IPCM n. 75 | May-June 2022

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KRÜSS Added the Constrained SD Method to Its Measuring Portfolio KRÜSS expanded its portfolio of optical interface analysis with a special method for measuring surface tension at high temperatures.


RÜSS has recently announced that it has expanded its portfolio

an effective remedy: the measurements are fast, require no change to

of optical interface analysis with the Constrained Sessile Drop

the measurement setup and can be seamlessly integrated into daily

(Constrained SD) method, which allows the measurement of

quality routines.

surface tension by using a single sessile drop. This addition will allow to

As a single sample can be melted directly on the sample pedestal,

perform rapid purity checks of contact angle test liquids and analyses of

neither vessels nor high-temperature dosing units are required, so

molten materials at high temperatures.

operators do not need to carry out time-consuming preparations and

The Constrained SD technique observes how the opposing forces of

cleaning operations. In addition, the new Constrained SD technique

surface tension (SFT) and gravity affect the shape of a droplet: if the

added to KRÜSS’ portfolio of optical interface analysis works well under

density and dimensions of a dosed sessile drop are known, then the SFT

thermally isolated conditions, with the maximum temperature that can

can be calculated by image analysis of its contour.

be extended up to 2000° C using special sample platforms made of

Test liquids used for contact angle measurements are strongly

zirconium oxide in combination with a high-temperature measuring

influenced by even smallest amounts of surface-active impurities such


as those left behind by rinsing agents, that could cause false results. Checking test liquid SFT using the Constrained SD method provides then

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Analysis of a Constrained Sessile Drop in the ADVANCE Software.


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