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and accuracy are the two elements we value most when

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choosing and keeping relying on a supplier.”

Condoroil Chemical’s service keeps its promises “We have noticed that many paint manufacturers are looking at our sector with interest, since the volumes we handle are huge,” explains Merello. “However, they must be able to guarantee high performance levels, because any customer complaint could translate into significant losses for a company like ours. Most of our coated coils are intended for façades and, therefore, we need to ensure perfect uniformity of the buildings’ cladding.” “We have a few long-standing suppliers with whom we collaborate,” emphasises Foglio, “but we are always ready to test new ones. This is how we started a collaboration with Condoroil Chemical, our current supplier of polyester products, with whom we have been working for a couple

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of years now and whose excellent commercial service is particularly appreciated in terms of advice quality and response to our requests. We would rather be told that a product cannot be delivered in the time frame we request than receive it late and have to reschedule the processing of a batch – which, on a line like ours, means having to move tonnes of metal. In fact, their consistency is what impressed us most and made them rightfully one of our four trusted suppliers.” “Our polyester paints,” explains Condoroil laboratory manager Sara Ponti, “meet all the basic technical requirements of a high quality pre-painted product, namely UV, corrosion, and chemical resistance. They can be made in any colour requested by customers and their surface hardness, flexibility, and adhesion characteristics favour the

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forming and bending processes necessary to transform a pre-painted panel into the required end product.

From top to bottom: - Coils painted in different colours, ready for shipment. - Condoroil’s Paints BU laboratories.


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