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How to prepare for your dream retirement By IPC Mississauga


A comfortable retirement is every worker's dream. Unfortunately, too many people don't know when or how to start planning for their retirement, and are left worried and confused. Others just trust that they will have enough money in the bank when the time comes. The key to making your perfect retirement dream come true is to start planning early. This way, you won't face any bad surprises when the time for retirement comes, since you will be well prepared.

What is your idea of a comfortable retirement? To have a better idea of how much money you will need to be able to retire in comfort and security, you first need to define your idea of what a perfect retirement should be. Would you simply like to be able to maintain your actual lifestyle? Do you want to retire to be able to travel and engage in many activities you did not have the time for when you were working? Are you planning on living in a senior residence in your hometown, or would you like to move someplace else?

What will you need?

After you figure out what you want, you need to figure out what you need. Think about the cost of living, and inflation. Your goal is to have enough money to be able to pay for all of your expenses, without a paycheque. Think about the unexpected. Today, more and more seniors are living healthy, active lives. However, diseases often come with age, and you might need some of your retirement money to pay for treatments and medication.

Start saving money

To have retirement money, you of course need to save money. A good way to do so is to set up a retirement investment account, and to deposit a certain amount of money monthly, straight from your paycheque. It's never too late to start saving. It could be a good idea to begin while you are in your 20s: the earlier you start, the less you may need to save monthly.

Get out of debt

If you have accumulated debts, try to pay them off as soon as possible so you can retire debt-free. Think about home mortgages, car loans, college loans and credit card debts. When you retire debt-free, you won't need to worry about your debts, and to use a part of your retirement money to pay them off. This will leave you more money to enjoy your retirement.

Make a retirement plan

To know the amount of money you will need to save each month to make a comfortable retirement, you need to keep many things in mind. First, consider how many years you have left before you retire, and how much money you think you will need. Think about your salary and other sources of income, and you will have an idea of how much money you should save each month, or each week, if you prefer.

Consult an investment advisor

If you find it difficult to make your own retirement plan, you should see an investment advisor. An investment advisor can analyze your situation and help you define how much money you will need for your perfect retirement. On top of that, an investment advisor can help you achieve all of your financial goals, so you will be able to put your money at your service, and live your dreams with ease.


Carefully planning your retirement is the best way to make sure you will be able to enjoy all the comfort and financial security you need when the time comes. It's not too early to start saving now, if you haven't already. Consulting an investment advisor will make your planning easier and more efficient. It might also help you reach out to your dreams and make them a reality.

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How to Prepare Your Dream Retirement  

Planning your retirement carefully and meticulously can reap many benefits for your future. This informative guide will help you understand...

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