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byStephen CarterandJ ettAtwood

Vowi ngto recl ai m thel and ofhi sf athers ,Zeni f fl eads acompanyofNephi tesdeepi nto Lamani teterri tory.But the Lamani teshave other pl ansf or them.Can Zeni f f def end hi sci ty agai ns t the Lamani te armi es ?Wi l lhi s ambi ti ouss on Noah s ei zethecrown?Can theprophet Abi nadis avetheci tyf rom i tsown wi ckednes s ?Adventure,war,betrayal ,andredempti on awai tyoui ni Pl ates ume1,an awardwi nni ng comi cs eri esbas ed on the Vol BookofMormon.

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iPlates: Ammon  

Ammon is on a mission to the Lamanites--the sworn enemies of his people. What will it take for him to survive and earn the Lamanites' trust?...

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