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How Non Profit Consulting Firms Convert Online Supporters into Donors

Non Profit Consulting Firms  Some non profits put focus on building online following. Non profit consulting firms convert followers and friends into donors  To succeed the following guidelines must be followed carefully:

 Identify and engage the target audience online – who is that you wan to acquire as donors?  Segment the online supporters – separate out supporters that are likely to be converted. These are the most passionate about the organization or cause

Non Profit Consulting Firms  Collect ample information – research has shown using multi-channel approach to communicate with supporters increase donor conversion  Build a relationship – build a relationship over a series of six to eight communications  Make the call – engage in a phone call. The goal is to convert the supporter to a regular donor  Test and adjust – many factors will influence your response rate. Continually test your program and adjust accordingly

Non Profit Consulting Firms  These steps have proven successful in many campaigns  Many disparate factors are at play for a one-size fits all approach to work every time  Keep trying different approaches until you find what works

About the Author

Edward Phillips, MBA, is chief creative officer of IPM Advancement, a leading nonprofit fundraising company. Visit us at or call 623-687-3908 for more information about Non Profit Consulting Firms.

How Non Profit Consulting Firms Convert Online Supporters into Donors