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Expected and Rumored iPhone 5S Accessories

The iPhone 5S is a technological gem. It is expected to be one of the hottest mobile phones in the world once it releases. In order to unleash the full potential of the iPhone 5S and its rumored functions (like fingerprint scanning), certain accessories will be on hand for its launch (which is expected to be later this fall). These iPhone 5S accessories will greatly enhance the experience while using the futuristic mobile device. As always, iPhone 5S cases and covers will be vital when carrying one of the most expensive phones ever. These protective cases will minimize the beating your iPhone 5S takes as time goes on. Since the iPhone 5S is expected to be the thinnest iPhone ever, having as many layers of security as possible will prove to be necessary for such a fragile device. Cases such as rubberized hard covers, soft silicone cases, and heavy duty cases will be available for consumers to choose how much security they will need for their iPhone 5S. Screen protectors for the iPhone 5S will also be needed in order to keep the touchscreen in working condition, as well as preventing scratches & unwanted dirt build up. The iPhone models are notorious for having fragile touchscreens, so having a screen protector in place can alleviate these concerns. Hopefully these screen protectors will allow fingerprint scanning. Other accessories expected to break into the market include camera enhancers and a customized stylus pen for the iPhone 5S (much like the Samsung Galaxy S Pen). The iPhone 5S already has an upgraded camera with a new dual-LED flash, so avid iPhone camera users can expect to see Apple push for more camera friendly accessories. Products such as customized attachable camera lenses have been done before, but should see even more options once the iPhone 5S hits the market. The success of Samsung’s Galaxy S Pen has led many to believe that Apple will follow suit and create their own stylus “iPen” with its own unique set of features. Consumers can expect to see the usual set of iPhone 5S accessories launch alongside Apple’s champion phonel. What we’re all waiting for is that new, must have accessory that will enhance our iPhone 5S experience. will be sure to stay on top of all the latest news!

Expected and rumored iphone 5s accessories