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Christian Heritage Intl. Group, Inc. Dear Prospective Member, We welcome you to our spiritual family in the Precious Name of Jesus! As you prayerfully consider joining us I would like to share our best instructions while helping you complete your membership application. Keep in mind that we are here to help you to draw closer in your personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and flow to the next level in your personal ministry! There are five steps of ascension in our Church Group:

Step 1: Join CHIGI 1: You Fello Partner Step 2:Step Complete theJoin MPIPthe (Ministerial Internship Program) Step 3: The Timothy Project Step 4: Liscensure:Ordination/Installation/Consecration Step 5: Apostolic Ministries Of course, established pastors, ministers and established ministries may follow a different course of ascension. I pray that God will richly bless you ,your family, your congregation and your ministry! Yours in Christ, CHIGI- International Presiding Bishop

Christian Heritage Intl. Group, Inc. A. The Purpose of our Group B. The Vision of our Group C. Statement of Faith D. Membership Guidelines E. Payment Plans F. Licenses/Ordination G. Group Application H. Covenant Partner’s Agreement I. MPIP (Ministerial Partner Internship Program) J. The Timothy Project

Christian Heritage International Church Group The Purpose of our Group The specific purpose(s) for which our Group is organized in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of it’s parent corporation, the Christian Heritage International Group, Inc. (CHIG) are: The main purpose of the Christian Heritage International Church Fellowship (CHICF) is to promote the teachings of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. It’s mission is 10-fold: 1. To provide Vision, Leadership, Mentorship and a Spiritual Covering to those select members in the body of Christ that choose to join our Group. 2. To pass on Christian standards and values as well as the hope of our Christian heritage to our constituency.. 3. To help Christians draw closer to their Savior, Jesus Christ through ascension into Spiritual Maturity. 4. To recognize and promote Christian excellence. 5. To encourage Christians to lead exemplary lives and to possess both their spiritual and natural inheritances.. 6. To promote Love, Unity and Brotherly kindness in the church and Christian communities.. 7. To develop Apostolic Ministries though discipleship, as well as to support existing ministries. 8. To create a powerful Christian coalition and a dynamic Christian network that will act as lighthouses (locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.) 9. To be a firstfruit in Christian discipleship while remaining on the cutting edge in Christian leadership and impact. 10. To fulfill Christ’s command to take the Gospel to the entire world!

Christian Heritage Intl.Group, Inc. The Vision of our Group This Group will operate as the parent corporation , a Headquarters church. The Christian Heritage International Group, Inc. which will be the governing body for the following proposed (12) new (tax exempt) Church related corporations, Apostolic ministries and Community Development Centers as well as networking with other existing ministries:

1. Christian Heritage International Church Fellowship, Inc (CHICF) 2. Christian Heritage Bible Institute, Inc. (CHBI) 3. Christian Heritage Press, Inc. (CHP) 4. Christian Heritage Broadcasting Network, Inc. (CHBN) 5. Christian Heritage International Churches, Inc. (CHIC) 6. Christian Heritage Association, Inc. (CHA) 7. Christian Heritage Prayer Center, Inc. (CHPC) 8 Christian Heritage International Ministerial Fellowship, Inc. (CHIMF) 9. The Prudence Center, Inc. (TPC) 10. Apostolic Ministries International (AMI) 11. Economic Empowerment Group, Inc. (EEG) – A CDC 12. Heritage House Intl. of Florida, Inc. (HHI-FL) – A CDC

Christian Heritage Intl.Group, Inc. The Vision of our Group Continued. In support of the Group’s purposes and the VISION, the main activities of our Group shall include: a.) To establish an association and a fellowship of ministers and Christian disciples of common belief in the Gospel of Jesus Christ for mutual support and communication b.) To perform services which churches cannot easily provide for themselves; c.) To ordain or license ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to perform religious worship and to administer sacerdotal functions; d.) To certify Christian disciples to serve in domestic and foreign fields; e.) To spread and propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ by establishing or aiding educational institutions or organizations which subscribe to, teach and attempt to transmit the Gospel of Jesus Christ; f.) To transmit and propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ by television and radio broadcasts, sale of books, recordings, pamphlets, and other such devices; g.) To propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ by such other educational, religious or charitable activities as may be appropriate from time to time; and to do any and all other acts and things and to execute any and all other rights and powers which may be necessary, incidental, desirable or expedient in the accomplishment of any of the foregoing purposes or to carry out the vision of our Group;

Christian Heritage Intl.Group, Inc. Statement of Faith A. We believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only authoritative Word of God. B. We believe that there is one God eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit (The Trinity). And yet all three are one! (The Unity of the Godhead) We also believe that Lucifer in an effort to produce disunity in the body of Christ (His church): promotes schisms i.e. (Trinitarians Vs Unitarians) in an effort to divide and conquer the church. C. We believe in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, in His sinless life, in His miracles, in His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood, in His bodily resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father, and His personal return in power and glory. D. We believe that for the salvation of lost and sinful man that Redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ is necessary and that (regeneration, conformation, conversion, and transformation) by the Holy Spirit is absolutely necessary for spiritual maturity. E. We believe that according to Acts 2:38, that Water Baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ is necessary for the remission of sin and vital for progress towards Christian maturity. F. We believe that Baptism of the Holy Spirit, according to Acts 2:4 is given to believers who ask for it. G. We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit by whose indwelling, the Christian is enabled to live a godly life. H. We believe in the sanctifying of the Holy Spirit by whose indwelling, the Christian is enabled to live a holy life. I. We believe that according to (Matt 13/Rev. 22;12) that there are different degrees of reward and spiritual growth (some 30-fold, some 60-fold, and some 100 fold+) and Christ will pay each person according to their works. J. We believe that there is: One Body – One Lord – One Faith! K. In addition to this Statement of Faith, the Board of Trustees - (CHIG) have by resolution adopted the complete Articles of Faith for this Group.

Christian Heritage Intl.Group, Inc. Membership Guidelines You... 1. Have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. 2. Accept the Bible written and undivided as your guide for living and are in agreement with the CHIGI Statement of Faith. 3. Have a spiritual call to ministry and Christian service. 4. Commitment to a life of spiritual growth and service. 5. Evidence your call, Bible study and Christian service. 6. Will faithfully and consistently support the Group (CHICF)as led by the Spirit of God . 7. Complete all applications and forms and pay all application fees and annual fees as required by the Group (CHIGI). Applications: CHIGI Application 1 – Initial Membership to the Group (required by all) CHIMF Application 2 –Licensing & Ordination CHIMF Application 3 – MPIP (Ministerial Partner Internship Program) CHIMF Application 4 – The Timothy Project AMI Application 5 – Apostolic Ministry (AMI) Application

Christian Heritage Intl.Group, Inc. Payment Plans I. Pastors/Individuals ($150 ) One time Fee ($25 annually) The charter membership fee is payable as follows: A. $150.00 with submission of CHICF Application 1

-orB. $60.00 Initial fee with installments of $15.00 monthly for 6 months

Your Charter Memberships include the following: 1. Annual Covenant Partnership Fees $120.00 2. Application Fees $30.00 3. Book – The Making of a Leader Free ($ 31.00 Value) 4. Workbook – The Making of a Leader Free ($ 6.00 Value) 5. Prayer book –The 2959 Plan Free ($ 14.00 Value) 6. MPIP Registration Voucher Free ($ 30.00 Value) 7. Monthly Group Newsletter Free ($ 19.00 Value) 8. 1st Yr Licensing/Ordination Fee Free ($150.00 Value) -----------------------------------------------Total Free Benefits:


II. Pastors/plus Churches ($300 Annually) A. $300.00 with submission of CHICF Application 1

-orB. $120.00 Initial fee with installments of $30.00 monthly for 6 months

*(The Pastor receives the benefits listed above in I.)

Christian Heritage Intl.Group, Inc. Group Application Please complete CHIGI Application 1 and return with your payment.

MPIP (Ministerial Partner Internship Program)

Please complete CHIMF - Application 3 and return with your payment if you wish to enroll in our 2004 MPIP Class starting September 9, 2004.

( See MPIP Package)

Christian Heritage Intl.Group, Inc. COVENANT PARTNERS AGREEMENT

Bishop Gary L. Jones Sr. CHICF- International Presiding Bishop

Motto: Called, Chosen & Faithful!

Bishop Steven C. Wight CHICF- Secretary General

Our Part is to... Pray daily for your life ,family and ministry. Study the Word and diligently seek God in your behalf. Minister to you monthly by newsletter. Provide you with CHICF Covenant partner Kit: -Welcome Tape $30.00 MPIP registration voucher Free Making Of A Leader (Book & Workbook) Free 2959 Prayer book Free 1st yr licensing/ordination for qualified applicants. Fellowship Membership Certificate (as a constant reminder that you are a covenant partner with us!  Periodically offer special books and tools for your spiritual growth ,training, edification and ministry opportunities.

   

Your Part is to... Your Part is

 Pray for Bishop Gary L. Jones and the entire CHIGI staff family and ministries.  committed to support CHIGI meetings and conferences in your to...Be area..  Support us financially with your monthly covenant partner offerings as agreed upon in membership.  Prayerfully consider stewardship in our Christian Heritage Association (CHA) – 7 levels of stewardship program.

Signed____________________________ Date:__________

Christian Heritage Intl.Group, Inc. APPLICANT DATA Date: ____________ Pastor/Applicant:_________________________________ Church Applicant:_________________________________ Applicant Address:___________________________________ City:___________________________ State:_______ Applicant Phone: ( )_________________________________ Applicant Fax: ( )_____________ ____________________

Christian Heritage Intl.Group, Inc.

Church Name:_____________________________________ APPLICANT DATA Church Address:___________________________________ City:___________________________ State:_______ Church Phone: ( )__________________________________ Church Fax: ( )__________________________________ Applicant Received CHICF KIT ______Yes ___NO Date Received:___________ Interested In: ___Fellowship ___Ordination/Licensing ___MPIP ___Timothy Project ___Apostolic Ministries Notes: Pastor Pastor/plus Church Individual (Elder,Minister, Layperson) _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

Application For Membership

Signature ___________________________________________________________Date ____________

Christian Christian Heritage Heritage Intl.Group, Intl.Group, Inc. Inc.

State_______ District __________________Country____________________ Christian Heritage International Church State_______ District __________________Country____________________ Fellowship Sr. PastorSr.Only Church Church Pastor Only Individual Individual (Elder, Minister (Elder, Minister ,Etc.) ,Etc.)

Name ____________________________________ Date ___________Personal Data PersonalApplication Data

Application for Membership

Street Address____________________ City _______________State____ Zip __________ Home Phone ( ) _________________ Fax ( ) _________________

Office Phone ( ) _________________ E-mail ( ) _________________

tian International BirthdayHeritage ___________ Spouse’s Name _________________Church Spouse’s Birthday ___________ Personal Data Personal Data Fellowship Name of Church /Ministry __________________________ Date Organized ___________Personal Data About Your Ministry

Senior Pastor’s Name_________________________________ Anniversary Date _________

Application for Membership

Street Address____________________ City _______________State____ Zip __________ Church Phone ( ) _________________

Church Fax ( ) _________________

Date You Started Serving as Sr. Pastor of this Church ______________ Approximate Membership _________ Do you have a Media Ministry? _____ TV Radio Other ___________________ List any Books you have authored __________________________________________________ High School _____________________________ Year Grad. _______________ College

Education _____________________________ Year Grad. _______________

Other___________________________________ Other_____ _-___________________________ Year Year Grad. Grad. _______________ _______________ Sr.Pastor/Individual $150 Church/plus Sr. Pastor $300 Method of Payment Cash Check Mastercard/Visa (Check One) Application Make checks payableFee to CHICF Credit Card #___________________________________________________Exp.Date_______ Signature ___________________________________________________________ I do hereby pledge to join myself to the Christian Heritage Intl.Group, Inc. and thereby voluntarily submit to its rules and structure. thatmyself by doing soChristian I do not surrender of the autonomy is characteristic of being a Christian I do herebyI understand pledge to join to the Heritage any International Churchthat Fellowship and thereby voluntarily church. gifts and talents in building this fellowship. submit toI further its rulesoffer and my structure. I understand that by doing so I do not surrender any of the autonomy that is characteristic of being a Christian church. I further offer my gifts and talents in building this fellowship.

Signature ___________________________________________________________Date ____________ Signature ___________________________________________________________Date ____________

Christian Heritage Intl.Group,Inc.  

The Movement of Evangelism, Restoration & Enlightenment. Called Chosen &Faithful!

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