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12 The evidence: Making an impact with positive approaches TheSE programmes, tools and strategies are examples of initiatives that have empowered girls and young women, and contributed to their development, by embracing a positive approach to their sexual and reproductive lives.

Factors that influence youNG PEOPLE'S sexual and reproductive health





Many of these programmes, tools and strategies have been recognized for the impact they have had, and they have been replicated in other regions and other contexts. By scaling up these approaches, the impact on the Millennium Development Goals – particularly those goals with the greatest implications for girls and women – would be significant. Girls and young women at the centre Approaches that aim to benefit girls and young women have the greatest impact when they apply a holistic, long-term perspective. They recognize that girls and young women do not live in isolation: their lives are shaped not only by their own knowledge and skills, but by the people, communities, traditions and practices as well as the religious, political, legal and social frameworks that surround them. Thus, they may target girls and young women themselves; they may target their family and immediate community, including parents, peers, friends, mentors, boys and men; and/or they may target the broader society by trying to create supportive social norms, policies and infrastructure.




Young people's decision making and behaviours

SEXUAL AND Reproductive health outcomes

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