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IPL 16

Keep shopping, keep earning!

Don't just spend or save

Start Earning with Your Shopping! Sounds interesting ? Let us show you the way...

Start Earning with your Shopping! Shopping is an integral part of our living. Almost every day, we just have to step in the huge market, developed all around us, either to shop for our daily requirements or to avail various kinds of services or just to have some fun. And every time we shop or buy services, we have to spend our hard earned money. At the most, we can have some little discount offered to us. But the fact is, so far shopping has meant spending to all of us. Now, how about earning handsome rewards every time you shop? And don't stop at that, how about earning for yourself, even when your friends shop for themselves? Yes, this is very much possible. Thanks to IPL16. A revolutionary concept that harnesses the power of accumulation, through collective efforts. At IPL16 we have chalked out a reward programme, involving various kinds of merchandising vendors and shoppers like you, to create a truly win-win situation for all. With getting this IPL16 card, you just stepped into an exciting world of unimaginable prosperity. Because your IPL16 card not only helps you get fabulous discounts at multiple business outlets, it also helps you earn each time you or your associates shop! So now onwards, all you have to do is shop and earn – with your innovative IPL16 card!

Keep Shopping, Keep Earning!

Key aspects of IPL16 Programe


Entirely win-win formula for all – the customers & business vendors.


Each of stakeholders get rewarded and benefited


As a customer, you don't need to invest any amount, and yet earn


You help others' business grow and get rewarded for your help – it's as simple as that


Totally reliable and transparent programme


Your accounts status just a click away


Cheques of your earning delivered directed to your account


Truly exceptional opportunity to secure and uplift your family's future

Your IPL16 card will give you... i

Fabulous discounts every time you shop at any of the IPL16 affiliated outlets


An opportunity to help your friends join IPL16 programme


On the spot monetary reward, with each of your friends joining IPL16 programme


Earn points - and in turn money – every time you or your associate shop

Remember, your IPL16 Card gives you almost unlimited possibility of earning huge rewards.

IPL16 Card Activation

How to activate your IPL16 Card? With getting your exclusive IPL16 Card, you have already taken a major step towards, now all you need to do is activate your IPL16 Card and start reaping rewards! i



Enter your 12 Digit Card Number: **** **** **** and Password: ********


Enter your sponsor's Card Number to activate your IPL16 Reward Card (you can get this ID from any of your known IPL16 Card holder or the business outlet from where you received your IPL16 Card)


Please remember your username and password. To know your rewards status, you will need to log-in each time.


We will keep you updated about Reward Status via SMS and Email.

Register and Manage your IPL16 Reward Account Online



Enter your information





Get rewards points

Start using your IPL16 Card


Earn Money

Transfer in your bank

Your IPL16 Card gives you total

7 types of earning reward points

Loyalty Points

Referral Points

Shopping Points

Special Awards

Royalty Points

Pair Matching Points

Special Lucky 16 Reward

Loyalty Points and Referral Points

Loyalty Points As a valued customer and associate of IPL16 programme, you are entitled to earn Loyalty Points, even if you do not shop using your IPL16 Card or sponsor any person. You can continue earning these points for the 16 months after your registration with First Unit. You can earn Loyalty Points as shown below.


0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Expected Registration Your Registration

2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1,024 2,048 4,096 8,192 16,384 32,768 65,536

Expected Loyalty 15 30 60 120 240 480 960 1,920 3,840 7,680 15,360 30,720 61,440 1,22,880 2,45,760 4,91,520 9,83,025



100% 50% 25% 10% 5% 2% 1%

9,83,025 4,91,512 2,45,756 98,302 49,151 19,660 9,830

Note: This chart is just illustrative and for easy understanding only. The income may fluctuate on

Referral Points The IPL16 Card is a powerful concept based on harnessing the power of accumulation. That mean, you can encourage your friends or colleagues or any known person to join this fabulous programme and create a win-win situation for all of you. Your friends need to activate their card with your sponsorship ID. For each such registration under your ID, you stand to get net 100 Referral Points, instantly on Registration and every Unit activation.

Shopping Points

Shopping Points

Whenever you shop or buy services from any IPL16 affiliated vendor, you can earn an IPL Reward Coupons of different values. You need to register these points at,using your username and password. With every 900 points, a new unit will be activated for you. Now here comes the power of accumulation. Every time you or your sponsored card holders redeem Shopping Points, you can earn points depending upon the level. Please note that the table shows expected royalty for only one unit. You can earn similar points for unlimited number of units. With each shopping unit getting activated in your downline, 100 Referral points are added to your account. You can earn points for total 16 units as shown below. Points earned in each unit will be deposited in your account only after activation of each unit.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Reward Point

Expected Customer



50 25 25 20 20 20 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

3 9 27 81 243 729 2,187 6,561 19,683 59,049 1,77,147 5,31,441 15,94,323 47,82,969 1,43,48,907 4,30,46,721

Shopping Point

300 450 675 2,025 4,860 14,580 43,740 65,610 x 1,96,830 5,90,490 17,71,470 53,14,410 1,59,43,230 4,78,29,690 14,34,89,070 43,04,67,210 64,57,34,640

IPL 16 Reward Program

IPL16 Awards After registration of your each shopping unit, you can earn a special award relevant to the specific level - as per registrations by your customer’s team in total 16 Unit.

Executive Bag Level: 1 | 5 Activation of Unit 1

Wrist Watch Level: 2 | 15 Activation of Unit 2

Mobile Phone Level: 3 | 50 Activation of Unit 3

LCD TV Level: 4 | 100 Activation of Unit 4

Laptop Level: 5 | 250 Activation of Unit 5

IPL 16 Awards

Bike Level: 6 | 500 Activation of Unit 6

Tata Nano Level: 7 | 1,000 Activation of Unit 7

Hyundai Santro Level: 8 | 3,000 Activation of Unit 8

Maruti Swift Level: 9 | 6,000 Activation of Unit 9

Honda Civic Level: 10 | 12,000 Activation of Unit 10

M. Pajero Level: 11 | 24,000 Activation of Unit 11

IPL 16 Awards

Mercedez Benz Level: 12 | 36000 Activation of Unit 12

Audi Level: 13 | 48,000 Activation of Unit 13

Porsche Level: 14 | 60,000 Activation of Unit 14

BMW Level: 15 | 80,000 Activation of Unit 15

Farm House Level: 16 | 100,000 Activation of Unit 16

Special Lucky 16 You can get benefit of Lucky Draw and Bonanzas offered by various IPL16 Card vendors. You can get this benefit for each unit after your registration. Details of Lucky Draw winners and prizes declared each month will be published on the company website and all members will also be informed through SMS and Email.

IPL 16 Awards

Royalty Points You can achieve Different types of Royalty Points On increasing number of your sponsor team and on promotion of your direct downline.



% of Royalty

10 Person in your direct downline



5 Silver in your First Direct Line



4 Gold in your First Direct Line

Platinum Diamond


3 Platinum in your First Direct Line

2 Diamond in your First Direct Line Double Diamond

4% 5%

Pair Matching Points All the Card Registrations under your sponsorship are paired as per the binary system. You can get benefit on just one time buying of any special packag of 900 Reward Points in future. For each such pair, you may get 100 Pair Matching Points. With a limit of earning maximum 16,000 in a week, you can earn abou 64,000 points per month.

Please remember i

The amount of your earning will be deposited in your bank account on 4th and 16th of each month.


For secure transactions, you will need to submit a cheque/DD of Rs. 99/favoured in the name of Idea Privilage Loyalty and Rewards Pvt. Ltd.", payable at Ahmedabad and a copy of your PAN card.


All the payments will be subject to TDS deduction (with PAN: 10.3 %, without PAN: 20.6%). At the end of financial year, a TDS certificate will be provided by the company.


Reward Points shown in all tables of the brochure is depending upon your own purchase and team purchase.

Rewards & Discount Program get IPL Reward Points everywhere* and earn money

IPL 16 Keep Shopping, Keep Earning!

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