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The IPBA Alumni Scholars Facebook Group a forum for networking, information, events and staying in touch

Proposal by IPBA Scholarship Committee and IPBA Member and Past Scholar Amit Acco

Do we want a Facebook group ?

the need for a network •


IPBA scholars are being lost through the changing of work emails and locations. A Facebook group can keep the scholars in communication with both themselves and the IPBA as Facebook accounts stay assigned to a person no matter where they move. Through enhancing pride in the organization, the alumni are set to become active members and IPBA "ambassadors" in their emerging jurisdictions. Scholars will be able to advise, act as buddies and keep in touch with new scholars from their own regions.

why Facebook and not another platform? Facebook is probably the world’s most accessed social networking site. LinkedIn, whilst being more ‘professionally orientated’ does not have anywhere near the daily hit count, wide usage nor instant name recognition that Facebook possesses. Twitter does not have nearly the same ‘community’ setup that Facebook presents and there is currently no other real competition to Facebook’s monopoly.

what exactly is a ‘group’? A ‘group’ is a public page on the Facebook site that allows members (with restrictions) to join and interact. The group page allows for posting of videos, photos, weblinks, and hosting of a Wall (where people can have conversations, post items, and a discussion forum).

example of legal groups

an open group an ‘open group’ is one where anyone with a Facebook account can both access the information and join the group freely. there is little to no administrator control and anyone can change group information as they see fit. This is not what we recommend for the IPBA alumni scholars group.

a selective entrance group

a selective entrance group a ‘selective entrance group’ is one where information can be seen by non group members, but that permission to join is held at the discretion of the administrators. the type and amount of information that can be viewed by non members can all be set easily using the privacy settings. This is also not recommended by us for the IPBA alumni scholars group as members are often not aware what they are sharing and to whom.

a private group

a private group a ‘private group’ is one where only the most basic information is available to non members. From this given information, prospective members can decide whether or not the group is relevant to them and if they believe so they may apply to join. All applications are received by the administrators who may then ‘accept’ ‘reject’ or even ‘block’. This is our recommended format for the IPBA alumni scholars group as it maintains the desired exclusivity and privacy in which members will feel more at liberty to express ideas, chat and plan events together.

what will our group page do? The IPBA Scholars Group will act as a virtual meeting place for the IPBA alumni. Alumni will be able to post messages, links and ‘add’ each other as contacts. The administrators will be able to upload surveys, polls, their own links and other engaging materials. After the group has become established, events can be advertised for group meetings and forums can be set up to further open communication among the scholars. The Scholarship Committee believes this forum will generate excitement about continued membership in the IPBA.

IPBA Scholars Facebook Presentation  
IPBA Scholars Facebook Presentation  

IPBA Scholars Facebook Presentation