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Dear volvo enthusiast,

Welcome to our 2012 catalog specifically for the 850 and C70, S70 and V70 family of front wheel and all wheel drive Volvo models from 1993-2000. Beginning with this catalog, we’ve further broken down the years and models covered in a specific catalog. This was done to reduce the often overwhelming number of application details you need to sort through to locate the correct parts for your car. In the Spring of 2011 we launched a new website that features a powerful filtering system designed to greatly improve the accuracy of parts fitment for your Volvo. Over the past 6 months we’ve been making improvements based on customer feedback. The site is now more user friendly; guiding you in finding parts specifically for your Volvo and consequently, product returns due to application errors are down dramatically. No one likes the hassle of returning parts that don’t fit, or worse, finding out that the parts you ordered don’t fit when you or your mechanic are in the middle of a repair. The new site also features richer media content that allows an environment of unlimited product images, supporting videos, product installation documents, related tech tips, customer reviews and even customer submitted images and videos. We’ve also retained popular sections of the website that include classified sections, ipd project cars, employee blogs, newsletters and social media events. Wherever you see this icon in this catalog that means

ipd XC60 R Design Project

This is our first Volvo on the relatively new “P3/Y2” platform. The XC60 shares much of its underpinnings with the 2008-2011 V70/XC70, the 20102011 S60 and the 2007-2011 S80. We’ll be developing anti-sway bars, checking out some wheel options, lowering springs, Performance ECU upgrades as well as experimenting with improving the fuel economy with some software tweaks as our XC60 seems to be running unusually rich based on how quickly the exhaust tips turn black after washing. One of our staff members owns a business that specializes in performance parts for HONDA CRF off-road racing motorcycles. He has developed products used by the top professional Motocross and Supercross teams in the world including the GEICO HONDA Racing/Factory Connection Racing Team. We drew up a rendering of the project featuring the wild single wheeled motorcycle trailer design shown and sent a proposal to the GEICO / FCR team and they liked it so much that they offered to let us use Kevin Windhams 2011 race bike when we display the concept at the 2011 SEMA show (Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association) in Las Vegas this fall. Kev-

you’ll find related enhanced content on our site, such as additional images, videos, and application details. Last but not least, we want to remind you that as a customer, the most valuable asset ipd has to offer you, is the knowledge and support of our customer service staff. Long recognized as the leader in providing the best customer service and support in the automotive industry. Whenever you have a question about an ipd product, be sure to put them to work for you. You can also reach out to our staff through our Facebook page (search ipd Volvo), The “Ask ipd Forum” at www. or through the various contact points on our website. There is also a wealth of information on our popular Youtube channel (also search ipd Volvo). Warmest Regards, Scott Hart - ipd Volvo Division Leader

in Windham, or “KW” as he is affectionately known by his fans, was recently voted the most popular off-road motorcycle racer in the history of the sport. Volvo liked the extreme sports connection and the other project sponsors have worked with us on past show cars and concept projects, so with the positive responses things just sort of fell into place after that. We took delivery of our Passion Red XC60 R – Design on May 10th and have been getting familiar with it, taking ride height measurements, recording sway bar diameters, 0-60 performance, etc. Since it’s a shared platform, many of the new products we develop for it will also be available for the Volvo models we mentioned above late summer/early fall. This ipd SEMA project build won’t be as elaborate as some of our past projects like the ipd XC70 All Terrain or the ipd C30 Gullwing projects. We are planning to integrate an iPad into the upper area of the center stack console, which will be pretty trick if it works out according to plan. Watch the project progress in the “Project Cars” section of our website for project updates including photos etc.

Physical address: 11744 NE Ainsworth Circle Portland Oregon 97220 Mailing address: PO Box 20339 Portland, Oregon 97294 Toll Free: 1-800-444-6473 • 8:30-5:00 PST Monday-Friday Local: 503-257-7500

The Volvo Specialists since 1963 Dedicated to improving the fun, safety, and performance of your Volvo



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Performance • Suspension • Braking • Maintenance • Lighting • Exterior • Interior • Tools

Performance Upgrading the engine management software and exhaust on your turbo Volvo is the most effective way to improve output. You can expect to see realistic and measurable gains from 33 to 53 HP depending on the model. Since 1994 we have partnered exclusively with MTE SWEDEN to bring you the world’s most effective and reliable upgrades. We work with engineers from MTE to develop performance calibrations optimized for the North American market that retain full factory functionality, drivability and emission levels. If you spend much time on popular Volvo performance enthusiast forums, you might have noticed that we are occasionally referred to as being too conservative in our tuning since some Volvo tuners publish higher horsepower specs than we do. Some of our competitors do make a couple of more peak HP, but if you do your homework, you will find that our upgrades provide superior real world performance and the reason is because we focus on developing the most area under the power curve with smooth linear power delivery. Still not convinced? Here’s an unbiased excerpt from an article by Dave Coleman that appeared in Sport Compact Car magazine titled “Below The Curve” “We, the collective of car geeks, tend to get entirely too wrapped up in peak numbers, especially horsepower. Then the debates start. “Peak torque is more important than peak power.” “Peak power is more important than peak torque.” The battle rages, people get stupid and more precious Internet bandwidth is wasted arguing one misconception against another. The truth, as usual, is that the engine with the most area under the curve, either the horsepower or torque curve, is the one that will be faster. Ah, ha! Now you see why the area under the torque curve is the most important of all.” FYI- Dave writes very insightful tech articles laying waste to common performance misconceptions in each issue! You can also read some of his work at It’s our goal to provide you with software upgrades that deliver maximum power levels as advertised as well as being reliable without overstressing the car’s powertrain. It might be possible to squeeze a few more ponies from certain models by running a bit more boost, but careful research and development combined with over a decade of experience in upgrading the Volvo 5-cylinder Turbo models have made our upgrades the most respected and successful in the industry.

ECU Computer Upgrades 101

ipd “The Volvo Performance ECU Upgrade Specialists Since 1994!” This dyno graph is for a 2004 V70 R upgraded with our basic software, but it is representative of our wide scope power under the curve tuning philosophy.

The blue shaded area represents the increase in HP provided by the ipd software upgrade compared to the competition shown in red and the stock HP shown in green. Our competitors advertise a higher peak HP rating, but you can clearly see from this graph that from 2500 rpms to 5800 rpms, we make way more HP in the useable range.



Competitor Stock

This dyno graph is for a 2004 V70 R upgraded with our basic software, but it is representative of our wide scope power under the curve tuning philosophy.

The blue shaded area represents the increase in torque provided by the ipd software upgrade compared to the competition shown in red and the stock torque shown in green. Please see page 3 for actual specs.

Stage Zero? When upgrading, it seems logical that you would want to make sure that the engine is in top tune, but this is often overlooked in the quest for instant performance gratification, which often results in poor performance from your upgrades. The increased loads can cause misfiring and other unpleasant issues. We ran across the Stage “ZERO” idea on and concur 100% that you should perform these steps before making upgrades to the engine in your Volvo if it is more than 5 years old or has more than 50,000 miles on it.



Stage ZERO Tuning List:

• • • • • • • • • •


Cap, rotor, plugs, and wires Air, fuel and oil filter service Trans fluid flush Inspect & replace vacuum lines and IC piping rubber Upgrade to silicone hoses where possible Test / replace 02 sensors Verify proper fuel flow using a fuel pressure tester and replace fuel pumps if needed Clean / replace injectors Clean intercooler / intercooler plumbing Compression and cylinder leak down test IPD | 2012 | CATALOG

Competitor Stock As prices may fluctuate, please check for most accurate pricing.

Performance • Suspension • Braking • Maintenance • Lighting • Exterior • Interior • Tools

Performance Reality Bytes... We strongly advise that before you make any performance modifications to your car, you establish some baseline data for reference. For example: 0-60,1/4 mile, dyno run, G-Tech or similar device. (whatever you’re familiar with and can repeat consistently). The reason we feel so strongly about this is because it is not uncommon to get a call from a disappointed customer who just installed a $695.00 ECU upgrade in his Volvo, only to find that it’s slower than what R&T or Car & Driver said it should be stock! The problem is that just because a top magazine was somehow able to rip off a 5.2 second 0-60 run, doesn’t’ mean that’s what the car will do in the real world. The performance specs we publish for our upgrades are easily repeatable by the average enthusiast with a properly running car. Also, keep in mind that dynoing your car after upgrading it without a baseline dyno run for comparison is a complete waste of your time & money. Generally it is agreed that the drive train losses from Volvo’s are approx 1416hp for a FWD car and 20-22HP for an AWD car. The Fine Print For best performance and maximum engine breathing we highly recommend the installation of our sport exhaust with ECU upgrades. If you drive your car “hard” the exhaust upgrade is required to prevent turbocharger damage. Damage can occur from repeated full throttle loads of more than 30 seconds duration without a minimum 120 second off boost breather in between. Towing conditions that could keep the car in boost at normal cruising speeds must also be strictly avoided. Need More Information? Upgrades of this magnitude create lots of questions. Put our customer service team to work for you, as they will be glad to answer any questions you may have about our upgrades. It’s just one of the many advantages we offer.

The Upgrade Process

for 1999-2000 Models (ME7 & ME9)

With our softloader, all you have to do is call and order the communication adapter, use it to read out the details of your car and send the extracted file to us and in approximately 3-4 days we will send you an upgrade file built specifically for your car by e-mail that you can load into your car using your softloader. See softloader section at right for all the features and benefits that softloading has to offer such as the ability to switch back and forth between modified and stock software, read and reset diagnostic trouble codes and datalog helpful performance data, such as boost, charge air temp etc. Sending Your ECU To Us For Upgrading for 1999-2000 Models

The ECU in these models is digitally serialized to the car. This means that you will need to remove it from the car and send it to us if you don’t go the softloader route. The whole process can usually be completed in 3 days. Your car cannot be driven without the ECU. A special tool (part #GAT7) is required to remove the ECU, which we provide to customers (a $150.00 refundable security deposit is required). This tool includes a secure shipping container and instructions for ECU removal. For more information on installation see the downloadable documents on the ECU upgrade section of our website or give us a call. You can also go with our softloader.

“The car builds boost quicker, much quicker and stronger. I did a test last night highway driving you can see a noticeable increase in gas mileage. Great upgrade IPD, car should have been like this since day 1!!!” 2010-08-16 - “DM” from New York


IPD | 2012 | CATALOG

The ECU Upgrade Process For 1994 - 98 Models

Send us the ECU from your car and we’ll upgrade it and send it back to you for $695 plus shipping. Using overnight delivery, the whole process can usually be completed in 3 days. Your car cannot be driven without the ECU. Please see the ECU performance upgrade section of our website for more details and installation instructions or call and ask to have them e-mailed or faxed.

The Numbers For 1994-98 Turbo Models The chart below shows the approximate gains you can expect when upgrading to an ipd ECU and exhaust. Although the exhaust is not required, it’s highly recommended for best results and to prevent overheating of the turbo, especially if you are a hard driver or you will subject your car to sustained high loads such as towing or track conditions. NOTE: Figures shown below are for ECU when installed with our Sport Exhaust. Deduct 10 units when installing ECU only. The 0-60 times are based on tests performed on automatic transmission models using a G-Tech performance meter. A capable driver in a manual transmission car could possibly improve these times by approximately 2/10ths of a second.

ECU HP Torque (lbs-ft) Boost (PSI) 0-60 seconds Model/Year Bosch# (Stock/ipd) (Stock/ipd) (Stock/ipd) (Stock/ipd) Part # 850 T5 1994-95 072* 222 / 275 236 / 280 9.7 / 14.5 7.4 / 6.2 GA870 850 T5R 1995 628* 240 / 275 236 / 280 12 / 14.5 7.0 / 6.2 GA870 850 T5 1996-97 072* 222 / 275 236 / 280 9.7 / 14.5 7.4 / 6.2 GA870 850 R 1996-97 628* 240 / 275 236 / 280 12 / 14.5 7.0 / 6.2 GA870 850 GLT 1997 936* 190 / 230 212 / 265 8 / 12 7.8 / 6.6 GA870 C70, S70 & V70 LPT 1998 AUTO LPT** 458* 190 / 230 212 / 265 8 / 12 7.8 / 6.6 GA870 C70, S70 & V70 T5 1998 AUTO 607* 236 / 285 243 / 290 10 / 15 7.2 / 6.0 GA870 C70, S70 & V70 T5 1998 STICK 608* 236 / 285 243 / 290 10 / 15 7.2 / 6.0 GA870 S70 & V70T5 1998 AUTO 451* 236 / 285 243 / 290 10 / 15 7.2 / 6.0 GA870 S70 T5 1998 STICK 450* 236 / 285 243 / 290 10 / 15 7.2 / 6.0 GA870 V70 V70 AWD & XC 1998 LPT** 460* 190 / 230 212 / 265 8 / 12 8.0 / 6.8 GA870 V70 R 1998 AUTO 455* 240 / 285 243 / 290 10 / 15 7.6 / 6.4 GA870 1999-2000 ipd Softloader with performance, scan tool diagnostics and data logging software GASL2 * See note below for information on how to get the Bosch part number from your ECU. ** GLT/Low pressure turbo

ipd Softloader - 1999-2000 models It is generally agreed by the Volvo performance community that our software tuning, co-developed with our Swedish tuning partners at MTE, is the best in the business. When it comes to power under the curve, there is no comparison. Our upgrades simply outperform the competition. A smooth, linear power delivery provides maximum torque within safe limits. Our direct flash tuning method had one drawback, it required our customers to send their ECU to us for upgrading, which put their car out of commission for 2-3 days and also added an expense in overnight shipping fees to the upgrade cost. We wanted to provide a solution that allowed our customers to experience the superior performance of our upgrade without the inconvenience and additional cost of sending their ECU to us. So began the quest to develop the solution that we are ready to release for sale. The basic details are as follows: • Our Softloader hardware allows you to flash our software upgrades directly into your car using the OBD II diagnostic port for access in about 10-15 minutes. • Requires a USB equipped laptop or PC running Windows. The Softloader upgrade comes supplied with cables that connect with a USB adapter on one end and OBD II on the other. • The hardware can be used on multiple cars, so you¹ll only need to purchase the software to upgrade another car after the initial purchase. The first step of the upgrade process is to use the software and hardware to read the details from your car and then forward those files to us so we can provide you with calibrations developed specifically for your car. Once we receive data from your car, we can usually provide 3-4 day turn around on the creation of the performance calibrations specific to your model, and return these back to you via e-mail to be loaded into your Volvo’s ECU. We could bypass this step and provide a more generic tune for the base engine family, but our testing has proven that our wide scope calibration method provides the ultimate in long-term, trouble free performance. We have also developed fully functional scan tool software that allows you to read and reset check engine codes as well as providing access to other diagnostic information from the ABS system, the climate control system, safety systems etc. We also devel-

Price $695.00 $695.00 $695.00 $695.00 $695.00 $695.00 $695.00 $695.00 $695.00 $695.00 $695.00 $695.00 $895.00

oped data logging software that allows you to select from multiple OBD II monitored inputs and enhanced outputs such as boost, intake charge temp, ignition angle, knock sensor activity, etc that standard OBD scanners cannot access. These inputs can be displayed in real time or recorded to a file for later playback. For additional information including our online videos showing the upgrade process from start to finish visit our website at Softloader for 1999-2000 turbo models ipd Softloader with performance, scan tool diagnostics and data logging software | GASL2 | $895.00 Software Stage Upgrade Only | GASLSTAGE | $725.00 Softloader Hardware only | GASLX | $425.00

“Best bang for the buck and I didn’t have to get my hands dirty! Thanks IPD for a product that brought new life to my Volvo and Ken for the great tech support! Been a IPD customer from 1974!” 2010-12-08 - “GR” from North Little Rock, Arkansas

As prices may fluctuate, please check for most accurate pricing.

Performance • Suspension • Braking • Maintenance • Lighting • Exterior • Interior • Tools

ipd’s 300+ HP Stage III Package for 1994-1998 T5 models

ipd 3” Turboback sport system with downpipe

Get the most from your T5 with the ipd Stage III package. The kit includes an upgraded 18T turbo from the European market R model with a huge 70mm turbine outlet, an ipd custom 3” stainless steel down pipe with hi flow metal cat to mate up with the turbine outlet, an ipd 304 stainless steel 2.5” cat back sport exhaust and fully optimized stage III software. Adding nearly 100 HP, the package provides excellent throttle response that builds to a strong hit early in the RPM range and pulls hard all the way to redline. The package can be installed in a day and is a direct bolt on that requires no modifications. Keep in mind that this is a high output package that takes the power as high as you can go without opening up the engine to upgrade the rods and pistons, so it is vitally important that you ensure you car has is in solid Stage ZERO condition and that all peripheral engine management systems are in good working order. If you’re not familiar with the term “stage zero”, check out our stage III video, or give us a call and we’ll be glad to discuss it with you.

Adding an accurate boost gauge to your Volvo is the best way to monitor turbo performance and the effect of tuning on boost levels. The VDO vacuum-boost gauge offers a 25 psi max boost level, and easily mounts in our A-pillar pod mounts.

Stage III Software

18T Turbo

Short Ram Air Intake System SR5T -

for all turbo 850, turbo S70, C70 1998-2004, turbo V70 1998-2000

Engine compartment temps on today’s vehicles are higher than ever. With hood seals, belly pans, air guides, and tight fitting power trains, the engine compartment doesn’t have the same empty space and airflow it once did. Factor in the high flow coolant fans moving radiator heat through the engine compartment and you’ve got enough heat to slow cook a pot roast. Using ambient air for engine consumption just makes sense; colder air is denser and can be matched with more fuel, which results in more power. Unfortunately many of the ‘cold air intake’ kits available today are merely a tube with a high flow filter on the end. While this is a step in the right direction major considerations are being overlooked that would maximize the gain. The ipd SR5T intake system addresses these issues for optimal performance. ipd Short Ram Air Intake | 850, 70 series all (turbo only) | 1994-1998 | GASR5T | $189.95 ipd Short Ram Air Intake | C70 series | 1998 only | GASR5T | $189.95 ipd Short Ram Air Intake | C70 series | 1999-2004 | GASR5TME7 | $189.95 ipd Short Ram Air Intake | S,V70 series | 1999-2000 | GASR5TME7 | $189.95 SAS Kit add on | 850, 70 series all (turbo only), C70 series | 1996-1998 | GASR5TSAS* | $19.95 *Some 1996-1998 models had Secondary Air System (SAS) This filter is used in conjuction with our Short Ram Intake on vehicles that have SAS. Please see the Performance section of our website for images showing the difference between SAS and non SAS models.

IPD | 2012 | CATALOG

for the Performance Enthusiast

VDO boost gauge only | GA150063 | $45.00 Tubing kit (required for proper installation) | GA150851 | $9.62 850 pod only | GA9B2580 | $38.00 850 pod kit with gauge and tubing | GA9B2581 | $92.00 70 series pod only | GA9B2570 | $38.00 70 series pod kit with gauge and tubing | GA9B2571 | $100.00

Kit contents: ipd stage III kit complete | GA25.0024 | $2892.00 (price includes $250 refundable core charge) ipd Stage III 18T angle flange turbo | GA18TAF* | $1045 (plus $250 core charge) ipd turboback exhaust system w/metal race cat | straight flange turbo | GA25.0019** | $995.00 ipd turboback exhaust system w/metal race cat | angle flange turbo | GA25.0020** | $995.00 ipd Stage III ECU Flash | $895.00 *Turbo core charge refunded upon receipt of your complete original turbo within 30 days of purchase. **For the part number to fit your Volvo give us a call or visit ipdusa. com


25 PSI Boost Gauge & Pod

3-Gauge A Pillar Pod Like to know what’s going on under the hood? Keep an eye on boost pressure, oil temp, trans temp, coolant temp, air fuel ratio, exhaust gas temp or just about anything you would want to monitor and can find a standard 52mm (21/8”) gauge to fit. Custom molded 3-gauge pod comes in black ABS finish or painted Tan or Gray and is easy to install with included hardware. A-Pillar Mount 3-Gauge Pod for 850, 70 Series (19932000). Does not fit C70. A-pillar mount 3 gauge pod - black | GA9B2583BLK | $62.00 A-pillar mount 3 gauge pod - tan | GA9B2583TAN | $68.00 A-pillar mount 3 gauge pod - gray | GA9B2583GRY | $68.00

As prices may fluctuate, please check for most accurate pricing.

Performance • Suspension • Braking • Maintenance • Lighting • Exterior • Interior • Tools

Heavy Duty turbo Compressor Bypass Valve ipd’s heavy duty compressor bypass valve (HD CBV) upgrades the stock components to help you maximize boost developement while properly protecting the turbo from boost surge that can come from higher than stock boost levels. Our kit is complete and comes with a new HD diaphragm, 10lb & 14lb springs and a CNC machined billet aluminum follower. Symptoms of torn or failing factory CBV’s are: • Delayed boost developement or low boost across the board • Fluttering or surging when closing the throttle when in boost • Erratic boost developement

ipd HD ignition coils ipd’s HD ignition coils are a direct replacement for weak or failing factory coils. With a 20% larger secondary widing and spiral wound primary winding, ipd HD Coils outperform both stock and replacement coils. Specifically designed for longevity and consistent performance our HD Coils are perfect for higher than stock performance levels or as a long life replacement part in otherwise stock vehicles. S/V70 1999-2000, C70 1999-2004 | GA28.0003 | $49.95

ipd Performance Coil Kit ipd’s performance ignition coil restores lost power from the old factory ignition coil and provides increased performance for highly tuned setups like our stage III kit. Our kit mounts the coil on rubber isolators to reduce engine vibration and it’s also designed to work with the ipd short ram intake which insulates the coil from high engine temps by locating it within the area where cool air enters the intake. ipd performance coil kit fits both turbo and non turbo 850 and 70 series models from 1993-1998 and takes approximately 30 minutes to install. Includes MSD coil, ipd 8mm silicone coil wire, mounting bracket, fasteners and instructions to provide a clean, simple installation. ipd performance coil kit | 850 and 70 series | 1993-1998 | GA3E85070MSD | $109.95

850 1994-1997, S70/V70 1998-2000, C70 1998-2004 | turbo models | GA25.0018 | $69.95

ipd HD Turbo Control Valve ipd’s precision turbo control valve provides rock solid boost control and high accuracy restoring power from failing solenoids that are slow and sluggish. Slow spool time and fading boost pressure is common with weak factory solenoids and can rob you of power you didn’t know you even lost. Designed to handle high heat, high pressure, and tough environments ipd’s turbo control valve was built with longevity in mind. With crisp actuation and precise control you’ll regain lost power from poorly operating stock units. Direct fit, typically installs in under 10 minutes with no modifications required. Fits all turbo models 1994-2000.

ipd Hi Flow Turbo Downpipe ipd downpipes utilize the highest flowing metal monolith 3-way race cat designs and incorporate high quality flex joints in the factory location to reduce vibration and stress cracking. 3” mandrel bent 304 stainless steel for highest flow capacity and long life. Oxygen sensor ports are retained as well as factory mounting points and heat shield brackets. Will pass emissions tests, but may not be legal in some states for use on cars with less than 50,000 miles on them. We are offering these upgrades for off road use only, not for use on any Federal or state highway. Downpipes include inlet and outlet gaskets, plug and play rear oxygen sensor extension harness. 1 Year Warranty. 3” Downpipe w/ straight flange 1996-1997 850, 1998 S&V 70 T5 & all C, S & V70 light pressure all | GA25.0008 | $895.00 3” Downpipe w/Angle Flange ipd stage III all, 1999-2000 S&V70 T5, C70 T5 all 1998-2005 | GA25.0009 | $895.00 We do not currently have a cat back exhaust system for R models, however upgrading the downpipes on these models does produce nice results with the stock exhaust.

S/V/C70 turbo | 1998-2000 | GA3E1010 | $89.95 Blue Silicone hose | GAH105* | $2.15 per ft. *We recommend 7 feet to do all three turbo control valve hoses. 3E1010 Reviewed by Alex from Tualatin, Oregon Installed this on my 98 S70 T5 and WOW!!!!! i had the original TCV that has 208k on it, and I thought it was still fast! Now its pulls hard and hold’s boost!! THANK YOU IPD!! My T5 is even more fun to drive! 3E1010 Reviewed by Jamie B from Detroit, Michigan Ordered because I started losing boost on my ‘98 V70 T5m, I have no boost gauge so it was a loss of sound and that extra pull. Having almost no experience with getting my hands dirty under the hood of a car, this still only took me a short while. I replaced all of the hoses which involves moving some stuff out of the way. You will want to get under the car to replace the red line from the turbo, well, I did. Car pulls hard again, great product and excellent service! Thank you ipd!

ipd “R” Styled Boost Gauge The illuminated 52mm vacuum boost gauge functions well within the operating range of these models. Gauge reads from 30 inches of vacuum to 25 PSI of boost. Installation hardware is included with gauge. ipd’s R gauge is a great match to the factory R models produced from 1995-2000. Boost gauge | turbo models | GA38.0021 | $69.95


IPD | 2012 | CATALOG

As prices may fluctuate, please check for most accurate pricing.

Performance • Suspension • Braking • Maintenance • Lighting • Exterior • Interior • Tools

ipd Reverse Intercooler Piping Kit - AKA RIP KIT! ipd’s reverse intercooler piping kit (R.I.P. kit) reverses the routing of the induction tubing in turbo charged Volvo’s from 1995-1998. ipd’s kit routes the hot turbo air to the top of the intercooler and routes the cool air out the bottom. This change in routing reduces the heat that is inducted into the intercooler outlet air. Since hot air rises, routing the air out the bottom of the intercooler reduces outlet temperature an average 12 degrees Centigrade when measured at the throttle body inlet. The ipd R.I.P. kit design is also 14 inches shorter than factory induction routing which results in increased throttle response and less boost lag. Made from only two polished aluminum tubing pieces and 5 silicone connectors, the ipd kit is the easiest on market to install. Get the most from your turbo Volvo with the ipd reverse intercooler piping kit. 850 1994-1997, S70 1998, V70 1998, C70 1998 | turbo models only | GARIPKIT-R2 | $395.00

ipd Performance Intercooler ipd’s performance intercooler has a 30% larger core, all aluminum construction and is a direct bolt in -- compatible with both factory or aftermarket RIP kit intercooler piping. Featuring high flow & high efficiency bar and plate core construction, the intercooler makes an excellent addition to Stage III cars and cars running larger turbos. Does not require the removal of the air conditioner condensor like some kits. ipd Intercooler Upgrade | 850 1994-97, V/S70 1998-2000 | GA870IC | $795.00ea ipd Intercooler Upgrade | C70 1998-2004 | GA870IC | $795.00ea

IPKIT-R2 Reviewed by Bill Grindle from Iowa Wow looks better than I thought it would! Fit and finish are superb, install was a snap, right at 1 hour 15 minutes. One tip a small Q-tip or similar and some 0w20 engine oil applied to the inside of the hoses made them slide right on. I wish you had provision for a throttlebody upgrade as my car has a NA one on it, a quick trip to the parts store solved that though. Also a great time to do the vac. lines and radiator hoses and thermostat.

ipd 850/70 series Turboback Exhaust ipd’s turbo back exhaust provides better turbo spooling, more power, and better sound than the stock system without breaking the bank. Our exhaust is manufactured to our specs so you get a high performing, high quality system that incorporates all the aspects you’ve come to expect from ipd. Stainless T409 construction with a proper 200 cell metallic race cat provides high flow while still keeping the tailpipe clean. Our resonator/muffler system keeps the tone aggressive without being too loud or obnoxious. We’ve taken some extra time to tune this exhaust to remove drone and keep the tone very mild but still authoritative when you step on the gas.  High quality V-band clamps make installation a breeze and prevents leaks down the road so you can install and enjoy it! Available in both straight flange and angle flange variants to fit the majority of 850 and 70 series models. See our website for informaiton on conical vs straight vs angle flange. Fits 1994-2000 and C70 thru 2004. FWD turbo models only at this time. Note: This product is not legal in California. 850 | straight flange system | GA25.0006 | $995.00 850 | angle flange system | GA25.0007 | $995.00 S/V/C70 | straight flange system | GA25.0019 | $995.00 S/V/C70 | angle flange system | GA25.0020 | $995.00

ipd 3” stainless sports system includes a downpipe and hi flow racecat!

“This system sounds AWESOME! Subtle at idle and cruise, then roars to life when you get on it.”

“R” Exhaust Manifold Volvo has upgraded the exhaust manifold on the 5-cylinder turbo models several times over the years and the latest version found on the S60R and V70R is excellent. The runner paths and outlet configuration result in measurable improvements in exhaust flow and reduced exhaust gas temps. Better flow means more power and reduced temps means less stress on the engine. This is a popular option when upgrading the turbo on 1994 to 2000 T5 models. Early manifolds are also prone to cracking, this one makes a great replacement. These manifolds are Volvo originals. If your mounting hardware is original, you may want to consider replacing it when you install the manifold as it is not uncommon for it to break in the process. All turbo 850 models, S/V70 thru 2000, C70 thru 2004

Stock Manifold

Hi Flow “R” manifold | GA30637921* | $555.54ea Cylinder head to manifold gasket set 5 cyl Turbo all | GA271802 | $30.36ea Manifold to Turbo gasket all 5 cyl | GA8642450 | $2.89ea Turbo to downpipe gasket all 5 cylinder | GA8642449 | $4.59ea Cylinder head to manifold studs (10 required) | GA982667 | $2.73ea Cylinder head to manifold nuts (10 required) | GAN264 | $1.25ea * Not compatible on models with EGR. R Manifold


IPD | 2012 | CATALOG

As prices may fluctuate, please check for most accurate pricing.

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ipd’s Performance and exclusive parts Since we started racing Volvos way back in the early 1960’s we have always had the philosophy that we would build and offer parts at a level of quality and performance that we would be proud to use on our own Volvos and we would market those parts and accessories in a way that positioned us as the benchmark for customer service and value in our industry. Volvo owners around the world responded to those simple founding ideas and propelled ipd to be the worlds leader in Volvo parts and accessories for nearly 50 years. Many competitors have come and gone over the years and even though some offered innovative products, the missing ingredient that they most suffered from was a knowledgeable and supportive customer service department to help select the correct parts and upgrades and offer installation guidance etc when needed. We are famous for the level of service and support our staff provides and, in our opinion, that has lead to our history of success even during tough economic times. Most of our staff are former customers and passionate Volvo enthusiast (myself included!) so be sure to put them to work for you when you need parts and accessories for your Volvos. Sincerely, Scott Hart


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6K5035 shown

ipd Anti-Sway Bars

The Best Upgrade You’ll Ever Make.

If you really enjoy driving your Volvo, but occasionally find yourself wishing it handled a little better, you should seriously consider having an ipd safety anti sway bar system installed. Our sway bar kits have been the number one top selling suspension upgrade for Volvos for over 40 years and if you spend a few minutes on the web you’ll see why. Volvo owners around the world consistently give ipd swaybar kits excellent reviews for enhanced performance and safety. Flatter cornering, quicker response to steering input, increased margin of safety and a much more comfortable ride for you and your passengers due to reduced body roll. 850, S70/V70 (FWD) | 1993-2000 | 25mm front, 22mm rear | GA6K5035 | $395.00 850, S70/V70 1993-2000, C70 1998-2004 | 25mm front and 25mm rear | GA6K5045 | $410.00 C70 | 1998-2004 | 25mm front, 22mm rear | GA6K5035 | $395.00 V70/S70, AWD including XC & R | 1998-2000 | 25mm front, 22mm rear | GA6K5037 | $448.00 (1) Not for “R” models. NOTE: Upgrading the anti-sway bars on these models is a skill level 3 procedure. We generally recommend professional installation as it is necessary to lower the engine sub-frame and a vehicle lift makes the job easier than doing it on jack stands. Although the experienced do it yourselfer can accomplish the install, you should consult the installation instructions before attempting this job to be certain it is within your mechanical abilities.

K5035 Reviewed by Brett N from Southern CA. Averagevolvo. I have installed Ipd’s Sway bars on 4 of my cars, and several friends cars. They are all a huge improvement in Reducing body roll and keeping the car neutral feeling. Whether your are looking for great suspension performance upgrade or not, everyone can highly benefit from the cornering and freeway stability. They also make the ride more comfortable with reduced shifting of inertia.

ipd Heavy Duty anti sway bar Endlinks ipd’s heavy duty endlinks have been manufactured with long life and consistent performance in mind. With a polished ball socket and 20% larger shaft diameter (stock is 10mm, ours is 12mm) these units have outperformed the factory endlinks hands down. ipd has a 1 year warranty on our endlinks so whether you are looking for a long life alternative or a superior performance unit for the track, you can get both with a guarantee backed by the Volvo performance leader. 850, 70 | 1993-2000 | Front HD endlink | GA9492804HD | $59.95ea C70 | 1998-2004 | Front HD endlink | GA9492804HD | $59.95ea

HD Polyurethane Engine Stabilizer Mounts This mount is located near the top of the engine on the back side just to the right of center, connecting the engine to the firewall. The original mount requires a special Volvo press tool for installation. Our improved polyurethane material is stronger (we warranty it for 1 year) and the 2-piece design allows for easy installation without special tools. The original mount was covered under the basic Volvo warranty, however we have heard from customers that have had the original rubber mount replaced several times. Our HD replacement can be installed in about 30 minutes with common hand tools. 850, 70 series | 1993-1999 | GA2B1850 | $26.00 70 series | 1999-2000 | GA2B1880 | $26.00 C70 | 1998-2004 | GA2B1880 | $26.00 NOTE: Some 1999 models have an aluminum bracket and use GA2B1880. “Ease of installation, value of product and the noticeable performance benefits make this a top pick. After a 15 minute installation, I noticed an improvement in transmission shift responsiveness during strait line acceleration and shifts while corning. A moderate increase in NVH is a worthwhile tradeoff if replacing the worn OEM bushing.”


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“Worth every penny! My old mount was almost completely worn out, but I never really bothered to change it until I could tell my engine was rocking around and my acceleration was taking a hit because of it. took me and a friend 10 minutes to put in, and instantly I could feel the difference. acceleration was worlds better. if your mount looks like it’s wearing out, do yourself a favor and get one of these.

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ipd springs for 850 & 70 series models ipd sport springs are the result of customer feedback over the years. Eibach and H&R offered very similar spring sets for the1993-2000 models, but a large part of the market wanted something that offered a more aggressive drop (almost 2”) that would still be suitable for use on a daily driver. Does not fit cars equipped with Nivomat. 850, 70 series | 1993-2000 FWD only | set of 4 | GA6K0515 | $239.95 C70 coupe | 1998-2004 no convertible | set of 4 | GA6K0515 | $239.95

H&R Sport Springs Enhance the look of your Volvo with a reduced fender well gap. H&R Sport Springs lower the center of gravity and reduce body roll for better handling. The progressive spring rate design provides superb ride quality and comfort. A lower wind resistance signature will make your Volvo more streamlined and improve gas mileage. H&R sport springs provide a nice conservative 1-1/4 drop that looks great and still provides good ground clearance for your front spoiler. Sold as a set of 4. 850 sedan | all | GAHR29958 | $349.00 850 wagon w/o nivomat | all | GAHR29955 | $349.00 850 wagon with nivomat | all | GAHR29955-2 | $349.00 C70 | 1998-2005 | GAHR29958 | $349.00 S70 w/o nivomat | 1998-2000 | GAHR29958(1) | $349.00 V70 w/o nivomat | 1998-2000 | GAHR29955(1) | $349.00 (1) Not compatible with AWD models

Eibach Springs Eibach’s legendary spring system, the Pro Kit, dramatically improves the performance, handling and appearance of your Volvo. The secret is Eibach’s proprietary progressive spring rate design, lowering your Volvo 1-1/4” “ without compromising safety or ride quality. The advanced cornering takes your passion for driving to a whole new level. Dropping your Volvo with an Eibach Pro Kit makes a world of difference lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity, reducing acceleration squat, cornering body roll and braking nose dive. Plus, the slight drop eliminates fender-well clearance for first-place racing looks. Prices are for sets of four - Front/Rear 850, S70 & V70 | 1993-2000 | 1.2 in /1.0 in | GA8410(1) | $264.54 C70 | 1998-2005 | 0.8 in / 0.8 in | GA8420 | $251.61 (1) Not for T5R wagon models (2) Not for AWD models


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Steel Truss Style Strut Braces Adding performance shocks, stiffer springs, and wide low-profile tires puts additional stress on the front strut towers. Our strut brace connects both towers and reduces movement and flex under high cornering loads. If you like to tackle the curves with gusto, this is the brace for you. Easy 30 minute bolt-on installation.

72.0004 Also available in black

HD strut brace | blue | 850 all, C70 1998, S70 1998, V70 1998 | GA72.0004 | $189.50 HD strut brace | black | 850 all, C70 1998, S70 1998, V70 1998 | GA72.0005 | $189.50

Our turnbuckle brace is all steel construction and powder coated for durability (Part #72.0004 blue & Part #72.0005 black) and features counter threaded spherical rod ends to pretension the strut brace and remove chassis flex. This brace allows you to pretension the strut towers and remove any initial chassis flex that can contribute to washy or splashy steering and cornering. For the maximum in chassis rigidity without sacrificing ride quality this type of brace has proven most popular with enthusiast drivers.

Heavy Duty Polyurethane Longitudinal Transmission Mount Most front wheel drive and all wheel drive Volvos utilize a link style transmission mount installed between the transmission and the engine subframe. This mount is designed to limit the twisting torque of the power train under acceleration. The mount has two bushings in it and the larger of the two bushings is very soft and prone to premature failure, which allows the engine and transmission to over torque, stressing other mounts and noticeably reducing performance and shifting smoothness. We have developed an effective economical solution that replaces the large hi void area rubber bushing with a heavy duty full polyurethane bushing. The upgrade is available as a complete assembly (A) that includes the assembled mount with blue bushing installed and also includes stiffer black bushing that you can upgrade to for track use etc. “B” is the bushing kit that allows you to repair/upgrade your original mount. 8K0139 is the stiffer black bushing and 8K0138 is the softer blue bushing. Pressing out the original bushing is pretty easy and can be done with a medium size vice and hammer. A press is not required. Replacing the complete part takes about 30 minutes with common hand tools, add an addition l5 minutes if you are pressing the new bushing into your original hardware. Instructions are included. A. HD Polyurethane Longitudinal Transmission Mount (complete new assembly with firm and hard poly bushing upgrades) Fits: 1993-1997 850 All models except all wheel drive. 1998-2000 S70 7 V70 All models except all wheel drive. 1998-2005 C70 All models

GA8K0140 | 99.95

*Now includes both soft and firm bushings

B. HD Polyurethane Longitudinal Transmission Mount Bushing Upgrade Fits: 1993-1997 850 All models including all wheel drive. 1998-2000 S70 7 V70 All models including all wheel drive. 1998-2005 C70 All models S80 5 cyl. models only 1999-2006. Soft | GA8K0138 | $39.95 Firm | GA8K0139 | $39.95


Front Camber Kits Whether you’ve lowered your vehicle for added performance and handling or simply need to bring a worn out suspension back into line, Ipd’s front camber kit can help you. Our experience has shown that in many cases the factory front camber adjustment is just not sufficient to bring the vehicle’s alignment back into spec. Lowering a vehicle can throw camber angles off quite a bit and the need for a camber kit becomes self-evident. Our kit includes new bolts with an eccentric on one of the bolt head to provide the adjustment. By opening up the upper holes in the mounting ears you can get enough movement to gain up to 2.0 degrees of camber. Installation is a breeze with the included instructions. Designed with ease of installation and cost effectiveness in mind, our kit is a simple solution to a common problem. Compared to other kits on the market the IPD front camber kit is very cost effective as well. In fact, it’s close to a quarter the cost of the Volvo OEM kit! All models 1993-2000 | GA72.0008 | $82.50ea


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B 8K0139



Kit includes both a medium hard blue bushing for normal use and a hard black bushing for track events etc.

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Front Upper Spring Seat and Rear Shock Upper Body Mounts We often get calls from Volvo owners about knocks, squeaks, rattles and clunks. Common failures that can create these noises are worn out upper front spring seats or worn out upper rear shock mounts. Volvo front wheel drive models commonly develop a clunk in the front suspension that can be caused by worn out upper spring seats. This can occur in some models with as few as 30K miles and can be perpetuated by performance springs and shocks. To provide increased longevity and better shock damping performance ipd has developed our own heavy duty upper spring seat. Our design incorporates more virgin (non-recycled) rubber which encourages a stronger bond between the rubber and the spring seat center mounting sleeve which is the most common point of failure on this part. ipd’s heavy duty spring seat features additional material in key areas to increase longevity and consistent performance without adding additional noise or vibration into the chassis. Get your vehicle back to handling like a new car and keep it that way! We also offer standard replacement front spring seats (used on ‘97 and newer models) which was redesigned by the manufacturer to reduce separation between the inner steel sleeve and outer rubber insulator. While these are an improvement over the original design, we have still seen failure in as little as 30,000 miles. We recommend replacing the upper spring seats whenever the struts are replaced as part of regular maintenance. The expense is minimal in comparison to having to do the job over later. For 850 and 70 Series (1993-2000), C70 up to 2005 A. HD front upper spring seat mount | GA30683637HD | $49.95ea Front upper spring seat mount - standard version | GA8646713 | $25.03ea Front upper spring seat mount - economy version | GA8646713E | $12.47ea B. Rear upper shock mount (w/o Nivomat) | GA9461524 | $15.16ea B. Rear upper shock mount (with Nivomat)* | GA9140847 | $25.96ea Rear upper shock mount 1998-2000 AWD (with Nivomat) | GA9157321 | $44.05ea C. Rear spring bump stop retaining pin | GA9157631 | $1.11ea *If you need help determining if your car has Nivomat self leveling rear shocks, please give us a call and we can give you information that will help you quickly identify them.

Ball Joints, Tie Rods, Steering Racks, Control Arms and Bushings On 1993 and some 1994 850s the ball joint is replaceable, however all 1995-2000 models require that the complete A-arm be replaced if the ball joint is worn. Inspect ball joints, tie rod ends and CV boots annually. Look for excessive free play in the joints or damage to the protective rubber boots. Replace as needed. Symptoms include clunking and creaking during sharp turning such as when parallel parking. Worn parts can also keep the car from being properly aligned, causing premature tire wear and, if left unattended, can lead to dangerous conditions. Ball Joints and A-arm Assemblies A. 850 | 1993-1994-1/2 | Left or right ball joint | GA271591(1) | $23.00 ea B. 850 | 1993-1997 | Driver side ball joint & A-arm assmbly | GA271901V(2) | $148.81 ea 850 | 1993-1997 | Driver side ball joint & A-arm assmbly | GA271901E(2) | $45.32 ea B. 850 | 1993-1997 | Passenger side ball joint & A-arm assmbly | GA271902V(2) | $148.81 ea 850 | 1993-1997 | Passenger side ball joint & A-arm assmbly | GA271902E(2) | $45.32 ea C. 850, 70 series | 1993-1997 | Front control arm bushing (2req. ea. arm) | GA271631(2) | $16.98 ea S/V70 | 1998-2000 | Front lower control arm | right | GA8628498E | $49.25 S/V70 | 1998-2000 | Front lower control arm | left | GA8628497E | $49.25 (1) 4 doors through CH #131536, 5 doors through CH #37527. Any higher chassis number uses the complete A-arm. (2) 1998-2000 70 series must be inspected before ordering, This part uses 2 bolts mounted front to rear that mounts control arm to crossmember. Some 1998-2000 models attach using 4 bolts mounted side to side. Tie Rod End D. 850, S70, V70 | 1993-2000 | Driver side | GA271598V | $33.71ea D. 850, S70, V70 | 1993-2000 | Passenger side | GA271599V | $33.71ea Steering Rack Boots E. 850 | 1993-2000 | Left or right steering rack boot | GA271601 | $8.13ea A C

Wheel Bearing Hub Kit A noise from the drive train in a front wheel drive car can be difficult to locate. CV joints and wheel bearings may cause similar noises. It is easy though to isolate them so you can hear the difference. Remember a torn CV boot will cause a CV joint to be contaminated and then be quickly ruined. 1. The Outer CV Joint: Road test the car, and listen for a metallic click noise from the front as the car is driven slowly in a tight circle with the steering at full lock. A click noise indicates a worn outer CV joint. 2. The Inner CV Joint: If a test drive at normal driving speed causes a vibration upon acceleration that is felt through the car, the inner CV may be worn. 3. The Wheel Bearing: Road test the car and listen for a groan from the front bearings. The noise will increase in a turn when the worn bearing has the most load. So if the right bearing is bad it will howl in a left-hand turn. Front wheel bearing hub kit | 1994-1998 | GA274181 | $159.32 Rear wheel bearing hub kit (not AWD models) | 1994-2000 | GA271795 | $188.68 See for complete listings for your model

CV Boot Kits Next time your doing an oil change, take a quick look at your CV boots and look for any signs of cracks or punctures that might be allowing grease to escape and dirt to enter. A puncture or crack in the boot will allow road debris to contaminate the grease and rapidly wear out the expensive CV joints. 850, 70 series turbo | 1994-2000 | GA271826 | $24.68 ea 850 (1993-97), S70, V70 (1998-1999) | All non-turbo models | GA271648 | $26.16 ea C70 | 1998-2004 | turbo | inner CV boot kit | GA31256221 | $32.95 C70 | 1999-2004 | turbo | outer CV boot kit | GA31256231 | $32.95 Kit does inner and outer CV boots on one axle. Two kits needed per car


B We offer economy options for many of the parts listed on this page. Please see our website for a full listing.


Complete Axle Shafts with CV Joints and Boots

Engine Mounts Replace worn or broken mounts early to prevent vibrations that will wear other parts and cause degradation to ride quality. See for complete listings for your model


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Shocks and Struts, Testing “The Old Bumper Test” For years it was not uncommon for shops, dealers and car owners to attempt to test shock and strut condition by jumping up and down on the front or rear bumper and watching to see how long it took the car to stop moving. We even used this method up into the 1980s until we saw a shock test being performed by a Bilstein technician. We were surprised at how fast the shock tester cycled the shock. Have you ever watched a gallon of paint on a paint shaker at the hardware store? He said that it is not uncommon for a car cruising at 60 mph to see the suspension move 1 full inch in 1/1000th of a second. The bumper test might be able to tell you if your shocks are completely blown out, but it won’t tell you if they are still working safely. If you are unsure about the condition of your shocks, have an experienced technician at your Volvo dealer or independent repair shop take your car for a quick test drive. This is the safest way to determine the condition.

Bilstein Heavy Duty Shocks The choice for the truly discriminating driver, Bilsteins offer handling so superior, they’re capable of damping wheel movement as small as 2mm. A big part of improvement comes from Bilsteins patented digressive valving system that helps soak up initial shock loads before full damping is achieved. This takes off the sharp edge of most impacts and completely changes the feel of the car.

Koni Shocks KONIs provide a nice smooth, but firm feel that we found to be less harsh compared to the high pressure gas system used in most HD Bilstein applications. KONIs also offer adjustable rebound control so you can adjust them for wear as they age to maintain like new performance for the life of the damper.

Koni FSD Shocks Koni’s Frequency Selective Dampening (FSD) shock is the latest technology from the shock company’s line-up of high performance shocks and struts. Unlike a conventional shock, Koni FSDs can dynamically change the shock valving, depending on the frequency of the impact and its severity. The compromise between comfort and handling is nearly gone. A great balance between comfort and performance. For current prices and fitments, please visit or give us a call!

SACHs Shocks If you’re looking for economical replacement shocks for your Volvo these are the original shocks as supplied to Volvo at the factory. The front struts are the automatic style (2year warranty), are computer tuned and individually tested to assure consistent quality. They offer an excellent balance between comfortable ride and road holding.


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Bilstein Touring Shocks Bilstein Touring Class replacement shocks and struts feature the same German engineering and quality as the world famous Bilstein HD’s but with a bit less aggressive valving. This is the Shock Volvo should have used on these cars stock.

As prices may fluctuate, please check for most accurate pricing.


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I am so pleased with the customer service and quality of IPD products. The website is easy to navigate, the yearly parts catalog is great! Every part that I have ordered is shipped, tracked and received in a timely manner. I always mention IPD to Volvo owners! Keep up the great work!!! Steve I ordered a new suspension from you form my 850 turbo wagon a couple of weeks ago and just wanted to let you know I installed everything this weekend with great success. Although I had read that the bilsteins were “too punishing,” your recommendation convinced me otherwise and I am very pleased. Also, I appreciate your kit pricing with the springs as well. Thanks again, Chris Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! There are not many companies that are willing to ship APO/FPO, Guess it is too much of a hassle. I appreciate that IPD goes the extra mile to support the military overseas. Great products, great service and dedication to the customer is what always keeps me coming back to IPD. Thanks again, Kevin IPD, Feeling good in Flagstaff and wanted to take a minute and spread some gratitude. You guys rock! I’ve been doing business with your company for about 1yr and have given you as much trouble as a customer can, and you have always come through. It’s one thing for a company to even exist that sells almost every part imaginable for a 40yr old car, and another thing for that company to be as reliable and worthy as IPD has been. Kudos to your team and many thanks. Brandon


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Big Brake Kits for 850 and 70 Series Big brake kits for 1994-2000 850s and 70 series have ranged in price from $1800 to over $2800, but thanks to the efforts of one of our customers (CJ Yother) and our R&D team, we have produced a premium level brake upgrade kit at a budget price. The kit includes everything you need for a simple bolt-on upgrade that requires no modifications and can be installed in about two hours on the front of your Volvo. This kit dramatically improves the braking performance and resistance to fade, not to mention the awesome appearance. We’ve used engineered adapters developed by CJ, massive Porsche/BREMBO 4-piston aluminum calipers, original Volvo S60R 330mm (13”) front rotors, front ipd braided brake lines, Textar pads and two quarts of ATE Super Blue performance brake fluid. Please note that 17” or larger wheels are required. Volvo Pegasus wheels fit w/o spacers while Volvo Volan and Titan wheels are known fitments using 15mm spacers. PLEASE NOTE! This is just a small sampling of the quality brake parts we offer. For our complete brake system listings and the most current competitive pricing, please see the braking section of ipdusa. com or call our friendly staff for assistance.

850 & 70 series 1994-2000, C70 1998-2004 | big brake kit | GABBK870 | $1450.00 kit Adapter brackets for mounting Porsche 993T calipers and S60R rotor | Front | GABBKLR (1) | $297.50 pair Adapter brackets for mounting Volvo S60R calipers and S60R rotor | Rear | GABBKRLR | $150.00 pair (1) These brackets are available for those of you who want to source used calipers, etc.

Stock Replacement Rotors hese high-quality German-made rotors by Zimmerman are an excellent alternative to stock OE rotors. As with most Volvos, it is strongly recommended that you MEASURE the SIZE of your rotors before placing your order.


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Cross drilled rotors Cross-drilled rotors do a better job of dissipating heat and gasses from your brakes than standard rotors under extreme braking. Cross-drilled rotors have carefully machined holes strategically placed across their surface. The holes in crossdrilled rotors allow air to flow through the actual surface of the brake disc, resulting in huge improvements in cooling and a resulting reduction in brake fade. Cross drilled rotors also allow dust and gasses that build up on the rotor surface to escape into the atmosphere rather than affect brake operation. The cumulative result is that cross-drilled rotors run cooler, stop better, reduce fade, and dissipate dust more effectively.

Power Slot Performance Rotors The slots are designed to channel brake dust and heat away from the rotor and the brake pad. This engineered surface assures highest effectiveness for shorter stopping distances and reliable life.

As prices may fluctuate, please check for most accurate pricing.

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PBR Brake Pads Volvos are fitted with decent brake systems. The primary complaint we hear is “way too much dust! How can I stop it?” We offer PBR, Mintex and Akenono premium pads for great pedal response with much less dust and squeal. In our opinion these pads provide the best all around performance and safety. With good low temp bite, decent fade resistance, almost no dust, squeal free operation in most cases and a service life that is typically double that of the OEM pads, they are hard to beat. Akebono Brake Pads Akebono has successfully employed ceramic technology in brake pads for passenger car use. The combination of excellent stopping power coupled with low brake dust and quiet operation has lead to them being fitted as original equipment on many European vehicles. Akebono’s aftermarket disc pads contain the same materials, engineering, quality standards, and advanced technologies used to create their OE ceramic brake pads. For more braking components, current pricing, applications and availability please visit or give us a call!

High Performance Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line Kits Now you can experience the same rock-solid brake pedal that professional racers rely on. Standard brake hoses will experience some swelling under pressure which results in a soft or spongy feeling brake pedal. Teflon/Kevlar stainless-steel braided lines are comparable to those used on aerospace projects. Lines and fittings are engineered for precise fit. Lines come ready to install with no modifications necessary. Kits replace the original front and rear flexible brake lines. DOT approved. 850, 70 series except AWD | 1993-1998 | GA5210 | $161.61 70 series except AWD | up to mid 1999 | GA5217* | $197.62 70 series except AWD | mid 1999-2000 | GA5218* | $178.81 S70 AWD, V70 AWD, R, XC | 1998-2000 | GA5220 | $169.87 *We’ll need the chassis code to determine which part number you need.

7 out of 10 cars tested need new brake fluid! When the brake fluid starts boiling, it’s too late. Braking gives rise to high brake fluid temperatures. In extreme cases the fluid begins to boil and causes vapor or gas bubbles to form in the caliper. This vapor or gas can be compressed allowing the brake pedal to be pressed all the way to the floor but the vehicles braking system is not functioning properly. Ate SL.6 thin bodied DOT 4 brake fluid for all 2003-2009 Volvos or as an upgrade for 1996-2002 models(1ltr/qt.) | ATE | GA706402 | $12.95 Ate Type 200 DOT 4 brake fluid (1ltr/qt.) performance replacement fluid | ATE | GA51000 | $12.95 Ate Type 200 Super Blue DOT 4 brake fluid (1ltr/qt.) performance fluid with blue dye | ATE | GA51000SB | $14.95 Note: You will need 2 liters to do a complete fluid change on most models.






ATE SL.6 Thin bodied brake fluid for use in 2003-2009 Volvo models. Also an upgrade for 1996-2002 models equipped with electronic brake distribution or traction control.

Boiling point min.




Wet boiling point min.




Viscosity at - 40ºC

max. 700 mm²/s

max. 1400 mm²/s

max. 1400 mm²/s

Change interval

up to 2 years

up to 3 years

up to 3 years

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ATE TYP 200 DOT 4 Premium replacement fluid for all 1957 to 2002 Volvo models

ATE Super Blue Same specifications as TYP 200 with an added blue dye to simplify complete fluid changes.

As prices may fluctuate, please check for most accurate pricing.

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Brake Caliper Epoxy Paint Kit Restore or accentuate calipers to a better than new look. Restore them by using either the black or silver kits. For a sportier look, use the red kit. Each kit contains two-part epoxy paint, step by step instructions, paint brush, and a can of brake cleaner to prep the surface before painting. The high temp finish seals and protects the calipers, is oil and chemical resistant and, because of the gloss finish, it will be easier to clean accumulated brake dust from the smooth calipers. Red caliper paint kit | GAG2160 | $46.94 Silver caliper paint kit | GAG2163 | $46.94 Black caliper paint kit | GAG2164 | $46.94

Brakleen Brakleen quickly removes brake fluid, grease, oil and other contaminants from brake linings, pads, calipers, rotors etc. Helps brakes last longer and perform more efficiently. Cleans fast, dries fast, no residue. Degreases instantly, is non-flammable, and works without disassembly. One 20oz. can should be enough for most brake jobs, but you might want to get 2 or 3 cans to have handy for other projects once you see how well it works. Warning: read and obey all product warnings on can. Use only in well ventilated areas and always wear eye protection and protective gloves.

Front Brake Caliper Tool Replacing the front brake pads or rotors on 850 and later model cars require a 7mm hex tool. Most metric hex tool sets do not include this size, so we have sourced an economical solution.

Brakleen 20oz. aerosol | GA05089 | $4.50 ea Due to the nature of this product, it can only be shipped by ground.

T80610 Reviewed by SALVATORE SCHEMBRI JR from NEW YORK Thank God I bought this.... Without this hex tool I wouldn’t have been able to change the brake pads & routers on my 2001 Volvo S60. So If you have a 2001 S60, make sure you make this low cost investment which is worth gold!

Rreviewed by Chris Delano - ipd projects manager We use this product to clean brake components and anything else that needs degreased.  I recommend it whenever you are working on your brake system. It cleans quickly and evaporates without leaving any residue behind.

Sil-Glyde Brake Lube For preventative medicine or to stop stubborn squeals, simply apply a thin layer of Sil-Glyde Brake Lube to the backing plate of pads, to anti-squeal shims and, caliper slides. The 0.7oz. tube will treat several cars and each application should last 6 months to a year.

3/8” drive 7mm hex socket | 850 all, S/V70 & XC70 1998-2004, C70 all | GAT80610 | $4.95

Brake lubricant | .7oz tube | GABK3 | $4.44 Brake lubricant | .14oz packet | GABK1 | $1.00 Warning: Keep lubricant off pad friction material and rotor surfaces

Brake Bleeding Power for Do-it-Yourselfers! The Motive power bleeder system allows do-it-yourselfers to power bleed brake systems just like the pros, without the need of an assistant to pump the brakes. This is important for two reasons. First, it allows the fluid to be bled without the brake pedal going all the way to the floor, which allows the master cylinder piston to travel beyond the normal stroke and can lead to premature failure of the master cylinder. Second, many of today’s newer ABS systems are so intricate that they can only be bled with a power bleeder. The Motive bleeder is designed for frequent use and has a rugged container and generous two quart fluid capacity, as well as a built-in hand pump and gauge for accurate pressurizing. The system works on the principle of pressurizing the master cylinder so that old brake fluid is forced out of the lines when the bleed screws are opened. The design keeps the master cylinder full of fluid during the process so all you have to do is open a bleed screw until fresh fluid is flowing and then proceed to the next bleeder. This tool makes the task of bleeding brakes an almost effortless, foolproof operation. Gone is the frustration of trying to coordinate pumping the pedal, opening and closing the bleed valve, trying to keep the fluid in the master cylinder at the correct level, and keeping air out of the system. 1993-2000 | GAPB1100 | $59.95

Brake Hardware Kits Volvos have a history of front brake problems. Part of the weakness of these systems relates to the slider style calipers used on these cars. The rubber boots on these sliders will sometimes tear or degrade from heat and allow lubricated parts to be exposed to the elements. Once the grease washes out it’s only a matter of time before the calipers begin to malfunction. Binding hardware, dragging brake pads and rotor warping are only some of the potential outcomes. These kits do not include parts for caliper pistons. Front caliper pin kit | 850, 70 series 1993-2000 | one kit does one caliper | GA5A8017| $66.75 ea Rear caliper hardware kit for ATE calipers | C70 1998-2004 | GA272643 | $13.83


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Brake Switch If you’ve replaced all your brake light bulbs but still don’t have brake lights, chances are you’ve got a bad brake switch. There are two brake switches on the brake pedal of your 850/70. One switch has a vacuum line attached, this is for cruise control while the other switch (the larger of the two) is for powering the brake lights. The internal contacts tend to burn out over time and simply replacing the switch is typically all that is necessary to bring your brake lights back on. Of course don’t forget to check the basics like fuses and bulbs! See pg. 64 for our test light to help you diagnose electrical problems. You’ll need a Torx 25 driver to remove the lower bolster cover to access the brake switch. A. 850 1994-1997*, S70/V70/XC70 1998, C70 1998-2005 | GA9128577 | $41.69 B. 850 1993, 850 1994* | GA3544691E | $8.77 * 850 1994 requires visual inspection to ensure ordering the correct part

ABS Control Module Antilock Brake Systems or ABS is an integral part of the safety of your car. Stopping a car on a slippery surface or in a panic situation can cause us to quickly appreciate ABS. These systems work with the aide of sensors at the wheels, computers and control modules. ABS allows us to slow and stop a car in the event the tires lose traction with the ground no matter the surface or conditions. When the ABS system does not work properly we are not reaping the full advantage of a major safety system. To ensure you are getting the most out of this feature, make sure your TRACS or ABS light is off. Not sure if your vehicle has TRACS? Models equipped with TRACS will have both a TRACS light and TRACS button on the dash board. ipd now offers remanufactured control modules for many Volvo models.

Brake Booster Please check if your Volvo has Dynamic Stability Traction Control (DSTC.) Most Volvos have some form of traction control (TRACS) but DSTC is not regular traction control. DSTC is a completely different system. DSTC will attempt to keep your Volvo from spinning out while cornering in hazardous conditions by applying the brakes to specific wheels to maintain stability. Cars equipped with DSTC have an electrical sensor connector on the face of the of the brake booster (to the left of the brake master cylinder.) DSTC equipped models have a button on the dash labeled “STC” or “DSTC” that allows you to disengage the DSTC. 850 1993 | GA6800169 | $476.73 850 1994-1997 | GA9140236 | $536.05



Please see the braking section of our website for a complete listing of ABS modules and current pricing.

Brake Master Cylinder The brake master cylinder in your car is the metallic part that the brake fluid reservoir sits on top of. When you press the brake pedal, pistons inside the master cylinder pressurize the brake fluid and applies your brakes. When the cylinder begins to wear internally, fluid can leak past the pistons reducing pressure. In most cases no fluid leaks will be visible. In some cases you may see signs that fluid has been leaking out the back of the cylinder. A soft or squishy feel at the brake pedal or the need to repeatedly pump the brakes could mean that the master cylinder is failing. In most cases a brake warning lamp on the dash will also illuminate to provide advance warning. When replacing a failing master cylinder, the brake system will need to be bled and this is an excellent time to perform a brake system fluid flush. Brake master cylinder | 850 1993-1995 | includes reservoir | GA8602302 | $313.14 Brake master cylinder | 850 1996-1998 w/o tracs | does not include reservoir | GA8602303 | $174.56 Brake master cylinder | 850, S70, V70, C70, XC70 1996-1998 with tracs | does not include reservoir | GA8602304 | $201.94 Brake master cylinder | S70, V70, C70, XC70 1998-2000 | does not include reservoir | GA8602305 | $160.87


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Maintenance ipd HD ignition coils ipd’s HD ignition coils are a direct replacement for weak or failing factory coils. With a 20% larger secondary winding and spiral wound primary winding, Ipd HD Coils outperform both stock and replacement coils. Specifically designed for longevity and consistent performance our HD Coils are perfect for higher than stock performance levels or as a long life replacement part in otherwise stock vehicles. S/V70 1999-2000, C70 1999-2004 | GA28.0003 | $49.95ea

Stock Replacement Ignition Coils Since 1999 Volvo has utilized a one ignition coil per cylinder ignition system. These coils have shown a rather high failure rate and tend to require replacement almost as though they were a maintenance item! If you’re suffering from poor starting, hesitation when accelerating or even poor fuel economy, weak ignition coils could be the problem. S/V70 1999-2000, C70 1999-2004 | GA28.0001 | $49.85ea

ipd Spark Plug Wires Our custom spark plug wires are made with a high quality 8mm silicone jacket and feature a spiral wound core for maximum electrical efficiency. Each wire set is custom designed for each application. Engineered to meet and surpass OEM quality. Each wire set includes spark plug and coil wires as well as dielectric grease used on the plug boots for easy removal at tune-up time.

Bougicord Spark Plug Wires A properly tuned ignition system is one of the most important factors of any engine. It will keep your engine running smoothly, economically and will deliver the most power. The increased heat under the hood may lead to premature degradation of the ignition wires. These wires are made by the original equipment supplier to Volvo so you are assured of the best quality in replacement wires.

850, 70 series 5 cyl | 1993-1998 | GA3E85070 | $89.95

850, 70 series | 1993-98 | GA9135700 | $60.66 kit 1999-2011 models have distributor-less ignitions and do NOT use plug wires.

K&N Reusable Air Filters This filter has an international reputation for effective service under the most grueling conditions. Patented design utilizes surgical cotton in multi-layers, oiled and sandwiched between wire mesh. K&N filters not only clean the air, but also straighten the air flow. Under normal conditions cleaning and reoiling is not required until 50,000 miles (without loss of efficiency!)

Cabin/Pollen Filters Most front wheel drive and all wheel drive Volvo model cars have a pollen filter which protects you and your passengers from pollutants and pollen entering your climate controlled environment. A plugged filter will reduce the comfort level and protection to you and your passengers against airborne contaminants. The filter should be replaced about every 20,000 miles for best comfort, however, it depends on conditions in your area.


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Ignition Coil Boot Ignition coil boots can break down and lead to misfires, especially when the oil cap seal starts leaking and soaks the boots with engine oil. Why replace the whole coil when all you need is the boot? ipd now has boots in stock! Contact spring included. Fits stock and ipd coil | 103mm | GA3E3416 | $8.95 ea

Stock Replacement Air Filters Easy to install and maintain — just discard and replace with a new one when needed. Check air filter every 10,000 miles. Replace it every 30,000 miles or more often in dirty or dusty conditions. As prices may fluctuate, please check for most accurate pricing.

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Bosch Super Copper Core Plugs Heavy-duty copper core center electrode delivers superior durability and reliability. Nickel chromium ground electrode means consistent performance and prolonged service life. Nickel-plated rolled threads mean complete anti-seize and corrosion protection. Metal glass-fused center electrode seal prevents combustion leakage. Angular, five-ribbed insulator design prevents misfire due to current leakage. 850 all, 70 series 1993-2000, C70 1998-2004 | (.028” gap) | GAFR7DC | $1.95ea

Bosch Platinum Plugs Only Bosch uses a pure platinum center electrode, heatfused into an extended insulator which reaches self-cleaning temperature only seconds after starting. Electrode gap remains virtually unchanged throughout the plug’s longer service life; no need to clean or re-gap. Heavy-duty tapered ground electrode means extended service life, reduced electrode temperature, and improved access to air/fuel mixture. Lower ignition voltage requirement vs. other plug designs delivers reliable cold weather starts and superior operation under all driving conditions.

Volvo OEM Plugs Volvo offers premium quality spark plugs at a reasonable price. Volvo sells “Volvo” branded spark plugs from top name brands such as NGK, Bosch and Denso that are specifically engineered for each specific Volvo application. 850, 70 series non-turbo 1993-2000 | GA8642660 | $23.30 set 850, 70 series turbo 1993-2000, C70 1998-2004 | GA8692071 | $43.45 set

850 all, 70 series 1993-2000, C70 1998-2004 | (.028” gap) | GAFR7DPX | $2.95ea

Timing Belts and Kits Timing belt maintenance has never been so important since the 5 cylinder ‘white’ engine was introduced into the US in 1993. Unlike the ‘red’ engine of days gone past, these new engines are interference so a broken timing belt means valve and piston damage, an expensive alternative to belt replacement. Intervals for replacement vary from 50K to 105K depending on model year. Some kits include the belt with a DVD instructional that includes complete removal and installation procedure. With our available cam locking tool, perfect alignment can be ensured and no more potential for the camshaft to jump while the belt is off. This job used to intimidate even the most skilled individuals, but with ipd helping you out, timing belt maintenance is back in your control. Timing belt kits complete with tensioner, tensioner pulley, idler pulley and belt.

Serpentine Accessory Belts and Tools You may not know it, but the charging system, power steering and air conditioning in your Volvo are all driven by a single serpentine accessory belt. These belts have proven to be pretty reliable, but it is not something you’d find at Joe’s discount auto parts. We recommend keeping a spare in the trunk along with the required installation tool, available below. Volvo recommends that the belt be replaced every 2 years or 20,000 miles. Don’t be stranded by a $26.00 belt. Serpentine Belt Tool Set A. 850 all, S70/V70/C70 | 1998 | serpentine accessory belt tool set | GAT70450 | $29.00 B. Serpentine accessory belt tool 1999-2000 cars that have 14mm hex on end of pulley | GAT70452 | $19.00



Bosch Tune-Up Kits Better fuel economy and increased performance are two of the immediate results you’ll witness after tuning-up your Volvo. It pays to give your Swede a fresh tune-up after 30K miles. To make tune-up time easier on you, we’ve gathered everything you need in one convenient package: kits include Bosch distributor cap, rotor, and spark plugs. These quality parts include all-copper conductors rather than the inferior tin found in many aftermarket pieces. 850, 70 series (non-turbo) | 1993-98 | tune-up kit w/standard spark plugs | GAIK121 | $58.54 850, 70 series (turbo models) | 1993-98 | tune-up kit w/platinum spark plugs | GAIK121P | $66.19 850, 70 series (non-turbo) | 993-98 | tune-up kit w/ Iridium spark plugs | GAIK121NTI | $101.39 850, 70 series (turbo models) | 1993-98 | tune-up kit w/ Iridium spark plugs | GAIK121TI | $93.51 850, 70 series | 1993-98 | tune-up kit w/Volvo OEM spark plugs | GAIK121TI | $93.51 Note: 1999 and newer Volvos do not have distributor caps, rotors or spark plug wires, but they do still have spark plugs! For current pricing, applications and availability please visit or give us a call!

Vacuum Elbow Kit Given time, your 5-cylinder engine may develop a vacuum leak, which can result in a check engine light (CEL) - codes 231 or 232. This common problem may be from a vacuum elbow on the passenger side of the intake manifold that has deteriorated. Simply replacing this piece solves the problem. There are two vacuum elbows used on 850 and later models fit in a variety of different places. Our kit includes the elbows that most commonly get soft and fail over time. You may not use all of them depending on the condition of each one in the vehicle. The elbow that is different sizes on each end is used primarily in two locations. First, the nipple located on the pass side of the intake manifold behind the power steering pump & second on the intake tube right after the mass air flow sensor. The elbow on the intake manifold is used on 850s that were built Oct 95 and later and the 70 series up to 2000 (check your vehicle to be sure). The other elbow is found on the air injection pump valve vacuum line and solenoid, four are used in that system, and also found on vacuum tree under the throttle bell crank cover. 850 | up to 10/95 | 6 single sized elbows | GA2K15586 | $10.56 850, 70 series | 10/95-2000 | 4 small single sized elbows, 2 two-sided elbows, 2 spring clamps | GA2K2759 | $10.92 To determine when your car was built, refer to the factory sticker that is either under your hood or on the driver side door.


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Horn Button Repair Kit Can’t stop honking? This problem occurs in 850s when the steering wheel horn contacts break, keeping the horn on. Previously, the only fix was steering wheel replacement, which is very expensive. Many folks opt to leave the horns disconnected either due to the cost of repair or a lack of comfort working with airbag components. We now offer a new kit that includes repair parts to fix all four steering wheel horn ring contacts plus an instructional DVD to show you step by step how to do the job. This is a complete solution to an expensive problem. 850 all | 1993-1997 | horn repair kit | GA870K | $69.95

Kit includes Torx bit set

Odometer Repair Kit Volvos are notorious for having the odometer / trip-meter fail. The most common problem is the tiny gear inside the speedometer that loses a tooth and causes intermittent or complete failure. If your speedometer still shows your speed but the odometer doesn’t show your mileage we have the solution. With an instructional DVD we show you how to repair the odometer yourself. Our replacement gear is plastic injection-molded of a much stronger material to exceed the factory gear quality and ensure long lasting performance. This is a level 3 job, but with our comprehensive DVD instructions you’ll have the instrument cluster out in under 30 minutes, and most do-it-yourselfers should be able to accomplish the entire job in about an hour with common hand tools. Repair by a speedometer specialist typically runs $150 to $180 and a new speedo unit from Volvo is over $800! Do it yourself and save big bucks!

Ignition Switch Intermittent ABS light, no cranking or inconsistent electrical component operation can all be symptoms of a faulty ignition switch. One quick method of diagnosis is to ‘wiggle’ the key in the ignition with the vehicle running. If you note dash lights, warning lights, or electrical components start or stop, it’s a safe bet your ignition switch is about to fail. The ignition switch is part of the ignition key lock but can be replaced seperatly and in about 15 minutes. You’ll need to remove the torx screws located in the lower steering column cover to access it. 850 1993-1997 all | GA9447803 | $54.37 C70 1998-1999 turbo | GA9447804 | $50.89 C70 see website for chassis breaks | GA8650054 | $50.89

850 all | 1993-1997 | odometer repair kit | GA13800 | $32.95 ea 850 all | 1993-1997 | odometer gear only | GAG15850 | $19.95 ea

Turbo Drain Pipe Seal Kit Newer Turbo Volvos have a tendency to leave oil drips. In many cases, the oil drip is coming from the turbo drain pipe seal (located near the center back side of the engine). We put together this kit with instructions so that you can fix it yourself and in less than an hour you can have it repaired. You’ll need a 5mm Allen wrench and 10mm socket.

Turbo Drain Seal Tool Turbo drain seal leaks are an all too common problem. Make quick work of this job with our universal 5mm allen socket. This tool accesses the two allen bolts on the upper end of the drain pipe where space it limited. Oil leak repairs aren’t so bad with tools like this. This tool is absolutely required to remove the tubo drain pipe seals on AWD models.

850 1994-1997, C70 1998-2004 turbo models | 1994-2000 | GA7775K | $8.00

Volvos 1994-2000 | turbo drain pipe seal tool | GAT2430 | $34.03

Automatic Shift Lock Microswitch Tired of reaching over the shifter to press the override button every time you put your car into gear? We have the solution for 850 and 70 series models with a failed shift interlock! Our kit includes the microswitch that is commonly responsible for this failure as well as step-by-step detailed instructions on how to remove the center console, access the switch, and replace it. No more reaching around the shifter to press the override button. 850, 70 series | 1993-2000 | microswitch | GA9466028 | $34.15

Flame Trap System Volvo’s refers to their positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) system as a ‘flame trap’. This system has been used on Volvo models as far back as the early 70’s. Its purpose is to recycle or reburn the combustions gasses and unused fuel that leaks past the piston rings and into the crankcase. The amount of vapors generated in a turbo engine are such that if the flame trap system is clogged it can actually push engine oil past seals on the crankshaft and cam shafts. The system is made up of few basic parts starting with an oil separator that allows any suspended liquid to condense and drain back down to the oil pan. There are also a number of tubes connecting the oil separator box to three passages in the engine block, and one tube running to the intake tract just before the turbo. This last tube is where the positive pressure in the crankcase is sucked out of the engine by the turbo and keeps the internal engine pressure in a slight vacuum. Infrequent oil changes, rich running engine, poor fuel/oil quality, and hard driving all contribute to carbon buildup which is the main cause of oil separator box clogging. See our website for helpful exploded view diagrams to ensure you get the correct pvc/flame trap part for you Volvo


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Automatic Transmission Flush Hose Kit Did you know that if you drain the automatic transmission fluid by removing the drain plug in the transmission, you are only draining about one third of the total capacity? Now you can flush the entire system in a matter of minutes! Since our flush hose kit for rear wheel drive models has caught on, we decided to develop a similar kit for front wheel drive models. Our kit is simply a five foot length of petroleum-safe hose, and we include a new clip to reconnect the transmission line at the radiator trans cooler port. With the included instructions you can safely flush and replace the transmission fluid in about 20 minutes. 850 (1993-2000), C70 (1998-2004), S70 all, V70/V70XC 1998-2000 | GAT7072 | $24.95 kit Plastic funnel | GAT6064 | $2.95 Mobil 3309 ATF (1qt) synthetic oil for 5-speed cars requiring this special fluid | GA3309QT | $7.50 qt Mobil 3309 ATF (case of 12qts) synthetic oil for 5-speed cars requiring this special fluid | GA3309CS | $89.00 case

Mann and Mahle OEM Oil Filters Original equipment Volvo filters are manufactured by both Mahle and Mann, depending on the application. We carry what Volvo carries, so you can be sure that you’re getting OEM, whichever model you own. See descriptions below for details. Screw-on Filters (Mann) 850 (all), 70 series Turbo (1998 only) | GA3517857 | $4.95 ea 70 series non-Turbo, 1998-1999 | GA3517857 | $4.95 ea Case of 10 | GA3517 | $45.00 case

Superclean Your Oil Capture every microspeck of metal that causes engine wear. Debris that your oil filter alone might not be able to screen. Made of flexible polyurethane. Simply attach it to the outside of your oil filter and let it do the work. 1993-98 models | oil filter magnet | GA2000A | $12.00 Not for plastic filter housing on 1999 and newer models.

Filter Cartridge with O-ring (Mahle) S/V70 turbo 1999-2000, C70 1999-2004 | GA1275811 | $4.95ea S/V70 non-turbo 2000 | GA1275811 | $4.95 ea Case of 10 filter cartridges | GA1275 | $45.00 case

Oil Filter Housing Generally the cartridge housing does not require replacement, however if it becomes cross threaded it can become difficult to install correctly which can lead to leaks. Also, it is not uncommon for the filter to be over tightened by a well meaning technician. As the engine heat cycles through use, the filter housing tightens up further, often leading to very difficult removal wherein some cases the housing will become damaged or stripped during removal. This is when you need a new housing. We’ve also heard that the housing can become brittle as it ages (60,000+ miles.)  The O-ring on the housing should be replaced at every filter service and is included with the filter. Replacement Plastic Oil filter housing | GA1275808* | $17.11 * We believe 1999 Turbo models had the new cartridge style and 1999 non-turbo models still had the older spin on style. All models 2000 and newer have the cartridge style filter.

Seal Rings for Drain Plugs Aluminum seal ring (crush washer) | GA977751 | $0.25 ea Note: Volvo states that the drain plug crush washer should be replaced at every oil change.

Visit our website for a video on how to use this product

HD Oil Filter Cap Wrench 1999-2000 and newer Volvos use a paper cartridge insert and a reusable plastic housing. The idea is that when it’s time to replace the filter, only the paper element needs to be recycled as the housing is now reusable. Use cap wrench on this style filter. HD Oil Filter Cap Wrench | GAT2489 | $10.95

The Magnetic Drain Plug That Helps You Out! Prevent abrasive particles from recirculating through your oil pump and back into the pressurized system with our magnetic drain plug. This plug catches and holds metal particles as they drain into the oil pan. You’ll be able to spot deteriorating engine conditions easily. 850, 70 series seal ring* | GA2A9851 | $7.95 Aluminum seal ring only (also fits stock plug) | GA977751* | $0.25 * Should be replaced at every oil change.

For use with plastic housing filters.

Bosch Original Equipment Fuel Filters Changing the fuel filter in front wheel drive Volvos is pretty easy due to the use of quick disconnect style fittings. Simply slide the connector collar away from the filter about half an inch and the line will disconnect. Volvo has added a schraeder type valve (like a tire valve stem) that allows line pressure to be bled off to help reduce the amount of fuel that is spilled. For current pricing, applications and availability please visit or give us a call!


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ipd Aluminum Engine Oil Cap ipd created a custom oil cap to help enhance the appearance of your Volvos engine compartment. ipd’s HD oil cap is a great addition to any stock or modified engine bay. ipd’s oil fill cap is constructed out of one-piece 6061 billet aluminum, CNC machined and clear anodized for a long lasting finish. To finish it off we milled our ipd logo right into the center! The ipd oil cap can be the crowning jewel on your under hood masterpiece! ipd’s custom oil caps all come with the new HD Viton F oil cap seal. If you can’t seem to keep the top of your engine clean, and you’ve already replaced PCV system components, chances are your oil cap seal ring is toast! Stock seals usually need to be replaced every oil change. Our Viton F seal withstands heat much better than the factory unit. Be sure to tell your Volvo technician you have a ipd HD oil cap seal so he doesn’t replace it with one that will prematurely fails. ipd aluminum engine oil cap | GA21.0004 | $69.95

ipd HD Viton Oil Cap Seal ipd’s new Heavy Duty oil cap seal is made from high-tech Viton F material. If you cant’ seem to keep the top of your motor clean and you’ve already done your PCV system service this seal may just be what you’re looking for. Stock seals seem to need replacement after every oil change but ipd’s Viton seal is made to outlast the factory piece and keep your engine bay clean. Be sure to let your Volvo technician know that you are running an ipd HD Viton oil cap seal so they don’t needlessly replace it with the short lived stock seal. The stock seals fail so quickly that most Volvo technicians have learned to replace them at every oil change to prevent leaks but that is no longer necessary with the ipd HD Viton seal! ipd HD viton oil cap seal | GA21.0005 | 9.95


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In-Line Magnetic Filters

for Automatic Tranny and Power Steering

Oil flows through your automatic transmission and power steering system to transmit power, lubricate parts and provide cooling. Contaminants (like dirt, metal fragments and fibers) result in the oil working like sandpaper. Instead of lubricating, the oil gradually wears out the parts it’s supposed to protect. Under normal driving conditions, the oil can be contaminated in just 25 hours of driving. These filters stop ferrous metal via a magnet. The remaining metal and dirt is stopped by the paper element. Installing a Magnefine in-line filter will remove 99.997% of damaging contamination, making the oil cleaner than when your vehicle first left the factory. And it will keep it that way.

Cam Sensor Intermittent cranking without starting can be the most frustrating type of problem to diagnose. The engine camshaft sensor can be common cause of this type of no start. The camshaft sensor is referenced at startup by the ECU to determine which valves are open/closed and compare that to piston position to fire the injectors and ignition coil at the right time. Typically even intermittent camshaft positions sensor failure will result in a code stored in the ECU so be sure to check the ECU for codes even if you don’t have a check engine light on. The camshaft sensor is located on the back of the exhaust cam and is held on with Torx 40 fasteners.

Oxygen Sensors for Efficient, Trouble-free Performance Most often the fault given from the on board diagnostic system is a fault with the oxygen sensor. It is important that the proper fuel mixture is maintained for optimum fuel efficiency. Be sure there are no other faults before replacing just the oxygen sensor. These are Bosch oxygen sensors for original equipment fit and function. Be sure to check the part number on your car first. Use our oxygen sensor tool for removal. It has a slot machined in it that allows it to be slipped over the sensor wire for secure removal and installation even in tight spots like on turbo models.

Automatic transmission fluid filter | 1993-2000, C70 1998-2004 | GA160* | $28.50 Power steering fluid filter | 1993-2000, C70 1998-2004 | GA160* | $28.50 * 850, 70 series use GA160 for both A/T filter AND P/S filter. NOTE: When installing on cars with over 50K miles, the filter should be replaced after 20K miles of use. Subsequent filters can be changed after 60K miles of use.

Engine Coolant Sensor If you’ve noticed a check engine light on your 850 or 70 series Volvo and the ECM stores code 123 for the engine coolant sensor (ECT), here’s your answer! The ECT resides right underneath the thermostat on these vehicles which has been known to set a code for the ECT itself. The root cause is normally a thermostat that won’t fully close. Replacing the thermostat solves the problem, although most repair facilities will recommend the ECT as well for good measure.

For current pricing, applications and availability please visit or give us a call!

For current pricing, applications and availability please visit or give us a call!

Ambient Air Sensor If the dash mounted digital outside air temp gauge in your Volvo is reading incorrectly or not at all, it is most likely caused by a failed or missing ambient temp sensor. The sensor is mounted up behind the front spoiler so it is subject to quite a harsh environment and can easily be knocked off.

80-piece Fuse Kit Have you ever been caught shorthanded when you needed a fuse? Here’s a chance to ensure that it never happens again. This huge 80 piece assortment provides 10 each of the following hard to find sizes for Volvos: 3, 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 amp. Also included is a handy fuse removal and insertion tool; all in a durable see-through storage case.

Ambient air temp sensor | 850 all, S/V/C70 1998 | GA1347010 | $31.93 Ambient air temp sensor | S/V/C70 1999-2000 | GA9125603 | $31.93

80 pc. fuse kit | GA3E17120 | $18.00 For current pricing, applications and availability please visit or give us a call!

Volvo in Storage? Keep it Alive with the Battery Pal For the car which sits for weeks or months between drives, we’ve got the Battery Pal. Using a feedback circuit, this handy device senses when your battery drops from full charge and furnishes just enough energy to recharge it. No overcharges. Plugs into any standard 110 volt outlet. Also great for boats, cycles and snowmobiles. Won’t charge a completely dead battery.

Dielectric Grease During your next tune up or spark plug replacement apply anti seize compound to the spark plug threads and dielectric grease to the porcelain body of the plugs and on the exterior of the distributor cap posts. You’ll be amazed at how easy the plug wires and plugs can be removed in the future. An effective and inexpensive way to prevent serious problems with stuck plugs and difficult wires.

Battery Pal | GA3E2602 | $39.95

Dielectric grease | GA81150 | $3.39

Chemical Gasket + Oil pump gasket o-ring kit Beginning with the 850 model, Volvo switched from using a conventional paper oil pan gasket and began using a liquid based sealer. This is also the case with the cam cover housing. The sealer is hard to find, so we have begun stocking it. You’ll need it any time you open up the bottom end, such as when making oil pump delivery pipe seal repairs or any time the cam cover is removed. Chemical gasket | GA1161059V | $33.46 Oil sump O-ring Kit | GA30750783 | $22.29


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Lighting Angel Eye Headlights for 1995-1997 850 models If you’ve ever considered upgrading the headlights on your 850 to a custom style, now is the time with our Projector lamp assemblies featuring BMW inspired Angel Eyes and the first fully integrated turn signal assembly for a super clean Euro look. Up until now we have chosen to stay out of the custom headlight market as the offerings for Volvos did not meet our quality requirements. The fit and finish of these lights is outstanding. The low beam projector lamp dramatically improves the beam pattern and the Angel eyes, which come on with the parking / marker lamps provide the custom look to set your ride apart from the crowd. Both hi and low beam lamps utilize commonly available H-1 halogen bulbs (included). Detailed instructions are included to guide the average do it yourselfer through an easy installation in under an hour with common hand tools.



A. 850 | 1995-1997 | Angel eye headlight assembly - black | GA850ANGELBLK | $365.00 pr

70 Series projector Headlights & Turn Signals

B. S/V70 1998-2000 | black projectors w/turn signal | GA35.0006 | $395.00 B. C70 1998-2005 | black projectors w/turn signal | GA35.0006 | $395.00 B. S/V70 1998-2000 | black turn signals alone | GA35.0001 | $70.00 B. C70 1998-2005 | black turn signals alone | GA35.0001 | $70.00



Stealth Bulbs Replace the amber turn signal lamp with our chrome stealth bulbs for a clean Euro look. - see page 26 850 and 70 series rear turn signal | GA7507S | $29.95pr C. 850 front turn signal and parking lamp | GA1157S | $29.95pr S&V 70 1998-2000 front turn signal bulb | GA3357S | $29.95pr D. All Volvo single element side marker lamps | GA194S | $29.95pr


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Euro Side Marker Lights Adding visibility to your Volvo is easy with original European Volvo turn signal indicators. The mounting hole is already stamped into the fender so there is no drilling required. All you have to do is remove the Volvo emblem and adhesive on the fender and you’ll find the odd shaped hole that was originally intended to accept these nifty European turn signal indicators. Very simple two-wire hookup using the wiring kit below. Come with amber bulbs. Detailed instructions are included. European Side marker kits look great, upgrading the appearance of your Volvo and a Volvo safety study reports that side markers can also improve the likelyhood that other drivers will see your intention to turn by up to 60%! A. Clear lens w/amber lamp | GA9145 | $97.77 pr B. Euro side marker lights w/amber lamp (P2 style) | GA9146 | $48.00 pr Replacement amber bulb | GA3E92825A | $3.95 ea Chrome stealth side marker lamps | GA194S | $29.95 pr Kit includes 2 lens assemblies, 2 sockets and 2 bulbs, Fits 1993-1997 850, 1998-2000 S & V70 and 1998-2005 C70.

Headlamps and Front Turn Signals A broken headlamp or turn signal lens can ruin your day. It not only looks bad, but it’s dangerous, too! Replacements are just a phone call or click away. Headlamps 850 | 1993-1994 without sun roof | Driver | 6” tall | GA6801814 | $294.80 850 | 1993-1994 without sun roof | Passenger | 6” tall | GA6801815 | $320.46 850 | 1994 with sun roof and 1995-1997 all | Driver | 5” tall | GA9159412 | $214.40 850 | 1994 with sun roof and 1995-1997 all | Passenger | 5” tall | GA9159413 | $214.40 S & V70 all 1998-2000, C70 1998-2004 | Driver | GA9483192 | $243.26 S & V70 all 1998-2000, C70 1998-2004 | Passenger | GA9483193 | $257.83 Headlight Lens

Now you can save even more money by replacing your broken glass headlight lenses with plastic replacement lenses. These low cost alternatives are perfect for passing local or state inspections. Although these plastic versions won’t have quite the same longevity as their glass counterparts they are an excellent value for the dollar. Plastic 850 | 1994 w/sunroof, 1995-1997 | 5” tall | Driver | GA59408E | $30.00 850 | 1994 w/sunroof, 1995-1997 | 5” tall | Passenger | GA59409E | $30.00



Glass 850 | 1994 w/sunroof, 1995-1997 | 5” tall | Driver | GA59408 | $55.00 850 | 1994 w/sunroof, 1995-1997 | 5” tall | Passenger | GA59409 | $55.00 850 | 1993-’94 w/o sunroof | 6” tall | Driver | GA59406 | $39.36 850 | 1993-’94 w/o sunroof | 6” tall | Passenger | GA59407 | $39.36 70 series | 1998-2000, C70 up to 2002 | Driver | GA69346 | $75.00 70 series | 1998-2000, C70 up to 2002 | Passenger | GA69347 | $75.00 Many of our lighting products have economy options that are found on our website

Front Turn Signal Assemblies 850 | 1993-1994 without sun roof | Driver | 6” tall | GA6808834 | $91.12 850 | 1993-1994 without sun roof | Passenger | 6” tall | GA6808835 | $91.24 850 | 1994 w/o sun roof and 1995-1997 all | Driver | 5” tall | GA6817769 | $51.97 850 | 1994 w/o sun roof and 1995-1997 all | Passenger | 5” tall | GA6817774 | $51.89 S & V70 all 1998-2000, C70 1998-2002 | Driver | GA9169372 | $63.52 S & V70 all 1998-2000, C70 1998-2002 | Passenger | GA9169373 | $63.52

Wiring Harness Kit for Side Marker Lamps Assembled with original Volvo water-tight components to ensure factory fit and finish. Wiring harness kit for 1 pair of side markers | GA4580 | $48.00


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Clear Turn Signal Lenses Get that Euro style appearance for your 850 and 70 series Volvo (1993-2000) with ipd’s clear turn signal lenses. A great alternative to factory replacement units with orange reflectors for both asthetic appeal as well as price. Developed as a factory replacement, no modifications are required. Reuses the original bulb and socket. Will not fit 1993 or 1994 w/o sunroof. 850 | 1994.5-1997 w/sunroof | left | GA6817769C | $39.95 850 | 1994.5-1997 w/sunroof | right | GA6817774C | $39.95 70 series 1998-2000, C70 1998-2002 | GA980070D | $39.95 70 series 1998-2000, C70 1998-2002 | GA980070P | $39.95

Replacement Fog Lamp Assemblies Replacement fog lamps at an affordable price. These fog lamp assemblies will only fit models that originally came with fog lamps. They are intended as a replacement for a damaged lamp. S/V70 (not for XC or R models) | 1998-2000 | Left side | GA8620227E | $76.24 S/V70 (not for XC or R models) | 1998-2000 | Right side | GA8620230E | $76.24 V70XC | 1998-2000 | Left side | GA8620252 | $84.39 V70XC | 1998-2000 | Right side | GA8620253 | $86.28

As prices may fluctuate, please check for most accurate pricing.

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Stealth Bulbs Stealth Bulbs™ are the best concealment bulbs on the market; invisible in clear lenses when off and bright amber when on. They eliminate the “egg-yolk” effect from the front, side or rear turn signal lenses of your vehicle. Stealth Bulbs create a clean integrated look that will set your Volvo apart from the crowd! The exclusive chrome finish provides the ultimate in stealth appearance compare to the competitions painted silver bulbs.   Every Stealth bulb is Made In The USA and backed with an unparalleled lifetime guarantee. High quality long life bulbs and proprietary metallic coatings applied by a world renowned NASA contractor provide years of world class performance. 850 and 70 series rear turn signal | GA7507S | $29.95 pr 850 front turn signal and parking lamp | GA1157S | $29.95 pr S&V 70 1998-2000 front turn signal bulb | GA3357S | $29.95 pr All Volvo single element side marker lamps | GA194S | $29.95 pr

PIAA Xtreme White High Output Headlamp Bulbs These bulbs project a nice sharp beam in a cool white/ blue hue that reduces eye-strain and improves contrast. Because these bulbs have SAE and DOT certification and a 1 year replacement warranty against defects, we feel good about offering them over other bulbs of lesser quality. Although these bulbs will not change the pattern of the lights, the headlight output is superior and will be a noticeable improvement. The outward appearance is a very bright white, similar to H.I D.’s like you may have seen on a late model Audi, Mercedes, Lexus or Volvo.

Dash Illumination Bulb Kits We offer all the bulbs you’ll need to light up your instrument cluster in one kit plus a DVD to show you how to do in 850 models! 850 all | instrument cluster light kit | GA3E850 | $29.95 kit 70 series (1998-2000) | instrument cluster light kit | GA3E870* | $6.50 kit *No DVD for this kit.

Most Volvos PIAA H3 55w foglight bulb | GA15455 | $28.95 ea 850 w/o sunroof (1993-1994) | PIAA H4 55-60w bulb (hi-low beam) | GA15260 | $72.40 pr 850 w/sunroof (1994), 850 all (1995-1997) | PIAA 9005 60w bulb (high beam) | GA19615 | $87.50 pr 850 w/sunroof (1994), 850 all (1995-1997) | PIAA 9006 51w bulb (low beam) | GA19616 | $85.00 pr NOTE: H7 bulbs are used in both the high beam and low beam location on 1998-2000 70 series. NOTE: Halogens may overheat from contaminants on the bulb. Do not touch the glass when installing. If you do, clean with rubbing alcohol.

Standard Replacement Bulbs Even when you’ve done everything you can to protect your headlamps the bulbs can still burn out. If you’ve ever driven at night with just one headlamp, you know how dangerous it can be. Your visibility becomes limited and other drivers may have a hard time seeing you. Keep a spare, just in case.

For complete listings and prices visit our website

Tech Talk Let there be Light... Automotive lighting technology has come a long ways in the past 20 years and most Volvo models are equipped with decent lights that provide a safe level of lighting for most driving conditions. If you find yourself wishing you sometimes had more light, to first thing to do is make sure that the lenses are not discolored or sandblasted / chipped to the point that light output is diffused / scattered. On some models, you can replace a damaged lens for as little as $60, some models require the complete headlamp assembly to be replaced, which can run several hundred dollars. Next, make sure the lights are properly adjusted to provide maximum coverage without blinding oncoming drivers. You can adjust them yourself using the integrated vertical and horizontal adjustment (Google “headlight aiming” for more info), but if you are not familiar with the procedure, it’s best


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to take it to a pro that has light adjusting equipment. The cost to adjust the lights usually runs around $50. Still Want More?

You can make noticeable improvements by upgrading to a performance bulb like the PIAA Xtreme Whites we offer. It’s not huge, but it is noticeable. Also, if you Volvo doesn’t have auxiliary fog lights, you can add them and see some good improvements in low beam illumination, as fog lights generally only operate when your lights are on low beam. We sell replacement fog lamps to replace missing or broken lights, but for most Volvos built on the last 20 years, you’ll need to go to your Volvo dealer for a fog light kit. You can install aftermarket fog or driving lamps, but you’ll have good mechanical / electrical skills for the mounting and wiring.

What about HID Upgrades?

We get a lot of inquiries asking if we offer HID conversion kits for use in cars that weren’t originally equipped with HID’s. The reason we don’t offer them is that current HID conversion technology does not properly control the light when installed into a headlamp housing that was originally designed for a conventional halogen bulb. It’s a popular upgrade that lots of drivers do and they look cool, but in our experience, it’s not possible to aim them in such a way as to take advantage of the increased light output without blinding oncoming traffic.

As prices may fluctuate, please check for most accurate pricing.

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CUSTOMER FEEDBACK I’ve been buying most of my new toys from ipd, and I’m surprised how much personal attention they give to their customers. I’ve been called at least twice just so they can tell me they were out of stock and when to expect my shipment. They have the info posted on the site, so they don’t have to do that. I also have gotten emails from a real human being to let me know the parts have shipped, and they are always very responsive when asking a question. I just wanted to give props where they are due. You just don’t get that kind of great, personalized customer service anywhere anymore, at least not in my world, and especially from a parts place that’s based on the internet.

IPD, Your service is fantastic. Great follow-up - - also received mail from UPS about the order as well. Thanks for being there and helping us Swedish fans. -Wayne Just wanted to say thanks! I Got my order yesterday, very fast shipping and you have both friendly and helpful customer support staff. I am very impressed with your team. I look forward to placing my next order with IPD. Sincerely Kerry

I guess that is the difference between a family-run business and a big corporation; they actually care about their customers, so I’ll keep going to them first for everything, just for that very reason.

Headlight Protection from XPEL Cracked and broken headlight lenses can be costly to replace. Help prevent impact damage from flying debris with Xpel headlight protection. They install over existing headlight lenses and are precision cut to fit each application. Kits even come with protectors for fog lamps! The material used is 40 mil-thick 3M transparent adhesive impact vinyl. Once installed, the material is invisible to the naked eye and provides superior impact protection.

Plastic Lens Restorer This Permatex repair system works on most plastic lighting lenses to restore clarity, improving light output and appearance. This complete kit provides everything you need to complete the restoration, including simple step-by-step instructions, 1fl. oz. polish, 4 industial grade wet/dry sandpaper sheets (1000, 1500, 2000 and 2500 grits), 1 polishing cloth and 1 pair of disposable gloves. Plastic Lens Restorer | GA09135 | $16.95

C70 | 1998-2003 | Head light, fog light, turn signal kit | GAH3101 | $56.95 S70, V70 | 1998-2000 | Head light, fog light, turn signal kit | GAH3101 | $56.95 V70XC | 1998-2000 | Head light, fog light, turn signal kit | GAH3101 | $56.95 WARNING: when running high output bulbs, there could be a risk of heat stress cracking the lens if the lens temperature exceeds 200°F. We have tested the covers with the high output bulbs we sell with good results.


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Exterior Pegasus Replica and RSX Wheels ipd now offers two exclusive wheel styles to fit most 1994-2011 Volvo models. All styles are available in your choice of a hyper silver finish (a multi stage finish that color shifts from bright silver to dark anthracite depending on viewing angle) as well as a matte black finish. When you buy your Volvo wheels from ipd, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the Volvo performance leader since 1963 has done all the legwork to ensure a safe and proper fitment for you Volvo.   All ipd wheels are designed to use the original factory lug bolts and come with ipd logo center caps.

IPD manufactures wheels a few times a year. Be sure and check availability on our website for certain styles. Our website is updated daily regarding ETA’s on wheels that are currently out of stock. A



IPD Pegasus Replica Using a hub centric ring program(hub ring adapters for your Volvo will  be included free of charge when you place your order) ipd Pegasus Replicas now fit all the following models: 1994-1997 850 all, 1998-2000 S&V 70 all. Please call or visit for recommended tire sizes. A. Hyper Silver B. Matte Black A. Hyper Silver B. Matte Black A. Hyper Silver B. Matte Black

| 17”x 7.5” 38mm offset | GA77.0008 | 17”x 7.5” 38mm offset | GA77.0009 | 18”x 8” 43mm offset | GA77.0010 | 18”x 8” 43mm offset | GA77.0011 | 19”x 8” 43mm offset | GA77.0012 | 19”x 8” 43mm offset | GA77.0013

| $148.00 | $148.00 | $178.00 | $178.00 | $219.00 | $219.00

  voxx RSX




850 1994-1997, C,S & V70 all 1998-2000, C70 1998-2004 Please call or visit for recommended tire sizes. C. Bright Silver | 17X8 | GA77.0018 | $168.00 D. Gloss Black | 17X8 | GA77.0017 | $168.00

Tight Clearance “Tuner” Lug Nuts If you need lug nuts for tight clearance rims or just want to upgrade your existing lugs try our new ‘Tuner’ style lugs. Chrome finish for rust free performance and easy cleaning. Don’t forget to order the required special lug nut key.

Tech Tip! Browse to the wheels you are interested in for your model on our website for information on recommended tires sizes when upsizing your wheels.

850, S & V 70 all 1993-2000 | GA17060SD | $2.90 ea C70 all 1998-2005 | GA17060SD | $2.90 ea Lug nut key for models listed above | GA1719SDKEY | $4.75ea

Our wheels come with the appropriate exclusive hub centric adapter rings that now fit all 850/70 series front wheel drive and all wheel drive models 1994-2000.


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As prices may fluctuate, please check for most accurate pricing.

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Custom Grille ipd’s sport grilles offer you the choice to customize your vehicle the way you want it. Whether you’re looking for sleek style or a more aggressive look you can get the grille that suites your car and your taste. Custom molded from durable plastics these grilles are easy to paint so you can further enhance your vehicle and make it as unique as you are. Designed to use factory mounting points for a secure and integrated look.



850 1993-1997 | egg crate - all black | GA850ECB | $99.26 850 1993-1997 | egg crate - chrome frame - black center | GA850ECC | $99.26 C. 850 1993-1997 | mesh - all black | GA850MB | $90.26 S/V70 1998-2000, C701998-2005 | mesh - all black | GA870MB | $90.26 A. S/V70 1998-2000, C701998-2005 | mesh - chrome frame black mesh | GA870MC | $90.26 B. S/V70 1998-2000, C701998-2005 | egg crate - all black | GA870ECB | $99.26 S/V70 1998-2000, C701998-2005 | egg crate - chrome frame black center | GA870ECC | $99.26

Chrome frame with black mesh

All black egg crate style


Black frame with black mesh

Free ipd grille badge with every grille purchase.

Spoiler Grilles The front of your car takes a lot of abuse. The bottom of the front of your Volvo takes even more! Stray road debris (or stray curbs) can be pretty destructive and broken lower spoiler grilles are often the result. Luckily they are easy to replace and not too expensive either! A. 850 models | Right (Passenger) outer | GA9151305 | $9.31ea B. 850 models | Right (Passenger) inner | GA9151306 | $9.31ea C. 850 models | Left (driver) side | GA6817834 | $14.53ea D. S70/V70 1998-2000 | Right (Passenger) | GA9151509 | $14.53ea E. S70/V70 1998-2000 | Left (Driver) | GA9151511 | $14.53ea F. S70/V70 1998-2000 w/foglights | Right (Passenger) | GA9151510 | $14.52ea S70/V70 1998-2000 w/foglights | Left (Driver) | GA9151512* | $15.43ea *Does not fit V70R or V70XC models

Wheel Center Caps We offer three center cap styles to fit most Volvo wheels since 1993. These caps measure 2.5” across the face and snap into wheel openings that are 60mm ID measured from the front of the wheel. We recommend you double-check yours to make sure they’ll fit before ordering. A. Standard Volvo replacement wheel center cap | Black /Silver | GA6W1002 | $9.49ea B. Iron logo wheel center cap | Blue/Silver/Chrome | GA6W1000 | $11.39ea C. ipd logo center cap | Blue/Silver/Chrome | GA77.1000 | $12.95ea C







Valve Stem Caps Put the finishing touch on your wheels with a set of these stylish Volvo valve stem caps, featuring the bold Volvo “IRON” logo in full color. They fit any standard air valve system and feature an “O-ring seal”, ensuring consistent tire pressure and a clean valve orifice when removed. Periodically clean your Valve stem caps with mild soap and water to maintain a polished finish. • Kit includes 4 valve stem caps • Made from ABS plastic and finished in easy to maintain satin. • Caps include Volvo full-color Iron Mark logo with clear polyurethane doming • Fits all standard automotive air valves • O-ring seal protects and keeps valve orifice clean • Knurled head for easy on and off installation by hand

For complete listings and prices for all our parts please visit our website

Wheel Installation Guides If you’ve ever had to put on a spare tire, you know how difficult it is to hold the wheel on the hub while lining up the wheel studs. Being on the side of the road in the dark, on a wet night doesn’t make it any easier. Our wheel guide installation tool screws into an existing lug hole and lines up the holes and holds the wheel on the hub so you don’t have to. Once you’ve started the bolts, remove the guide, install the remaining lug bolt and torque to spec. 850, S & V70 all | 1993-2000 | GA85070 | $19.95 C70 | 1998-2005 | GA85070 | $19.95

Volvo logo valve stem caps | GA6W1001 | $11.46 set of 4



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As prices may fluctuate, please check for most accurate pricing.

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Oil Pan & Transmission Protection Take time to protect your oil pan and transmission before it’s too late. Cast aluminum parts are vulnerable to damage from debris and potholes. Once damaged, the car cannot be driven without ruining the engine, and oil pan replacement costs over $700. Our skid plate is made of laser-cut aluminum plate, 1/8” thick. Access to all service points is retained for ease of maintenance. Aluminum construction is light and extremely strong. Easy to install! 850 not AWD | 1993-1997 | GA53850 | $205.00 70 series not AWD | 1998-2000 | GA53850 | $205.00

Tire Totes Tire Totes protect your clothing and the interior of your car from tire and brake residue. The built-in handles make it much easier to carry the bulky tires to and from storage and the nice looking covers keep your shop or garage looking clean and organized. One size fits all passenger car tires and the rugged, long lasting construction of polyester and nylon means that these totes can be machine washed. Also available is the Emergency Tire Tote for your spare tire. A clean, easy way to change flat tires, the emergency tire tote slides on over the flat tire and gives you built-in handles for grabbing and lifting. It comes in a compact storage pouch and includes a kneeling mat, tire changing instructions, protective gloves and a clean towelette. The Emergency Tire Tote tire carrying system provides motorists with an easy and clean way to handle the tire when changing a flat.

Gas Door Repair Kit The plastic gas door hinge and spring assembly has proven to become weak over a period of time. We’ve had a number of them fail on our own cars. Due to the increase in inquiries from our customers wanting a repair kit, we are now offering a full kit with instructions. Removing the broken pieces and installing our kit, which takes about 5 minutes, will make refueling effortless as it once was. This kit requires vcommon hand tools, but remember to read our instructions! If you install the parts in the wrong order, you can ruin it! 850 93-97 | GA8E0001 | $6.72 SV70 98-00 (not C70) | GA8E0003 | $6.72

A. Seasonal Tire Totes kit: two “one-size-fits-all” tire bags | GATTOTE | $21.95 Emergency Tire Tote kit | GASTOTE | $14.95 B. 2 felts | GATFELT | $14.95 pr A


Don’t let this happen to you!

Antenna Mast Tired of not even getting the local AM stations because your electric antenna is broken off? Or does the risk of breaking off the fully extended mast keep you from parking in the garage or going through the car wash? If the motor for your antenna is working but the mast does not move, usually the nylon chain is broken inside the motor and it can be removed and replaced with a new mast. Instructions are included.

Door edge trim In the battle-of-the-doors that goes on daily all across America, the rules are simple. The one with the fewest chips wins. Now you can arm your Volvo’s doors with durable, molded rubber guards. The 1/4” black or chrome self-adhesive strips sit firmly on the door edge; just press them on for a permanent fit. Rest assured, these trusty little guards will defend your Volvo’s honor —and its paint job. Sold in 5ft. pieces

850, 70 series sedans | 1993-2000 | GA1384561 | $14.42 850 wagons all | GA1384544 | $14.42 C70 1998-2004 | GA8618361M | $15.03

Black guard | GA9K9400 | $10.00 Chrome guard | GA9K9410 | $11.00 Note: 5 feet needed for 2 doors, 10 feet for 4 doors.


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Rear Wings Change the appearance of your Volvo with a custom rear wing. All wings are available primed and ready to paint. When you are ready to paint the wing look for the Volvo 3-digit color code, usually located in the third box down on the right side of the chassis ID plate. Note that some of the 3-digit paint codes may be followed by a dash and a 2 digit market code. The market code is not needed. ID plates are located in the engine compartment on the inner fender panel. 850 wagon, V70 (bolt-on) 1994-2000 | GA9134941 | $225.83 NOTE: Wings ship at 30 lbs. due to oversize.

As prices may fluctuate, please check for most accurate pricing.

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PIAA Super Silicone Wipers & Refills Included with these new blades is a special windshield treatment. First clean your windshield, then apply PIAAs windshield prep. After installing the blades, turn on your wipers for 5 minutes, allowing them to form a water-repellent film over the glass. We have thoroughly tested these blades and they truly work great in our rainy Portland weather. PIAA Super Silicone Wipers 850, 70 series 1993-2000, C70 1998-2004 | windshield | GAPW2121 | $45.00 pr 855, V70 wagon rear | 1993-2000 | GA95043 | $19.95 ea PIAA Blade Refills Driver Side 850, 70 series | 1993-2000 | 21” | GA94053 | $10.00 ea

Air Guide Volvo 850 and 70 series models use a front air guide to direct air in to the radiator and intercooler for increased cooling. These air guides are commonly torn off or damaged while parking against curbs or even entering steep driveways. A missing air guide exposes the vehicle wiring to the elements and reduces cooling in the engine from undirected air flow as it exits under the vehicle instead of traveling through the radiator and intercooler. Replace your missing or damaged air guide with our perfect fit replacement units. 850 | 1994-1997 | air guide | GA6808693 | $61.92 S70 &V70 all | 1998-2000 | air guide | GA9190835 | $61.92 Bolt for air guide | GAF413 | $.50

Sunroof Wind Deflector No more bad hair days or raindrops falling on your head when you open your sunroof for a breath of fresh air. Use your sunroof whenever you want. This handy deflector keeps you and your passengers out of the path of windy gusts and wayward sprinkles, helps to keep the peace between smokers and non-smokers, and is perfect anytime you need a little extra breathing room. Deflectors are made of durable, smoked acrylic, molded for precise fit. Two styles are available — our original style deflector that mounts with tough 3M adhesive and a new non-adhesive style that’s held in place with hidden metal clips (no drilling necessary). 850, 70 series | 1993-2000 | Stick-on adhesive style | GA9K3000 | $49.95 850, 70 series | 1993-2000 | Clip-on style (shown) | GA9K1121 | $59.00 Due to the size of the wind deflectors, they ship at the 30lb. weight.

passenger side 850, 70 series | 1993-2000 | 21” | GA94053 | $10.00 ea Wagon rear 850, 70 series | 1993-2000 | 17” | GA94043 | $7.90 ea

Replacement Wiper Blades by Bosch Wet driving conditions can be stressful, especially if you can’t see where you’re going! Our windshield wiper blades are designed to keep your windshield clear and your visibility high all year long. Keep a spare set on the shelf! 850, 70 series | up to 2000 | Bosch windshield | refills | GA43321 | $11.95pr 850, 70 series | up to 2000 | rear window (wgn) | GA40717A | $6.47ea 850, 70 series | 1993-2000 | headlight wipers | GA274435 | $12.23pr 850, 70 series | up to 2000 | complete Bosch blade | GA40721 | $9.02ea

Adjustable Wiper Delay Control Our “SMART” adjustable intermittent wiper relay fits 850 and 70 series models. Our “SMART” relay allows you to easily adjust the interval to suit the conditions. Simply lift the wiper lever into the intermittent position and then back to the stop position. The relay counts the seconds until you move the lever back into the intermittent position. This is your new interval. You can set the interval from 1.5 seconds up to 22 seconds. Our “SMART” relay simply replaces the original wiper relay and since no wiring or additional parts are needed, you retain a nice stock look and feel. Installation takes about 15 minutes. Complete instructions included.

Paint Chip Repair System Do you avoid touching up chips on your Volvos paint because your repair usually looks worse than the chip? Wesell a product made by Langka that makes it easy for the do it yourselfer to achieve professional results. Simply blob on your touch up paint to fill the chip until you have built a solid base. Once your touch up paint has dried apply a small amount of Langka to a clean towel and use the provided polishing tool to smooth out your touch up making the paint chip nearly disappear. Paint chip finisher | GALP01 | $19.95

850,70 series 1993-2000 | GA5531 | $28.00 Not for 40, 60 or 80 series.

Spot Prep Pen This spot prep pen quickly scrubs away rust, wax, oxidation, and road film to prepare for a long lasting touch-up like no other tool can. Over 20,000 glass fibers in the pen point clean out your paint chips in prepping for paint. Prep pen scuffs and deglosses paint in hard-to-reach areas. Perfect for auto detailing, cleaning aluminum, screw heads, crevices, and grooves. Spot prep pen | GA3437 | $6.95

Factory Match Spray Paint This automotive grade Dupont Centari Acrylic enamel paint builds nicely and glosses much better than normal spray paints, plus it’s much more durable. Compare our full size 12 oz. cans to the factory 6 oz. can and you’ll see that you get twice as much paint for about half the price or less. We stock the popular colors and can special order any Volvo color with a 6-can minimum purchase. Each 12 oz. can provides approximately 6 sq. ft. (3ft x 2ft) of coverage.

Auto Glass Water Spot Remover Now you can easily remove water spots from your windshield. This spot remover also removes stains and paint overspray. Safe to use on glass, chrome, tile, porcelain, and stainless steel, it will work wonders on your Volvo plus many other places. Simply wipe on and buff off. 1 pint | GA47600 | $12.95 Not for use on tinted or coated mirrors.

For complete listings and prices visit our website


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interior Billet Aluminum Door Lock Pins Add a little opulence to the cabin of your cruiser with these trick billet aluminum door lock pins. Available in satin black anodized or a clear, brushed-satin finish with or without R logo. R logo is laser etched into the anodized finish. Fits 850, C70, S70, V70(set of 4) Silver | (no logo) | GA83.0005 | $36.00 set Black | (no logo) | GA83.0007 | $36.00 set Silver | “R” logo | GA83.0006 | $44.00 set Black | “R” logo | GA83.0008 | $44.00 set Silver | ipd logo | GA83.0002 | $36.00set Black | ipd logo | GA83.0004 | $36.00 set Individual pins can be ordered for C70 or for wagons that have a door lock pin on the tailgate. $12 ea for pins w/o logo and $14 ea for pins with “R” logo. $14 for pins with ipd logo.

Billet Aluminum Door Lock Bezels ipd’s lock pin bezels are the perfect way to compliment your Volvo’s interior. CNC machined from aluminum, acid etched and clear anodized to perfectly match our ipd lock pins. ipd bezels include a nylon sleeve pressed into the center to provide smooth lock pin movement and prevent any scratching. A perfect gift for the Volvo fanatic in your life. May not be compatible with other aftermarket lock pins, ipd bezel internal diameter is 0.390 inch. Aluminum bezel (set of 4) | 850/70 series 1993-2000 | GA1050 | $34.95 Aluminum bezel (single) | 850/70 series 1993-2000 | GAS1050 | $9.95 Black bezel (set of 4) | 850/70 series 1993-2000 | GA1060 | $34.95 Black bezel (single) | 850/70 series 1993-2000 | GAS1060 | $9.95

leather Steering Wheel Covers Wheelskins Wheel Gloves add luxury and pleasure to your driving experience without putting a strain on your budget. Made of premium quality leather, our Wheel Glove gives you a sure grip. Made with lacings on 1/2” centers to ensure a snug fit, no gaps like less expensive universal models. Wheelskins Steering Wheel Covers are $39.95 ea 850, 70 series | 1993-00 | Black/Gray/Tan | GA6M0018(G/T) C70 | 2001-04 | Black/Gray/Tan | GA6M0018(G/T) NOTE: GA6M0018/GA6M0019 indicate BLACK. To order Gray or Tan, add a “G” or “T” to the end of the part number.

Upholstery Saving Seat Covers Keep your upholstery in top condition by protecting it with seat covers from ipd. Most seat covers interfere or prohibit proper side air bag deployment. Our covers are designed to allow the side air bag to pass through without inhibiting deployment to keep you safe! Rugged Cordura fabric is water resistant with a high density weave to prevent snagging and will not interfere with heated seat operation. Available in tan and gray. Fits 850, S/V70 series 1993-2000, C70 1998-2004

Fabric Dash Covers These fabric dash covers have a luxurious look and feel. If your dash is sun-damaged, faded or cracked, just cover it up and no one will know. If your dash is still in new condition, our fabric cover will help keep it that way! Tailored to hug the contours of your dash, the fabric is UV treated to resist fading. Attention to detail, such as blind seams throughout and neatly finished edges, make this cover great looking. Custom-cut for your model, it attaches easily and securely with hook and loop (Velcro) fasteners.

Cargo Area Mats and Trunk Mats Cargo area liners protect your rear cargo area carpeting from all types of wear and tear. Designed with a lip which helps to contain spills, they’re perfect for hauling just about anything in the back of your wagon. Cleanup is quick and easy. Just wipe with a damp cloth, or vacuum. For those big messes simply remove the mat and hose off. Liners are tough and durable and can withstand sub-zero or hot summer temperatures. Now available in tan and gray to compliment the interior color.

Front seat covers | tan | GA9B8570T | $215.00 pair Front seat covers | Gray | GA9B8570G | $215.00 pair These seat covers don’t include headrest covers.

850 | 1993-1997 | GA9C1750BLK | $49.95 S70, V70 | 1998-2000 | GA9C1850BLK* | $49.95 *Gray and Tan are also available. NOTE: Covers are marked for sensor locations where necessary. Center speaker and navigation cut out by special order.

850, S70 sedan | 1993-2000 | Trunk liner | Black | GA40069B | $89.95 850 wagon, V70 | 1994-2000 | Cargo liner | Black | GA40070B | $89.95 850 wagon, V70 | 1994-2000 | Cargo liner | Tan | GA40070T | $99.95 NOTE: For V70XC models, side-netting must be removed for the best fit. Due to oversize, these liners ship at 30.0lbs.


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Molded Plastic Mats Specially designed to fit snugly into your Volvo, tiny nubs on the underside create a non-slip grip, and the builtup lip keeps dirt in its place, off your carpet. Help maintain the resale value of your Volvo by keeping the carpets in good shape while keeping your car safe. Not to mention that wet carpets create a musty, moldy smell in your car and can lead to corrosion and rust problems. 850, S/V70 1993-2000, C70 1998-2004 | front | GA9M5020 | $39.95 pair 850, S/V70 1993-2000, C70 1998-2004 | rear | GA9M5022 | $39.95 pair

Rubber Floor Mats These heavy-duty rubber mats weigh almost five pounds each and can safely keep over a quart of water from soaking into your carpets. Keeping your carpets dry dramatically helps reduce window fogging. The deep rubber construction makes the mat very soft – which adds to your comfort and gives your heels good traction in wet conditions. Really! The heavy material also ensures that this is one mat that stays put, no movement! 850, 70 series | 1993-2000 | front only | GAW3 | $46.95/pair

Carpet Mats Our plush carpet mats come in colors that blend with your Volvo’s interior or provide a pleasing contrast. Plus you’ll get the very best in year-round protection from dirt, water and debris. Our carpet mats are custom tailored to the contours of your Volvo’s floor pan and will fit snugly for a non-slip, wrinkle-free factory look. Made from 32 oz. Dupont® Antron Nylon, these luxurious carpet mats have a dense 5/32” pile. The edges are beautifully finished with matching nylon velour binding. Included with each set is a unique and effective hold down system to safely keep your mats in place and out from under the brake and gas pedals. Please specify color - black, smoke, tan, light gray, blue. 850 series | 1993-1997 | GAVC850 | BLK, BLU, SMK, GRY, TAN | $118.00 set of 4 S70 | 1998-2000 | GAVC704 | BLK, BLU, SMK, TAN | $118.00 set of 4 C70 | 1998-2004 | GAVC702 | BLK, GRY, TAN | $118.00 set of 4

Volvo Original Cup Holders When your car was brand new, it housed either two or four cup holders in the center armrest. After years of toting travel mugs, soft drink cans, and fast-food paper cups, they’re most likely worn completely out. The hinged cup supports break off and eventually the plastic holder gets worn, cracked and then broken, no longer able to support the weight of your on-the-go cup. We’ve got the original equipment fix that replaces broken cup holders for good. 850 (later models), 70 series (1998-2000) | front cup holder black | GA9165037 | $66.46 850 (later models), 70 series (1998-2000) | front cup holder gray | GA9499406 | $57.71

Universal Cup Holder We found this cup holder that clips to the center vents. Double stick tape stabilizes it further. It even has a place for a note pad or business card and a pen. Designed for cans, small water bottles and disposable coffee cups only and is not adjustable. Not just for Volvos, this universal cup holder will fit in just about any vehicle you own! Clip-on vent mounted cup holder | GA2022 | $7.53 NOTE: Large bottles will not fit in this cup holder. Cans and coffee only.

Budget Cup Holder Even with an automatic I still don’t seem to have enough hands to drive safely and hold my cup of coffee. Thank goodness for cup holders. This new cup holder from ipd is a universal fit so you can put it on any model anywhere you like. For earlier model cars try a door panel near the speaker or handle. For later models they work great for 3rd row seating. You can even mount it to the dashboard or glove box (just watch out for that airbag). With cell phones to answer, transmissions to shift, and knobs to turn, investing in a good way to hold your beverage is a safe move. Cup holder includes mounting hardware. Universal Fold-down cup holder | GA118718 | $16.95

Grey as shown #9499406 Black #9165037


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ipd iPod Adapter Take advantage of your portable technology while on the road. ipd’s iPod adapter allows you to connect your iPod to your Volvo’s factory radio and control it just as though it was a CD changer. Use your factory radio’s CD changer controls to access and control up to five different mobile play lists. Song up/down, shuffle, random, etc., all with true digital quality sound. It even adds an additional Aux input for DVD audio, MP3, GPS audio, etc. Maintain the use of factory steering wheel controls or operate it directly from your iPod. Access unlimited songs per each mobile play list. The auto memory feature locates the last song of each play list, the auto skip feature gets you to the end of play list with your factory CD changer FF button, and the auto charge feature charges your iPod’s battery. The adapter even auto stops after one hour of non-use. Compatible with all iPod, iPod Mini, iPhone and iPod Nano models equipped with a dock connector and iPod software update 2004-04-28, or higher (not directly compatible with iPod Shuffle). Radio must have CD changer as a selectable source to work with this kit. Not compatible with XC90 or 2004.5 and later S40 or V50 models. Easy installation (about 30 minutes to an hour using common hand tools). 850, S70, V70 1993-2000 and C70 (1998-2004) | ipod adapter, harness adapter, DVD install guide | GA3E8000 | $179.95 Replacement/upgrade iPod cable 3G, 2nd Gen Touch and 4th Gen Nano | GACB-PA85 | $22.95

Turn Signal Switch If the turn signal lever or cruise control switches have stopped functioning correctly in your 850 and you have determined it is in the lever assembly we now stock the original Volvo replacement part for your convenience. Turn Signal Switch | 1993-1997 | 850 w/Cruise Control (USA models) | GA9162968 | $85.84

Gear Shift Button Repair Kit Broken shift knob buttons can be the source for difficult gear selection as well as cause the key to hang in the ignition where it cannot be removed! ipd has the replaceable shift button so you can repair it yourself in under 30 minutes. This kit also includes step by step instructions. Gear shift button repair kit | 850, C70 1998-2005, S/V70 19982000 | GA2K85070 | $38.00

Automatic Shift Lock Microswitch Tired of reaching over the shifter to press the override button every time you put your car into gear? We have the solution for 850 and 70 series models with a failed shift interlock! Our kit includes the microswitch that is commonly responsible for this failure as well as step-by-step detailed instructions on how to remove the center console, access the switch, and replace it. No more reaching around the shifter to press the override button. 850, 70 series | 1993-2000 | microswitch | GA9466028 | $34.15

Tailgate Panel If you own an 850 or 70 series Volvo wagon, there’s a good chance that the plastic interior tailgate panel is breaking away from the tailgate. This common problem is caused by repeated slamming of the tailgate which causes the mounting brackets to fail. To replace the complete cover would cost $160.00. Now you can permanently repair your broken panel with our new repair kit for only $19.95. This kit includes improved metal mounting brackets, screws, four clips, and instructions. Takes 30 minutes to install with common hand tools and a drill.

Tailgate & Trunk Supports Tailgate and trunk supports don’t last forever. They can age slowly or fail suddenly with rapid temperature changes. You’ll realize the failure immediately when the lid suddenly contacts you — usually in the head. Then you’ll get your next shock. The cost for a pair of original equipment gas springs can run as high as $150. ipd’s suggestion is to buy our reasonably priced replacements and save.

850, 70 series wagons | 1994-2000 | GA1398 | $19.95

Sedan Trunk Supports 850 | 1993-1997 | GA3512998 | $33.89 ea S70 | 1998-2000 | GA9485547 | $32.03 ea C70 | 1998-2004 | GA9485706 | $19.05 ea

Wagon Tailgate Supports 855, V70 | 1994-2000 | GA3509482 | $37.44 ea

Attention S70 and V70 Owners! If you’re experiencing intermittent problems with your main power window switches (driver’s door main module) on 1998-2000 S70 and V70 models, we now have original equipment power window switch modules. If left un-repaired, the switch assembly can dangerously overheat and get hot enough to begin smoking in some cases. If yours is acting up, replace it now before it becomes a serious issue. S70, V70 | 1998-2000 | GA8638452 | $136.64 C70 coupe | 1998-2004 | GA8638454 | $137.60 C70 convertible | 1998-2004 | GA8628966 | $156.43

Hood Supports 850 | 1993-1997 | GA3512998 | $33.89 ea


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20/20 Plus Vision Mirror Our 20/20 vision mirror is a wide angle rear view mirror made with coated optic technology. We think they’re very effective in eliminating blind spots, especially in wagons. Fits all Volvos 1972 to 2000. Easily installs in under five minutes. Innovative mounting should fit most other cars, too. Will interfere with normal sun visor operation. Please note that this product may take up to a week of use before you become comfortable with the increased information provided by the wide field of view. Also if you use the sun visors often, this product is probably not for you. 20/20 vision mirror (17” x 2 3/4”) | GA430 | $32.00

Heated Blanket Cold mornings in the car are more bearable with ipd’s 12- volt heated blanket. No more waiting for the car to warm up until you can thaw out. Made from polyester fleece with a built in timer and auto shut off this blanket makes a great gift. Long cord reaches back seat, up to 8-feet away. 42” x 58” Heated Blanket | GATW1 | $36.95

Visor Mounted Sunglass Holder An innovative and simple way to protect your spendy sunglasses and keep them close at hand. Clip it to the visor to provide easy and safe one-handed access. Be sure to get extras for all of your vehicles and sunglass wearing passengers. Eyeglass holder | GA2020 | $4.95 ea.


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tools Scan Gauge II - The 3-in-1 Automotive Computer with Code Reader The ScanGaugeII is an extremely compact automotive computer designed to read and display information about your vehicle in real time. Simply connect the ScanGaugeII to your vehicle through it’s OBDII port using the included cable, turn the ignition key and the ScanGaugeII automatically connects to your cars internal computer - it’s that simple. Scan Tool / Code Reader

The ScanGaugeII allows you to troubleshoot your own car, read error codes, and the conditions present when the error occurred. You can also turn off the “Check Engine” light and avoid those costly trips to the mechanic. It will tell you when vehicle is “Ready” to pass OBDII testing. You can also make and store up to 10 rewritable special codes to send to the vehicle computer.

Foxwell NT 300 Diagnostic Scan Tool The ergonomically-designed NT300 CAN OBDII/ EOBD Code Reader offers both DIYers and pros the power to pinpoint even the toughest engine problems on all OBDII compliant vehicles. This tool delivers all the OBDII functionality at a price unmatched in the industry. The NT 300 does display vehicle readiness status and also features several advanced features that experienced do it yourselfers will appreciate including data logging, data graphing, live oxygen sensor data etc. Please see our website for a more detailed descriptions of this tool. Scan tool | all models | 1996-2010 | GA99.0003 | $109.95

Digital Gauges

Display four gauges at a time from the 12 built-in digital gauges. The information is presented in Real-time! Fuel cconomy, fuel rate, battery voltage, coolant temperature, intake air temperature, engine speed (RPM), vehicle speed (MPH), manifold pressure (not available on some vehicles), engine load, throttle position, ignition timing, and open/closed loop. Trip Computer

Automatically tracks four sets of trip data - Each with 11 individually stored parameters. Maximum speed average, speed maximum, coolant temperature maximum, RPM, driving time, driving distance, fuel used, trip fuel economy, distance to empty, time to empty, and fuel to empty. Scan Gauge | 1996-on | GAT1002 | $169.95

Foxwell NT200 Diagnostic Scan Gauge The NT200 CAN OBDII/EOBD Code Reader is an innovative and affordable solution specially designed for DIYers to get easy and quick access to engine problems on all OBDII compliant vehicles sold worldwide since 1996. The NT 200 will read and reset check engine light codes,however it will not indicate whether or not the car is in readiness mode. The NT 300 does offer that feature plus a lot more more. Please see our website for a more detailed description of these tool. Scan tool | all models | 1996-2010 | GA99.0002 | $59.95

T1002 Reviewed by Richard from Atlanta, GA The SGII is well worth it - small, easy to use and install, tons of great features, and a great price considering all you get with it. Mounted underneath my rear view mirror also. Not distracting like many other OBD2 tools, and very readable and compact. Must-have for anybody with a tuned car - it’s the most helpful tool in figuring out where you’re loosing HP just by monitoring the sensor’s information. T1002 Reviewed by Joe Mahaney from Michigan First of all, very simple interface. Picked this up to help improve Fuel Economy. The instant feedback is invaluable. Immediately saw where I could improve my driving technique. EPA estimates 21/28 MPG. After just a few days practice, I have achieved 33 MPG city!! I’m proud of that accomplishment. The Scan Gauge will make anyone a better driver and could pay for itself quickly. Highly recommend.

Cam Locking Tool Misalignment of the cam shafts during a timing belt replacement in the 5 and 6 cylinder engines can be a costly mistake. Our cam locking tool holds the camshafts in place during timing belt replacement to prevent unexpected movement and ensure proper cam shaft alignment. Made from 3/8 inch anodized aluminum plate with 3/16 inch dowel pins spaced for placement in between the intake and exhaust cam gears.

Angle Torque Gauge When your project calls for torque to yield specifications, this tool takes all the guess work out of it! Our torque angle gauge is used on any 1/2 inch drivers making all torquing jobs quick and easy. When replacing head bolts, wheel bearings, or any specific fasteners, this easy to read degree gauge will help you get the job done correctly! Angle torque gauge | GAT1022 | $11.95

850, 70 series | 1993-1998 | cam locking tool | GAT850CT | $29.95

Fuel line release tool ipd’s fuel line release tool is now available for your 1999 and later model Volvo. Starting in 1999 Volvo starting using a internal locking fuel line connection which requires this special tool anytime it is disconnected. Since the fuel line is routed in between the intake manifold runners and the engine block anytime the fuel rail or even the intake manifold is removed you’ll need this tool to allow that connection to come apart. For PCV service it’s a must so make sure to pick up our latest fuel system tool for your later model Swede! All Volvos 2000-2011 | GAT3480 | $12.95

Visit our website for a video on how to use this tool.


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Performance • Suspension • Braking • Maintenance • Lighting • Exterior • Interior • Tools

12 Volt Test Light For installation of automotive electrical accessories, a test light is hard to beat. Our test light has a 12-foot coiled cord for extended access when checking power and ground. If you’re installing stereo components, keyless entry, alarms or just need some help with road side trouble shooting a good test light goes a long way. 12 volt test light | GAT1003 | $10.95 ea

Busted Knuckle Garage Fender Gripper/Protector The Fender Gripper clings to painted material and holds tools at a near 90 degree angle, impervious to motor oil, coolant, lacquer thinner, brake fluid, etc. Made from strong PVC material reinforced with nylon mesh, soft and cushioned for protection with a non-slip finish the Fender Gripper is completely washable. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of touch up paint. Dimensions: 22” X 34”

Infrared Temperature Sensor Infrared Thermometer Non-contact temperature measurement. Temp range -35 to +365 C/ -31 to +689 F. Distance to spot ratio of 8:1. Laser pointer for accuracy. 2 AAA batteries included. Infrared termperature sensor | GAT1021 | $49.95

Fender gripper | GAT53 | $24.95

Not Your Average Wire Strippers Simply place the wire in the jaws of these wire strippers to the depth you would like the insulation stripped (up to 1”), squeeze the handles and the insulation is cut and removed in a single action. Automatically adjusts to strip 12 to 22 gauge wire. Tool also has a built in wire cutter just below the stripping jaws. Once you try them, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them. Automatic wire stripper/cutter | GAT1900 | $25.00

Bone Tool The bone tool is a tough nylon tool that’s used to take apart instrument clusters and interior trim. Most of these interior parts of cars are made of plastic and are held in place by clips or snaps. To remove them, you have to get underneath them and pry them off. A screwdriver or a metal prybar is not a good choice for this as metal tools tend to scratch these panels very easily and generally make a big mess. The bone tool is stiff enough to act as a pry bar but soft enough to leave most plastics unscratched. It has rounded edges and slightly pointed shape that’s just right for doing this type of work.

Front Strut Top Nut Tool Since front wheel drive Volvo’s came on the scene the front upper strut mount nut has changed from a standard hex nut to a safety cross nut. This design while safe, is a bit of a challenge to remove without the right tools. Ipd now has this hard to find tool that makes strut replacement a breeze. If you’re thinking strut replacement is in your future be sure to pick up this little life saver along with your replacement suspension parts. Strut top nut tool | GAT446 | $21.95

Bone tool | GAT1014 | $5.95

36mm Wheel Hub Socket Tackling a CV shaft, wheel hub, or front suspension work can be quickly halted without the right tools. Use our 1/2 inch drive 36mm socket with a breaker bar for those stubborn axle nuts on the 850 and 70 series. Couple this with our CV shaft press tool and you’ve got all the help you need to do the job right. 36mm socket | GAT1005 | $12.95

Magnetic Pickup Tool with LED Light Flexible magnetic LED pickup tool is great for retrieving those dropped fasteners. Strong 4 lb. magnet and super bright LED provides the muscle and illumination to see into dark recessed areas to find fasteners that have slipped between fingers. Features non-slip rubberized handle, twist on/off switch for LED, and super flexible neck. 24 inch overall length. Magnetic pickup tool with LED light | GAT1010 | $9.95

CV Shaft Remover Stubborn CV shafts can be a mechanics worst enemy. While most of us resort to using a large hammer to drive the shaft out of the hub this method guarantees damage to the shaft end and threads. With our CV shaft remover you can press the shaft right out of the hub without breaking a sweat. Use the factory lug bolts/nuts to attach the tool to the hub face and turn the press screw. Fits all Volvo front wheel drive models. CV shaft remover | all models 1993-2007 | GAT4300 | $29.95 WARNING: Do NOT use an impact gun, as it will strip out the threads on this tool. Standard wrenches work just fine.


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As prices may fluctuate, please check for most accurate pricing.

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Torx 25 and 30 Drivers From the 850 up to the XC90 torx screws are showing up more and more. From the engine compartment to the interior and from panels to covers they fasten countless pieces in the vehicle. Our torx drivers feature a rubberized ergo soft handle for maximum grip and a hex shank for applying a wrench when arm strength alone won’t break it free. Great in the glove box or the tool box! T25 and T30 will cover about 90% of the most common jobs encountered by do-it-yourselfers!

Folding Torx Bit Set Torx bits have found their way into Volvo since the late model 240 series and are ever increasing in the newest generations. Our handy tool includes the most commonly used torx sizes (T9 – T40) and folds up tight to fit in a pocket or keep in the glove box. Folding torx bit set (T9-T40) | GAT1018 | $9.95

Individual E5 external torx | GAT9580 | $4.95 11-piece external torx set | GAT9640 | $29.99

Torx 25 driver | GAT1008 | $4.95 ea Torx 30 driver | GAT1009 | $4.95 ea

1/4” and 3/8” Drive Torx Bit Set This set, made in the USA, is made of high strength hardened alloy steel for the professional mechanic (lifetime warranty) and includes 1/4” drive T-10,T15,T-20,T-25, T-27, T-30 and 3/8” drive T-40, T-45, and T-50 bits. The dual drive sizes may seem unusual at first, but after using them for awhile, it really makes good sense. The 1/4” drive on the smaller bits allows them to be used in tight fit areas where a larger socket body and 3/8” ratchet driver wouldn’t fit. The 3/8” drive on the larger bits insures you’ll be able to break loose the larger sized fasteners that a 1/4” drive couldn’t handle.

External Torx If your 850 and later model vehicle has an ABS/Tracs light on and the module is the culprit (diagnostic trouble codes123-124-213-214-313-314-323-324) you’ll need our E5 external torx to remove the control unit. The four fasteners are accessed from the bottom of the unit and require a bit of care to ensure no damage occurs. Better yet, get our 11 piece external torx set, containing E4 through E20 and tackle those front wheel bearing fasteners too!

Oxygen Sensor Wrench Replacing the oxygen sensor on your Volvo can be a real pain. Since it is installed directly in the headpipe or exhaust manifold, it will usually be severely rusted or corroded in place. The main sensor lead comes right out of the center of the sensor, so it’s not possible to use a standard socket. Our “high leverage” long handle oxygen sensor wrench allows it to be slipped over the sensor wire for secure removal and installation even in tight spots, especially when working on turbo models.

Extra Long Needle Nose Pliers These extra long (11”) pliers allow you access to the depths of your engine compartment that might have previously required the removal of major components like the intake or exhaust manifold. We couldn’t believe how easy it makes some jobs go that we used to consider “nightmare jobs”. The straight versions will work in most applications, but we have found the offset ones to be particularly useful for removing stubborn heater hoses and flame trap hoses, etc.

Oxygen sensor wrench | GAT1023 | $22.95

A. 11” 45 deg. angled needle nose pliers | GAT1045 | $9.95 B. 11” offset needle nose pliers | GAT1047 | $9.95

9 Piece torx bit set | GAT1050 | $22.95

Front Strut Spring Compressor Tools These affordable spring compressor tools make the job of placing springs and struts an easy-to-do job for the avid do-it-yourselfer. A pair of compressors work together to compress the McPherson strut spring enough to remove the spring or replace the strut insert. It grabs four of the coils, locks onto them with the safety locks and when evenly tightened releases pressure to the top plate of the strut assembly. High quality acme threaded rod and forged construction intended for repetitive use. Broad spring contact with latches to lock in place. Spring compressor | models up to 2007 | GAT4037 | $62.00 pr Warning: Most commonly available spring compressors are designed for a maximum spring diameter of 6” and are not large enough to safely compress Volvos large diameter springs. If you are considering a cheaper alternative to our compressor, read the fine print to make sure that they are compatible as most aren’t.

Magnetic Spark Plug Sockets Our magnetic spark plug sockets are designed to make spark plug installation and removal easier by practically eliminating dropped spark plugs. The powerful magnet within each socket holds plugs securely, plus the sockets are knurled for extra gripping power. They’re even warrantied by the manufacturer for life! These magnetic plug sockets also attract metal particles and keep them from entering the combustion chamber, which is especially useful when working around rusty exhaust manifolds. Twin pack includes both 13/16” and 5/8” sockets to fit the common sizes for 1962-2007 gas engines.

Spark Plug Socket with Extension Replacing spark plugs in the 4-5-6 cylinder ‘white engines’ is made easier with our spark plug socket and integrated extension. 3/8-inch drive and 11-inch extension with integrated 5/8-inch socket pivots on a 360 degree swivel for additional accessibility. Along with our 360 degree flex head ratchet you can replace spark plugs in the deep recessed opening at the top of the head without searching around in your box for the right tools. Spark plug socket features a rubber insulator holder to keep plugs from falling down into the head and a high torque swivel head for breaking loose those corroded threads. 5/8” spark plug socket w/extension | GAT1007 | $17.95

Magnetic spark plug sockets | GAT1017 | $14.95 pr

360° Ratchet Rotating head ratchet allows for access in tight places without sacrificing leverage. Fine tooth gears allow for small adjustments to get just the right angle, or release the head and spin it around for quickly running down threads. Features 3/8 drive ratchet with 360 degree swivel head and extended handle for extra torque. Check our website for a demonstration video. 360° ratchet | GAT1013 | $34.95


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As prices may fluctuate, please check for most accurate pricing.

Performance • Suspension • Braking • Maintenance • Lighting • Exterior • Interior • Tools

Lock Oil Magic beans and snake oils aside, this product really works wonders. This aerosol can has a shaped tip to insert into the lock assembly and spray lubricating oil into the tumblers. Its special blend of oils smoothes even the roughest locks. Good for use on outside door locks, ignition, trunk, glove box, etc. Use it once and you’ll find you use it everywhere.

Oil Soak Mat This leak resistant mat has the ability to absorb up to one gallon of a variety of liquids. The leak resistant back will not allow the absorbed liquids to soak through to the floor underneath and when used under normal circumstances this mat can’t be ripped, yet it can be custom cut with an ordinary pair of scissors or utility knife. The oil soak mat measures 3ft. x 5ft.

Lock oil | GA437450 | $8.50

Oil soak mat | GAR2 | $19.90

Locking Hose Clamping Pliers You’ll want one of these great little tools, especially if you’ve ever tried to change a heater core or a fuel pump and sprayed liquid all over everything, including yourself! These hose clamp pliers are designed to pinch off rubber hoses without damaging or cutting into the hose. Works well for small vacuum lines as well as 3/4” heater hose.

Small Tip Funnel for Adding Automatic Trans Fluid Our funnel has a flexible tube so it can maneuver around the hoses near the filler and has a three-inch straight section that fits in the filler tube perfectly. Properly sized tip fits into auto transmission dipstick tube securely for safe filling. Plastic funnel | GAT6064 | $2.95

Exhaust Hanger Tool For installing and especially removing the rubber hanger from exhaust systems. Our exhaust hanger tool allows you to firmly grab the rubber exhaust hangers and stretch them over and off exhaust hanger hooks. No more prying with screwdrivers or scratching up your new exhaust. Exhaust hanger tool | GAT1012 | $14.50

Microflex™ Latex Gloves These gloves are strong and comfortable and provide great “feel”. The gloves are lightly powdered, so they slip on easily. These gloves come in a box of 50 pairs. Medium | GA3720M | $12.00 Large | GA3720L | $12.00 X-Large | GA3720XL | $12.00

Hose clamping pliers | GAT750 | $9.95

Manuals Don’t forget our service manuals to help you with your general maintenance and trouble shooting needs! They offer all the information you’ll need to cover most repairs and services to your Volvo. 850 | 1993-97 | Haynes manual | GA9L7050 | $19.96 70 series UK | 1998-99 | Haynes manual | GA9L3573 | $27.96 All Volvos | 1990-98 | Chilton manual | GA9L8428 | $23.96

ipd Cam Timing Tool Whether you’re looking to reset your cams to the factory position or you’re looking for a particular setting based on upgrades you may have installed, ipd’s tool can help you get the job done. ipd’s cam timing tool allows you to take full advantage of the factory allowable camshaft timing in your Volvo. Using the slotted adjustments in the stock gears and coupling that with this tool you can accurately adjust your cam shaft timing for both intake and exhaust. With our included instructions and some basic hand tools cam timing can be performed in approx 1 hour. Works with all 1993-1998 non-CVVT 850, C70, V70 & S70 models.

Strut Nut Spanner Tool When replacing struts or springs on Volvo 850, 70 series, you will encounter an unusual cross-shaped safety fastener that is difficult to remove without the correct tool. We now have a tool built specifically for the job. Our strut nut spanner safely engages the fastener for quick and safe removal and installation. 7.25 inches (184mm) long. Strut nut spanner tool | GAT850 | $26.00

Cam timing tool | GA25.0039 | $21.95


IPD | 2012 | CATALOG

As prices may fluctuate, please check for most accurate pricing.

Performance • Suspension • Braking • Maintenance • Lighting • Exterior • Interior • Tools

index A-arm .......................................11 ABS control module.................17 AT transmission flush kits.........21 Adjustable wiper relay..............31 Air filters...................................18 Air guides..................................31 Ambient air sensor....................23 Angel eye headlights.................24 Antenna mast............................30 Anti squeal brake lube..............16 Anti sway bars.............................8 Axles.........................................11 Ball joints..................................11 Battery pal.................................23 Bearings, wheel.........................11 Bezels, lock...............................32 Bilstein......................................12 Body mounts.............................11 Boge..........................................12 Bone tool...................................37 Booster, brake...........................17 Boost gauges............................4,5 Bosch tune up kits.....................19 Bosch wiper blades...................31 Brake bleeder............................16 Brake booster............................17 Brake fluid.................................15 Brake hardware kits..................16 Brake kits..................................14 Brake lines................................15 Brake lube.................................16 Brake master cylinder...............17 Brake pads.................................15 Brake switch..............................17 Braking................................ 14-17 Brakleen....................................16 Bulbs.........................................26 Bushings....................................11 CBV............................................5 CV joints...................................11 CV shaft remove tool................37 Caliper paint..............................16 Caliper tool................................16 Camber bolts.............................10 Cam locking tool.......................36 Cam sensor................................23 Cam timing tool........................39 Cargo area mats.........................32 Carpet floor mats.......................33 Center caps, wheels...................29 Chassis braces...........................10 Chemical gasket........................23 Coils, ignition........................5, 18 Coils, lowering............................9 Compressor bypass valve............5 Control arms..............................11 Coolant sensors.........................23 Covers, seat...............................32 Cup holders...............................33 Dash covers...............................32 Diagnostic tools........................36 Dielectric grease........................23 40 IPD | 2012 | CATALOG


Door edge trim..........................30 Door lock pins...........................32 Downpipe....................................5 Drain plug, oil...........................21 ECU upgrades......................... 1-4 Eibach springs.............................9 Elbow kits, vacuum ..................19 Endlinks......................................8 Engine management................ 1-4 Engine mounts..........................11 Engine oil cap...........................22 Engine stabilizer mount..............8 Euro side marker lights.............25 Exhaust hanger tool...................39 Exhaust manifold........................6 Exhaust systems..........................6 Exterior............................... 28-31 Fender protector........................37 Filters, air..................................18 Filters, fuel................................21 Filters........................................21 Flame trap repair kits................20 Floor mats.................................33 Fluid, brake...............................15 Fog lamps..................................25 Fuel filters.................................21 Fuel line release tool.................36 Funnel.......................................39 Fuse kits....................................23 Gas door repair kits...................30 Gasket, chemical ......................23 Gauges......................................4,5 Grease, dielectric.......................23 Grilles........................................29 H&R springs...............................9 Headlamp bulbs........................26 Headlight glass..........................25 Headlight protection..................27 Headlights........................... 24-26 Heated blanket..........................35 Hinge repair, gas door...............30 Horn button repair kit................20 Hose clamping tool...................39 Ignition coils.........................5, 18 Ignition components..................18 Ignition parts.........................5, 18 Ignition switch..........................20 Intake kit.....................................4 Intercoolers.................................6 Interior................................. 32-35 Interior bulbs.............................26 Interior tool...............................37 Ipod adapters.............................34 Koni..........................................12 Latex gloves..............................39 Lens cleaner..............................27 Lenses.......................................25 Lighting............................... 24-26 Lock bezels...............................32 Lock oil.....................................39 Lock pins...................................32 Lowering springs........................9

Lugnuts............................... 28-29 Magnetic pickup tool................37 Maintenance........................ 18-23 Mann oil filters..........................21 Manuals.....................................39 Mast, antenna............................30 Master cylinder, brake...............17 Mats, cargo area........................32 Motive power brake bleeder.....16 Needle nose pliers.....................38 OBDII- Code reader..................36 Odometer repair kit...................20 Oil cap, engine..........................22 Oil drain plug............................21 Oil filter cap wrench..................21 Oil filters...................................21 Oil pan protection.....................30 Oil soak mat..............................39 Oxygen sensors.........................23 Oxygen sensor tool...................38 PCV kits....................................20 PIAA blades..............................31 PIAA bulbs................................26 Pads, rotors................................15 Paint, caliper.............................16 Paint chip repair kits.................31 Paint repair................................31 Pegasus replica wheels..............28 Performance............................ 1-7 Plastic lens restorer ..................27 Pliers.........................................38 Plugs, spark...............................19 Plug wires.................................18 Pollen filters..............................18 Polyurethane engine mount.........8 Polyurethane transmission mounts.......................................10 Power window switch...............34 RIPKIT........................................6 RSX wheels...............................28 Rear spoilers..............................30 Relay, wiper..............................31 Reverse Intercooler Pipe Kit.......6 Rotors, brake.............................14 Rubber floor mats......................33 Sachs.........................................12 Scan gauge................................36 Seat covers................................32 Sensor, cam...............................23 Sensor, coolant..........................23 Sensor, oxygen..........................23 Serpentine belts.........................19 Service manuals........................39 Shift button repair.....................34 Shift lock repair kit...................20 Shock mounts............................11 Short ram intake..........................4 Skid plates.................................30 Softloader....................................3 Spark plugs...............................19 Spark plug sockets....................38 Spark plug wires.......................18

Spoiler grilles............................29 Spring compressors...................38 Springs, lowering........................9 Spring seats...............................11 Stage 3 kits .................................4 Stainless steel brake lines..........15 Stealth bulbs..............................26 Steering and suspension............11 Steering wheel gloves...............32 Strut braces................................10 Strut nut spanner tool................39 Struts & shocks.........................12 Strut tool...................................37 Sunglass holder.........................35 Sunroof wind deflector..............31 Suspension............................ 8-12 Sway bars....................................8 Switch, brake.............................17 Switch, ignition.........................20 Switch, turn signal....................34 Switch, window........................34 TCV.............................................5 Tailgate repair kits.....................34 Tailgate supports.......................34 Temperature sensor...................37 Test light....................................37 Tie rods.....................................11 Timing belt kits.........................19 Tire totes...................................30 Tools.................................... 36-39 Torque gauge.............................36 Torx drivers...............................38 Transmission filters...................23 Transmission flush kits..............21 Transmission mounts................10 Trunk supports..........................34 Tune up kits...............................19 Turbocharger kits........................4 Turbo control valve.....................5 Turbo downpipe..........................5 Turbo drain seal kit...................20 Turn signals...............................25 Turn signal switch.....................34 VMS wheels..............................28 Vacuum elbow kits....................19 Valve stem caps.........................29 Vector wheels............................28 Wheel accessories.....................29 Wheel bearings..........................11 Wheel center caps.....................29 Wheel hub socket......................37 Wheels.......................................28 Wheelskins................................32 Wide angle mirror.....................35 Window switch.........................34 Wings........................................30 Wiper blades.............................31 Wiper relay................................31 Wire strippers............................37 Wrench, oil filter.......................21 Xpel headlight protection..........27

ipd sway bars

When Richard Gordon and his crew decided to take weekend auto-cross events to another level, they decided to build a race car. Their first race car was a 122S and performance parts weren’t available in the aftermarket at that time. ipd had to manufacture products themselves if they wanted to be competitive. It wasn’t long after the race car was built that they had people wanting those same parts for their own daily drivers; parts like exhaust headers, camshafts, suspension parts, and sway bars. That’s when the first ipd catalog was published featuring all of the exclusive items developed and tested on ipd’s race car. ipd sway bars have been featured in every catalog since the first one released in 1968. Back then all the pictures were taken with a Polaroid camera. The print and copy was done on an old typewriter, but it got the job done. Those catalogs featured products that were geared toward enhancing the driving characteristics and performance of Volvo cars.

June 1976: Laguna Seca SCCA National

Sway bars have become our most renowned product ever manufactured. If there’s any product that has been tested to no end, Sway Bars would be it! Decades of racing success taught us there’s no substitute for thousands of hours at the race track testing and perfecting how Volvos could be improved. The amount of research and development that went into our rich racing history was the same painstaking research that went into creating sway bar kits for enthusiast’s who drive on the street every day. Creating a sway bar for a race car is slightly different than making a sway bar for a street car. Ultimately the goal is still the same. We create sway bars that help enhance the cars ability to maneuver within its driving conditions. Over the years car manufactures have drastically changed and improved the suspension on modern day vehicles. We’ve had to adapt our manufacturing processes along with those changes. Looking underneath a newer Volvo you can clearly see they didn’t leave much room for error. As space has become more limited, it’s required us to invest in ways to improve the quality and precision when making a

sway bar. Fully automated CNC bending machines have allowed us to increase the sway bar diameter and retain the same tight radius bends. This allows us to design better sway bars that maintain the crucial angles made to fit like the OEM application. Volvo, along with most car manufactures must compromise on the sway bar size and material. We’ve concluded from our research that manufactures have to consider the entire market. Volvo cars that could be driving in the outback of Australia to rock constructed highways in Prudhoe Bay Alaska. The average street car sacrifices bar size for vehicles that are in geographical areas that have poor road quality. Under those road conditions a larger sway bar could possibly transfer some harshness to the car body. Car manufactures sacrifice any improved handling in order to avoid complaints regarding ride quality in those regions. The benefits from adding ipd sway bars outweigh the little or no adverse affects contributed to the overall ride quality. Over the years we’ve marketed our sway bars to all types of drivers. Our bars can be seen on a Volvo spending the weekend auto-crossing or taking part in a local track day. You will also see our bars outfitted on a weekend warrior getting ready to go camping. Sway bars work in all applications no matter how you look at it. They’ve been called performance sway bars and safety sway bars. Fact is, sway bars give the driver confidence to feel more comfortable under any driving condition. We’re most proud to say that our sway bars do the most work when you’re not even thinking about it. Sway bars benefit the everyday driver as well. We’ve received hundreds of letters from Volvo drivers just like you expressing how much of an improvement sway bars have made, especially when having to avoid an accident. It’s safe to say that sway bars are our flagship product. We’re best known for developing and creating the best suspension solutions for Volvo cars. Sway bars contribute to the overall handling by reducing the amount of roll when braking, maneuvering unexpectedly to avoid a bad situation, or when loading the car for a family trip. By decreasing the roll rate you also reduce the amount of load put on other suspension components.

Your Volvo will stay flat and maintain traction when you need it the most. Having confidence in your cars handling abilities is very important to any driver when sitting behind the wheel. We’re committed to creating the best quality products possible to suit all your driving needs. ipd sway bar’s is just one example of how we’ve been able to improve the fun, safety and performance of your

Stock suspension @ 51.4 mph

ipd suspension @ 54.3 mph

Note the difference in car attitude in the above photos. With the ipd suspension, the car is clearly more stable yet it is negotiating the slalom almost 3mph faster than the stock model. Testing is a vital part of our product research and development. The 700 series model shown above is being run through the 700ft slalom. This test simulates how the car will handle quick steering inputs like you’d encounter in a sudden freeway lane change. In fact, the 700ft slalom usually sees speeds around the 50-60mph range, so it relates to everyday freeway use.

Volvo. We look forward to new and exciting ways to develop sway bar kits to help you reach your driving destination. If you want to achieve faster lap times at the track, or maintain confidence while driving, ipd has always had the solution!

Here’s a few pictures of our sway bars being forged at our manufacturing facility

PO Box 20339 Portland, Oregon 97294 Change Service Requested


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ipd P80 catalog 2011  

ipd parts catalog for all P80 chassis Volvos.

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