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Celebrating Five years of Market Leadership From its inception, the Proceive range focused on providing customers with comprehensive, functional and evidence-based formulations available for both men and women, from conception to pregnancy. Working closely with pharmacies and allied healthcare professionals, the team behind the range has ensured they recommend the best available product, Proceive. This innovative range is celebrating five years of being a leader in their field. We spoke to the team to find out more about its development, and future plans. Proceive is this year celebrating its 5 year anniversary – how and why did Affirm Health, sister company of Ocean Healthcare, developed the range? “Our Managing Director, Graham Stafford, had noticed a number of his peers struggling with fertility issues and so he began researching the space. He noticed that many fertility clinics were recommending a wide variety of nutrients in high doses for their patients. “After some initial closer looking into the science, it was established that there was a vast body of evidence which proved that certain nutrients, at optimal levels, could improve fertility parameters. “Through this research, it was also established that fertility issues affect both men and women equally. At this stage we put together a team of experts led by a Nutritionist and a Doctor to determine if there was an opportunity to develop a product, using these nutrients with the latest scientific evidence - that would benefit men and women. “Over time, it was clear that we could produce tailored formulations for both that would deliver the optimal level of nutrients required in one product. The nutritional needs of men and women are different, these also change as people get older. We ended up developing two products for men and women and it was at this point that Proceive was born.” The team had a mission to provide the best possible product

formulations and identified that there was a clear need. “Since we launched 5 years ago, the success our customers have been experiencing with Proceive has been incredible.” What were your goals in launching the Proceive range? “It is important to use that we always use the latest science available. In 2020, in response to the latest evidence, we changed from folic acid to L-Methylfolate the most absorbable form of folate in all Proceive products. We will continue with this strategy and adapt our formulations if the science demands it.” Proceive is now firmly established as the ‘go to’ pre-conception supplement on the Irish market. The team told us, “This was a very underdeveloped category within pharmacy. We have helped

“We look forward to increasing our brand awareness with consumers and healthcare professionals alike. Our partnership with pharmacies has been the backbone to our success and we will continue to develop this over time”

establish this sub-category and add much needed value. Over the past 5 years the brand has grown exponentially, gaining significant market share year on year. “Proceive has become the brand of choice amongst most fertility clinics, and recommendations from consultants and clinics continue to grow, driving consumer to pharmacies. Following on from this, the people behind Affirm Health started researching the nutritional needs of pregnant women. “We identified that the nutritional demands both increase and actually change during each trimester and developed the Proceive


Pregnancy range in 2021, which is Trimester specific.” To complete the journey, they have also just launched Proceive Breastfeeding in April of this year. What sets the Proceive range apart from competitors. The team reflects that their formulations are a key driver in this. “We have the most comprehensive formulations and we deliver them in a capsule or sachet that contains no fillers, binders or preservatives. Proceive contains only pure active nutrition, developed for each life stage.” Furthermore, Proceive is an Irish brand, based in Dublin and supporting Irish jobs. The team concludes, “The future is bright, we will continue to invest in research & development to ensure we have the best formulations. “Proceive is developing outside of Ireland, in the UK we are stocked the major retailers, we have also recently signed distribution agreements with companies in the EU & Middle East. “We look forward to increasing our brand awareness with consumers and healthcare professionals alike. Our partnership with pharmacies has been the backbone to our success and we will continue to develop this over time.”