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Zimetal: A More Complete and Diversified Service Thanks to the Synergy Between Hot-Dip Galvanising and Powder Coating Monica Fumagalli ipcm® Hot-dip galvanising or coating? Until recently, these two processes seemed irreconcilable within one production environment. Established in 1992 and since then considered one of the most important hot-dip galvanising companies in Italy, Zimetal decided instead to prove that, if well integrated into the production flow, they can actually be combined to deliver higher performance in terms of corrosion resistance and aesthetic quality.


ur strength,” states Ugo Bottanelli, shareholder and managing director of Zimetal (Solero, Alessandria, Italy),

“has always been our ability to quickly understand the technological developments in the market and adapt our equipment and systems to anticipate the demands of our customers, which mainly operate in the building and architecture, transport, urban equipment, energy, agriculture, animal husbandry, and environment sectors. Such diversification has enabled us to achieve a leading position, to which the uncommon size of our galvanising plant has undoubtedly contributed by guaranteeing significant production capacity and meeting all of the increasingly demanding requirements of our customers”. “In order to respond to these ongoing market developments, it had been our intention for some time to combine galvanising with a coating process. Actually, these have always been considered two synergistic and complementary processes, but they are rarely carried out in the same production environment. This is obviously because they perform two very different surface treatments, which require specific skills and equipment. However, we have always been

One of the large-sized structures that are powder coated by Zimetal.


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convinced that offering both processes to our customers would

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