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Sell and Lease IPV4 Addresses is owned by Nationwide Computer Systems, which was founded by Mike Burns in 1986. As legacy address rights owners, Nationwide became interested in IP address transfers in the late 1990s and Nationwide's principals began to study and track the market. Since then Mr. Burns and his partners have bought, sold, and brokered IPv4 space. In addition, IPTrading is a registered ARIN Facilitator, and Mr. Burns has been active in shaping policy in the ARIN region to further the growth of a vibrant international transfer market. was also the first broker registered in APNIC, is a registered RIPE broker, and is the first broker to execute an inter-regional transfer. is a consulting and brokerage firm dedicated to helping customers transfer IPv4 address space. Sound guidance is indispensable when navigating these uncharted waters. Our consultants are unmatched in their knowledge and experience.

Services Selling Address Space

Whether your company is a legacy rights holder or has available space which is under an agreement with a regional registry like ARIN or APNIC, our expert advice will help you navigate safely into your corporate future.

Buying Address Space

We have address space available for purchase, and access to large swaths of available space. We can introduce you to these sellers and list your needs in appropriate locations to solicit more offers from sellers.

Acute Need

Do you have an immediate need to buy or sell? There are risks involved in any business. We provide you with extensive and personal advice before a crisis hits, as well as access to immediately available space available for sale or lease.

Contact Us We look forward to hearing from you. Our contact details are as follows: PO Box 551149 Davie, Florida 33355 Phone: +1 855/IP-Trade (1-855-478-7233) Fax: +1 954/327-2108 E-mail:

For more information please visit us:

Sell and lease ipv4 addresses