IPCM n. 75 | May-June 2022

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Europolveri Celebrates 40 years of Research, Enthusiasm and Colours Edited by Europolveri Spa Sandrigo (Vicenza), Italy

Since 1982 Europolveri has been manufacturing powder coatings for the most different sectors and applications. This year the company celebrates 40 years of activity.


uropolveri, one of the leading manufacturers of powder coatings,

consolidation, in professional and human terms.

has been operating for over forty years as a reliable partner for

Today’s main challenge is to broaden the horizons starting from the

the supply of high-quality and large diversification coatings both

consistent acquired experience, the knowledge of its own commercial

in terms of applications and sectors. In the course of its history, the

field and the ability shown through years to rapidly adapt to the market’s

company has overcome the main challenges of the sector. It has built its


growth on the skills and passion of the people who are part of it.

To plan the future in Europolveri means to programme the research,

In a person’s life, age of 40 is universally considered as a mile stone, a

finalising it to new products’ launches, to technological innovation and

moment in life where the equal balance among experience, awareness

above all to always more qualified human resources.

and energy gives the possibility to carefully analyse what has been done,

The research activity, mainly performed by highly skilled personnel,

and it allows to set new important goals for the future.

coming from the basic chemistry and science world, with the aid of

For the same reasons, this goal is fundamental also for a company

sophisticated instruments has allowed us to manage and solve the

like Europolveri, that has always founded its solidity on respect and

most specific and particular needs in terms of finishing and application,

commitment to value of its working people, who are being celebrated

offering customers a valuable assistance and consultancy service,

today for their fundamental contribution to the Company’s growth and

besides the preparation of specific customized research projects.

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