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“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” — John F. Kennedy Introducing

A savvy, experienced Communications Company that understands and embraces the evolution happening in today’s healthcare market and today’s communication channels. One whose approach intelligently stands out and connects to our client’s customers.

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in today’s market.

The pharmaceutical industry is in a time of change: It is a time marked by tighter legal and regulatory scrutiny. • Fewer drugs are in the pipeline, facing a tougher time gaining approval • Smaller biotech companies are leading development • Larger companies must increasingly create joint ventures to remain profitable

It is a time marked by greater pressure for more affordable, more accessible healthcare. • With more intelligent physician-patient interaction that encourages patients to seek healthier lifestyles • Where patients are more informed, engaged, and demanding health care consumers

Communication channels are evolving exponentially: There is more information available, more often, more quickly and in more venues than ever before. • With information being disseminated by individuals as well as companies, adding another layer of complexity to an already complicated marketing scenario

• At the same time there remains a need for the long-established and proven rules of pharmaceutical communication



A communications company based on a passionate observation of humanity as the underlying driver for all creative ideas. One that understands that the overlap between the business revolution going on within and around the pharmaceutical industry and the rapid, more freely available communication (ie, web 2.0, etc) makes this time of change a time also of tremendous opportunity One that knows there is a great story in every product, one that can inspire and intrigue

One that is focused on the real impact of these drugs and what they mean to people—whether that be a patient’s fight for survival, a physician’s heroic efforts to save a life, or a company’s latest technological breakthrough



Right For Today’s Business Realties Focus: It means understanding the customer circumstances and behavior that lead to communications that are smart, clean, and consistent.

The goal is to keep it R.E.A.L. – Relevant, Easy, Arresting, and Legitimate Service: It means listening, then understanding your needs, your business, your brand.

The result is always creative – but grounded. Value: It means operating as the un-agency and offering a network, not of satellites, but of senior talent that is high on the learning curve.

The benefit is bottom-line efficiency – resulting from less overhead.

Injecting Creative Spark A full range of smart, focused, and compelling advertising and promotional solutions that form the “Creative wEdge” into today’s market.

Network Agencies

• Multimedia, web sites, and online promotion • Campaign development • Conceptual exploration • Event theme development/rollout • Advertising and sales promotional materials • Brand identity crafting • Strategic and tactical planning

Contact: Jonathan Male REALITYRx Communication PO Box 393 • New Hope, PA 18902 215.262.9214 •


Reality RX  

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