the Official Language Question in America George T. Dickie* The Theory of Taste in the 18th Century Susan Tax Freeman* The Imagery of Spanish Nationality James H. Dee* Humanitas Romana: The Origins and Development of the Classical and Modern Concepts Ruth El Saffar* The Impact of Empire on Consciousness and Literature in the Spanish Golden Age


Gerald Dworkin* The Nature and Value of Autonomy Mark Krupnick* Jewish-American Writing since 1945 William Hoisington* French Imperialism in Morocco, 1912–25: The Role of Marshall Hubert Lyautey Edward M. Bruner Tourist Productions and the Reconstruction of History: Lincoln’s New Salem as a Case Study John A. Lynn Positional Warfare and the Growth of Armies, 1495–1715 Gene Ruoff* Jane Addams’ HullHouse: Humanities Programs for the Centennial Sharon Clark Illinois Newspaper Project: Cataloging Charles Stewart Arabic Manuscript Microfilm Project: Boutilimit, Mauritania Sylvia Vatuk* Response and Adaptation to Minority Status in South India

Judith McCulloh Ethnic Music on Records: A Discography of Ethnic Recordings Produced in the United States, 1893-1942 (7 volumes), by Richard Spottswood Judith McCulloh Bitter Music: Collected Journals, Essays, Introductions, and Librettos, by Harry Partch, ed. by Thomas McGeary Ladislav Zgusta The Manual of Lexicography: A New Version John W. Hill The Emergence of Violin Playing in the Art-Music Tradition of Italy John J. Kulczycki* Nationalism, Class Solidarity, and Foreign Workers Donald E. Queller The Family in Venetian History Lawrence A. Gushee Dance Music, Ragtime, and Jazz in New Orleans, 1880–1920 Eugene Giles E.A. Hooton and the History of American Physical Anthropology

1988 David Bishop Challenge Grant Howard Jacobson A Commentary on Pseudo-Philo’s Liber Antiquitatum Biblicarum James E. Cracraft* The Petrine Revolution in Russian Art Anil K. Gupta* A Theory of Truth JaHyun K. Haboush State and Civilization in 17th-Century Korea Ronald P. Toby Asian Others, Popular Culture, and National Identity in Early Modern Japan Burton J. Bledstein* The Middle Classes in American History, 1828–1919 Barbara C. Bowen Rabelais and Renaissance Laughter Norman Gevitz* Caring for One’s Self: A History of Domestic Medicine in the United States, 1860–1985

* University of Illinois at Chicago † University of Illinois at Springfield

John S. Rohsenow* The Effects of Social and Technological Change on the Chinese Writing System Margaret Strobel* Socialist Feminism and Women’s Unions in the 1970s Mark Krupnick* American Cultural Criticism, 1915–65 Richard Schacht Nietzsche’s Philosophical Thought and Its Interpretation A. LaVonne B. Ruoff* American Indian Literatures: Oral and Written Michael H. Hoeflich The American Civil War and the Development of Modern International Law Gene Ruoff* Jane Austen: Divided Society, Divided Self Linda Duke Sacred Mountains in Chinese Art Eunice Maguire Domestic Art of the Early Christians

Roger Clark Committee on Institutional Cooperation’s Coordinated Preservation Microfilming Project David Grayson A Critical Edition of Claude Debussy’s Opera Pelléas et Mélisande Patricia Ebrey The Family Rituals of Master Chu Patricia Ebrey Religion and Society in China, 750–1300 Bruce Murray* Concepts of History in German Cinema Sean D.M. McConville* A History of English Prison Administration David Prochaska Colonial Culture in Algeria and Senegal George C. Hemmens* Rexford Guy Tugwell and the Idea of Public Planning Mary Carruthers* A Variorum Edition of Chaucer’s “The Shipman’s Tale”


Richard M. Fried* The Presidential Campaign of 1960 John K. Wilson Interpreting the First Amendment: Religion under the State Constitutions, 1776–1800

1987 Robert J. McKim Two Problems for Human Knowledge of God Patrick L. Maher Karl Popper and Scientific Rationality Nicole T.N. Jordan* Alliance Diplomacy: The Breakdown of France’s Eastern System, 1933–39 Marianna Tax Choldin Workshops on East European and Russian Culture Peter B. Hales* Gates of Eden: Some Essays on the American Landscape, 1945–85 Virginia Elizabeth Miller* The Monumental Art of Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico


Judith K. Gardiner* The Impact of 17thCentury Women Writers and Readers on English Literary History Michael Palencia-Roth Intercivilizational Encounters: European Conceptions of the New World from Columbus to Shakespeare Kyoko Inoue* The Making of the Japanese Constitution Priscilla P. Clark* Writing the City: Paris and the Construction of Urban Culture

Robert Munman* Sienese Renaissance Tomb Monuments Phillip V. Bohlman* Folk Music in the Urban GermanJewish Community, 1890–1939 Jonathan David Fineberg† J. Marion Sims, 1813– 83, and the Origins of American Gynecology Lynda S. Bell The Innocent Eye: Children’s Art as a Source for the Modern Artist


Michael Mullin Design by Motley: An Interpretive Exhibition

Lynda S. Bell* Economic Development in Modern China

Gene Ruoff* The Romantics and Us

Ned Lukacher* Modern Interpretations of Catharsis

Roger Clark Planning a CIC Cooperative Library Preservation Program Philip Kolb A Critical Edition of Proust’s Correspondence Donald Crummey A History of Ethiopian Land Tenure and its Social Context

Jonathan Arac* American Prose Narrative, 1830s through 1860s Maurice Friedberg Literature and Society in Russia Peter N. Gregory Chinese Buddhist Thought: A Primer

Gene Ruoff* Literature in an Age of Revolutions: Project on Romanticism Richard H. Kraut* Aristotle on The Good Stephen Prokopoff Domestic Art of the Early Christians Barton Clark Preservation and Indexing of D’Arcy Collection Robert Carringer A Script Reconstruction of Orson Welles’s Original Uncut The Magnificent Ambersons Harriet Stockanes Barons of Labor: The San Francisco Building Trades and Union Power in the Progressive Era, by Michael Kazin Melvin Holli* Emil Hurja: Pioneer Presidential Public Opinion Pollster and Publisher, 1932–52

1985 Gene Ruoff* Literature in an Age of Revolutions: Project on Romanticism

David G. Goodman Modern Japanese Plays and Playwrights Olga B. Nedeljkovic* The Greek Diaspora and the Eastern Slavic Orthodox Revival in 16th and 17th Centuries in the Polish-Lithuanian State Daniel Smith* Family, Individual, and Society and American History Gerald B. Dworkin* Moral Judgment Evelyn C. Bristol A History of Russian Poetry Peter B. Hales* William Henry Jackson: The Photography of American Romanticism Michael Mullin Design by Motley: An Interpretive Exhibition and Programs

Philip Kolb A Critical Edition of Proust’s Correspondence, Volumes 14–17 Herbert Kellman An International Conference on the Composer Heinrich Schütz (1585–1672) Marvin Lewis Zora Neale Hurston: A Reappraisal Edwin Curley* Research Conference on Spinoza

1984 Ralph Fisher Workshops on Russian and Soviet Culture Susanna Pflaum* The Development of a General Education Core Program in the Humanities Christian Messenger* Reading Literature: A Humanities Sequence for College Freshmen

NEH has supported artists and venues I’ve worked with, contributing to diversity in programming and the communities this programming supports. — Anonymous Scholar

* University of Illinois at Chicago † University of Illinois at Springfield


Harold C. Gotoff Practical Criticism of Cicero’s Prose Style Natalie C. Schmitt* Contemporary Theater Aesthetics Joseph Love Economic Growth, the State, and Ideology in Latin America: 1880–1980 Richard Betts Architectural Theorists of the Renaissance and Their Challengers Penelope J. Maddy* Structuralism vs. Realism in the Philosophy of Mathematics Olga B. Nedeljkovic* The Role of the Greek Diaspora in the Formation of Brotherhoods among the Orthodox Eastern Slavs in the 16th Century Charles B. Strozier† Biography of Heinz Kohut David M. Desser Eros Plus Massacre: Japanese Cinema in the 1960s Robert Remini* Evolution of Democracy: Locke, Madison, Hamilton, Tocqueville


David O’Connell* Evil and the Struggle Against It in Three Modern French Novels Margaret Sullivan Sacred Mountains in Chinese Art: The Religious and Mystical Aspects of Chinese Culture as Expressed Through Art Stephen Prokopoff An Exhibition on the Prinzhorn Collection of the Art of the Insane and Its Impact on 20th-Century Art and Aesthetics Mark Friedberger* A Historical Study of Changes in Family Farming in America in the 20th Century Harriet Stockanes Cotton, Tobacco, and Rice: The Transformation of Three Southern Cultures, 1880–1980, by Pete Daniel Harriet Stockanes La Celestina by Fernando de Rojas, a Critical Edition and Textual Study by Miguel Marciales Harriet Stockanes Red River Blues: The Blues Tradition in the Southeastern United States, by Bruce Bastin

Edwin Curley* An Annotated Translation and Edition of the Complete Works of Spinoza Nicholas Temperley Hymn Tune Index Philip Kolb The Editing and Translating of Proust’s Correspondence

1983 Cary Nelson Institute on Marxism and the Interpretation of Culture Patricia Ebrey Teacher’s Guide for Chinese Civilization and Society: A Sourcebook Bruce Calder* New World Civilization Michael Shapiro Institute for High School Teachers of English: Shakespeare in Production Dieter Wanner Romance Clitic Elements: Evolution and Explanation Paul Teller* Supervenience in the Light of Contemporary Physics

Alex S. Kurczaba* The Struggle for Reform in Poland’s Renaissance Literature John P. McKay Managing for the Rothschilds: Jules Aron and the Culture of High Finance, 1880–1915 Robert Bruegmann* The High-rise Office Building in New York, 1870–1914 Michael Alexander* Ordinary Crime in the Late Roman Republic A. LaVonne B. Ruoff* American Literature, “American Indian Literatures: Oral and Written” Richard A. Wang* Musical Collaboration and Collective Composition in the Duke Ellington Band Robert Remini* The Evolution of Democracy: Locke, Madison, Hamilton, and Tocqueville Mary Ann Johnson* Plan for Interpretive Exhibit on the History and Influence of Jane Addams’ Social Settlement, HullHouse (Planning)

* University of Illinois at Chicago † University of Illinois at Springfield

Stephen Prokopoff Prinzhorn Collection Exhibition: A Study in the Relationship of Medicine and the Visual Arts (Planning) David Bechtel Early Career Patterns of Humanities College Graduates: One Institution’s Perspective of the “Lean Years” 1972–1981 Audrey Lumsden-Kouvel* An Annotated Translation of The Names of Christ by Luis de Leon Roger Clark Toward Publishing Costs of The Bayonets of the Republic by John Lynn John Rohsenow* A Chinese-English Dictionary of Proverbial Elliptical Similes Cary Nelson Conference on Marxism and the Interpretation of Culture: Limits, Frontiers, and Boundaries Leroy Shaw* Wagner in Retrospect: A Centennial Reappraisal

Vashti C. Lewis* Determination of Transfer of Life Experiences and Personal Worldview in Black Women Novelists’ Creation of Genteel...

1982 Nina Baym Analysis of Mid-19thCentury American Periodical Reviews of Fiction for Information About Genre and Audience Stephen Polcari Abstract Expressionism: Art and Context Juliet E. K. Walker Black Entrepreneurship and Business Enterprise in Antebellum American Holly S. Goldman* Moral Realism: The Role of Human Weakness in Morality and Law William Bechtel* Conceptual Obstacles to Scientific Communication Jack L. Davis* Trade, Settlement, and Society in the Greek Islands


Ruth El Saffar* Continuity and Change in the Works of Cervantes Thomas H. Rohlich* An Analysis of “Monogatari” (prose tale) Criticism Found in the Mumyozoshi Michael Alexander* Rewards in the Law of the Late Roman Republic Orville Vernon Burton Economics of Reconstruction Race Relations: The Human Aspect Lee B. Jennings* Intuitive DecisionMaking on the Part of Gottfried Keller’s Characters

David McBride† Humanistic Values and “Secondary” AfroAmerican Leadership, 1880–1960: Historical and Public Affairs Perspectives Herbert Kellman Completion of Volume IV & Supplement of the Census-Catalogue of Manuscript Sources of Polyphonic Music, 1400–1550 Philip Kolb A Critical Edition of Proust’s Correspondence Lore Segal* “The Rübezahl Legend” by Johannes Pratorius (1630–80) John Jakle Comparative Analysis of Common Houses in a Sample of Small Towns in the Eastern United States

Mark Friedberger* Historical Study of Family Farm Ownership Roger Clark The Booker T. Washington Papers, Volumes XII and XIII, edited by Lewis R. Harlan and Raymond W. Smock Roger Clark The Expeditions of John Charles Fremont, Vol. III, edited by Mary Lee Spence Nicholas Temperley Hymn Tune Index

1981 Leslie H. Tharp* Myth and Mathematics Barbara C. Bowen Cicero’s Jokes in Renaissance France and Italy

In 1982 I attended an NEH Summer Institute for college and university faculty on teaching Shakespeare Through Performance [....] It was a life-changing experience. I had tried unsuccessfully to use performance as a pedagogical tool. The Institute trained me to use this technique, which became a central part of my teaching style for the rest of my career. 26

— Michael Shapiro English (Emeritus)

Joseph L. Love Origins of the Doctrine of Unequal Exchange Bruno Nettl Musical Westernization and Modernization in South India, and Studies in Theory and Methodology of Ethnomusicology Richard J. Betts Architectural Treatises of Francesco di Giorgio Mary E. Ragland-Sullivan* A Critical Introduction to the Thought of Jacques Lacan for Specialists in Literature Royall Brandis Distributive Justice: Economic And Philosophic Aspects Stephen Cohen Unequal Races: Political and Moral Choice in Arms Control

Sona Hoisington* Russian Views of Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin

Elizabeth Gebhard* Theater in the Roman World: Structure and Use

A. LaVonne B. Ruoff* A History of Native American Literature Written in English, 1772–1980

Bruce J. Calder* The Impact of the U.S. Occupation of the Dominican Republic, 1916–1924

Roger Clark The Booker T. Washington Papers, Vol. XI, ed. by Louis Harlan and Raymond Smock

Barbara Bowen Speech and Silence in French Renaissance Literature and Emblems

Douglas Butterworth Social History of the Colonias of the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas Patricia Ebrey Conference on Chinese Family History Gerald McWorter Methodological Issues: Afro-American Studies in l980s


Philipp Fehl American Art and the Classical Tradition

Richard Shereikis† Upper-Division General Education Pilot Program

John Hoffman Carl Sandburg Collection Development Project

Constance Curtin Foreign Language Review Packets for the Microcomputer

* University of Illinois at Chicago † University of Illinois at Springfield

Francois Jost Modes and Dynamics of Literary Exoticism Martin Steinmann* Speech Acts, Rhetoric, and Literary Criticism Robert Remini* Political and Social Change in Jacksonian America Edward Hawes† An Outdoor Museum Master Plan to Interpret Traditional Cultures and Change in Illinois, 1800–2000 Theodore Brown Nonacademic Careers for Humanities Doctorates: Preparing Faculty to Assist Graduate Students


Gerald Browne American Center of the International Photographic Archive of Papyri


Philip Kolb A Critical Edition of Proust’s Correspondence

Burton Bledstein* Faculty Seminar: Cultural Anthropology and History

Peter Maggs P.I. Stuchka and Marxist Jurisprudence

Elizabeth Gebhard* Archaeological Studies

Elizabeth Gebhard* Analysis of Processes from the Sanctuary of Poseidon Richard Grover Resources of American Music, edited by D. W. Krummel, Jean Geil, Doris Dyen, and Diane Root Ann Weir The Urge to Mobilize: Agrarian Reform in Russia, 1861–1930, by G. L. Yaney Milton Derber Labor in Illinois, 1945–1980 Herbert Kellman Census-Catalogue of Manuscript Sources of Polyphonic Music, 1400–1550, Volume III and Addenda


Judith Everson† Consultant Grant

A. LaVonne B. Ruoff* Seminar: “American Indian Literatures: Past and Present” Bruno Nettl Seminar: “Western Influences on NonWestern Music” Ruth El Saffar* Presence of Conflict and Directions, Toward Resolution in Cervantes, Tirso, etc. William Alston Seminar: “Talk about God”

R. Tom Zuidema Iconographic Analysis of Andean Art Richard Grover Publication of Toward the Making of Thoreau’s Modern Reputation Brian Dutton Catalogue/Archive of 15th-Century Spanish Poetry (CSCP) Sara De Mundo Lo Bibliography of Hispanic American Collective Biography Jonathan Garlock* Knights of Labor Symposium Allan Kulikoff* Conference on Economic Growth and Social Change in the Early Republic, 1775–1860 Susan Cole* Consultant Grant

Dominic Candeloro* Documenting and Sharing the Italian American Experience in Chicago

Judith Everson† Consultant Grant

Ralph Fisher Cooperation Between the University Libraries of Helsinki and Illinois

Charles Caton Epistemic Qualification

Elizabeth Gebhard* Archaeological Studies

James Cracraft* Culture and Politics in Modern Russia

Donald Crummey State, Land, and Society in Ethiopian History Leroy Shaw* Frank Wedekind: A German Playwright, 1864–1918 Susan Cole* Epigraphical Evidence for the Mysteries of Dionysus in the Hellenistic and Roman Periods Matthew Dickie* Envy and Greek Values Kyoko Inoue* A Functional Analysis of the Conditionals in Japanese Joshua Rabinwitz* Completeness, Coherence, and Objectivity in Theories of Justice John Rohsenow* An Investigation of the Discourse Function of the Mandarin Perfect Marker LE A. LaVonne B. Ruoff* American Indian Literature: Past and Present Ruth El Saffar* Resolution in Cervantes, Tirso, and Calderon * University of Illinois at Chicago † University of Illinois at Springfield ‡ University of Illinois Press

William Alston Talk About God


Myles Brand* The Proximate Cause of Human Actions

Maurice Friedberg Literature and Society in Russia

Aaron Koseki A Biographical Study of Chi-tsang and His Writings

Carol Kyle Interdisciplinary Approaches: Astronomy and Poetry

Name Not Available Frege’s Philosophy of Mathematics

Philipp Fehl American Art and the Classical Tradition

Ralph Wilson Cooperation between the University Libraries of Helsinki and Illinois

Gerald Browne Photographic Archive of Papyri

Elizabeth Gebhard* Materials Analysis Artifacts from Isthmia R. Tom Zuidema Iconographic Analysis of Andean Art

Elizabeth Gebhard* Materials Analysis of Artifacts from Isthmia Frederick Wirt Urban Socialization Processes Among Three Generations

Chrystal Smith Toward the Making of Thoreau’s Modern Reputation

Berenice Carrol Polemology and Irenology: An Annotated Bibliography of Peace Theory, 1800–1945

Sara De Mundo Lo Hispanic American Collective Biography: An Annotated Bibliography and Union List of Sources in the U.S. & Canada

Brian Higgins* Herman Melville: Annotated Bibliography, 1846–1976, VOL II, (1931–1976)

Philip Kolb The Editing and Translating of Proust’s Correspondence

Maurice Friedberg Literature and Society in Russia


Arthur Melnick Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason Chadwick Hansen* Popular and Folk Arts in American Studies George Huppert* Social Origins of French Enlightenment in the 16th and 17th Centuries

1977 Deborah Day Challenge Grant Patricia Ebrey Chinese Society and Civilization Mary McCree* Publication of The Jane Addams Papers

Susan Tax Freeman* Despised People: An Exploration of Marginality in Spanish Culture

Herbert Kellman Completion of CensusCatalog of Manuscript Sources of Polyphonic Music 1400–1550

Ladislav Zgusta Lexicology and Dictionaries

Dale Ouzts† Challenge Grants

William P. Alston The Concept of God Dorothy L. Grover* Truth Judith M. McCulloh Joseph Emerson Brown in Oral Tradition Demitri Shimkin World Anthropology 1977: Planning for the Future JaHyun Haboush An Annotated Translation from the Korea of a Journal Written in Leisure


Michael Soper Challenge Grants Jon H. Butler* The Huguenots in America, 1685–1800: The Social History of a Refugee People Douglas F. Morgan† The Supreme Court and the Changing Character of Civil Rights Herbert Goldhor A Study of Public Library Collections in the Humanities Roberta Feldman* Humanities Through Art

Philipp P. Fehl Funerary Sculpture in the Classical Tradition and the Art of Mourning James H. Dee* Vergil’s Humanism: Its Nature and Limits; An Investigation of Aeneid, 7–12 Gary G. Porton Sermonic elements in Genesis Rabbah Larry Neal Visions of D.C. Jack Stillinger A New Edition of Keats’s Poetical Works Michael Mullin The Working Conference on Shakespeare in Performance A. Owen Aldridge Participation of European Members of International Comparative Literature

1976 Victor Uchendu African Curriculum Workshop for Public School Teachers Marcella Grendler A Guide to the Cavagna Collection of Italian Research Material

Maynard Brichford Extension of Intellectual Control, Archives of American Library Association Donald Krummel Directory of Source Materials of American Music History David H. Everson† The Prospects for Party Reform in America Joseph Casagrande Anthropological Perspectives on the Nature of Man and Culture Donald Mullally Great Ideas Humanities Media Project Frederick L. Will Philosophical Theory of Reason Robert C. Cummins* Culpability, Excuses, and Psychological Impairment A. Owen Aldridge The French Enlightenment in the American Revolution Winton Solberg History of American Thought and Culture Ronald W. Sousa Eça de Queirós

Lloyd Eastman Working Conference on Republican China


Mary Thale* An Edition of “The Papers of the London Corresponding Society”

Ralph Fisher Reference Materials Project at the University of Illinois, Urbana

Robert B. Sipe† Critical Theory: The Frankfurt School’s Contribution to Marxist Social Analysis

Shin Kang Publication of the University of Illinois Cuneiform Tablets

Lawrence E. Fisher* Speech Forms in Contemporary Jicarilla Apache Culture

Robert Crawford East Asian Humanities Program at the University of Illinois

Ralph Fisher Teacher Seminars with Summer Research Laboratory on Russia and East Europe

Betty Glad Personality, Ideology and Role Performance: The Chairmen of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 1924–74 Paul Bernard The Austrian Aristocracy in the Age of Enlightenment Despotism

James W. Marchand Study and Photography of Gothic and Old Norse Manuscripts Nicholas Temperley The Music of the English Parish Church

NEH funding is really invaluable to scholars like me trying to produce a book. The time off to research, to read, and to write chapters and revise them is essential. — Robert Michael Morrissey History

* University of Illinois at Chicago † University of Illinois at Springfield


Ronald C. Jennings Urban Society and Economy of Ottoman Anatolia, 1600–1640 Winton U. Solberg American Intellectual and Cultural History

Winton U. Solberg From Puritanism to the Enlightenment Don R. Bowen* Guerilla War in Missouri, 1861–65

Richard L. Schacht Philosophical Anthropology

Michael Lieb* The Religious Foundations of Literature as They Bear Upon the “Holy”

Cullom Davis† Lincoln’s Thought and the Present: A Proposal to Augment the Humanistic Content of Lincoln Sites in Springfield, Illinois

James W. Carey A Study of the Relationship Between Communication Technology and Culture

Mary Lynn McCree* Publication of The Jane Addams Papers Berenice Carroll Polemology and Irenology: An Annotated Bibliography of Peace Theory and Peace and Research, 1800–1945

1974 Dragan Plamenac Studies in the History of Music on the Eastern Coast of the Adriatic from the 16th to the 18th Centuries Lloyd E. Eastman China Under Nationalist Rule, 1937–1949


Winton U. Solberg History of American Thought and Culture Daniel Jones Δ The Introduction of Tear Gas for Civil Riot Control: A Case Study Sylvia Vatuk* Proxemic Factors in the Cultural Mediation of the Effects of Urban Population Myles Brand* The Nature of Events Richard W. Burkhardt, Jr. The Interrelations of Biological and Social Thought in America from the Time of Jefferson to World War II

1973 Robert E. Conrad* Slavery in Brazil in the 19th Century Bruno Ast* The Human Science as Design Factors Clayton Gray, Jr. Minne (Love)Imagery in the Works of Wolfram von Eschenbach John D. Pierson The Life of the Japanese Journalist Tokutomi Soho (1863–1957) Leah P. Sinanoglou* Images of Childhood in Early English Literature Paul W. Schroeder Britain and Austria, 1815–1914 Emile J. Talbot Stendhal and Romantic Aesthetics Winton Solberg History of American Thought and Culture Richard J. Betts The Architectural Treatises of Francesco di Giorgio

Michael A. Mullin Shakespeare in Production: Promptbook Studies of Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet Paul Hockings* Visual Anthropology Conference A. Owen Aldridge Analysis of the Thought of Thomas Paine in Relation to the Ideologies of the Enlightenment and the American Revolution Shin Kang Translation and Publication of the University of Illinois Sumerian Clay Tablets

1972 Harry Broudy Reallocation of Resources to Permit Heuristic Explorations of Value in Two Academic Departments Bernard Diggs Foundations of a Rational Morality; Moral Reasoning Carol LaBranche* New Perception in the 20th Century in Science, Art, and Music

Philip Kolb A Critical Edition of Proust’s Correspondence Burton Bledstein* The Intellectual, the Professional, and the Problem of Democracy in America Thomas Guback Communication Systems and Socialist Thought Priscilla Clark* Comparative Studies of the Novel Glenn H. Jordan A Study of a Black Holiness Church, Christ Temple Apostolic Church in Sacramento Shin Kang Translation and Publication of University of Illinois Sumerian Clay Tablets

1971 Richard Scanlan Development and Implementation of a Classic Course for Secondary School Teachers

* University of Illinois at Chicago † University of Illinois at Springfield Δ University of Illinois, Medical Center at Chicago

Shin Kang Translation and Publication of “Collection of Sumerian Clay Tablets,” vol. II, Umma Archive George Dickie* The Institutional Nature of Art and the Aesthetic Howard Jacobson Ovid’s Heroides Robert A. Jones Social Thought of Saint-Simon, Comte, Spencer

1970 Melvin Holli* Title not available Ruth El Saffar* Cervantes and the Development of the Novel Melvin H. Buxbaum* Title not available R. Tom Zuidema Formal Structural Analysis of Andean Art and Investigation into its Meaning


1969 Richard Barksdale (1969–present), J. Young (1969–71) Social Change and Negro-White Relations Alan Purves The Teaching of Literature

1968 Sandra L. Bartky* Title not available Charles A. Knudson Title not available

1967 Peter R. McKeon* Title not available * University of Illinois at Chicago † University of Illinois at Springfield

This list was compiled based on information provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities. If you notice an error or omission, please let us know and we will correct it on the online version of the list, available at


Acknowledgements The Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities gratefully wishes to acknowledge the Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities’ staff for furnishing the information contained in this booklet, and to thank the Office of the Provost for supporting the production of its companion online exhibition, “Sharing the Wealth of Knowledge: 50 Years of NEH Engagement at the University of Illinois” (available at Our sincere appreciation must also go to John Moore, Ph.D. candidate in English, who created the online exhibition, interviewed grant recipients, and navigated the technological waters involved with great grace and good humor. We are grateful as well to IPRH intern MaryCate Most, who assiduously assisted in the production of both this booklet and the online exhibition. At IPRH, Kelly Delahanty has been Communications Coordinator par excellence: Her visual intelligence and handiwork are evident on every page and screen. Nancy Castro, for her part, oversaw every aspect of the operations, down to the last comma, for which we are eternally grateful. Last but not least, IPRH thanks all those scholars who graciously gave of their time and materials toward the creation of the online exhibition, and shared with us their experiences with NEH funding. They can be justly proud of their contributions toward half a century of humanities research excellence at the University Illinois.


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NEH 50: Sharing the Wealth of Knowledge  

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the National Endowment for the Humanities, IPRH has created a document showcasing how NEH has impa...

NEH 50: Sharing the Wealth of Knowledge  

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the National Endowment for the Humanities, IPRH has created a document showcasing how NEH has impa...