IPCM n. 75 | May-June 2022

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PrimaTM 01D100, the Perfect Solution to Feed the Spray Systems Robust, silent, easy to rinse and maintain, the new PrimaTM 01D100 diaphragm pump from SAMES KREMLIN is distinguished by the stability of its spray and attractive price. It is aimed at craftsmen and small businesses who work with pneumatic spraying and are looking for a quiet and effective solution.


ith the renewal of its Airspray range started in 2018, SAMES KREMLIN is closing the loop with the PrimaTM 01D100, a diaphragm pump that succeeds the PMP150 and benefits from

significant improvements, as well as a lower price.

A stable stream at all pressures First advantage: the new REGPro combines filtration and regulation which delivers more stability in the spraying application of coatings. The quality of application is guaranteed whatever the inlet pressure, from the lowest flow rates (a few tens of cm3/minute) to the highest. In addition, the engine air distribution and piston position have been redesigned to prevent untimely stalling. The PrimaTM 01D100 is a pump manufactured at the SAMES KREMLIN facility in France and designed to be operational for many years. SAMES KREMLIN has ensured this through the choice of materials, the quality of assembly, the test cycles carried out in the factory on a robotic bench. It is very quiet and operates at 69 decibels making it one of the least noisy in the market place.

Ultra-simplified flushing and maintenance The Prima™ 01D100 pump is very stable due to the design of the feet. It is equipped with a 90 degree adjustable inlet and outlet to fit into most workshop configurations. It flushes easily with little solvent: its interior circuits have very few dead zones. Dismantling for maintenance is simple: a single tool to remove diaphragms, distributor, and flanges.


The PrimaTM 01D100 is suitable for all paints (solvent- or water-based, enamel paint with anti-abrasion diaphragms, electrostatic applications, etc.). It is compatible with all guns in the Airspray range.

Modularity pushed to its maximum SAMES KREMLIN provides its distributors with an online configurator. It allows to create tailor-made spraying packages with all required accessories, while benefiting from advantageous prices. It is now possible to set up the spray pack in a few clicks, starting with the pump, through the inlet and outlet accessories, to the nozzle of the spray gun. For further information: www.sames-kremlin.com


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