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Ipek apaydin Industrial Product Design


about me Hello , i'm Ipek. I'm a junior industrial product designer from Turkey / Istanbul. I've always dreamed of design since I was a kid. And , i want to specialize myself in the field of furniture design. I worked about furniture production in school internships.You can see some of my school & internship projects in my portfolio.

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Bahçeşehir University Industrial Product Design (2013-2018) Eskişehir Atayurt Fen Lisesi ( 2009 - 2013 )

Adobe Photoshop

WORK EXPERIENCES Intern at KYS Sandalye (2015 , Summer)

Adobe Illustrator Rhinoceros 5 AutoCAD Fusion 360 Sketchbook Pro

Intern At Ay Plastik (Arçelik Plastik Yan Sanayi) (2016 , Summer)


Co-founder of LaTua Design ( / )


Intern at Studio Punto by Ismail Öklügil (2017 , Summer - Fall)

NON-WORK EXPERIENCES Comenius European Programme ( 2010 - 2013 ) School Presidency ( 2007 - 2008 )

Writing design page on Motto Magazin

Dalin Upcycle Project (2015 , Fall )


upper intermediate





HOBBIES Piano , Yoga , Skiing


Interıor & Product desıgn

Product desıgn

* Graduation Project

Product & system desıgn

Assistant & * Design Productıon Supervısor

Showcase desıgn

Product & system desıgn

Pop - Up

coffee Store

Brief Shopping centers are places that are constantly crowded. We should be develop stands are set up empty spaces in mall. It should be develop a stand to move from one shopping center to another.

Ideation A new generation of coffee makers become popular in Istanbul. People prefer to drink coffee with special brewing methods instead of instant coffee. Employer who working in the nearest plazas will be able to take away breakfast and coffee. The pop up store should be easy to build and transported.


model making


The interior is arranged in such a way that two people can work comfortably.

Quick eat and drink spaces are created

Suitable workbench for microwave and espresso machines.

The door details are hidden.

Comfortable take away places in 12m2



Osb ( 2000X2980 MM ) Portable Sink SOLID WOOD ( 200 MM ) Iron sectıon ( 40 MM )


Brief Washington DC , Berlin, Batumi , KĂśln , Rome and Hong Kong are members of Bau Global. University members want to give a gift during the university promotion days for who want to go to these schools. But it should be memorible and useful product.

Ideation We decided to create universal adaptor. With benefits of this universal travel adaptor it is able to been used by the students all over the campuses worldwide without any other devices.

project partner with Meryem Ilayda CalÄąm

Problem The gift to be given on promotional days should be memorable. If a student goes abroad, a gift should be distributed in this area. If the product will be useful,increase memorability.

Charcing electronic appliances for people who abroad has always been a problem.There are also many problems due to voltage difference. It should be small andportable for students going abroad.

PrODUCT DETAILS To use the plug of the country you need to scroll the key.

They can charge every technologicaldevice on abroad

Materials: *PP for whole body *Chrome vanadium for metal part

vacuum Garbage


Brief Students should work with the topic of mobility and conduct generative research in the area in order to define a problemrelated to selected topics. Graduation project should be based on a problem. So they find very clear problem definiton.

Ideation One of the most basic features indicating development of a country that working against the waste problem.Is is suitable for use in apartment entrances and on the streets. When container is full , informs garbage truck via The garbageman operates the system and throws the vacuum bag into the truck.

Problem garbage man problems Bacterium - derived diseases from garbage

%50 Waist and limb injuries

%20 Exposure to toxic bases behind the truck

%15 Because of injuries cutters thrown in the trash

%8 Cough and sputum formation


%4 Shaking of the press machine

According to citizens problem %35 The flies live on the garbage and they threat human health

Streets smell badly

%35 %15

Car traffic on streets because of garbage truck

Truck sound after 12 am

%10 %3

Response to trash throw time

Bad looks of garbage



Citizen throws household waste into the garbage container in apartment entrance

... or on streets

Inform the truck when the container is full. According to the draw so that containers filled truck routes.

Garbageman takes vacuum bag and throw into the truck

PRODUCT DETAILS Vacuum System motor rails & control buttons only garbage man control them

replacement bags HDPE (high dense polyethylene)

plastic garbage box for throw truck

SYSTEM DETAILS Internal Ray System

vacuum system

lid detaıls & vacuum system polyethylene

system box

system box & detaıls


eye .D

smart bathroom cabinet

Brief In the developing world, technology has started to facilitate human life. Technology has been used in every aspect of life.a high-tech product to be used in homes should be developed.

Ideation People who are working have to be regular and fast during the day. The interior architecture also creates regular enviroments for the items. This is also the case in bathroom , a secret cabinet design was made for married couples to arrange their own belongings.Thanks to eye recognition system inside the cabinet,people can access their cabinets. At the same timeyou can see the information they need throughout the day thanks to a smart mirror.



The smart mirror with the application in the phone is defined together.

When the person passes in front of the closet, his drawer opens.

if the person wants to use an item from the other drawer, opens the other drawer by pressing the key

they can use together

project detaILS

system detaILS

dc motors RaÄąls reinforcement rails eye recognition system smart card for system


please select your closet...

eye . D high-tech bathroom cabinet

scanyour your eye.D eye.D scan

scanned succesfully! continue

and look at the mirror !

Welcome to

Dopen Now you can your closet by just setting up eye contact, and you can follow your daily notes on your smart mirror

eye .



Welcome to eye . D

Welcome to eye . D

Now you can open your closet by just setting up eye contact, and you can follow your daily notes on your smart mirror

Now you can open your closet by just setting up eye contact, and you can follow your daily notes on your smart mirror

high-tech bathroom cabinet

clock : 09.36

eye . D

eye . D

date : 11.05.2017 language : english mirror screen brightness :


cabinet settings

main menu


settings okay

eye . D


Brief Hermèsmatic is a fun, complimentary service where you can update your vintage scarves via washing machines and dip-dying. This story should be told in the showcase that will be installed in istinye Park.

Ideation Colored water-filled containers were used to show the color of the scarves changed. When viewed from the front, people will see scarves in different colors.

what IS HERMESMATIC ? Hermèsmatic is a fun, complimentary service where you can update your vintage scarves via washing machines and dip-dying. Come visit with your Hermès scarves and give them an entirely new feel and look. You can also discover our one-of-a-kind dip-dyed silk collection! Whether its denim blue, fuschia pink or intense violet, the choice is yours!

project process To explain the color of the scarves, a scarf is placed behind the water glass boxes. It will also move the scarf thanks to the fans placed inside the boxes. the colors in the waters, the colors to be used to dye the scarves were decided with the pantone codes. Designer : Ismail OklĂźgil Design Assistant : Ipek ApaydÄąn

contact me +90 530 474 64 75

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