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H.R. 1


AN ACT To direct H.M. Alexander I and Mr. Hamptons -current president of Ipainia- to conduct a study to establish the future goals of our micronation and the reorganization and restructuration of all the public entities in order to make our country more dynamic and inclusive.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Royal Republic of Ipainia in Congress assembled SECTION 01. SHORT TITLE. This act may be cited as the “Future Goals of Ipainia Act of 2015� SECTION 02. CURRENT SITUATION. Since August, our country is passing through a difficult situation, inactivity; and it is shown in its media and foreign relations. There is also a lack of progress regarding our internal structure which is also a cause of this problem which affects different micronations around the world. Despite being awarded as best micronation of the year by the Kingdom of Rotham, and have organized successfully the Olympic Games, we have not taken advantage of these events and recognitions. We are seeing progress and activity in the United Micronations and Ipainia has to follow this image of progress, identifying what are our problems and working hard to change our current problems into opportunities. SECTION 03. FUTURE OF IPAINIA H.M. Alexander I and the current president Mr. Hamptons must have to meet in order to establish the path Ipainia will follow to continue growing and becoming a Micronational power. After it, they will present a report in which their conversation and conclusions must be stated. According to this, both representatives and senators will work introducing and debating bills making the powers of Ipainia to start working fluently, as a result our micronation will become more active and dynamic.


3RD CONGRESS 2015 - 2016

SECTION 03. CONCLUSIONS (a). H.M. Alexander I and Mr. Hamptons -President of Ipainia- will meet and they will establish the future goals of Ipainia (b). Their conclusions will be written into a report. (c). The report will be presented in both houses and both Senators and Representatives will introduce bills according it. Approved,

MATTHEW HAMPTOnS, President of Ipainia November 18, 2015

ALEXANDER I, King of Ipainia November 18, 2015

Public Law 3-1  

"Future Goals of Ipainia Act of 2015" Signed by President and King

Public Law 3-1  

"Future Goals of Ipainia Act of 2015" Signed by President and King