IPCM n. 75 | May-June 2022

Page 91


When suppliers and customers become protagonists

way precisely thanks to the joint collaboration of its suppliers and

In both the aluminium and steel sectors, Alusteel can meet any


coating specification. As Foglio says, “When the technical requirements are very specific and particular, we carry out a thorough analysis

A constantly upgraded line

and numerous tests: this is why, especially in the design phase, the

Some parts of the coating line, such as the flattening machine, have

paint supplier’s advice can be crucial. If the tests are successful at the

recently been upgraded in order to optimise its operation and bring

customer’s or paint distributor’s premises, we start mass production.

it up to maximum speed with any type of product: the line runs at a

Recently, we have been specialising in wrinkled finishes, given their

speed of 50 m/min. and it handles thicknesses ranging from 0.30 to

success over the last period. Our customers are very impressed by

3 mm, depending on the type of coil. “Our line is operational from

the quality we can deliver on special-effect rolled metal.”

Monday to Saturday for 15 shifts,” confirms Foglio, “but we aim at

In other words, the cooperation of the three main players – the paint

making it active 7 days a week. We produce between 75 and 100

supplier, the coil coater, and the end customer – from the early stages

tonnes/day, or 1500-2000 tonnes/month. This means that we can

of a new project is crucial for Alusteel. “I am convinced that this is

“bypass” the times of our large-sized competitors that prefer to serve

the right direction for the coil coating industry,” says Merello, “that is,

customers with large batches, sacrificing the orders of customers

meeting the needs of customers by involving them in the production

with smaller batches, for which waiting times can sometimes

process. The exchange of know-how is essential and it can even lead

reach 18 weeks. Alusteel, on the other hand, aims at meeting all

to unpredictable results: just think of the previously unthinkable

customer needs equally, with very competitive delivery times. In

substrates that we can paint nowadays, such as copper or stainless

order to continue on this path, however, we require two ingredients:

steel. To do this, however, we need trustworthy and consistent

an adequate and flexible company structure and highly qualified

suppliers. The coil coating processes are constantly evolving and

suppliers that support us even with the most unlikely demands in

Alusteel adapts its production to such changes in the best possible

terms of both product characteristics and finishes. Response speed

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