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Could you beneďŹ t from some extra home-schooling help?

With the excellent weather, and the unexpected free time, this is the perfect opportunity to return to the stress-reducing hobby of gardening.


GARDEN spring ready THE


Cotswold-based interior designer, Amanda Hanley, shares her top tips on how to introduce bespoke statement upholstery into a room.

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Welcome to the very first edition of Your Cotswold Home! Specifically targeted to the Cotswold area, our free digital magazine is jam-packed full of content about how to keep your home and garden looking fantastic and fresh. This issue’s focus is spring. We provide you with tips and advice on spring cleaning your home and garden, as well as some inspiration for home decorating and decluttering – perfect for those of you who are currently self-isolating. There’s even a feature on how to keep your children occupied whilst they are off school!


The power of pattern

We hope you enjoy reading Your Cotswold Home. Stay tuned for the next issue…

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Keep your kids learning at home


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Household chores for spring

Go green with your spring clean Reduce unwanted clutter & maximise your space


Home heating: Oil Tanks


Spring Clean your home exterior


Get your garden spring ready

If you are looking to improve or extend your home, then Shuttercraft has a range of shutters and blinds to complement your home. Shuttercraft fit premium, made-to-measure shutters and blinds from the UK’s leading supplier. We offer a huge range of materials, colours and styles tohelp you find the very best window covering solution for your property.

Competitive pricing

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Premium S:Craft Shutters

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WITH YOUR SPRING CLEAN Spring is the ideal season to get your house into shape. Spring connotates positivity and is strongly associated with blooming flowers and the creation of new life. Why not use this cheerful season as an excuse to make some changes to your home?

Organisation and cleaning are extremely productive tasks that will give you a real sense of purpose and achievement; but it is vitally important to consider the sustainability of our planet when cleaning your home. Here are some earth-friendly steps that are worth incorporating within your spring clean: Use green cleaning products. Many traditional cleaning products contain harsh chemicals which harm the environment. Green products are non-toxic and made from renewable resources. Alternatively, you could make your own cleaning solutions. Mixing baking soda and vinegar gives the ultimate all-purpose cleaner that can be used on almost any surface.

opening a window will banish all toxins and rejuvenate your interior in a completely natural way. You could also use natural air fresheners, such as herbs and plants, as these will expel pleasant odors and aromas. Dry your laundry outdoors. Take advantage of the pleasant spring weather and air dry your clothes on an outdoor line. This is especially useful for larger items such as blankets and towels, as these take much longer to dry. Being outdoors has great benefits for your mental health too! Green clean your furniture. Again, many traditional furniture polishes contain harmful ingredients. Make your own wood cleaners and polishes with healthy, naturally sourced ingredients. Combining olive oil and lemon juice will effectively get rid of dust and dirt, producing a shiny, pleasant-smelling finish. Introduce ‘clean’ rules. It’s all well and good cleaning the house from top to bottom – but if your home only stays tidy for a few hours, then you have largely wasted your time. Introduce some new rules to prolong the cleanliness with your house, such as no shoes in the house or no food/drinks in the bedroom.

Use natural air fresheners. Bring a natural and clean feeling to your home by airing it out. Simply


THE by



Amanda Hanley, Amanda Hanley by Design

Cotswold-based interior designer, Amanda Hanley, shares her top tips on how to introduce bespoke statement upholstery into a room.

One of our first thoughts when thinking of decorating a room and making a statement is often the walls; which shade of paint should I choose, what type of wallpaper would suit

charm, promote happiness be and joy, or even tone down modern and the look of a busy room. bright, or muted and Upholstery can be utilised stylish. The simplest form within unexpected places too, of trimming you could add such as doors or to an walls; a padded upholstered wall covering piece is piping, behind a whether that headboard can be self-piped transform a (same colours) bedroom into a or contrasting luxurious colours. Other sanctuary that is examples of warm and trimmings comforting. Be include tassels, brave and step pom-poms, away from the borders, safe options – fringes and you will never upholstery achieve the pins, which are wow-factor now available with in a wide Image courtesy of Romo predictable range of looks. exciting colours.

Image courtesy of Colefax & Fowler

the room? However, introducing fabric on upholstery as your starting point can often lead to some fantastic Image courtesy of Jane Churchill results…

Be Brave, Go Bold Incorporating fabric on your furniture can add character and

It’s All in the Detail…

For a striking, elegant and coordinated look, try using trimmings. They can be added to a headboard or on a bedspread within the bedroom, or on curtains and cushions throughout the house. If coordination is not your style, you could add varying trimmings to different pieces for a layered and interesting look.

Mix & Layer Your Fabrics We love using coordinated fabrics on upholstery! When you are having bespoke furniture made, you have the

Trimmings are not just for traditional homes. They can Image courtesy of Romo


and bold patterns stand out against the cool, dark background, making the sofa a real focal point.

Trend Focus Over the course of 2019, upholstery fabric choices have become bolder, and this preference is set to develop even further during 2020. Velvet made a huge comeback and is still going strong. Stylish and durable, velvet adds instant depth to a room. As well as being physically Image courtesy of Linwood appealing, the fabric has a soft and tactile quality freedom to style it however that is simply irresistible. you want. Looking at collections from different brands is especially helpful, as designs often coordinate and complement each other.

Expert Upholstery Advice

Image courtesy of GP&J Baker

In the above photo, a footstool has been upholstered in two complementary Image courtesy of Linwood fabrics, which work very well with the sofa fabric Emerald green, orange and and cushions. Although this teals are particularly hot right scheme is simplistic in colour, now. various patterns work together in harmony, adding depth and The above symphony of plush interest to the room. velvets in a range of bold plains feels cosy and inviting. Linwood’s “Omega” range (pictured above) has a distinct Eastern feel. Vibrant colours

Modern fashion has seen a distinct change to standard seating arrangements; many people no longer buy matching sofa suites, instead mixing a sofa with accent chairs and others upholstered items such as pouffes and footstools. This move away from the “matchy-matchy” trend has seen the introduction of much braver choices in colours and patterns.

Unique, characteristic chairs have returned to the spotlight.

When choosing a fabric, always check the longevity by using the simple “rub test”. This is essentially how many times the fabric can be rubbed before it starts to wear. The very minimum for domestic upholstery is 20,000, although I’d recommend a minimum of 30,000-40,000. For commercial usage, this figure should be much higher.

amandahanley.co.uk 01993 822385


Shutters offer ultimate flexibility; louvres can be tilted, and panels can be opened at your discretion, allowing for ultimate light and privacy control. Shutters also provide a layer of insulation, reducing heat loss in your kitchen during winter. Shutters can be extremely stylish as well as functional, complementing both contemporary and more classic décor styles. They are available in a plethora of styles, colours and finishes, and are designed to emphasise your home’s beautiful interior. Create a classic look with wood and brick finishes, or a more minimal,

The kitchen is the heart of the home. This important space, used for cooking, cleaning and socialising, can quickly become dull and dated; revive your kitchen with stylish shutters from Shuttercraft this season. Shutters are the most practical window coverings for kitchens. Shuttercraft’s products boast a variety of functional benefits; our plantation shutters can be easily cleaned with a simple wipe of a damp cloth, and our Java range of shutters are made from waterproof ABS to combat humidity. Café styles or tier-on-tier shutters are popular choices for kitchens. They allow you to easily open top windows whilst keeping bottom shutter panels closed, providing optimum air flow whilst still maintaining your privacy.

modern approach with neutral colours and matte materials. You can choose to match your home’s current interior design or begin an entirely new renovation project – the only limit is your imagination! With so many window treatment options available on the market, it can be difficult to determine which style, material and colour to go for. Shuttercraft manufactures and installs a wide range of made-to-measure shutters to perfectly suit your kitchen space. All shutters are durable and long-lasting and can be tailored to your individual requirements. Book a free survey with Shuttercraft today to discover how shutters could benefit your kitchen. matt.blewett@shuttercraft.co.uk 07769 293710


Every home uses shelving – whether that be bookshelves, custom cabinets, entertainment centres or wall-mounted shelves. Depending on the available space, shelving can be used for a variety of purposes, including book storage, home décor, cleaning supplies, tools and much more. Most of us incorporate shelving to reduce clutter and organise personal items. However, before long, things may be placed on shelves just to get them out of the way, or items may become mixed up and untidy. All your shelf storage should maximise space, be easily accessible and enhance your home’s interior. Below are some tips designed to help you get the most out of your storage space.

Review & Plan Jot down each location with existing shelving, including the type of shelves and their current purpose. This may sound odd, but trust me, a blank piece of paper allows you to be much more creative.

Next, decide what you want to do with each shelving unit. Think about the items they already contain and whether there would be a better place to store these items. For example, a drawer could be used for electronic chargers, cords and adapters, whereas towels, rags and bathroom supplies may be better suited in a cabinet.

Types of Shelving

items? Most shelves are adjustable, meaning you can raise or lower each shelf to suit your needs. If you do happen to have non-movable shelves, determine which items would work best based on the space available. For example, a media shelving unit could be adjusted to fit old VHS tapes on the bottom, DVDs in the middle and CDs on the top. Some items may not look very appealing on exposed shelving units. A unit with doors will help conceal the items and keep your room looking attractive. This is a great solution if your shelves look untidy and feature piles of messy items.

- Wooden shelves

Best used for CDs, movies & games

- Self-standing metal shelves

Best used for laundry supplies & garage tools

- Wall-mounted shelves

Best used for décor i.e. photos & ornaments

- Recessed shelves Best used for storing books

- Entertainment centre shelves Best used for games consoles & DVD player

- Self-standing wardrobe

Best used for accessories & beauty supplies

- Kitchen cupboard shelves Best used for plates & small appliances

…and much more!

Maximise Your Space Why waste open space when you can fill it with more

As you can see, the possibilities are truly endless! So, why not organise your shelves as part of your spring clean this season?


Inspect the Roof It’s time to check whether there has been any weather damage to the roof. Damage to the roof could cause leaking and structural issues, which are extremely expensive to repair. Look for loose or missing shingles, as well as inspecting your chimney’s flashing, and make any necessary repairs; you could always hire an expert to help.

Clean the Gutters This isn’t a particularly pleasant job, but it is an essential one. After the poor weather during autumn and winter, your gutters will need a good clean out. Leaves, moss, dirt and more are likely to have collected in the gutters – this stops them from draining correctly and increases the probability of damage/breakage.

Clear out the Garage Why not incorporate the garage within your spring clean? Begin by organising items into things to keep, give away or throw out. Sweep and wash the floor, followed by a thorough dusting, then paint if needed. You could even consider installing hanging racks or shelving in order to create more storage space.

Paint the Fence Wind, rain, snow and ice can severely damage outdoor fencing. Whether your fence is in desperate need of a touch-up or you simply wish to brighten up your garden, now is the perfect opportunity to spend a few hours painting. First inspect the fence for any damage, then roll up your sleeves and get stuck in - you could even roped your children in to help!


Deep Clean the BBQ After being packed away during the winter, your BBQ will need a thorough clean before using. Removing food, grease and grime from beneath the grates will prevent fires and ensure your food cooks more evenly. A deep clean of the grates will remove any harmful bacteria, which could cause food poisoning.

Wash the Windows The sun has finally made its appearance, and light is beginning to stream through your windows. However, sunlight will highlight even the smallest of smudges on the glass, making your windows look grubby and grimy. Wash the dirt off your windows for a much lighter, brighter home.

Spring is the perfect season for getting ahead with those household chores you have been putting off. The warmer weather and decrease in rainfall allow you to complete more outdoor tasks, which may have been too challenging during the colder months.


for Spring


Sweep the Chimney

If you tend to light fires during the winter, your chimney will be needing some TLC. Burning wood releases a substance called creosote, which is extremely flammable. Removing creosote will significantly decrease your chance of a chimney fire. If you are unable to complete this yourself, consider hiring a professional.


1.1 million homes throughout the UK are not connected to the national gas grid and rely on heating oil – many of these homes are located in rural areas such as the Cotswolds. A quality tank is essential for safe, reliable, long-lasting and legal storage of heating oil. So, is it time you invested in a new tank? Or is your old tank due a replacement?

Types of Tanks With so many different types of tanks to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. Below, we break down the key features of each tank type:

Single Skin Tanks Single skin tanks are only suitable

for SOME homes, if there isn’t a significant risk of environmental damage (as highlighted in your initial building assessment). This is because the tank only contains one wall, and is more susceptible to punctures or breakages. Single skin tanks are often a much cheaper option; so, if the tank is

located in a safe place and is unlikely to be damaged, this tank may be suitable for you.

Bunded Tanks Bunded tanks are suitable for ALL homes, as they provide greater environmental protection. The tank has two walls – so if the inner tank fails, the oil will still be stored within the outer layer. If your tank is going to be located somewhere more dangerous, for example near to where you park, it is a much safer option


to buy a bunded tank. Most modern oil storage tanks are made from high-strength plastic, which is resistant to corrosion. There are many options for the design and structure of your tank. Most modern oil storage tanks are made from high-strength plastic, which is resistant to corrosion.

Size of Tanks There are a huge range of tank sizes to choose from. Consider how much space you have available for the tank, how often you’d like to receive a new oil delivery, and how much you would like to spend. If you have a limited budget, a smaller tank may be more suitable. The average British household uses between 2000-3000 litres of heating oil each year. If you utilise fuel-based appliances such as AGAs or Rayburns, you may use much more than this. It is recommended that you never have less than 150 litres of your tank – this ensures you won’t run out whilst waiting for

a new delivery.

Replacing Your Existing Oil Tank Replacing your heating oil tank can be extremely expensive, and therefore it is vital that the replacement is carried out correctly and compliantly. In many cases, assessments of your home will need to be completed before installation to identify any environmental and/or fire risks. The next step is to decide on the size of tank needed. This depends on two factors: how much heating oil does your house use, and how much space is available for the tank? Once you have determined this, you can then set about replacing the tank!

Heating Oil Tanks in the Cotswolds Calves Hill is a local Cotswold company specialising in oil tank installation, repair, maintenance and replacement. Whether you

need an emergency oil tank pump out, a tank replacement or pipework repair, our team of OFTEC-registered tank technicians can help. We carry out all types of domestic tank work to the highest standard. Our teams work tidily and efficiently, and are used to working around plants, patios, landscaping and other obstacles within the garden. We provide a compliant, quality service at competitive pricing.


It is recommended that you never have less than 150 litres of your tank – this ensures you won’t run out whilst waiting for a new delivery.

Calves Hill is based just outside Cirencester in Gloucestershire. We are able to travel within a 60-mile radius, covering all areas of the Cotswolds. sales@calveshill.com 01285 720200



In light of the recent school closures in response to COVID-19, many parents are now faced with the challenge of home-schooling their children. For many parents, this is a daunting and challenging prospect. Could you benefit from some extra home-schooling help? We list a range of resources for home-schooling, helping you to keep your children engaged and educated whilst at home. Home-School Packs: Stationery & Supplies

Free eBooks

Oxford Owl

Officeworx Local office supplies company, Officeworx Ltd, have created a home-school pack to help local parents provide teaching. Each contains a range of essential and fun stationery and supplies, such as coloured card, scissors, glue, pens and crayons. All packs have 3 exercise books, 500 sheets of plain A4 paper and a range of equipment – there’s even a reward stamp to praise and encourage your children! To order your home-school pack, please contact Officeworx on 01242 584901 or email sales@officeworx.co.uk


Help your child practise their reading whilst at home with the Oxford Owl eBook library. Containing over 100 free eBooks for children aged 3-11, Oxford Owl teaches them to read by using sounds. The collection features well-loved characters such as Biff, Chip & Kipper, as well as a range of informative non-fiction eBooks to help your child discover more about the world around them. Browse our range of free eBooks online. home.oxfordowl.co.uk


Printable Online Resources Classroom Secrets Kids Classroom Secrets Kids is offering free resources for school closures. Their online library of fun, interactive and practical home learning resources ensure your children continue to learn and play. Resources include interactive games, video tutorials and downloadable home learning packs. Begin your home-schooling journey. classroomsecrets.co.uk




How about these?

Bug Hunt

Search the garden for as many creepy crawlies as you can find! Admire them in their habitat.

Paint with water

All you need is water, a paintbrush (or finger, or feet!) and the pavement. The cleanest painting ever.

Obstacle Course

Find things to crawl through, step over, slither under and more. Be as imaginative as you can be.

Alphabet Find

See if you can find things with every letter of the alphabet.

Can you hear 5 sounds?

See if you can listen for 5 sounds. Might even mean a few silent minutes for you too!

Printable Online Resources Twinkl It is vitally important to keep your children interested and stimulated whilst at home. Twinkl’s online collection of resources help you to create and implement a home-schooling schedule to suit you. Simply download and print! The following resources are available free of charge: − Home-school schedules, routines & timetables – create a schedule of activities or a visual timetable to structure learning − Around the home – encourage and praise your child for helping around the house and completing chores − Home organisation – keep your home organised and running smoothly wide a range of charts and labels − Routine cards – offering a selection of routine cards for bedtime, meals and much more, giving your child consistency and a feeling of safety − Home routine games – enforce home routines with fun games and activities − Charts and signs – printable charts and signs to aid your child’s development and learning View the wide selection of online resources today. www.twinkle.co.uk



GARDEN spring ready

The season of spring brings a significant change in weather. Temperatures begin to rise, and rain becomes much more frequent. Buds begin to sprout on trees and luscious green sights are all around. This is the perfect opportunity to return to the stress-reducing hobby of gardening. However, there are some things to consider when gardening this season, ensuring your garden looks fresh and well-manicured. Let the growing season begin!

Preparation is Key Firstly, before you begin any planting, it is important to clear out the garden. Rake any leaves and dispose of debris. The condition of your soil is vitally important to the success of your garden; therefore, you need to take good care of your soil. Loosen the soil with a spade or fork, and get ready to plant those roses, shrubs and more!

Banish those Pests Spring is the best time to attack those pesky weeds. They are just beginning to grow, meaning their root systems are underdeveloped and weaker. Getting a grip on your garden’s weed problems in spring will save you unwanted hassle in the summer, when it is much hotter outside and gardening can be more of a chore.

Now for the Fun Part! Perennials are an extremely worthwhile investment. They require little maintenance and do not need replanting every year. Perennials help your garden look beautiful and colourful in the summer months, and they will survive and thrive during colder weather conditions. Flower bulbs also add flair and interest to your garden. Tulips and daffodils provide colour and variety to your garden and can be randomly placed.

Make the most of your garden this spring! We hope you enjoy getting your garden into shape this season.



A BRAND NEW MAGAZINE. The magazine is the brainchild of Tricia Hamilton, Tricia is passionate about everything to do with hats and fashion. As an experienced milliner and hat historian, Tricia has researched and studied hats from all over the world; everything from the Russian Ushanka to the American Baseball Cap, to the Torque Blanche and the British Top Hat. Tricia can share the story of almost any hat – just you name it!


Spring Clean Has your home’s exterior seen better days? Is it letting the rest of your house down? Soft washing is a safe, cost-effective method of cleaning, which will kill all fungus and harmful bacterior, making your home’s exterior look as good as new. So, why not incorporate a soft wash within your spring clean? No More Pressure Washing! Over time, fungus and bacteria decompose and eat away at your surfaces. Many people see dirt growing on their home’s exterior and think Before

cleaning is easy – just pick up a pressure washer from your local DIY shop and start blasting away! But pressure washing will actually cause more damage than good; here’s why:

Encouraging Growth Micro-organisms are microscopic, so they only begin to appear on a surface when the growth is very advanced. Therefore, pressure washing your walls will only give the fungus a haircut, causing it to grow back much thicker, deeper and stronger than before. How do you make grass stronger? You cut and feed it. Pressure washing will do exactly the same to the fungus and bacteria present on your home’s exterior surfaces. After



Too Much Moisture When we spot mould on a bathroom ceiling or bedroom wall, the first thing we reach for is bleach. Mould, mildew and algae form from damp and moisture; so, if moisture causes mould, why would you pressure wash your home? You will be adding more moisture and actually feeding the micro-organisms, causing them to reproduce at an alarming rate.

What is Soft Washing? Soft washing is an alternative method to pressure washing, which is based on the principles of pest control. Soft washing targets stains and infestations at the root cause of the problem, providing superior results that last 4-6 times longer than pressure washing. This environmentally-friendly cleaning solution utilises chemicals that are specifically formulated for soft washing building surfaces such as render, bricks and roofs – providing you with a clean, sanitised and healthy exterior environment that is fully protected from the elements.


Moisture will always be present within the UK (after all, it rains here a lot!), so it is vitally import to manage and maintain it. Kill any micro-organisms by getting your home’s exterior cleaned and treated regularly.

SkyLine SoftWash SkyLine SoftWash is a local, family-run business based in Gloucester. We offer safe roof, render and exterior cleaning services to areas within Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and the Cotswold. All our products are biodegradable, non-hazardous, water-based, low in VOCs and fossil fuel-free. SkyLine Softwash can help give your building’s exterior a new lease of life. Book your free demonstration by calling 01452 301342 or email discover@skylinesoftwash.com today.

discover@skylinesoftwash.com skylinesoftwash.com 01452 301342

It is recommended to have a building cleaning service every 3-5 years. If you don’t treat your building, micro-organisms can cause long-term damage, leading to very expensive repairs.


Sponred by Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire



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Your Cotswold Home is a new monthly magazine full of tips and ideas on improving your home and featuring specially chosen companies to help...

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Your Cotswold Home is a new monthly magazine full of tips and ideas on improving your home and featuring specially chosen companies to help...