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you thquake IowaYouthWritingProject // summer2018

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About us The Iowa Youth Writing Project (IYWP) is a volunteer-powered non-profit organization founded in 2010 and housed in the University of Iowa’s Magid Center for Undergraduate Writing. It aims to join Iowa City’s unique literary heritage with Iowa’s larger community by empowering, inspiring, and educating Iowa’s youth through creative experimentation, word play, and the joyful exploration of language in writing workshops. The IYWP provides one-of-a-kind writing, publishing, and creative learning opportunities to Iowa’s children and teens for little to no cost, thanks to the generosity of community members, partnerships with local organizations and institutions, and the time, energy, and creativity of IYWP volunteers. YOUTHQUAKE was designed by Abigail Morrow in the summer of 2018. Cover image © stmool, used with permission by Adobe Stock standard license. Additional images courtesy of Jill Tobin. Text set in Jubilat. Cover title set in Copal. Interior titles set in Rift Soft.


In the summer of 2018, as IYWP Interns were searching for just the right title for the Iowa Youth Writing Project’s first-ever digital publication of student work, they came across a term. It was a term that The Oxford Dictionaries picked as Word of the Year in 2017. Youthquake. That word was coined in 1965 to describe the revolution in fashion and music that reverberated throughout the politics and culture of the 1960s. More than 50 years later, the term youthquake has been revived to denote what we are experiencing today, what The Oxford Dictionaries describes as ‘a significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people.’ With students taking to the streets and making their voices heard to protest social injustice, we are experiencing another youthquake. A cultural earthquake set in motion by the young. Given the dynamic work by brilliant young writers and artists in this publication, I can’t imagine a more apt name. The collection contains innovative plays that 5th and 6th graders wrote and then programmed Sphero robots to perform – work that bridges the gap between art and technology. It contains powerful digital narratives that teens created to give voice to their struggles and triumphs with mental illness, sibling rivalry, English as a second language, and finding a forever home. This collection shares poems that revel in the sounds of rain and even one that, chalked on a sidewalk just before rain, mourns its own transience. The collection

reverberates with spoken word poems that decry abuse and cry out for change in schools. And it presents a wide range of startling fiction – fiction that brings history alive, that dreams scientific facts into possible futures, and that builds fantasy worlds to provide a new vantage point on our own. None of this would be possible without a second group of young people who shook our world this summer. IYWP camp leaders, interns, and volunteers selflessly donated their time and talents to inspire campers in record numbers. They made it possible for the IYWP to bring 23 free writing camps—as well as 5 weekly writing clubs and 9 special programs—to 570 youth in Southeastern Iowa. Along the way, they asked the right questions to spark serious wordplay. They empowered campers by inviting them to write and draw the new worlds they want to see. And then they amplified campers’ voices by recording their work and transforming it into this stunning publication for all to behold. To everyone who made Youthquake and the Iowa Youth Writing Project’s camps possible this summer, I say a heartfelt thank you. May the aftershocks continue.

Lisa Roberts, Director of Summer Programming Iowa Youth Writing Project

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Contents 6.4 - 6.8

Word Wizardry, a Harry Potter Camp......................................................................................10 The Art of Oral History........................................................................................................................26


Outdoor Poetry.........................................................................................................................................30 Worlds Away: Fantasy Writing.......................................................................................................46


ROLO: Respect, Ownership, Leadership, Opportunity.....................................................54


A God’s Toolkit: World Building 101............................................................................................58 HiSTORY Hunt.........................................................................................................................................68


The Imaged Word (Elementary)...................................................................................................84 YA Writing for YAs.............................................................................................................................100 Poetry Comics!.......................................................................................................................................108


Missions Not Majors............................................................................................................................120


Word Wizardry, a Harry Potter Camp....................................................................................130 Make Your Own Magazine..............................................................................................................150 Heroes and Monsters: Exploring World Mythologies Through Writing.............172


Write for Robots!..................................................................................................................................194 Write Down, Speak Out: Slam Poetry......................................................................................208 The Imaged Word (Teens)..............................................................................................................212 Rewriting the Classics.......................................................................................................................224


Sci-Fi Worlds.........................................................................................................................................230 The Art of the Comic Medium......................................................................................................248 The City is Poetry, The City is Yours.........................................................................................264


Break Up with Writer’s Block: Unleashing Your Littérature Potentielle..............284 Create Your Own Digital Story: Storytelling for the Future of Education...........294

Summer-Long Programming Mark Twain Writing Club..............................................................................................................298

Word Wizardry: a Harry Potter Camp 6.4 - 6.8 Led by Madeleine Roberts-Ganim


venefic potion // edward l.

Effects: Anything you touch with your right hand gets poisoned, you become invincible. Only lasts 10 minutes. Side Effects: Some nausea, if you drink it twice in the same month you will DIE. Ingredients: 2 cups of poisonous liquid from a blue-stemmed plant, 10 dragon scales, and a phoenix feather. How to prepare: Mash the dragon scales into a fine powder, then mix it with the poisonous liquid. Heat to 500°F. Mix with phoenix feather for 10 minutes, then drop it in. Wait for 3 hours, then cool it down to room temperature. Leave to age for a month. Administer the potion within a week. If you don’t, you get sick and may die.

ravenclaw sickness candy // sonya z.

Ingredients: - Spell so heals in 1 hour - Flu sugar--so has flu - Water--so potion Potion color: Blue with bronze swirl



ice-phoenix // flora z.

-The cold version of a phoenix -Found only in the coldest areas, where it stays below -65 degrees Fahrenheit all year long -Can breathe a deadly ice breath -Can turn its opponents to ice Ice-Phoenix Creation Story Once upon a time, a phoenix decided to travel to the farthest corners of the world to see what it was like. So she set off, but when she got there, she discovered it was very cold. She turned blue and started shivering. She found a cave with a fire going on in it, and inside was an old wizard. The wizard offered to make her immune to the cold, so the phoenix said yes. A couple days later, she came back and asked to be turned blue, so she could blend in more and have a lower chance of being seen by potential predators. So the wizard said “Abracadabra, Abrakaream! Turn phoenix to the blue of the sky!� With that, phoenix was blue and she set off again. The next day, phoenix came again, and asked to breathe ice instead of fire. So the wizard performed a spell , and the phoenix said thank you and left. Phoenix came across a scary monster. Suddenly, just after she thought it, the monster turned to ice! That is how the Ice-Phoenix came to be.

Laputa // sasha J. 15 Far lost in the darkness of the night there lay a dark stone… A creeping forest holds everything that has ever been wanted… But has not been discovered. Danger lurks… Ivy was a brave one. Bravest one in her community. Soon it was pitch dark in the city farside, on street plum, the last house on the left side……. “Ivy! Wake up!” yelled her mother. “You are late!” Ivy hit her head on the top bunk. Her nephew Jerry coughed on her. “Ow.” said Ivy. She was accompanied by her family. Her mom was killed… by a wizard… But Ivy forgot. Ivy also forgot who her dad was. Ivy was traced with a memory of a Jem and a castle, a floating castle… that was called Laputa. That was her gem on her necklace. Ivy also knew that Laputa was beautiful and people did not respect it or believe it or know about it. Ivy always remembered her mom’s air crafting. It was high! For real life! It always was beautiful. She had a replace mom. She was rude and did not like Ivy.


potions // ethaen r.

One Week Without Brushing Teeth Potion Ingredients Toothpaste 1 whole tube Water 1 cip Sprinkles It keeps teeth clean for 5 days. Mix together. Microwave for 5 minutes. Drink it, an inch per day Video Game Room Cleaner Ingredients Sugar 500 cups Lucky charms - 1 cup Marshmallows - ground up, 5 cups Milk from a goat (or almond) 10 cups Maple syrup 1 cup Mix together. Use electricity to shake the potion. Cook with fire for 1 minute. Eat potion.

lava camel // benjamin p. 17 - Food in humps - Hump shoot lava defense - Hard to tame - Good pet - Dangerous if not tamed - Red hot metal fangs - Laser eyes - Tame; given backward ping lava hole given bead - Eat dragon meat - 10 days without food - Can Kill dragons - Live in volcanoes - 5 mph Story I’m a lava camel. Someone is running at me with a sword, so I shoot lava at them, now they have a burnt boot. They jump on me I try to buck them off. They plug my lava hole and stab my scales it doesn not hurt. Then he jumps on my head. I am defeated Now I am his pet. I learn his name, it’s Ron. Oh I forgot my name is John. Ron takes me to a battlefield Ron says this is where Yon will train. We battle and battle we are both getting stronger. After 5 days of training I start to get a bit hungry, I tell Ron. This is our first adventure… READ MORE !!!!!


untitled // kate g. My happy memory would be to have a brother. My patronus would be an owl. Because I am sweet and owls are sweet. And I am wise and owls are wise. My happy memory was that because,... When my brother was born he was too cute. And if I didn’t have him I would just have a sister. And I would be lonely.

old potter // maddie g. 19 Harry sighed at all the paperwork that lay on his desk in front of him. Being headmaster of Hogwarts is hard, he though. Well, at least I have Ginny to help me. Harry glanced over at Ginny in the next office over and smiled. “Too bad James and Albus started their own families already. They could help too.” he said to himself. “Being headmaster is even harder when you’re old.” Harry looked in the mirror at himself and saw not a child with jet-black hair and crooked glasses, but an old man with white hair and wrinkles. I’m gonna have to leave soon, he thought. Suddenly, Snape burst into his office, even older than he was. “Sir… Malfoy and Granger-Weasley… fighting again…” was all he managed to say, sweaty-faced before he collapsed to the floor, dead. Harry rolled his eyes. All this funeral-planning was getting old.

20 the last journey // abby g. You’ve heard of all the Harry Potter books, and perhaps you’ve even read them. But have you heard of this one? I was never inclined into the books, but here is my story. My name is Hazel, and I am downlooked by most. This all started on the train. I don’t know who my parents were, but they were a magical family. I got my owl pretty early, and I made friends with Harry on the train. We were good friends, but I got sorted into Slytherin. Harry told me that we would still be friends. I have been his spy for the past 6 years. We are still friends to this very day. Something terrible has happened, Harry has found something. He buried it and we will meet now. Here’s Harry right now. I asked him what he’s hidden. He says he’ll take me to it. We dug up the object. It looked like a pitch black jewel, but it glowed with a dim light. It looked like a clue to something, but to what? “The other day, this jewel told me that it knew your parents,” said Harry. “It told me that the brighter it glowed, the closer we were to your parents. I don’t know if it’s true, this things is obviously evil.” “Voldemort’s gone, so things should be safer, right?” I said.

21 “Perhaps,” said Harry, “But if you want to go on this journey, we need to be extra careful.” “Let’s go,” I said. ***** I held the jewel, and Harry held his wand high. The jewel was like a magnet, sucking us in. We reached something that looked like a swirling vortex portal. The wind was so strong that we were being sucked into the vortex. The Jewel looked like it was about to explode. Without thinking, we both jumped in. (TO BE CONTINUED)

22 untitled // lucy “lark” k.

I was in the Tailian Ocean, my home, deep down in the depths where the sea feels like a grave, starstruck, my young one slept on a rocky bed, her special mark where it always is. I lay down next to her, “I love you,” I whisper. *---* Sometimes I know she doesn’t belong to this world, I wish I could send her there…. But my wings can only carry me so far, I leave her and swim to the surface. I glance at the moon and I know that’s where she belongs.

floo quest // maple m. 23

If I could go anywhere it would be Egypt. Because I like ancient things and pyramids. I would go to different pyramids and try to find mummies and things that aren’t in the location where I live. Floo dust is dust that can take you to any place you want even if it is dangerous. Foll dust keeps you safe too. If I had a bunch of floo dust I would take my friends and family. If I could have more floo dust I would go to Hogwarts to meet Harry and Hermione.

24 marsh mallow // maddi S. One day I was walking in the forbidden forest. Well you probably wonder why I am in the there. Well I got detention staying up at night. So there my story for being there. Where was I. Oh yeah I was walking in the forbidden forest when I came across a cute white rooniph thing. It was a marshmallow but was moving but really slow. I decided to call it a marshmallow because I knew nothing about it all I knew was it like to bite. When I got really close it bite me and started nibbling up my leg. It didn’t hurt though. So I took it off my leg but then it started biting my finger. Any way I took it back to my dorm and let it wander. This is what I found out it eats a lot it ate my chair, books, brooms, my sheets and pillow. And don’t forget part of my nail, the sorting hat and dumbledore’s beard. When i got to dumbledore’s office there was a huge mess. Apparently Hagrid’s’ daughter forgot to lock fluffy’s cage then boom. After they were done I asked dumbledore about how to tame a creature. Help said to look a book. So I asked him why but he was gone. So I went to the library and found out it was in the restricted area luckily dumbledore sign the sheet. After a while marshmallow started eating less and started liking me. But he still tries to eat my pillows. P.s: Apparently his favorite food is marshmallows.

25 It’s crazy it also eat over single food at dinner and it did not gain a pound. So I went to buy a cage and it ate that too so I went to dumbledore for help. That end test and I had to choose to leave marshmallow at hogwarts and let him everything or take him with and let him go bannas. After class I went back to my class marshmallow had the great showman soundtrack going and flossing. I stood at the door standing still then he started break dancing. So I went to my friends’ dorm she asked me why I came I told her not to ask. After I was done studying I went back to my dorm marshmallow was flossing and reading it was weird so I put some hard rock music on and he fell asleep. The End.

Th e Art o f O r a l Hi stor y 6.4 - 6.8 Led by Aiden Bettine & John Jepsen


Part I https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=EU_2pNX-hK8&t=11s Part II https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=xfGCsfBDwng

Sanah M. Part I https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=3DoW7cRtKbc&t=6s

Nina J.

Part II https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=9X1chYiTJFo

Enrique C.

https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=Mv2RHS2bnZM&t=20s

Wyatt T

https://www.youtube watch?v=bNsVPb2qe

Part I https://youtu.be/jeT-CL0Ysx4

Andreas W. https://youtu.be/3PimVSqWjw


e.com/ eEk&t=3s

Part II https://youtu.be/ivFVv3UWHTo Part III https://youtu.be/bR001nEskeg

Josie B.

Part I https://youtu.be/UGSM5nnoDeo Part II https://youtu.be/7cpw6-520nc

Joscilynn S.

https://youtu. be/1RSciC21pOg

Jack P.


OutDoor Poetry 6.11 - 6.15 Led by Nora Miller

32 Magical Object // Emma L.

My magical object can heal things it can fly in the wind like magic My magical object can reborn birth it can dance with the trees and sing with the birds in the sky It can fetch it can growl it can hear it can smell I just wish I would see more.

Rain songs // Zaya M. 33

1. whistle whistle birds sing drip drip drop sing rain falls down from trees rain falls down from leafs. 2. fall fall rain drops fall down now you can’t catch us we’re under here now. rain rain fall fall we’re here you’re there meet you in the next year 3. grow plants grow now we want to pick you now grow plants grow tall, we want to see you now

34 My fairy garden // sonya z.

The garden is growing fairies are coming water, water, water

Pooksies // Greta B. 35 Levitating leaves. A leaf that floats Creators of rainbow fluff, Disguise as flowers, and Gain the leaf’s powers. Bouncy, bubbly Pooksies Eat leaves of many, And levitate plenty To eat and grab more leaves. Why does this leaf fly? I know why. When Wind was made, and Sunlight gave, there Was one plant unlike The others, it soared, it Flew over to us, but The Pooksies needed it more, Now we don’t know, Where to go, when we Need a levitating leaf. But The Pooksies do. I know, I do too.

36 Rain // selah d. Rain, rain, come and lay your giant hands on grassy lands. Making drops. Dip, dop, on your open Earth, that’s worth it. When it’s done, it is fun to play atop you, but as I say I will play and gleefully sing about. RAIN Stormy Day The sun comes out, I pout about, but as they say it’s a better day,” so I followed that, and there I sat.

twinkle, tinkle // sasha j. 37 Twinkle, tinkle, drop, pop. I am in the rain. This is kind of really fun and kind of just insane. When there’s sad and sorrow, there is the rain. It can be, sad with me. Listen to the song that it plays. Sad. The rain is sad and smelly in a good way. It likes, to play. In the sun It is still beautiful; and leaves will Sway. “I think I need a break,” Ok. I think I’ll stay. I think it’s beautiful but I don’t know about you, but I like poetry, I think you Will too. I see in the grass, in the rain rain rain it’s like ice cream for a bug, he’s climbing the pole now. Hi, Mr. Bird. Oh! No! The bird ate him, oh he’s just carrying him to his friend the inchworm. Because the bag asked him.

38 flare of sun // marlowe t. Once a long time ago a flare of sun fell to Earth and made a collision between the sun and Earth so no one could go past the sun to other planets and when anyone touched it the less people could go in the solar system if they didn’t like it but if they liked it the more they could go once the last person liked it and then they could go anywhere in the solar system. The end.

Rain // Flora Z. 39 Right now, This poem is here. But when the rain comes, This poem Will be gone. Lost forever in the pitterPattering Of the rain.

40 Unicorn // lila s. Unicorns are great I wonder if they love me!!! Oh wait, they do :)

Story forest battle // hazel B. 41 Cynthia staggered down the steep rocky hill leading to the low stream. Her back right leg dripped with blood. Rocks and sand cut into her leg, making it almost unbearable. But still she got to the cool smooth water. Sweet honeysuckle drifted from the trees nearby. The water washed the blood and the sand away. Cynthia rubbed her other back leg against her hurt leg for the rocks. Then she barely made it home with her still bleeding and broken body.

42 the nut // greta h. The nut came from a tree, I do not know what tree it came? I want to know what tree it came from. The nut has a shell to prove it. Maybe it came from a unicorn’s lunch maybe?

untitled // olana m. 43 Drip Drop Drip Rain rain go away I won’t Miss you when you play Sun sun come alive I want you and your sunshine

44 purple // maddi s. Lavender, violet Playful, wild Never-ending fun

Worlds Away : Fantasy Writing 6.11 - 6.15 Led by Zoe Polach



a revision of theseus and the minotaur // lulu r.

Before the Minotaur was a feared monster, a creature to threaten kids into good behavior, he was a cruel businessman. He was a trickster, manipulative. He was an arrogant, and cocky man, whose wealth seemed to grow by the minute. There was only one man standing in his way for the most wealth and power. King Theseus. King Theseus had everything, and he always trumps the Minotaur with his money. So the minotaur attempted to steal the wealth of King Theseus. But the Minotaur was blinded by his own arrogance, he grabbed all the king’s gold, but he was caught. King Theseus was was furious, and as punishment, he turned the cruel Minotaur into half bull and placed him into the inescapable Labyrinth. Every year, King Theseus sent the children of families that he hurt with his cruel manipulative ways, and the children were there to seek revenge for their families’ poverty that the Minotaur inflicted. But the children never came back alive, the Minotaur ate them. King Theseus covered up these failed attempts at seeking revenge by telling the villages he ruled over that the children were sacrifices, and they did terrible crimes to reach that unfortunate end.

49 Years later, children were still being sacrificed, and Theseus was tired of it, so since none of the children could kill the Minotaur, he thought he should do it himself. Theseus followed the group of children down the labyrinth, and had a string trailing behind, to lead a trail. He found the Minotaur, and stabbed him in the heart. The monster had finally been slain. King Theseus Victorious, led the children back to the safety of their villages.

Map // dimitri 50

Prose // David R. 51 Pablo was out with his best friend, Kara, fishing at the lake, putting the bait on the hook. When he was finally done putting it on, he looked at Kara, who was catching her 23 fish with her water powers. “Kara, could you stop and actually use a poll?” He asked. “But they need more friends!” She exclaimed, still looking at the huge sphere of water in midair. She was my age, but about half my size. With her long blonde hair, large baby blue eyes, and airy personality, she had quite the anime magic girl vibe. He looked away, defeated, when he was suddenly pushed in.

enrique C. 52



R.O.L.O.: Respect Ownership, Leadership, Opportunity 6.12 - 6.26

Northwest Junior High School


Skye L. https://youtu.be/cvbiqzZYEA0





Davion L. https://youtu.be/ LqBYWn-HvUQ

57 https://youtu.be/cD_hTU8ohvY

azar H.

Zariah M.


https://youtu.be/ vd9X1GxrvwI

Fatima A.

Teagan C. https://youtu.be/x0f_ QIj9LvU

A God’s Toolkit: World Building 101 6.18 - 6.22 Led by Lee Hartley

60 Addison p. The moon goddess was mother of the humans, but had to give them to the earth. She will turn and watch her children, but turn away, her black hair covering her face, and her tears become the stars. The sun goddess was also mother of humans, giving souls to the bodies made by Moon. She watches over her children, her blue hair spread behind her. The earth goddess took the sun and moon’s children to prevent them from dying, and to become a mother. Moon: loving, graceful, consumed in grief. Sun: cares for moon, protective, emotional, helpful. Earth: Nurturing, forgiving, loving, protective. Moon & Sun fell in love, and wed. For many years, they wanted children, and one day, Moon carved bodies from her own flesh, and Sun gave them souls. Unfortunately, their children needed air, and water to live, so Sun and Moon gave the children to Earth, who had wanted children, but had not thought of making them. Sun and Moon came close to Earth. So that they could watch over their children. Moon’s tears made the stars and Sun’s breath made the clouds. Mother Sun and Mother Moon watch over us to this day.

andreas w. 61 I was taking a lazy walk through the heat of the summer day, and found myself in a forest. This was a hub of magical activity, it was dripping off the leaves of the oak, flying up from the soil, crawling away from the bushes. I could feel the energy surrounding my arms, legs, torso, almost hugging me. I knew that if done correctly, one could harvest the energy that the plants, and natural world had created. I could use the power to my advantage. Only the most natural beings could do this though. Magic comes from the natural prospect of things. Once an organism manipulated any natural object, the energy from that thing was lost. Almost like they had a sort of innocence to them, and the hands of a changing creature bore the loss of it. That’s why me and my father moved out to the countryside, away from the suffocating city. Here we could learn and use the magic of the quiet, of the trees, soil, air, and water. The power around us both dazzled and dizzied me, but I would never have it any other way. I loved the magic that seemed to love me back. I felt free in this remote place away from the savage footsteps of the human, that tainted the amazing world of magic. The same magic that bounded its way over the waving fields and into the sky. Through the deserts and over the mountains, sailing over the seas. Into my head and heart.

62 Aurelia Fly is a joy. A joy that only a few can understand. Birds, bats, and insects (bugs). It isn’t like gliding because when you fly you can soar much higher. I am one of the creatures that can experience that joy of the air under my wings. You might be wondering who I am. I am what many call, an American Kestrel. A sparrow falcon some call me. Ah sparrows, they are delicious. So are voles. And don’t get me started on mice. Speaking of mice I’m hungry. Time to hunt. Take off, then look around scan the grass for signs of movement. A twitch. No, only the wind. Finally! A mouse! Hover then swoop down and catch the unsuspecting prey. Caught a mouse and dinner is served.

Genevieve B. 63 They worked finally finished organizing all of the food and putting them onto all of the proper shelves. It was satisfying as it always was to complete. Everything just seemed to click into place when it was done. The worker sighed out of relief because he had finished the most annoying, long job. “Everything is now right,� thought the worker as they left to go.

future fornite // Dimitri c. 64

duane h. 65

One day Phill met a zebra. However he did not know it was a zebra, and said, “Hey! That’s a stripey horse!” The zebra, however hated being called seeing as he was far superior. In a mighty rage the zebra murdered Phill in cold blood. Readers, take this as a warning, never call a zebra a horse in fear of being killed.

66 Kiva M. Dr. Blue lies awake most nights, though she didn’t used to. Dr. Blue isn’t her real name, and she knows it, but she hasn’t allowed herself to be Margaret for a long time. Anyway, sometimes she’s not sure what ‘real’ even is. She’s not really sure of anything anymore. The window is open and an annoyingly persistent ray of moonlight shines on her face. She’d close the window blind, but it’s broken (another broken thing in her broken life that she can’t fix), and even if she could, then she wouldn’t be able to feel the cool breeze in the hot night and smell the rain on the wind. Besides, she feels like she kind of deserves to be kept awake at night. She hears a train in the distance and some part of her hopes it’s going away from this wretched town, not bringing people to it. She hopes she’ll be able to leave someday. She smiles for the first time in what seems like forever, reminiscing on how things used to be. A sunset over hill in a beautiful farmhouse, wind in her hair. Straw bales, a friend, something more than a friend. Anger, confusion, sadness. Blue knows where this is going, and wants to stop herself, but she lets the memories slide over her like the cool wind. A rash decision, a mistake. The memories come faster. A fire, screaming, her parents gone. People in suits taking her friend away. Cold, hard, gray. Blue opens her eyes again, smile gone, face wet. She wishes she knew what happened. Sitting up, she can see out of the dusty window in her too large apartment. Everything in her apartment feels empty, fake. There are

67 lights in the town square. Gas stations, convenience stores, places where people work at dead end jobs for ten hours a day at minimum wage that still isn’t enough. Blue would give anything to be one of those people. Past that, she sees the Institute, cold and hard and dark and evil. She wonders if she’s all of those things too. She thinks maybe she is. Dr. Margaret Blue, though she doesn’t like to call herself that, doesn’t think she’s worthy of an innocent name like Margaret, covers the window with a sheet. She lies back down in her too large apartment, remembering a fire, regret gnawing at her stomach, and tries to sleep. But, like I said, Dr. Blue lies awake at night, filled with pain and hatred and guilt, even though she tries to forget.

HiSTORY Hunt 6.18 - 6.22 Led by Madeleine Roberts-Ganim & Mila Kaut

70 untitled // richard Y. June 3 “Iowa City, next!� the conductor bellowed. The Mormons sighed in relief. They had been on the train for 15 days. They shuffled out the train, saving their energy for the long trek ahead. June 16 The Mormons began their long journey towards Utah. Over half of them would perish on the way. Other than the Mormons’ footsteps and the clanking of the wagons, there was little sound. June 27 A terrible rainstorm thundered down onto the Mormons. They had traveled to Kansas. Amid the thundering flashes and whole sheets of rain that seemed intent on drenching you, Mormons tried in vain to find shelter, but the plains of Kansas were notorious for their lack of trees. After the rain and clouds cleared, the sun revealed several bodies who had fallen prey to nature. July 9 The Mormons had cleared the Plains and arrived in the desert. All around the trails bodies could be seen, victims of a harsh and arid desert that had precious little water. The Mormons, desperate, resorted to eating cacti.

71 Many people died of thirst. July 22 The Mormons saw sunlight glimmering over the Great Salt Lake. Invigorated by this, they pushed forward. They had survived the desert with terrible losses, but they had made it. Alternate: The Mormons saw sunlight glimmering over the Great Salt Lake. Invigorated, they pushed forward. However, fate had other ideas.


literature walk // flora z. “And the color yellow regrets it was never green, And the east and the west long to trade places, And the shadow would like just once To come out on top.� - Marvin Bell Yellow Why I chose this absurd color, That only the sun likes, Instead of the color green, Oh, the pretty color green, That all forms of nature admire, From the trees to the grass To the leaves to the frogs That call in the summertime, I will never know why. Green Deep inside me I know

73 That every color wishes to be me. Yet I want To be the color Of warmth Of the sun I wish to be yellow. West I am the direction Of the beautiful New World; Yet I am not content. Oh how I wish, That for even one second, East and I Could trade places.

East I lie On the edge of the world Where ancient China is Yet I wish To be the west. The Shadow I am the reflection Of the darkness Under the trees And the forest Though I wish I could be on top Just once.


An Entry of Charlie White, May 3rd, 1931 // Nicholas D.

2 years after the stock market crashed, Pa’s out of work, Ma’s sobbing over Little Lucy’s body. We lost our house and now live in a tent that Pa calls a “Hoover Hotel.” Ma seems to like this Hoover because every night since 1929 she and Pa says “We’ll like to thank you, Herbert Hoover.” It was my turn to look for food. All I found was a half-eaten bread in a trash can. We all split it up. I got the biggest slice. Ma & Pa got a slice no bigger than a crumb. I’ll like to thank you, Herbert Hoover.

untitled // maddi s. 75 Ruby hated leaving her home, her one home that she knew. She knew she was only 11 and she had to watch over her 4 year old sister. She and her sister went to the cold bare orphanage. Every week ten or more kids’ bodies died from yellow fever. Her dearest friend Cece had suffered but made it and her 4 year old sister is getting worse. She was close to death. She was not getting any better. 5 weeks later 20 people including her sister and her friend had died of lack of food and yellow fever. 5 people were left. 2 days later a lady had come to move kids somewhere else. She took 2 kids. 2 kids died. One had made it but one died of suicide and depression.

Julian L. 76


Oliver M.


Tombstone for Frida Kahlo // Maple M.

Music is // Lucy K. 79


“On the very eve of the birth of the Third Reich, a feverish tension gripped Berlin” // edward L.

Chapter 1: Rising to Power As lots and lots of boys and girls woke up all over Germany, on January 31, 1933, one of them heard his parents walking around, mumbling secretively. They were going to Berlin tomorrow to see his grandparents. The next day, as they were passing through Berlin, the boy thought he saw a soldier of the corner of his eye. As they came to his grandparents’ house, his grandmother quickly opened the door, let them in, and closed it just as fast. When the boy asked why they were in such a hurry, his grandfather motioned for him to come to the back of the room. Chapter 2: The Great Reveal As they walked to the back of the room,* his grandfather said, “The Third Reich has risen. This is very bad.” They boy was only four, so he did not understand the rest of it. They had a nice day at their grandparents’ house, but when they left the boy didn’t understand what his grandfather said until …

6 years and 7 months later …

*it was a fairly big room

the history of the meadow // joscilynn s.


“The history of the meadow goes like this. No one owns it nor ever will.” That is what was engraved on the sign. People say it is haunted and that’s why people who come in never come out. There is a little shed in the meadow and all you can hear is screaming for help and banging. What will you do?


Mr. Swag is a sun // Christian R.

Mr. Swag is a good man. He likes to make people happy. When it is raining, he would clear it up. Everybody loved him. He likes to eat clouds and drink rain. He was a hero. He died at age 68 but he is still remembered.

The Imaged Word (Elementary) 6.25 - 6.29

Led by Mackie Garret & Hani Elkadi


sonya Z.

Sonya Z.


88 Nicholas D.


Emmalynn H.

Oliver M.



Maple M.

Graham R.


Lacey (Lark) K. 93

Adelaide C.



Elise R.

96 the best // avery R. Some people see it as ugly. But I, I see it as beautiful. Some people say that they’re lost. I just say they’re exploring. Some people think that they’re falling. But I think that they’re flying. You have to make the best of it. Life’s too short for worry.

moon // Clara H. 97 The moon is bright, The moon is round. The moon in the night Guides the way to The Simple Little Light.

98 ‘twas a place // emma L. ‘Twas a place far from here, there sat a tree unknown what kind. Its silver trunk and golden leaves What wonder it could have. The two cats right next to it have silver on them too all the colors mitch and match how beautiful it is.

my tree // hazel B. 99 My tree I’m feared. I’m dangerous. I’m scared, I’m armed. I’m furious, I’m sad, I’m wild, and free. I’m also broken. In my mind. Because my tree is gone. Forever.

YA Writing for YAs 6.25 - 6.29 Led by Eliana Ramage

102 Melodies of Silence // Heidi D. I - Chalk Girl (6.27.18) My footsteps make deep imprints in the mud. Heels sink underneath squishy soil, and squelch with each step. Last night’s rain has left its mark, and all of my drawings have been washed away, falling to the sewers. Soon, I’ve made haste to the ancient cement blacktop behind the school, barred off by a spindly, a strong green battalion of pines and a rusted wire fence. As I pry apart two dew-sodden branches, my bag catches and I tumble to the ground. A spongy layer of pine needles cushion the slip, and I rise back and start clambering over. The blacktop is rough and flushed to the touch, dried quickly by the morning sun that’s beginning to peek around folds of puffy white clouds. A brief, fleeting breath of breeze huffs at my tangled hair and nudges me forward to the center. There, I drop cross-legged and let go of the strap, bag clanking to the ground beside me. Opening my leather-clasped box, I carefully arrange the pile in order - white, yellows, oranges, reds, purples, blues, greens, browns, and black. For a moment, I tilt up to embrace the warm rays upon my face and sip the sweet, grassy scent of just-after-a-storm tranquil. The air is still and quiet now, beckoning for a first stroke of dusted color. I graze a chunk of dark green chalk and pluck it up, trace a path on the

103 cement with dry fingertips and swish a long line of pigment. And another, and another. Next a lighter shade is taken and rub that on top, until, at least an hour later, I am finished. Gathering the chalks with smudged hands, they clatter against the metal box as I hike the bag to my shoulders. Palms are brushed a couple times and legs stretch out, sore from squatting. The chalk dust billows together and tumbles, melting in the sky.

II - Ghostly Wanderer (7.4.18) I pass into the hallways quietly, the one that’s soundless even in the midst of chatter and yells spewed by the swarming bodies elbowing about. Jolting, shoving at something stood in your way like everyone else, maybe you’ll stop if you realize you’ve knocked someone over but mostly you just continue on your journey of hurry, rushed frenzy, frantic sprints and skidding halts towards something, something you don’t recognize quite yet. You won’t even notice I’m there, nearly walking right through me. I’m a ghost, unseen, nonexistent in the eyes of you. My footsteps land without impact, my eyes searching but not finding, scanning but not taking. Some days I feel brave, a little less timid than yesterday, and I’ll puff out my chest, lower arms, stop hunching, shoulders back, head up, chin up, eyes up, growing up. I think I can sense it - a difference. But it’s all the same after you flood, crowding the corridor, and I’m invisible once again.

104 When anyone does take notice, I pretend they don’t. They’ll forget tomorrow, just a phase of lightning-snapped reflection beaming to their minds and capsizing, cascading to a pit filled with murkiness, deep drowning water that sucks up the doubt before it’s gone forever. If you pretend they don’t, they won’t. If you think they do, they don’t.

III - Chasing Fire (7.7.18) Cool, icy silk parts around my hands, rolling waves spill over top and white bubbly crests rush, cradling my waist as I sail smoothly off the blocks and enter in a perfect, shallow dive, nose nearly in contact with the sandy pool bottom. The first gulp of air is quick and small before a fringe of cold water douses back over and I duck under for another stroke. I pulse swiftly, reach, bridge my arms are far as they can go even as burning pain scorches through my body and shoot back away from the wall, limbs catapulting to position as soon as I can. As I settle back to greet the calming cycle that’s pull, breathe, kick, dive, pushing at the next hundred meters and breezing sharply out of two more walls, I feel myself begin to wear and start to give in. But a quiet resolve, a firm, decisive No, keep going, tempo, tempo, tempo, tiptoes over my fears and urges me forward, a soft, poking prod in the back of my mind that rises to pat down anything else,

105 kindling fast and soaking over any other charred heat trying to overwhelm it. The last fifty meters are pure power, drawn from some determined well inside that I had never discovered before, shooting forward, driving against the plains ahead, speed increasing, holding that last quarter of the race with my fingers straining to maximum length, whole body now numbly tensed and blowing back every ounce of hesitation until I slam myself into the end, swing back to spot my time and rest my chin on the gutter, glad it’s over, happy it happened, relieved that I did it.

106 Nadia // Kenna P. -Stankuny, Poland. June 14, 1945.It was days later. *Pani. Gorecki’s son had visited, as predicted, with his children. Jolanta sat in the grass under a tree with Halina and I. Henryk and Aleksander were fishing using homemade poles nearby. Little Izaak had been shadowing us consistently, until finally Halina lost her patience and sent him off home. He’d left in a frustrated tizzy, claiming that six year olds had no place in the world he lived in. It was quite funny, really. “So. What’s wrong with Pani. Gorecki, anyway?” Jolanta carefully peeled the outer stem off a dandelion. Halina picked at the grass. “Oh. Well, ever since * Dziadunio passed, she’s been quite a mess. She gets worse on his death date, cause that was, like, a traumatic day for her and things. I feel so bad for her!* Ojciec comes every year at this time. He says he just likes to visit, but it’s very obvious.” She looked up from braiding long blades of grass. “Huh.” Jolanta tied the dandelion stem into a knot. “So where’s your mom then?” Halina shifted awkwardly, before hugging her legs to her chest and resting her chin on her knees. “Um…she died when I was seven. She was sick. I don’t exactly know how she died, just that she was ill. That’s all Ojciec has told me. It’s a bit of a touchy subject for him.” She stared off into the distance.

107 “I’m sorry,” I jumped in, before Jolanta could be any more insensitive. “That must be awful. You know, for you and your family.” She shrugged. “Mhm. Yeah. But it’s fine,” She gave Jolanta a sideways glance before pulling her grass braid apart. “We should get ice cream!” Jolanta flicked her dismembered stem away and stood up, brushing dust off the back of her dress. “C’mon, guys! Halina, you haven’t been to Chmiel’s, have you? It’s great, everyone goes there after school.” She tugged my hand. “Let’s go, you two, stand up for God’s sake.” Halina sighed and wiped green grass juices onto the bark of the tree, before pushing off the ground. “I guess if this Chmiel’s is so good, we should take a look.” I knew she was just being nice and humoring Jolanta, but I suddenly felt pride in my little town.

* Polish for “Mrs.” * Polish for “Grandpa” *Polish for “Father”

Poetry Comics! 6.25 - 6.29 Led by Nora Miller

Grace C.



Jeri S.





114 Untitled // Jeri S. Today is many things. Past-tense or present, today was the future. It also still is because maybe our past selves are constantly living yesterday. Today is yesterday too--but not yet. Maybe we can’t time travel to tomorrow because currently--we are stuck here in today. If we are still stuck here today--nobody can move on to tomorrow until at least today’s 24 hours are done for the first time. But if that’s true--we can’t continue living yesterday unless we leave a little piece of us behind after every 24 hours in one day--and that’s why we get old. If that’s true then how come when we are babies--we grow bigger? I think it’s because babies and kids and growing people--and even adults when they learn--Take a little piece of the piece somebody else in today left behind. If we didn’t ever leave a piece of us behind every day--could our

115 Today is many things. Past-tense or present, today was the future. It also still is because maybe our past selves are constantly living yesterday. Today is yesterday too--but not yet. Maybe we can’t time travel to tomorrow because currently--we are stuck here in today. If we are still stuck here today--nobody can move on to tomorrow until at least today’s 24 hours are done for the first time. But if that’s true--we can’t continue living yesterday unless we leave a little piece of us behind after every 24 hours in one day--and that’s why we get old. If that’s true then how come when we are babies--we grow bigger? I think it’s because babies and kids and growing people--and even adults when they learn--Take a little piece of the piece somebody else in today left behind. If we didn’t ever leave a piece of us behind every day--could our

116 minds live forever? I think the reason we leave little pieces behind, but take less of little pieces others left behind is so that we do get old and perish. Because personally I wouldn’t want to live forever--you would have to watch family and new friends and old friends and even yourself--get so stuck in a cycle of taking pieces--you’d overload and your mind would be permanently paralyzed. But if that happened it means we’d take some of the day--not others--and we’d also have no days left. Then nobody would be here to stop or continue our possible pointless cycle.


Jesse B.





Missions Not Majors 7.2 - 7.3 Led by Jennifer New & Dan Peterson



Maya R.


maddie M. 125

126 life is a potato // lincoln Z. Life is a potato. Think of everything you can do with it. It’s quite weird. Be kind to the people you like and ignore the people you don’t. Learn a new skill not to impress others but to impress yourself. Speak your mind even when no one listens. Be impulsive and adventurous. Have no plan in place and do what comes to mind. Don’t be what you think you should be. Be what you are. Live life without care. I’m sure you won’t mind.


music not majors // Jenna A.

Isabel L.



Word Wizardry: a Harry Potter Camp 7.9 - 7.13

132 Untitled // Ben Z. I would go to Hogwarts and learn spells there and do experiments and fight the troll in the dungeon and make potions.

untitled // nora z. 133 The wet coin shimmers in my sweaty palm. I creep deeper into the woods trying to stay in the shadows. The swaying of the trees lures me deeper and deeper into the woods. Suddenly I saw it, the cave. Ever so slowly, I walked toward the den. Carefully I placed the still gleaming coin right outside the den adn ran behind the nearest tree. I waited. How long had it been 5, 10 minutes. Then I saw it a wolf-like creature with the wing of a phoenix, a gazer. The Gazer looked at me with those never changing colored eyes, nothing happened. It took me a while to realize what happened. I recalled people running out of these woods screaming “Don’t look into the eyes.” The gazer could make you think the world was crashing around you by just looking into its eyes, but for me nothing happened. He had accepted my offering.

134 Ancient book // selah D. I plunge through a boiling pool of hot watersecrets Awaken says my forest whole world. I tremble. I may die in this steaming bog. I must have been so distracted. At least now I’ve used my imagination to find myself a friend. Genny concentrate. I know what I have to do, save this dying forest. I’ll show my mom and dad that I’m not kidding if I have to give my life for it. Let’s see... my map says...ouch! That I’ve got to swim, stroke, stroke, stroke. Ok. The forest! It almost died! The Ancient Book it says that the forest will Awaken if you tell it that caterpillars are juicy. “Caterpillars are juicy!” No forest? Oh well, at least now I’ve got an imaginary friend.

Evermore // cora S. 134 Evermore is one of the rare wishing flowers. It is said that if you see it Luck will follow you forever. If you powder your face with its pollen then you shall become young again. Its petals make unearthly dresses. And if you eat a berry from it then you either are healed, or granted one wish. Its stem is a wand core. There are noted only 200 in the world. When plucked, the berry and blossom grows back. This plant is highly endangered so the use of it is very restricted. It appears only for the worthy. Warning!! The vines can strangle if you’re not worthy!!!


to the quidditch cup // clara M.

My dad had gone early this morning to pitch the tent. My mom and I would go after lunch. I couldn’t contain myself. I begged my dad to go with him. My mom had to drag me away (apparently I had to clean up the house). Lunch was 3 hours away. That was the longest three hours of my life. We got a message from my dad saying the tent was pitched and it was safe to go. I took the soft powder and stepped into the fireplace. Then I was there it was amazing the tent was huge. This time tomorrow I’ll be in an even bigger place. This year the Chuddly Cannons play the Irish. The game was intense the next day, but the Cannons won!!! My family celebrated all night.

untitled // lily M. 137 With my floo powder, it was hard to pick between England, France, Italy, and much more. But I am doing something that scientists are still trying to learn more about. Other universes. I’m thinking about what to say, maybe “another universe” or “far off galaxy.” I’ve decided on “distant universe.” As I step into the ashy fireplace, I’m more nervous each second as I take my floo powder in my hand. I take a deep, steady breath and look around. I focus my eyes straight ahead and say, “Distant universe,” as clearly as possible. I shoot up, hitting my arms and legs on hard bricks and stone. Ash fills my nose and gets in my hair. I close my eyes and keep my mouth shut. This takes about 20 minutes. Of course, that’s very long, but when you think where I’m going, it’s not bad at all. I finally arrive in an open area. Strange orange and purple striped plants are growing 20 feet above me. On the ground is a silky-like substance that is an orange-pink color, like coral. I hear strange far-off noises that sound like many taps and scratches, but humanoid-sounding. Large things that look like blue rocks make a circle around me. The tapping and scratching noises are getting closer. Something behind a blue rock jumps out and hits me. My eyesight fades, and next thing I know, I’m back by my fireplace.

138 Untitled // penelope W. Open, his eyes glassy. The paper looks like a ripped out page of a comic book. It showed something different, though. The pictures were of the old man. He was sitting in the chair, the same expression on his face. But it showed more. It showed the shadow breaking into the house. The shadow walking up to the man. The man’s breath being stolen and then -- what looked to be the point of view running. I didn’t have time to read the end because the shadow came. I saw the comic play out before my eyes. Then it looked at me. I shut my eyes and RAN! I saw nothing as I ran I just wanted to leave. Finally, I came to a door. I didn’t look up or down, I just opened the door. I moved up the stairs. I layed in bed. Eventually, I fell asleep. I woke to the sound of broken glass and, then, my scream.

The Giant // noah L. 139 Once upon a time there was a young giant. Her name was Blegund. She was the daughter of the leader of the giant tribe. Blegund was sick and tired of her older brother Plaeen because he always stole her gold. So one day Blegund went away. But two wizards spotted her. They put a sleeping spell on her and took her to Azkaban. When she woke up she wondered where she was. She thought the food was terrible. After a whole month of sleeping on the cold stone floor, she was let out. And she learned the lesson never to leave home again.


How PB & J’s Came to Be // Anjali L.

Once upon a time, there lived dragons. MANY of them. I’m going to tell you a story of one specific family of dragons. In that dragon family, there were three dragon brothers named Puff, Piff, and Jiff. Puff was the favorite of their parents by FAR. He was the only one that was magical. He even had his own theme song! Piff saw what was happening and started sucking up to his parents by doing all the chores and avoiding mischief. That worked well. Now Puff AND Piff where the favorites. Jiff felt left out. Why couldn’t his parents like them the same? Jiff decided to do something extraordinary. He wanted to leave home. His parents probably wouldn’t care anyways. So he bid farewell and set off to who knows where. While he traveled, the same question kept popping up in his head. Why can’t my parents like their dragons the same? But deep inside, Jiff knew the answer. It was because Jiff was overweight. His brothers were strong and crude, but Jiff was chubby and kind. Jiff’s parents didn’t understand that being kind was the most important quality to have. You may be wondering, ‘how did Jiff gain weight in the first place?’ When Jiff realized that his parents favored his brothers over him, he was overcome with sadness and had no one to turn to. So Jiff ate his way out of it. He had 1 tub of his favorite food, peanut butter, every single day. Before he knew it, he was heavier than both of this brothers.

141 Anyways, Jiff kept searching. He searched far and wide until Jiff finally found something. A giant castle called Hogwarts lay before him. He walked up to the door and a large man named Hagrid met him there. Hagrid had long shaggy hair and a friendly smile. Hagrid liked dragons so Jiff told him his troubles. Hagrid told him about a strange place called the room of requirements. He said in order to get what you really want, you pace 3 times in front of the room of requirements and think of what you want. Hagrid led Jiff there and left. Jiff didn’t think he should ask for his parents’ favoritism because it probably couldn’t appear in object form. So Jiff decided that he just wanted a tub of peanut butter from his long and tiring journey. He opened the door, and instead of a peanut butter jar, there was a sign that said ‘I’m not giving you more peanut butter, you already have enough. Plus, you already have a jar in your back pocket.’ (Yes, dragons have pockets, too.) Jiff reached into his pocket and pulled out the peanut butter jar, and another jar labeled jelly. He reached in one more time and pulled out a spreading knife and a bag with tan rectangles labeled ‘bread.’ He spread the jelly on one slice of bread and peanut butter on another. Put them together and ate it. He had made something remarkable. He showed people his invention and rose to fame. He even had his own brand of peanut butter! Jiff Peanut Butter ™. He donated most of his money to the young society of dragons. Now that was something his parents would be proud of.

142 Cloning potion // Becket T. Ingredients: Lizard tales, dragonate’s toenail clippings, death ivy, and water. Directions: First, add the lizard tales to the water. It should turn green. Then add death ivy. Now it should be red. Finally, add dragonate’s toenail clippings. It should be orange. Now pour it in the tub and lie in it for 1 minute. Then get out. There will be two of you.

Art Sparks // Edie P. 143 3 sections and words put together. If you jump you go into another section and world. If you stay for more than 10 days, then you are trapped in that world and section and people forever. Unless you stomp three times. You go back. I fell asleep. I felt a tingling feeling in my finger tips. When I woke up I found myself in a short world with cut down trees. I was so surprised I jumped and then I was in another short world with white trees. It was cold. I decided to look around. Then I jumped again. I saw a polar bear. Then I was in a tall world with a lot of ice. I stayed 10 days. I met a man. He asked me how long I had stayed. I said 11 days. He said you’re trapped here. I was so sad I stomped my feet three times. I was back at home.

144 Tipster // Marlowe T. I was walking walking through the woods when I felt something woosh behind me. I turned around swiftly. Then I started to call ‘hello’ with caution while holding a gold coin while I wasn’t holding onto it before. Then I walked to a stream and I fell asleep. I woke up by a tug. It was a bunny tugging on my coin. It also had a collar. It’s name was Tipster. I took him home and from then on I was happy but my dog from then on every night she went on a barking rampage and it was impossible to sleep.

The Ca-Ca // Graham R. 145 Diet: The Ca-Ca eats many, many things. But the list of things is too long to fit on this paper so I will just have to say stuff it does not eat. Rocks. Gems. TVs. When the Ca-Ca evolved from birds, it wished to get arms but it got stuck with giant feet.

Esme H.



Willa O.

Stevie W.


Make Your Own Magazine 7.2 - 7.3 Led by the staff of Little Village Magazine





















Heroes and Mons ters: Exploring World Mythologies 7.9 - 7.13

Led by Erin McInerney


The ocean of mermaids // Gwen W.

The ocean of mermaids had a lot of mermaids. Some of the mermaids were so colorful, and some of the mermaids were very pretty. Some were tall and some were short. There was a king mermaid, queen mermaid, princess mermaid and prince mermaid. All of the mermaids could swim very fast! They all lived great days there. Then one night, someone broke into the ocean castle and stole the princess. They never found the princess. They were sad. But one day one of the mermaids found the princess. His name was Max and Maxy saved her. Max was a hero! Yay! It was very fun with the princess back! The End

untitled // Lincoln 175 It all started when me and my friend went to the library for the first time. We had never been to the Public Library. It was empty as usual, we went to the fantasy section and looked at the books. All of the sudden a chair started to travel at decent speeds down the aisle of books and almost crashed into the shelf, but I saved it. I suddenly realized I was shaking with fear. Then my friend William ran up to me, I realized he did it. He continued to do it for the next 2 weeks. I started to get annoyed. He was sick one day, and I had a Report to do so I went there, went to the historical section and started reading. Soon I fell asleep and had a dream that I was in the library and a bunch of chairs were flying at me, but wait there actually was, like it wasn’t a dream. I screamed and then I jumped up and kicked them until there were no more. That was only 25 years ago, Ladies and Gentlemen. (Mysterious music) The end.

Ejected! // Brock L.



Ejected! // Brock L.


How I saved my Parents // Samantha

Sally Miller, also known as invisible girl, was saving people as usual. But she was lonely. Her brother went to Brazil and her parents were gone. THen she thought that she could go to the Underworld and find them and bring them back, so she could not be lonely. She was to go on a quest. She called her brother and told him her plan, and he wanted to go with her and she said yes. So when he got back from Brazil they stared there quiet. They say the portal is in Hollywood and they were in Maine so they took a plane to California and a train to Hollywood. They found the Portal and went through it and found the underworld. And they found their parents and went back, but they also let some monsters out. Sally was going to fight them, but her parents had super power and she didn’t know. Her parents defeated the monsters and went back home. The End

Jack Jack Cat // Tessa 179 50 years ago far far away a baby was born. It was a baby boy + a cat. The parents named the boy Jack Jack Cat. He could shoot lasers out of his eyes! His parents were amazed! They thought they could, they tried but they could not. He could disappear! It was so cool. One day Syndrome kidnapped his parents. So Jack Jack Cat had to save them! He ran into an evil side kick of Syndrome’s. Jack Jack Cat had to fight him. He used his power to shoot lasers out of his eyes! He also used his power to be invisible. He uses his invisible power to get away from the bad guy. He sees his parents tied up. He saves his parents! Then Syndrome finds them and Jack Jack Cat has to fight another villain! He wins! His parents are proud of him. Then they take him home. He falls asleep. The End


Ishtar and Aphrodite War for Venus // Elijah

April 1, 4016 Ishtar King Mendor declares war on King Galar. April 10th Ishtar troops invade Aphrodite and take them by surprise. Many Aphrodite troops die. April 15th Ishtar troops raid the coast of Aphrodite. 14/20 raids fail. Many Ishtar troops lose their supplies. April 21st Battle 4123: Ishtar troops obliterate Camp 4123 and take over 41 miles of Aphrodite. April 28th Aphrodite troops take over 16 miles of Ishtar and route 440. May 2nd Ishtar troops raid and steal huge amounts of Tar cannons. Is a huge blow to the Aphrodites.

181 May 10th Ishtar troops take revenge and destroy two of the Aphrodites forts. May 1wth Big navy battle. Ishtar troops have bigger and better ships and destroy all of Aphrodite’s fleet, but Ishtar’s troops lose all their ships but two. May 15 - May 17th Battle of Fort 5264. Aphrodite troops lay a siege on fort 5264. Ishtar defenders proudly defend their land and drive their enemies out. May 23rd - June 2nd Aphrodite troops attack an Ishtaran fort. The Aphrodite lay siege for over a week, but stop after nine days. June 5th - June 10th Aphrodite troops fled from their smaller military camp and go to the bigger one for better resistance. June 12th Ishtar troops blasted four forts to smithereens, all inhabitants of the forts are slaughtered.

182 July 9th - July 27th Ishtar people imported more troops to push in on the Aphrodites. July 28th - August Ishtar troops push in and destroy all of the Aphrodites forts but the capital! Duh duh dua! August 20th Ishtar troops pushed in and blasted and froze, blasted, ripped, tore, and pushed their way into the fort and attacked. The Aphrodites put up a good fight but the Ishtar troops are victorious! Victory for Ishtar!!

Are They Real?!?!?! // Rachel 183 Are Aliens real? Well here’s a story I made up. It was midnight... and a dog was sleeping on the stairs in the crystal clear night. Up the stairs was something planning another plan. They said... oog oog! oog oog! OOG! Aliens! They made the dog have a nightmare! Aliens ate the dog! When the dog woke up... ALIENS were right in front of him! An owl-a-corn came down! A sparkling horn ready to do magic! Wings ready to fly! The owl-a-corn said: “Leave Benji alone!” (Benji is the dog’s name.) The Aliens didn’t listen! She casted a spell that the Aliens couldn’t get out of! After the spell was done, the Aliens were gone. But...... Lilly was dying because she was now very sick!. An Alien disease got to her! The dog helped her get to the magical animal hospital. The dog was sad to hear what happened to the owl-a-corn! She had died! The dog wished to see Lilly in heaven when it was his turn to go. In the meantime, the Aliens were trapped in Lilly’s horn! That disease came from the Aliens being in her horn. But the dog got back in time for breakfast! Lilly went to Poneyville and she became the princess! The end!!!


Hermys First Day on the Job // Griffin

“Hermys, you must fetch me the chest of everlasting light, I sit in the underworld guarded by the hydra but... “ “Yes, yes Poseidon has dealt with a hydra before. No biggie. I shall be back by the next 3 moons.” Hermys interrupted and he was off. Back to my hut I go, I will leave at first light. Later Poseidon. “And Hermys, do not open that chest!” Yay back at my hut and about to start my first mission. Being a god is awesome. I think I have still have enough time for a little wink of sleep. *** I knew that I was tired. Time to go to the god breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day. Hi Hadeys, you look very dead today. “Where’s all the food I am hungry.” “Hermys it’s 11:30 it is almost lunch.” Aphrodite said. Eleven-thirty, but I never sleep in! “Bye everybody, I will hopefully be back in three days.” I shall call on my pet owl, FedX and we will be off. FedX helps me with all my messenging excursions. We have a long day ahead of us and I sure wish that I had breakfast. I don’t know why we agreed to this. I hate

185 walking. “Whoo, whoo.” Not now, FedX. “Whoo, Whoo.” Wait, where are you going FedX. I am officially sad. Now would be a good time for some of that depressing music. “Whoo, whoo.” Are my ears deceiving me or is that FedX. Does he have my flying shoes. I really don’t know why I didn’t think of bringing those. Thanks FedX, we’re flying now. Finally at camp but no time to sleep we go into the underworld tonight and impress Poseidon for finishing in two moons. Wow who knew there’s not even guards here. So what’s a hydra again. I think it’s a type of bird, right? Well there’s a dead bird. Awww here’s a chest. Come on FedX, let’s go. And home they went. “Here you go, Poseidon. The chest just as you asked.” I don’t know why he looked so surprised. “Hermys, did you look in the chest.” “No, why?” “Because it is empty!” “I know you’re welcome, wait what?”


The Discovery of the legendary Forest // Harper

At their house, they were kind of bored so they said, “We want to take a walk.” Then their mom said, “That’s OK” so they took a walk. When they were walking they saw a big house made of logs. And then they decided to go in ii. Then when they went in, they saw a cat, that was abandoned and then they started to look into all the rooms. They saw two bedrooms. There was a big attic. They saw some old tools for building things. And then they decided to build a small house for the cat. And then the cat went into the little house. They thought there wasn’t a lot of stuff for the kitty so they put in some furniture. They went outside for a while and they saw some frogs near a little pond. They used sticks to make little houses for them. One of the frogs was gonna fall out so one of the kids held out their hands to stop it and used a little wood to make an elevator for the frog. They realized the forest was legendary so that’s how they got some magic powers. For a couple more days they lived in the log cabin and once in a while they visited home and had fun with magical powers. The End!!

A Tour of WonderCherry Forest // Kaily T.


(starts recording) This is WonderCherry Forest, a peaceful and wonderful Super Kity: Hi! I’m Super Kity! Super Kity, stop! AnywaysSuper Kity: (Pushes aside) Allow ME to be your tour guide. Super Kity: This is where I live, Sweet-Cherry Avenue. ANd these are cherry trees, which I use for food. This is a house for my pet frogs. Wait, is that... Super Kity: BERRY! Get off my swing! No, get back here... Caught you! Get in your house and go to sleep! Super Kity: Wheww! Sorry about that. Anyways, let’s continue the tour. Super Kity: This is the outside of my house, made out of logs. Cool, right? Anyways, let’s get in.

188 Super Kity: Welcome to the inside of my house! This is the dining room. In this bowl are cherries! Over here is my bookshelf with all my favorite books. Super Kity: Up here is my bed. I have a frog pillow and a bunch of stuffed frogs. My blanket is a quilt that has frogs on it. Super Kity: (heads outside) Well, I hope you liked my tour of SweetCherry Avenue. OK, bye. (stops recording)

The Dog and the cat // Charlie 189 So the cat god was the ruler of cat army, cat warriors. He had an army of yarn snakes that moved just like snakes. And then there were fleas all over! It was an attack of the goddess dog. They're attacking the cat army. A hero cat retrieved flea repellent, shot it at the fleas. But then the flea bombers started throwing down rocks. The castle was destroyed a little. They destroyed the moat, making a deep hole that sucked all the water in, and the crocodiles died. And a big flat rock fell down and made a bridge so the puppy army used a battering ram and rammed things with more rams. They rammed the bridge off and hit some cat warriors and destroyed some of the castle. They went back to the puppy king. The cat goddess was a kitten, and met the puppy in the middle of the battle. Only the kitty and the puppy, and everything was quiet. The puppy and the kitten got ready to attack, both two gods ready to fight. And then the puppy left, and the kitten thought he won. And then an elephant smashed the kitten. Then the kitten goddess was dead. And the puppy goddess celebrated all day, and so did the puppy army. And then the fleas smashed the flea repellent and threw peanuts in the middle of the castle, and the elephants stomped all over. And the kitten army died. Everything got smashed to smithereens, except the treasure. And the puppy god was victorious. The end.

Bigfoot meets a unicorn // Adrianne



The Rescue // Izzy

Underworld Monsters // Bradin K.



Write for Robots! 7.16 - 7.20 Led by Laura Christenson & Iowa Tech Chicks


Untitled // Art Sparks Edie M. P. Noah, Ben P, Nithin S, and//Oliver

197 #

NAR: In the middle of the night a battle is raging in the middle of Sugar Rush City. One our heroes has been lost. DGC: Marshmallow Boy this is your last night. MB: My name is Marshmallow Boy you killed my father. Prepare to die. DGC: hahahahahahahahahahahaha inconceivable. NAR: They get their guns out and prepare for battle. But they hit Hershey Kid. HK: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo DGC: Wahahahahahahahahahahahaha NAR: Marshmallow Boy pulls out his missile. Doctor Graham Cracker pulls out his greatsword. Doctor Graham Cracker gets shot and falls off the building.

Check this out on Youtube! https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=7F3jFAEo0l8&t=4s


Untitled // Thalia S, Lark K, Ela P, and Ivy H.

Marshow: Lalalalala (walking around back and forth) Tahari: (swoop sound) (in full speed) Watch out! Marshow: (vibrating code) AHH DON’T EAT ME! Tahari: I’m looking for something. Marshow: What are you looking for? Tahari: For something. Marshow: What? Tahari: I’M LOOKING FOR MY SISTER! Ok… Marshow: Ok but… Can I help? Tahari: Fine. Marshow: Can I have superpowers? Tahari: Maybe if I find my sister. Screen: Hologram incoming. Tahari: Oh. (Walks towards screen with Marshow) Screen: HELP TAHARI.... Is this getting through? Tahari: Maple! This is my friend, Marshow. He’s agreed to help me find you. Marshow: (shyly) If we find you, could you give me superpowers?

Art Sparks // Edie P. 199 Hologram: Certainly. Actually, I hologrammed you to give you a clue to where I am. Where the forest meets the mountain, next to the unaging fountain. [Hologram ends] Marshow: Hmm… Where could that be? Silence (3 seconds) Tahari: Oh! I’ve got it. There’s a mountain over there, by the fountain. Marshow: Oh great. Now we have a lead!”

*pass the guard*

Tahari: Maple! Maple: Tahari! Marshow! Thanks so much for finding me! Tahari: Thanks for giving us that clue, it really helped. Maple: You’re welcome. Now Marshow, your superpower. Marshow: Yay! (Yipee! sound effect) The End.

Check This Out ON YouTube! https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=Ql2IOPvAeF4&t=3s


Untitled // Maple M, Maddi S, Joscilynn S, Anjali L.

Max: School was fun today. Did you study for the test tomorrow? Ava: What test? Wait, there’s a test tomorrow! Max: How many times did you zone out this week? Ava: Just one or two times. Max: Ava… Ava: Ok, fifty… (looks down in shame) Max: Do you want to come to my house to study? Ava: Uhhh… Max: I have oreos. Ava: I’m in! Max: Let’s start walking to my house. I know a shortcut, follow me! Ava: Are you sure… Max: Positive. Ava: Positive we’ll get lost?

Art Sparks // Edie P. 201 Max: Just follow me. (Ava hears a noise) Girl: Help me! Help me! Ava: Did you hear that? Max: Quit being a scaredy cat. Ava: Just listen. Girl: Help me! Max: What was that?! Ava: I told you so, let’s go. Max: Wait up! Girl: Help me! Help me! Ava: Where is that sound coming from? Girl: It’s me, the wall! Max: How long have you been there?

202 Girl: It does not matter how long, just get me out! M&A: What’s your name? Girl: My name is Olivia. Ok now can you please get me out? Ava: How? Olivia: There are three clues. If you can find them you can get me out. Max: I should get the clues. You should stay here. Ava: I think you should stay here and I should get the clues. (bickering) Olivia: Stop fighting. Just get the clues, it’s uncomfortable in here. Ava: I am not working with him. Max: I am not working with her. Olivia: Ugh, how many times do I have to say it. Go get those clues. M&A: Fine, humph.

(walk in opposite direction)

Art Sparks // Edie P. 203 # Wall: Pipsqueak, go mess them up.

INTERMISSION (change scene)

Max: Ah sweet sweet books. Max: Hum aha found it. Max: (sits down) That’s fun a slip of paper. Max: It says “go back where you started.” This must be one of the clues.

(At the restaurant)

Ava: I would like some Chinese dumplings please. Ava: With some fortune cookies please.

204 Ava: This is good now for cookies. (breaks open cookie) Ava: It says go back to where you started. This must be one of the clues. Ava: And I know where it is. (Near the alleyway) (Max is wandering) Ava: Max is that you? Max: Yeah! I am looking for the answer to clue. Ava: What does it say? Max: It says to go back where you started. Ava: Max you are so smart but right now you are stupid. Max: Rude. Ava: The answer is the wall. Max: Ohhh that makes sense but still rude. Ava: Let’s just go.

Art Sparks // Edie P. 205 #

(at the wall)

Max: Wait the last clue. Ava: Dang it. Olivia: It’s on the wall. Max: I see it. Ava: What does it say? Max: It says you overlooked the simple things. Pipsqueak: Huh huh dang it you beat me here. M&A: Wait, what’s that? It’s the symbol on you... He’s the key!

Check This Out on Youtube!

https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=w9yqu_ebgP8&t=19s


Duck Person at Potato Mountain // Beckett B. & Whitman B.

One day duck person hopped on the spud bus and landed at potato mountain.

Duck Person rolls to Potato Person DP: Well hello. PP: Well hi there, duck person. DP: Oh great purple potato, I really want to win at spud night. The best video game ever. PP: Then I will grant your wish! DP: Well, that sounds great. Then duckperson picked up purple potato and put purple potato in his pocket. Then they left.

cover change, DP rolls to hill one DP: Wow, I just sniped that guy.

Art Sparks // Edie P. 207 PP: That is the power of the purple potato.

DP rolls to hill 2. DP goes up hill 2 DP: Oh there he is. Darn I missed. 5 minutes later... DP: Wait for it, wait for it.

BOOM! DP: Yay, we won!

Check This out on Youtube!

https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=PVTFxclWH3A&t=1s

Write Down, S peak Out: S lam Poetry 7.16- 7.20

Led by Caleb Rainey


Poem 6 https://youtu.be/MkMps_CLze0 Poem 8 https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=MRWvyyHb8L4


Poem 1 https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=vPPVLEDdXuM&t=6s Poem 3 https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=f2b-0Wkzehk

Adi Maya

Poem 9 https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=1hjEQXNRbws Poem 12 https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=U38_NbPBlyk


Poem 4 https://www.youtu watch?v=TBmu3xW

Poem 11 https://youtu.be/Um wrM



Poem 7 https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=J4YzFXzLvUg Poem 10 https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=PyS_9nvF884

Poem 2 https://youtu.be/wSF_ AD4X2yE Poem 5 https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=5o3wiz4_gRQ

ube.com/ WxDE0



Poem 13 https://youtu.be/ qaKBne6gdOA Poem 14 https://youtu.be/aCYkQ1Rvmc



Th e Imaged Word (Teens ) 7.16 - 7.20 Led by Mackie Garret & Hani Elkadi

Orange // Kyle C.



Untitled // Maia G.

Planes to China // Florence H.



Leaves of Grass // Jenny T.

The Smell // Enrique C.


219 The Smell of my school library // Eva H.

Part // Heidi D.


Catch Two Birds in one cage Art Sparks //// Edie Jenna P. A. My mother easily catches two birds in one cage. Everyday she feeds them each with sage. Voices whirl around in my head, They will be there long after I’m dead. Picking blackberries to make a pie, Sitting on a cliff watching clouds go by, Wishing for more time that I don’t want, to use to do and make things I don’t need to have for my life that only I see to For that I ask why?

221 #



Rewriting the Classics 7.16 - 7.20

Led by Erin McInerney

226 Grocery store // flora z. “Let’s go!” Perk shouted. “Shush,” Peck said. “Can we not?” Peek whined. Peck turned to face her instead. “Shush,” Peck said. The three griffins were going shopping. “Three, two, one. Bye!” yelled Perk. Peck glanced at Peek. She looked utterly terrified. “Bye,” said Peck. She ran in, and Peek reluctantly followed. The sight (and sound) of the store was crazy. Perk had already run over seven aisles, and humans were running around and screaming. There were two or three toddlers chasing after Perk, who was drenched in coffee. Peek took one look and ran back out. Peck ran after Perk. “What the heck do you think you’re doing!?” Peck caught up, and started dragging Perk out the door. “Wait! But I haven’t ate any salmon yet!” “Too bad. Now shush. Did you get what we need?” “Yes. Except the salmon.” “Perk we don’t need salmon!” Perk rolled her eyes. “Whatever. I need salmon.” *The three characters featured in this story are griffins, except that instead of a lion-eagle hybrid, they are a house cat-woodpecker hybrid.

Excerpt from: The American Family, Ripenbaum// Ella R.


Left to do the real work - the work that only an old baby boomer business man could process. So he started gathering important things: food, water, money, the first aid kit, the spare tire (wait, that can go back), the money, the survival stuff, the caviar, the book Frank (the stereotypical & literal middle child) insisted on bringing. Personally, Harold would rather shove it own Frank’s throat. After all, without it, this wouldn’t be happening. For almost a year now, Frank had picked up a book - ha - more like picked up an obsession. Anyways he loved this book: Switzerlandianese Family Rosenbon or something for his birthday, Viv - Harold’s charming wife decided that they should rent a wooden boat and take him to where they think it happened. THINK. Harold doesn’t use stuff unless it’s at least 94.8% likely Believe me, he knows where “think” can get you. Back to the story. Did I mention he grabbed the money? I did? Good. So he grabbed the important stuff just as they hit shore. Everyone else forgot about looking for land - a guaranteed of hitting rocks. Harold realized this as he faceplanted into the bowl of caviar. I bet my dermatologist, a masseuse, and family spa-lady would recommend this, he thought. A normal person would think, “aw it’s gonna make my face sticky” or “AWESOME! I have caviar!” But this is what Harold thought. So he left it there and walked off the boat.


Excerpt from: The American Family, Ripenbaum // Ella R.

Again, he faceplanted - this time in the sand, and thought his team of health specialists back in NYC would recommend it. Harold got up and continued to march through the sand, all the while muttering about his now ruined (new) boating shoes. Frank was the next off the boat. As he looked around, he pulled out his “collector’s robinson pocket telescope” and started looking around. Amazingly enough, he was helpful (a rare feat for couch potato Frank): Frank found a tree. There was clearly no other goal to accomplish, so the family set off. Not long after starting the hike, everyone except Viv had collapsed and stayed there. “See, I TOLD you!” She yelled to all of them after Donny finally crashed, “You may not think that fit bits are cool, but health is ALWAYS cool!!!”

TheTrue TrueLegendary LegendarySuper SuperSaiyan Saiyan The DimitriC.c. ////dimitri


I am trapped in a cave with no way out. A new android put me here. His name is Andy. Before now, even though I am female gohan and Trunk’s son, I couldn’t go Super Saiyan. But now, filled with rage not even Broly could achieve, rage at being trapped, I have become a True Legendary Super Saiyan, & I am free!

Sci-Fi Worlds 7.23 - 7.27 Led by Eliana Ramage


cracker the ferret // addison P.

two scientists, one is a ferret wearing a lab coat + glasses are conversing Benjamin: Cracker, we did it! We found a cure to cancer! Cracker stands on his legs, adjusts grasses, and claps his paws together ‘squeak’! Another scientist rushed in, looking panicked Lucinda: Benjamin, docter cracker! We’ve discovered a new virus, it’s in the research lab! Cracker: ‘alarmed’ squaked. Cracker jumps off the table and rushes to the research lab, Benjamin and Lucinda close behind him. They enter a research lab with several people on the ground. Cracker runs to a victim, and jumps on her chest Cracker: Squeak! Lucinda dashes towards cracker and yanks him off of the suck woman.

233 Lucinda: Doctor! The virus is spread through contact. You must get to quarantine! We cut to cracker, without his lab coat and glasses, standing on a pedestal in a white room. The view shifts and we see that Benjamin and Lucinda are on the other side of a glass wall making notes on clipboards. Benjamin: The virus doesn’t seem to affect him, can we let him out? Lucinda: No, the professor has to stay in there until we’re sure that he is not infected. Cracker: Squeak, squeak! Squeke! Cracker starts shrinking, changing shape and color until he has turned into a cracker. Lucinda: Oh my god! Benjamin release the mutation antidote in the chamber! Now! Benjamin hits a button and a mist fills the quarantine. When the mist clears cracker is a ferret, but he starts growing. He gets larger and larger until he

234 circles the world with his fuzzy ferret body. Cracker starts scratching, and eventually picks a human out of his fur with his mouth, and eats him! Cracker: Squeaks! Narrator: From then on, cracker ate one human a year, then went to sleep, curling around the world.

The adventure // Esther P. 235 # We crash landed on what used to be Earth. I knew we were in for an adventure.

236 Thanatophonia // Jackson T. N. This story starts off with a boy named Kade. Kade was nothing but a little child when the bombs dropped. I remember the day the bombs were dropped, my mother was the first one to notice the thing in the sky, and when she did she screamed and yelled “Run Kade run!� I remember that day.

untitled // Jocie B. 237 I have to run. I kept on running and running, My long brown hair flowing behind me. my tears flowing uselessly out of my one eye. I ran and ran, away from the noise, away from the death and destruction. Suddenly I heard a whirring, sound and instantly drew my dagger. A spaceship suddenly materialized in front of me. I took a step back when the door slided open. A boy who looked about 17, 3 years older than me, was standing in the doorway. “What do you want of me!” I screamed. “I’m no one.” “This is a ship of no ones.” He said. He smiled a smile. “This is a ship for the forgotten, for the seekers.

238 untitled // Molly S. My story takes place on a distant planet called Newearth. It is a lot like Earth, but Newearth has a lot more advanced science. 2/4 of the population are scientists, the other half are normal people. The government are the scientists. The normal people are constantly being used as “guinea pigs� without their knowing consent.

untitled // nicholas D. 239 After the human race was destroyed I was chosen to go to Earth to find objects that are useful to us. I was warned that there will be nothing, but ruins. When I arrived however, I found a strange object. It had a lot of pointy claws similar to my own. I gasped. The humans are alien hunters! I see it in my head. All that panicking just an act! I shuddered. I looked in a dwelling and found an object. It looked like a glass of many colors. I put it into my pocket for myself.

240 untitled // Rachel M. The world is much like it is today, for most people. Most people would lead happy, normal lives. But, the government has a dark side. Unknown locked up on an island known as-kidding, it doesn’t have a name, the government will claim it doesn’t exist. Lots of people live on this island, they just don’t know it. When they are sent away, blindfolded, sot that they will never find their way back. When anyone arrives at this island they are locked in their room with nothing but non-perishable food items and a note explaining everything. Well, not everything, but their current condition and why they need to be locked up and that they will never see the real world again.

untitled // Richard Y. 241 An electric shock jolted MWM awake. “Ugh,” he groaned. Today was a big day. An information window floated up to him. “Hello MWM. Ready to take your final test? “Yes.” “Okay. This test will concern an Earth book from two centuries ago. The Dark Forest by Liu Cixin.” MWM suddenly was alerted. He had not studied at all. “Er, can I delay the test by 414 minutes?” “Setting timer, 413 minutes, 59 seconds remaining.” MWM was frantic. His personal information database was gone. Suddenly, he noticed a small container. He cautiously opened it. A large amount of paper binded together was there. He could make out the title. The Dark Forest. Excited, he opened it. The paper had yellowed over the passage of two centuries. The words were barely distinct. He decided to bring it to the data restoration center.

242 At the DRC, experts restored the document to its original form. “Ah, MWM, you have a book!” One said. “A ... ... book?” MWM replied, uncertain. “They went obsolete over a century ago. This book is very famous on Earth.” MWM was stunned. “I better start reading.” “I think you’ll enjoy it. By the way, do you recognize the signature?” The sign says, Richard Y. “That’s my great-great-great-great-greatgrandfather!”

The Alien // Robert M. 243 Boom, an alien crashed into the ocean. The second Zod had seen the blue wavy stuff he had pressed eject the protective bubble around him blew off and jumped off. He decided to dive into the blue stuff but first he put his analyzer in the blue stuff he then put on his protective suit and dove in his suit that could stand immense amounts of pressure and provide communication from 57 miles away and provide life support systems. He quickly put on his suit and dove as then he saw his ship sink. He quickly started swimming towards his ship worrying about heirloom of the hanging dice that his great great grandfather had stolen from the first flight to see the human race. The alicens he had made it he grabbed the dice and started to dive deeper as then he saw the bottom he grabbed another analyzer and stuck it in the ground but then he saw a very odd shaped object he slowly swarm down and reached for it but then he got a message.

244 Joscilynn S.


Noam I. D. B.

246 Willa

The Art of the Comic Medium 7.23- 7.27 Led by Joanne Berglund & Cal Murry

Cal M.



Element Love // Maya

252 Element Love // Maya

Element Love // Maya 253

254 Element Love // Maya

Element Love // Maya 255





Nicholas D.








Metamorphico and the Wrath of Mystico // Sameal



The Reign of the Skeleton King // Zach k.

The City is Poetry, the City is Your s 7.23 - 7.27 Led by John Engelbrecht



















Bre ak U p wi th Writ er’s Block 7.30 - 8.3

Led by Skylar Moore

286 Erasure Poem // Ella R.


Erasure Poem // Finn G.

288 Shrek Sings // Group Poem Shrek sings Rick Astley to Donkey because he’s sad, but singing makes him feel better. Donkey’s sad because Shrek’s singing is better than his. Although Fiona’s crying, Shrek’s laughing at society who so rudely mocks the truth that Bill Nye is God. Meanwhile in Mother Russia, a truckload of bananas crashes into Putin, who is weirdly unaffected. The end.

Tick Tock // Anonymous 289 Tick tick, tock tock I just can’t stop Tick tick, tock tock You have to get to the top top Tick tick, tock tock You shouldn’t want to stop stop Tick tick, tock tock I don’t want to be on the top top Tick tick, tock tock Why won’t the clock just stop stop.

290 Surreal Postcard // Nina J.


292 Surreal Postcard // Finn G.

Create Your Own DIgital Story 7.30 - 8.3 Led by Aiden Bettine


Calum https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=9biMI6Gwcr0&t=6s&index=2&list=PLK2y6xz2CPveGI1SzMBEqOuVb7S147gQq

Mansion https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=rtsPS8XbvEs&index=3&list=PLK2y6xz2CPveGI1SzMBEqOuVb7S147gQq


Comfortable Panic https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=z2bLZchuYYQ&index=2&list=PLK2y6xz2CPveGI1SzMBEqOuVb7S147gQq


The language of the Imagination

https://www.wevideo.com/ view/1187512810


Why I Love Cats

https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=DZBgFPZi-Qw&index=5&list=PLK2y6xz2CPveGI1SzMBEqOuVb7S147gQq

Super School https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=Nov-oNfIpFY&list=PLK2y6xz2CPveGI1SzMBEqOuVb7S147gQq&index=4

Mark Twain Elementary Writing Club Led by Leigh Nida & Lisa Roberts

300 Poem // Fatima Everybody has to give food to people that are poor. You will open a kindness door. You have to help the lonely people, orphans and people of sad. It won’t make bad, it will make you good. Just be kind. Just like you should.

Song: Losing Blue Ink // Ryelyn 301 Verse 1:

Verse 2:

Um, I don’t know. I’m pen tapping, making a made-up song. These pens are losing a lot of blue ink.

They were wrapped in blue plastic, They were wrapped in red Fast tapping pens they create new beats, they made noise. They were dreamily making noise about getting more ink.

Chorus: I’m making a beat here with these pens, And it is making them lose some blue ink. There’s a big ol’ audience making pen tapping.

Verse 3: I said pen tapping, yes I did say that. They are starting to go faster at tapping and making beats.

302 The Big Game // Rawaa S. Kaly was little when she loved basketball. But she had one thing stopping her. When she wanted to play with the big boys but they would say she was a girl and she should be playing dolls and playing dress up. When they let her play they didn’t pass to her so one day she had a great idea she got a bunch of girls that were in the same position to build a girl team. They trained and trained and trained till they were guaranteed that they would win. So they challenged the boys, of course. They thought they would win. So they made a deal if the girls win they get to play and if the boys win then we wouldn’t bother them anymore. So it was a close score but the girls won. Kaly was so happy and played in the NBA and when she returned she became a basketball coach.

untitled Untitled // Diego diego 303 # The raccoon walks and he thinks the swamp is land but it’s water. The he starts to drown but a big bird dives to the raccoon and saves him. The Raccoon says thank you for saving me! The Raccoon starts walking back to the swamp and doesn’t watch out where he steps. Then the Raccoon starts to drown again! The Bird saves him again. The Raccoon then goes back home and tells his mom what he did. The end.


Pretty Little Liars: Hannah // Vianey

Hannah wears stylish clothes everyday. But she has a problem everyday, A her best friend. They get text messages from a stranger named A. But a boring thing Hanna does, is eating a salad every IN SCHOOL! Whenever they have lunch at a scene, she has a salad right in front of her.

untitled // Mo 305 # Diego O’Neil lays basketball every day at school recess, and he is the tallest, best player. Diego is from an all star family: Dad is Shaq, Mom is Beyonce, sister is Shakira, brother is Jay Z, and cousin is Lil Pump. In middle school, Diego doesn’t grow like the other kids. He was short not tall. The other kids were tall.

306 Gymnastics // Jacqueline I really wanted to be in gymnastics I thought gymnastics was easy but it’s not. Backbends are hard for me and my sister knows how to do a backbend and two things. I know how to do a cartwheel and a handstand and if I want to know how to do a backbend, I have to keep practicing to do a backbend and finally I did it and everyone was surprised.

100 Rats // Jacqueline 307 # Once upon a time there were 100 rats and she ate all the 100 rats. Well, first she had to use her camouflage if she wanted to eat all the rats. She had to use her camouflage to eat them all and she hid behind the tree and she had a problem. She got fat, and she found out that it’s hard to catch rats, and she thought that she wasn’t friendly, and when rats came she didn’t eat them.

308 An Invisible Ghost! // Ava

An invisble ghost! To scare people! Someone blew him away. He can run into a tree.

An Invisible Ghost! // Ava 309 #

310 Group Stories (1) There was a girl named Wonder Woman. She saves the world. My person is TSM Myth who plays Fortnite. They met when she went to the pet store. And they said, “Do you buy pizza?” The second person said, “Oh no no no no NO!” In the end: Oh I’m sorry and stop talking. (2) My unicorn is a superhero. He lives in a Rainbow Palace made out of rainbow. Name is unicorn Rainbow. And they met at the Eiffel Tower. And the first person said, “Let’s get to swimming.” Then they said, “Come back, come back. You forgot to pay.” And they fell in love and ate ice cream. (3) My person is TSM Daequan plays zombie royale. Jasmine’s cat has no name. And they met in the park. The person said he was a burrito head in the park. In the end she punches him. The end. (4) Daequan is a person who helps the charity. There was a boy named Batman. He saves people. And they met in swimming, and she said, “I want that cat.” And the second person said, “Let’s go off the diving board.” She loved her cat so much.

311 (5) Jasmine is a superhero. She rescues people. My unicorn burned a tiger. Then he is a hero. A rainbow was where they met. :) She said, “You are disgusting!” “I have nothing to say.” They got married. The end. (6) There is a man, and his name was Diego the sumo wrestler. He ate everything, even vending machines. When he went to the buffet and ate everything there, he might even eat this story. Then the Reaper killed everyone. Gull Trooper won the game and did the popcorn dance. In a buffet there was no more food. (7) Once upon a time, there was this sumo and he ate everything. So when he ate everything, even the universe in Hell. And met there in Hell. Reaper killed everyone. Gull Trooper killed Reaper. In Fortnite, Reaper got two victory royale. (8) Harry Potter is amazing. And he has a super hero friend named Iron Man.

dedicated to sarah raine Very special thanks go to superstar volunteer Sarah Raine, who improved every summer 2018 program she joined. Without being asked, Sarah willingly threw herself into tasks from the mundane to the sublime. She sharpened buckets of pencils destined for camper backpacks and helped a camp leader retool curriculum when things didn’t go exactly as planned. She carted heavy boxes of notebooks and water bottles, then earned many reluctant writers’ trust by asking just the right questions to unleash their potential. She is the unsung hero of the IYWP’s success during the summer of 2018. Truly, Sarah. We could not have done it without you.

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YOUTHQUAKE, vol. 1  

YOUTHQUAKE, vol. 1