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Unique Fundraising Ideas: The Impact of Social Media in 2012

Unique Fundraising Ideas • In the world of unique fundraising ideas, social media takes the prize in 2012.

• According to a study completed by MDG Advertising, social media proved effective for raising money for many different types of organizations, including non-profits. • For example, the study concluded the average donation through social media was $38 in 2010. That figure jumped to $59 in 2012. • Also during 2012, a whopping 98% of nonprofits use Facebook®. • It’s clear nonprofit organizations consider social media one of the most successful and unique fundraising ideas around. • Given its impact, social media in fundraising isn’t going away any time soon.

Unique Fundraising Ideas Does Social Media Carry any Risk for Nonprofits? •

Often when a new technology surfaces, everyone jumps on the bandwagon before really evaluating whether the results warrant participation.

Although social media offers unique fundraising ideas for nonprofits, it does come with some inherent dangers.

The very nature of fundraising is personal. And, although social networking is supposed to be social, it can create an impersonal digital world.

To avoid losing the personal connections with donors, nonprofits must not rely totally on a social media outreach.

Traditional, face-to-face fundraising, such as events, is still very much needed.

Another characteristic not built into a social media campaign is trust.

Donor trust is developed through a wide range of unique fundraising ideas prior to the nonprofit ever showing up on Facebook.

Social media is used to supplement the hard work the nonprofit has done through the previous campaigns building social interaction, relationships and trust.

Unique Fundraising Ideas How to Maximize Social Media’s Unique Fundraising Ideas

Social media is best leveraged when it’s coupled with established, offline programs.

It should not be used as the only channel for raising donations.

When it’s used with other unique fundraising ideas, social media gains greater momentum.

The Facebook page, Tweet or YouTube® video have real people attached to them.

And when people associate the hearts, minds, voices and faces of others to social media, they’re more inclined to make a donation.

According to Anthony Sicola of, an integrated approach to fundraising produces greater gains.

In other words, nonprofits that used an integrated approach and combined social media with more traditional tools experienced as much as a 40% increase in donations.

Unique Fundraising Ideas Facebook • As the perfect tool for allowing the nonprofit’s participants to spread the word, Facebook is all about reach. • Getting the word out to friends and friends of friends is quick, easy and very effective. • Participants can also post unique fundraising ideas, individual fundraising goals and update statuses regularly. • If set up, they can integrate with the organization’s corporate page to show overall fundraising goals and status.

Unique Fundraising Ideas Twitter®

• Although a lot can’t be said in 140 characters, Twitter still is one of the most unique fundraising ideas around. • It’s perfect for making announcements, sending event reminders and more. • Like Facebook, participants can use Twitter for fundraising updates. • They can incorporate links to donation pages and make it as simple as possible for people to give.

Unique Fundraising Ideas YouTube • Using visuals help convey messages much more than text. • And videos help get a message across in a very personalized way. • Videos provide tremendous impact and can move a person to donate like no other medium.

Unique Fundraising Ideas

• Using social media tools can create unique fundraising ideas for every nonprofit. • As long as charities use an integrated approach and continue to combine social media tools with traditional channels, the campaign results should be greater than if either media were used alone. • Nonprofits must always remember to engage with their audiences directly. • Building relationships and trust will never go out of fashion, regardless how much technology evolves.

About the Author

Edward Phillips, MBA, is Chief Creative Officer of IPM Advancement, a leading non profit fundraising company. Visit us at or call 623-687-3908 for more information about Unique Fundraising Ideas.

Unique Fundraising Ideas: The Impact of Social Media in 2012  

In the world of unique fundraising ideas, social media takes the prize in 2012. According to a study completed by MDG Advertising, social m...

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