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English work “Robin Hood” – Prof. María Inés Cervi


Robin Hood 1) Vocabulary 2) Characters a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h)

Robin Hood Maid Marian The Sheriff of Nottingham Will Scarlet Little John Friar Tuck Sir Guy of Gisborne King Richard

3) Activities Episode 1 a) Look at the pictures and identify the characters, Who can you see? b) Which pictures show:

a wedding?

an arrest?

c) Read the episode and replace the words in bold with the correct name of the character: ROBERT, KING RICHARD, THE SHERIFF 1) He wants to marry Marian. 2) He stops the wedding. 3) He is far away. 4) He has nothing now. d) Replace the words in bold with the opposites below * continue * a friend * free 1) You are an enemy of the king 2) King Richard is in prison 3) Stop this! e) Write a short description about: Robert, Marian and the Sheriff Episode 2 a) Look at picture 3: who is the man on the horse? Who are the men in the forest? What do they want? b) Read the episode and put the events in the correct order. - Some men stop Robert in the forest. - The Sheriff wants to put Robert in prison. - Robert changes his name. - The men ask Robert to be their leader. - Robert escapes on a horse c) Correct the words in bold. 1) The men in the forest want Robert´s horse. 2) Robert is the men´s enemy. 3) The men give Robert a sword. 4) Robert´s new name is Robin Wood. Episode 3 a) Look at the pictures. Which picture(s) show(s): * Robin with a sword * Robin with a bow * a poor family * a fight

* A rich man on a horse

b) Read the sentences and join 1- Let me go! a) You go back! 2- This is a present from a kind traveler. b) I´d like to, but I can´t 3- Go back! c) Not before you give us money to help the poor . 4- Why don´t you join me and my men? d) John Little. 5- What´s your name? e) Thank you, Robin Hood!

English work “Robin Hood” – Prof. María Inés Cervi

c) Find the opposites of the words in bold in the episode 1) unkind traveler ≠ _ _ _ _ 2) rich woman ≠ _ _ _ _


3) unfair fight ≠ _ _ _ _

d) Read the episode and put the events in the correct order - Robin falls in the river. - The outlaws rob a rich man. - Robin meets a man and they begin to fight. - Robin gives the money to a poor woman. - The man helps Robin out of the water. - Robin calls the man Little John and they become friends. Episode 4 a) What is happening in picture 6? Why? b) Mark TRUE or FALSE. Justify the false ones. 1) Little John is a better archer than Robin Hood. 2) Friar Tuck is strong 3) Friar Tuck is a fool. 4) Friar Tuck does not want to join the men. c) Find the words in the episode which mean the following: 1) a person who uses a bow and an arrow 2) not clever 3) come with us d) Choose one of the characters and write a short description. Episode 5 a) Answer the following questions: 1) What is Gisborne´s plan? 2) Where is the archery competition? 3) What does Will Scarlet tell Robin to do? 4) Who sees Robin first in the competition? b) Find the opposites in the episode 1) looser ≠ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2) bad ≠ _ _ _ _ 5) first ≠ _ _ _ _ 6) hate ≠ _ _ _ _

3) hardly ≠ _ _ _ _ _ _

4) young ≠ _ _ _

c) Who says...? 1) “Marian can give the prize to the winner” 4) “Thank you for the silver arrow, Sheriff!” 2) “No, Robin! It´s a trap!” 5) “The people is laughing at me” 3) “Here is your.. Robert?!” 6) You fools! That´s Robin Hood!” Episode 6 a) Read the episode and say who the words in bold refer to: THE SHERIFF, GISBORNE, MARIAN, MARIAN´S FATHER, ROBERT, THE OUTLAWS. 1) They want to catch him 4) He wants to marry her. 2) They put them in prision 5) He aks him where she is. 3) They take her to him. b) Complete the puzzle

WHAT DOES MARIAN DO IN THIS EPISODE?............................................................. 1) The outlaws tell Robin about the King´s .... 2) They bring Marian and her father to the Sheriff.

English work “Robin Hood” – Prof. María Inés Cervi

3) 4) 5) 6)


The news is that the king is ..... Gisborne wants to ...... Marian. Gisborne has a ...... to find Robin. Marian doesn´t ..... Gisborne.

Episode 7 a) Who says...? 1) “Let her go!” 2) “What are you waiting for Gisborne? Kill the outlaw!” 3) “I know you are an honest man.” 4) “The Sheriff arrested Robert in the middle of our wedding.” b) Correct the words in bold in the summary of episode 7. Then retell it in the simple past tense Gisborne and the Sheriff follow Marian to 1) Nottingham. The Sheriff tells Gisborne to kill 2) Marian. At that moment, King Richard arrives and saves Robin. He is very 3) happy with Gisborne and the Sheriff. Richard gives Robin his title back and tells him to return to his 4) forest. Marian tells 5) Robin about the wedding and he tells them to finish what they started. In the end, Robin marries Marian.

4. Design a poster for a film of the story 5. Create a photographic story

Robin Hood  

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Robin Hood  

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