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Building Policy Capacity in  Yukon Doing more with less

Ed van Randen  Assistant Deputy Minister, Environment Yukon  Prepared for: The Institute of Public Administration of Canada Victoria, August 2011

1. Understand the Need

2.  Take Action

3.  Keep Momentum 

Epp Letter  1979

“Devolutions” 1979 ‐2003

First Nation Agreements  1993‐ 2005 Modern  Resource  Management

Northern Geography

SIMPLE MATH  18 MLA’s │274 Acts │≈ 1000 regulations 

80 Policy Staff 

We need to do more with less

Taking Action : Doing More with Less  A Focus on Developing  Internal Capacity Courses A Community of Practice Conferences

The Art and Practice of Policy The Machinery of Government

Creating a Community of Practice

Conference Strengthening Public Policy in Yukon June 2 ‐3 2010

The 80 % solution Work in Partnership The goal is be in the  First Nations, Industry  middle of the pack  Municipalities, Federal  Government 

Learn from Others Do more with less Borrow, mimic, ask, research

A “can‐do” attitude ‐ you’re  it, there is no one else – make it happen, do your best

Keeping  Momentum 


Doing more with less Ed van Randen Prepared for: The Institute of Public Administration of Canada Victoria, August 2011 Assistant Deputy Min...

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