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“Amatör Fotoğraf Günleri”, Yıldız Technical University, İstanbul, Turkey “Haihatuksen Kevatnayttelty 2015”, Taidelaitos Haihatus, Joutsa, Finland “Kuyudaki Taş”, CerModern, Ankara, Turkey “Fanus”, Fotoistanbul, İstanbul, Turkey “Olanlık.” was a story which I started in order to get rid of the anger and frustration I had at that time and approached as a kind of therapy for myself. But then it turned into a story that documented all the ambivalences, challenge, abandons, oppressions, and despairs of a period. The story of an endless hope that ends up constant frustration. Like Sisyphus. The story owes its name to a Turkish poet, Ahmet Güntan.


Solo Exhibition at Poligon “The Shooting Gallery”, Istanbul “The Mediation” is a fictional story produced by using social memory, sexuality, gender roles and the place of religion at these roles. The story draws a relationship between a husband and a wife which has sadomasochist roots in a religious ground. It is written without regardless of time and space. The story which I started by looking at a house in a small village I visited once upon a time is about a girl who grows up in an extremely conservative and religious family. After her marriage, she reckoned with her past and her relationship with her husband undergo a transformation. In addition to the domination of religion on gender; the story reflects the unteachable, un-transferable, emotional, and sexual states of the human condition. Søren Kierkegaard’s term “Mediation” helps to cap and complete the state of vagueness imposed by these

concepts of intertwined relationships, progress and dependence. The story consists of a 24-page fictional literary story and photographs. The photographs consist of images of family archives, visuals that symbolize tension, and photo shootings in a village kept in secret. The reason for keeping the location of the village secret is the fact that the story is not specific to any geography or period of time, and similar stories are happening in many different cultures.

Video Installation 0�38, Loop

Images from the exhibition Poligon “The Shooting Gallery”, Istanbul

Ongoing Project Supported by Hrant Dink Foundation “In order to understand the nature and structure of society, we must study all of its as pects in historical perspective, that is, from the standpoint of time.” Giambattista Vico The story begins with the question of whether the women profile and relationship roles in the first written poems and epics can have an impact on the relationship roles of today. It aims to read social memory and history writing tools which are very crucial ideological tools that the dominant power uses to establish his own power from the point of gender. The project consists of a long dialogue between examples of today’s relationships and notes from the first written pieces, visuals symbolizing the birth of the Gods, and photographs documenting today’s gender roles.

The first phase of this ongoing project was based on the myth of Lilith, who was mentioned in the Old Testament and the first woman created with Adam by God. In order to investigate the myth of Lilith, I participated in an artist residency in Armenia where this name is widely used. I made interviews with women named Lilith and asked them the name stories, family profiles, and experiences about current gender roles. I also interviewed non-governmental organisations such as Society Without Violence, Women’s Resource Center, Pink Armenia, and Right Side. I continue the project with characters from different mythologies and regions.


Orta Format is an e-magazine focusing interviews, articles, and projects about contemporary photography practices. The magazine which is published bilingual (Tr / En) has the feature of an archive of contemporary photography practices. The content of Orta Format is shaped around the editors’ research in the context of photography on behalf of their own practices. The magazine is always open for participation and new researches. 7 years old Magazine has published 26 Issue. It is supported by SAHA Association as part of Grant for the Sustainability of Independent Art Initiatives. The magazine has published 3 books and is currently in preparation for the 4th book.


Torun explores, applies and implements alternative models through channels that make sharing art possible. Free from the obstacles of the market economy and current political barriers, it seeks to maintain a structure where art, artist and the audience are the primary focus, without any self-serving institutional or economic expectancies. It focuses on artist’s books as an art object and makes exhibitions, presentations, and workshops to be held with the participation of artists, editors, designers, publishers, and collectives from the national and international community.

1992, Ankara +90 505 848 12 68

Group Exhibitions · “Garden” in Ka Photography Enhancement Atelier with “if a tree” series, Ankara, TURKEY

Solo Exhibitions ·

· “This is a guerrilla exhibition. Really!“ in Fotoistanbul with “if a tree” series, İstanbul, TURKEY · “The Amateur Photography Festival” in Yıldız Technical University with “Olanlık.” series, İstanbul, TURKEY · “Haihatuksen Kevatnayttelty 2015” in Taidelaitos Haihatus with “Olanlık.” series, Joutsa, FINLAND · “Bolero” in Torun with “And sometimes the only thing you can digest is, yourself.”, Ankara, TURKEY

“Dolayım | Mediation” At Poligon “The Shooting Gallery”, İstanbul, TURKEY


“Kardeş, Büyük Tanrılar Ne Diye Toplandılar? “My Friend, Why are the Great Gods in Conference?” At Ka Photography Enhancement Atelier, Ankara, TURKEY

· “Kuyudaki Taş” in CerModern with “Olanlık.” series, Ankara, TURKEY · “Glassbell” in Fotoistanbul with “Olanlık.” series, İstanbul, TURKEY · “ISSP 2016 Final Exhibition” in ISSP with “Bow Before” series, Kuldiga, LATVIA · “Bolero” in Place des Augustins with “And sometimes the only thing you can digest is, yourself.”, Geneva, Switzerland · “Çekmeden Fotoğraf” in SALT Ulus with “Train Station” installation, Ankara, TURKEY · “Bolero” in EOS Gallery with “And sometimes the only thing you can digest is, yourself.”, Athens, GREECE

1992, Ankara +90 505 848 12 68

Work Experience · Instructior of Dark Room Workshop LoremStorytelling ipsum Instructior of “I Was Looking”, Visual Workshop at Ka Enhancement Atelier, Ankara, TURKEY · Editor at Orta Format Magazine · Coordinator at THE BOOK LAB, Istanbul · Artist Assistant of Gözde Mimiko Türkkan · Editor & Coordinator at Torun

Publications And Presentations · “If a tree” self-published book, Ankara, TURKEY · “FINAL WORKS I Personal Storytelling: Photography Workshop with Arja Hyytainien” Istanbul, TURKEY · “Documentary Photography Days” at Fotograf Vakfi, Istanbul, TURKEY · “BLACKLIE. Vol II” Cagliari, ITALY · “ISSP 2016 Final Exhibition” Kuldiga, LATVIA · Maps-Magazine, “Issue#3: Exploration ITALY · ”Ayrık Otu”, artist talk Istanbul, TURKEY · “Editörlük Aşkı Öldürür mü?”, artist talk Istanbul, TURKEY · “Aralık”, collective artist book TURKEY

1992, Ankara +90 505 848 12 68

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Portfolio (2014-2019)  

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