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English Festival 2k10

Remarks from the OSIS President, Erica Soesanto Hey Guys! Finally the June’s Edition of our newsletter is done! This month we are showcasing the trip to Singapore. I’d like to complement the “Student Council” (OSIS) body for their contribution to come out with this edition! Have fun in reading everyone!

Happy Birthday to You!

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On This Month’s Issue IPH Go Green

This Issue’s Remarks

Yeremia S, 7A

June 8

Ivanka E, 7B pg. 6

June 15

Darrell E. S, 7C pg. 7

June 4

Koichiro H, 7C

Dicky Djayadi, 8B

V. Calvin G, 7C

Jeremy G, 8B

June 2

June 18

June 1 June 1

Birthdays in June

IPH Junior High


Singapore Study Trip

After a good night sleep or none at all for some of us, we geared up and headed for


Juanda International Airport. There, we settled down and waited at the rendezvous point for the remaining teachers and students who will be joining the trip. After a good old wait we proceeded inside the immigration lockets and began our entry inside the waiting room. And so our flight number was called and we boarded China Airlines, we snuggled in comfortably at the seats of our choice. We took off maybe around 8 and flied all the way to Changi Airport. As we landed in, we the met up with Ms. Natalie who then will be our tour guide at Singapore. We ride the bus to Salvation Army, but in the middle of our journey we forgot that Joshua and our other friend David were still left back at the airport. So we returned back and pick them up and again head back to Salvation Army. It was a tiring run throughout the journey, but without any further due we were packing in and gearing up for our outbound at Christchurch school. We out bounded there then head to the Esplanade Theatre and the small Merlion Statue. It was so feet burning, it felt like our feet was scorched by the burning grounds of Singapore but all those minor injuries was kicked away by a wonderful meal that we had in Lau Pa Sat. We then headed home and rested for tomorrow’s adventure. (HUGO/OSIS)



Singapore’s OK toilet As the sun rises so did we, we prepped up and had dinner the we all headed to Queenstown that located in Clarence Lane for half the day we went to school there then were off to China Town for a little shopping. We bought many stuffs there and headed to a restaurant called the happy realm for our dinner, like yesterday it was pleasing, stomach filling, hunger ending, and finger licking good. After our dinner we headed back home for a good old sleep. (HUGO/OSIS)

FROM TOP TO RIGHT: Quenstown Sec. School, The Marina Barage, Waiting for the Bus, and Having Breakfast




IPH Junior High

This day’s gonna be different than any other day cause after some lessons at Queenstown we’ll go and play at the famous Universal Studios. We cherished our time there, we played and have a good time but all things good must come to an end. We took the monorail routed to Vivo City’s great food court, Food Republic. After dinner we head back and rested….. again. (HUGO/OSIS)







Today we all are not going to school anymore and that is one good news to me. We went to science center and saw a sea life documentary on IMAX theatre some new experiences everyday. After our sights we ate then did a little shopping spree at vivo city for approximately 4 to 5 hours. Then we ate at an intersection between vivo and harbor front then head home for sleeping. (HUGO/OSIS)

last day

We woke up quite late today prepped up like always and headed to City Harvest Church. We sang and heard the preaching. It was majestic and everflowing. After the fellowship we had lunch and spent some time down at Coffee Beans. Then the bus picked us up and before going back to salvation army we did a little shopping at Bukit Timah Plaza then head back home to pack up. It was tough to say good bye to Singapore but we gotta let go. We arrived at Changi then boarded and flied back to Surabaya. (HUGO/OSIS)




IPH Junior High

A few weeks ago, we had a special program in IPH, called the “IPH Go Green” movement, in which each one of the participant gets to plant a tree. This event is done together with the City Government of Surabaya. The vice mayor, Arif Afandi, came to IPH and joined the program. After he gave out his speech about the environment, its time for us to plant the trees, and Go Green!






Dramatic Reading

Essay Writing

Extemporaneous S.

• 1st Kimberley • 2nd Anastasia • 3rd Hugo

• 1st Davin • 2nd Bryan Augustino • 3rd Dicky

• 1st Michelle Jennifer • 2nd Henokh • 3rd Bryan

Poster Making

Story Telling

Song Writing

• 1st 8A • 2nd 7B • 3rd 8B

• 1st Andrew • 2nd Novia • 3rd Joshua Alexander

• 1st 8A • 2nd 8B • 3rd 8 West - Joyce

The Winners

Right after the students went back from Singapore, the third English Festival of IPH Middle School is held in SMP East. The categories of the competitions are Dramatic Reading, Song Writing and Singing, Essay Writing, Story Making and Telling, Poster Making, as well as Extemporaneous Speech. We had so much fun throughout the different contestants, ranging from grade 7 to 8, east and west. Here are the list of the winners. Congratulations!





IPH Junior High

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IPH Junior High Newsletter - June 2010  
IPH Junior High Newsletter - June 2010  

IPH Junior High publishes a newsletter every month, and this month we are bringing our special coverage from Singapore.