IPCM n. 75 | May-June 2022

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certification awarded by EcoVadis, the Corporate Social Responsibility

ten million Euros in technological innovation to be implemented over

assessment platform used worldwide by the largest companies to

the next few years.

assess the social, ethical, and ecological characteristics of their partners

“For Novaresine, sustainability is synonymous with constant attention to

and suppliers.

the control and reduction of our production processes’ environmental

“With these values in mind, we continue to look to the future, offering

impact. For example, among other things, we have reduced the CO2 we

our customers increasingly innovative and green products, involving our

produce by over 3.8 tonnes by planting native trees on our 80,000 m2

suppliers in this effort, and contributing to the creation of widespread

production site.”

well-being for the community.” Novaresine is also a transparent company: in 2021, it published its first Sustainability Report “in order

Social responsibility

to inform more and more stakeholders, so that they do not stop

Finally, sustainability is also attention to the welfare of workforce, a key

at appearances but are fully aware of the quality and values of our

resource for Novaresine. Referring to the company’s code of ethics,

business,” Franceschini notes.

Franceschini confirms: “We are committed to creating long-term

The most important projects

sustainable value for all our stakeholders and we firmly believe that respect for fundamental human rights is a requisite for achieving this.

Many projects have characterised Novaresine’s most recent R&D activity,

Novaresine has always adhered to the Universal Declaration of Human

starting with the creation in 2018 of Nova Lab, a new laboratory now

Rights, the OECD Guidelines, and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental

recognised in the industry for its ability to meet any type of request, its

Principles and Rights at Work.”

willingness to support customers in the realisation and formulation of

Novaresine is truly the chemical company with an ethical and green

products, and the effectiveness of the results it obtains while always


focusing on sustainability, of course. “Another relevant project realised recently,” adds Francesco Tamburrino, Commercial & Marketing Manager of Novaresine, “was the construction of a new co-incinerator, collecting waste water from all our reactors.

© Novaresine

Sized for the amount of by-products created in our factory for internal disposal only, it does not harm the environment and, after a period of great uncertainty, it has also been accepted by the community living near our plant. On that occasion, we deployed all our resources, including the support of all our employees, to overcome mistrust and convince the city of the sustainability of the project.” The latest venture of the Veneto-based company was the first shipment of NPG mass balance exported to Europe by Korea’s LG. “This is a key raw material for Novaresine’s products,” indicates Tamburrino. “It will contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of our resins, of our customers’ paints and, ultimately, of the products that will use them.” This is part of a long-term strategy including investments of more than


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