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SPRING 2008 IN THIS ISSUE: News from IPAA ……………………….…………………..1 The IPAA 2008 State Conference sends ripples through Adelaide..……………………….……………….1 More Ripples………………………………………………….2 Don Dunstan Oration…….……………….…………….3 For the Diary and welcome new members ….4

Farewells and new faces and IPAA With the pending arrival of her second baby, we farewelled IPAA Events Manager, Georgina Goodrich in September. Georgina was instrumental to the success of IPAA’s recent State Conference “The Ripple Effect” and her tireless efforts and good-humoured dedication will be sorely missed. The Council and staff of IPAA SA wish Georgina and her family the very best for the future. Taking up this vital role, IPAA has appointment Eleanor Taylor as our new Events Manager. Eleanor brings with her an extensive background in event and conference management having worked in the public sector on a wide variety of state, national and international projects. Already, Eleanor is successfully working towards expanding IPAA’s events calendar, and maximizing the networking and learning opportunities for IPAA members and the public sector workforce. In more staff news, IPAA welcomes our new Administration Coordinator, Kirsty Stokoe and Learning and Development Program Manager, Catherine Sarah. With 12 years experience as a project manager, trainer, facilitator and coach in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, Cath brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this demanding role.

IPAA National Fellows Announced IPAA SA is delighted to congratulate our very own President, Anne Howe on becoming a National Fellow. Anne joined Prof. Andrew Parkin from Flinders University in becoming National Fellows of IPAA. Anne has been the Chief Executive of the South Australian Water Corporation (SA Water), for the past eight and a half years. Prior to her appointment with SA Water, Anne held a number of Chief and Senior Executive positions in the South Australian Public Service, served on several boards including the position of Chair of the State Supply Board, the National Public Works Council, and the Australian Procurement and Construction Council.

The IPAA 2008 State Conference sends ripples through Adelaide Enjoying overwhelming success, the IPAA 2008 State Conference – “The Ripple Effect” – was held at the National Wine Centre on 18 and 19 September. The aim of the conference was to discuss the future of public sector management from a global, federal and local level and to challenge delegates to be the change they want to see in the world. Dr Simon Longstaff from the St James Ethics Centre, gave the Don Dunstan Oration on Thursday night to open the conference. His address, “Ethics and Aesthetics in Public Administration” highlighted the unique and often conflicting social, economic, political and moral challenges faced by those in public service. This enlightening opening address set the scene for the rest of the conference which was highly praised and appreciated by the diverse range of delegates, many of whom commented on its depth, value & inspiration. For more on Dr Longstaff’s insightful presentation, please see page 3.

What the delegates said…

With an extensive career background covering management in human service agencies; policy; planning and public sector reform; and leadership responsibilities “Very stimulating, well organised thought provoking day; thank you and well done for the delivery of efficient and effective government services in partnership IPAA!” with the private sector, Anne is one of the most highly regarded and experienced public service professionals in the state.

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More ripples… Keith Suter, Global Futurist What the delegates said… “Theme was just right in regards to complex things we face internationally, nationally and locally, and what we need to do about it, well done!” “Speakers provided an excellent overview of the trends/issues influencing the Public Sector in the future”

Futurist, social analyst and commentator on global affairs, Dr Keith Suter is probably best known to Australians from his regular appearances on Channel 7’s Sunrise program and as the author of the highly popular ‘50 Things You Want to Know About World Issues... but were too afraid to ask’, and ‘Teach Yourself Globalization’. As keynote speaker at the 2008 IPAA State Conference, Dr Suter offered members a glimpse into the future of public administration and some of the critical needs that modern society has on its agenda. From the influence of a tabloid-style media in politics to the role of business in climate change, Dr Suter encouraged delegates to consider the generational changes in attitudes to government, regulation and selfreliance. In a wide range of topics, Dr Suter looked at our growing need for ‘experience’ over simple material possession and introduced a number of examples through which commerce and industry monitors our activity, and asked whether government is keeping up? In concluding his speech, he addressed the significant and increasing influence of climate change, not just on our daily lives, but on the policies of government, business and social service – looking not simply at the way these policies are being constructed, but by whom. In all, Dr Suter raised many questions, answered numerous concerns and, through his extensive and intimate knowledge of the global community in the 21st Century, imparted much wisdom and inspiration in his audience.

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L-R: Geoff Leeper, Anne Howe, Hon Jay Weatherall, Dr Keith Suter & MC Stephen Halliday

Upcoming Event Women in Negotiation We’ve probably all suspected that men and women approach identical challenges in entirely different ways. So in an age where more and more women are taking their seats around the negotiation table are we really faced with a scenario of ‘same world – different planet’? Mara Olekans, the highly respected Professor of Management and contributing author of “Handbook of Culture and Negotiation” will be facilitating this halfday workshop, providing essential insights into the art of negotiation. The first half of this workshop will focus on how women and men differ in their overall approach to negotiations, identifying four key differences between women and men, each of which contributes to poorer outcomes for women. The second half will explore a set of strategies that enable women to respond more effectively to power plays by the other negotiator and to 'turn' the negotiation to a more functional process • • • • •

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Speaker - Mara Olekans, Professor of Management, Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne Friday 7 November 8.30am – 12pm Adelaide Town Hall To register

Don Dunstan Oration Members and guests who attended the IPAA’s 2008 annual State Conference were treated to a highly informative, challenging and inspiring Don Dunstan Oration, presented by the Executive Director of the St James Ethics Centre, Dr Simon Longstaff. After opening his address, entitled “Ethics and aesthetics in public administration” with an amusing look back at his own ancestral link to South Australia, Dr Longstaff revisited the works and words of Adam Smith, widely regarded as the father of the modern market economy. Revealing Smith as an ethicist whose philosophies ran much deeper than the ideas of market-forces for which he is most readily remembered, Dr Longstaff delved into Smith’s ideas of natural human motivation through self-interest and the notion of the ‘invisible hand’ working for the benefit of society as a whole. Against the background of self-serving motivation balanced out by the ‘invisible hand’, Dr Longstaff went on to analyse the drive and motivation of those in professions which are widely regarded as working for the common good and in the spirit of public service. Having introduced his audience to Smith’s historical framework of the public good, Dr Longstaff then investigated the unique role, responsibility and challenges faced by public servants as professionals, working selflessly for the benefit of the society in which they live. The question was then raised: how does the Public Service help to develop and maintain a culture of good government? Firstly, suggested Dr Longstaff, there is a need for the leaders within the Public Service to promote a positive vision of public service and the values that support that responsibility. Secondly, he implored leaders within public administration to defend and promote the professional ideal – to work for the public good in the face of self-interest. He recognised however that this may not always be an easy task, and takes considerable moral courage. And yet he suggested, that the power of positive example will often do more to preserve the integrity of an organisation than all of the other control measures put together. Without delving too deeply into the complex realm of aesthetics, he discussed the notion of ‘beautiful’ administration – one in harmony. Quoting directly from Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments, he reflected upon the author’s ideal of a ‘beautiful’ system where “…all the several wheels of the machine of government be made to move with more harmony and smoothness, without grating upon one another, or mutually retarding one another’s motions.” In closing his address, Dr Longstaff concluded that, while historically the market economy philosophies of Adam Smith may seem worlds apart from those of the oration’s namesake, Don Dunstan, in reality the underlying principle of beautiful governance is shared by each, making them the most unlikely of allies. Dr Longstaff’s address was one of the most popular and inspiring of the conference and it not only provoked a great deal of discussion over the course of the event, but also motivated many to recognise and re-assess the important role that the honourable public servant plays.

IPAA Councillors’ Brenton Caffin, Elaine Bensted & Linda Matthews are joined by Dr Simon Longstaff

The full presentation by Dr Longstaff can be downloaded from the IPAA website.

Images left & right: conference delegates

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FOR THE DIARY REGISTER NOW AT Professional Development •

Lifting Performance of Underperforming Staff – 2 days Wednesday, 22 October • Managing Public Sector Budgets – 2 days Thursday, 23 October • Practical Asset Management – 2 days Tuesday, 28 October • Political & Organisational Savvy Wednesday, 5 November • Risk Management - accredited Thursday, 6 November • Constructing Engaging Business Cases Thursday 13 November • Career Planning in the Public Sector Thursday 27 November • Diploma in Project Management 5 days Tuesday 2nd December

Did You Know…

At IPAA, we pride ourselves on delivering relevant, public sector-specific learning interventions and we run cost-effective in-house programs tailored to your needs. Call Cath at IPAA on 8212 7555 to find out more.

IPAA EVENTS Women in Negotiation • • • •

Speaker - Mara Olekans, Professor of Management, Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne Friday 7 November 8.30am – 12pm Adelaide Town Hall

NEW MEMBERS Since June 2008, IPAA has welcomed the following new members: Mr Paul Anderson

Ms Sandra Loprete

Ms Abbey Barry

Mr Ken Lountain

Ms Rosa Best

Ms Lee McElroy

Ms Jo Bishop

Mr Mark Priadko

Mr Don Boerema

Ms Natalie Schulz

Ms Kathryn Gleeson

Ms Jennifer St Jack

Mr Jeff Green

Ms Louise Welch

Ms Lynn Greenwood

Ms Katherine Winton

Mr Peter Khoury

Dr Anthony Wong

Mr Matthew Loader

To enquire about your membership, please email IPAA at

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