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Project Coordinator  for  Women  Empowerment  Project   The  Israel/Palestine  Center  for  Research  and  Information  (IPCRI)  is  currently   looking  for  an  Israeli  and  a  Palestinian  Project  Coordinator  for  a  women   empowerment  project  called  “Women  Leadership:  Rising  Voices  in  Conflict   Negotiations”.  The  project  will  enable  a  small  group  of  young  professional   women  to  take  part  in  a  capacity  building  program  for  engagement  in  policy   making  and  politics.  IPCRI  is  looking  for  people  with  experience  in  project   management,  cross-­‐border  Israeli/Palestinian  activities  and  with  a  strong   network  in  local  civil  society,  women  networks  and  politics.     The  position  is  part  time  and  temporary  from  July  1st  to  December  31st  2013.  In   general  the  project  coordinators  are  expected  to  work  2  days  a  week  from  our   office  in  Jerusalem  and  additionally  work  in  the  field.  For  the  Palestinian   coordinator  we  will  arrange  a  work  permit.     The  project  coordinators  are  expected  to  fulfil  the  following  responsibilities:   -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ -­‐


Recruiting and  selecting  highly  qualified  young  professional  women   participants  through  civil  society  networks.   Organising  project  activities  such  as  meetings  and  multiple  day  seminars.   Including  attracting  high-­‐profile  speakers  and  trainers.   Motivating  and  supervising  the  women  participants  in  the  participation  in   project  activities  and  production  of  papers,  articles,  lectures  etc.  about  the   program.     Communicating  with  others.  The  coordinators  are  expected  to  maintain   positive  relationship  with  each  other,  all  project  participants,  the  IPCRI   team  and  contact  persons  in  civil  society  and  politics.  This  requires  an   open  mindset  and  good  conflict  resolution  skills.   Training  and  supervision.  The  coordinators  are  expected  to  contribute  to   the  training  and  supervision  of  the  women  participants.      

Requirements: -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ -­‐

Bachelor degree  in  social  science  or  other  relevant  subject   Experience  in  project  management   Experience  in  cross-­‐border  Israeli-­‐Palestinian  activities   Strong  network  in  local  civil  society  and  women  networks   Ability  to  work  efficiently  and  under  time  pressure   Self  motivated  worker  that  also  has  strong  team  working  skills   Open  mindset  and  good  conflict  resolution  skills   Native  Hebrew  (for  the  Israeli  coordinator),  native  Arabic  (for  the   Palestinian  coordinator)  and  fluent  English  (both  coordinators)  language   skills.    

Please send  your  CV  and  motivation  letter  in  English  latest  June  27  to  if  the  right  candidate  applies  before  the  deadline  we  might  close   the  vacancy  earlier.      

Vacancy: 2 Project Coordinators  

IPCRI is looking for 2 project coordinators for a women empowerment project.