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Plant structure Komby, Euroimpianti’s semi-automatic modular system installed at the premises of AMA, consists of a multi-metal spray pretreatment area with six cleaning stations, a drying oven, a powder coating booth contained in a clean room, a curing oven, a cooling zone, and an unloading station. The plant is completed by a one-rail overhead conveyor with two double overhead cranes operating in the pre-treatment area. The whole line could be easily modified and expanded with additional modules, should AMA wish to expand its production capacity. As for the powder application equipment, AMA relied on Gema for the supply of automatic guns and a feeding system with Venturi injectors, whereas the range of 45 colours for the matt or wrinkled finishes of

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the Collezione Nove pergolas was custom The loading area and, behind it, the curing oven made of sound-absorbing and heat-insulating EcoFusion panels.

designed by Pulverit. Thanks to the Komby plant and advice received from its industrial partners, the Verona-based company can now give its aluminium profiles the desired aesthetic and corrosion resistance properties, as well as having reduced logistics costs while repositioning itself in the market as the ideal choice for those seeking high-quality outdoor products.

AMA Industries’ growth strategy With Collezione Nove, the firm has chosen to focus on the elegance of details, the uniqueness of design, and the quality of sustainable materials, abandoning the use of plastic components and investing in increasing its know-how and verticalising its production process – which included insourcing coating among the processes it performs. “For two years now, we have been developing an industrial expansion plan that includes a more solid brand identity strategy: in addition to a high degree of ease of use and practicality, our brand products also offer © ipcm

a high aesthetic value. For example, for our 1/ The pre-treatment area. Its six treatment stations and the two double overhead cranes are clearly visible.


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9.1 Iconic bioclimatic pergola for outdoor use,