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JB Favour is a Ghostwriter, Voiceover Artist, Editor and Poet from Nigeria, Africa. She is the founder of the book promotion platform Bookterviews - Meet An Author Show, a platform for authors to share the behind story of their writing journey as well as challenges and inspirations for their work.

JB is a avid believer of dreams and passion. One of her favorite quotes is from South Korean boy band BTS member Jungkook, "I'd rather die than live without passion". A quote she lives by.

She strongly believes she can rise above the stereotypes limiting the black female child especially the in the African society. Fueled by creativity and a knack for following her passions, she chose to redirect her life into Freelance instead of her Medical Laboratory field which she majored in.

This led to the establishment of her own Freelance brand Faves_Pen, where she offers freelance ghostwriting, copywriting, editing and voiceover services to various clients all over the world. She has managed to achieve several success stories while working with brands and companies in the US as their content creator. She has also helped ghostwrite several works of fiction and memoirs all doing well on Amazon's sellers list.

Her breakthrough into the US freelance world has never been easy. Faced with stereotypical attacks and the pressures of building her own brand without any big network in an environment where the girl child has to constantly fight to have a voice, JB Favour has managed to build something out of nothing in just one year.

Her dive into the world of freelance was initially borne out of desperation and a bid to survive the Covid Lockdown and the subsequent meltdown of the economy after losing all of her jobs.

Her story is proof that even from chaos, something beautiful can still be created.

She hopes that her story gives a voice to the female black child struggling to rise above the cycle created for them by their environment. This is seen prominently in her poems as she struggles to convey the emotions and challenges of her art.

She is currently working on her Anthology of Poems "Once Upon a Virus" set to be released October, 2021. An anthology dedicated to all the emotions people have experienced during the Covid lockdown.


Bookterviews interviews on her YouTube channel: JB Favour and features authors on her website www.bookterviewsmeetanauthor-withjbfavour. com

JB is a book addict who loves to read. She's interested in music and loves to sing and dance when she's not working. She currently resides in Nigeria with her family.

Someday, she hopes to be able to travel to see beautiful spots of nature while making beautiful memories.

You can follow her on Instagram: https://www. instagram.com/faves_pen/ to follow snippets of her poems and voiceovers.