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The central fulcrum of the Staff training has always been rapresented by a good relationship with the clients.

Good manners, a familiar habitat, a direct contact with the patient together with the high standard of the Staff professionalism and the therapeutical quality of water, as well as the completeness of the services (thermal therapies, a phisiokinesitherapic centre and a wellness centre), are the winning points, which make our thermal site one of the most qualified and requested sanitary centres in the Marches.

Year l y tr ai ni ng cour ses for the Staff i mpr ove the Oper ator s’ r el ati on wi th the publ i c, i ncr easi ng thei r pr ofessi onal i sm and qual i fi cati on.

The cour ses don’t deal wi th the sani tar y aspects onl y, but al so wi th how to appr oach the cl i ents, the fr ont-offi ce, the for ei gn l anguages l ear ni ng, the mar keti ng etc.

Stile di vita  

Stile di vita