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Political fashion on the campaign

High school champion set for ISU OPINION

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Slurs in the Daily reveal racism at ISU By Katherine.Klingseis Trembling bodies. Quivering lips. Tear-stained cheeks. This is what racism looks like, and it is here at Iowa State. As I sat with my white skin, blue


eyes and blond hair, I knew that I could not honestly say I understood how it feels to be a minority group living in the United States. I knew I could not tell the 12 Asian American students sitting around me I understood how it feels to hear a racial slur directed at me or my ethnicity.

But as I sat Monday afternoon listening to fellow students’ stories, I felt it — their pain, their anger, their sadness. Most importantly, I felt their passion to right the wrongs done to them and every other person

White House



New dean of students search begun By Frances Myers Daily staff writer The search has begun to find a new dean of students. The former dean of students, Dione Somerville, left the position last June when she became vice president of student affairs at Bloomberg University of Pennsylvania. Tom Hill, vice president for student affairs, has appointed a search committee. Spelman & Johnson Group, an academic research firm from Easthampton, Mass., has been hired to develop a candidate pool. Members of the search committee are: David Harris, senior associate director of athletics; Dakota Hoben, senior in agricultural business and president of GSB; David Holger, associate provost; Japannah Kellogg, program coordinator of the Student Support Services Program; Richard Reynolds, director of the Memorial Union; Erica Smith, graduate in chemistry and president of the Graduate and Professional Student Senate; Jerry Stewart, director of public safety; Paris Tindrell, senior in marketing; Rose Wilbanks, administrative specialist for the vice president of student affairs. On-campus open forums are planned for the weeks of April 23 and April 30.

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Read a personal statement from the Daily’s editor-in-chief addressing racism: Page 5

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V.P. Biden to visit ISU and talk business


By Katelynn.McCollough


Alumni try House Former student remains dedicated to Ames area

ISU College Republicans president to run for Iowa House

By Leah.DeGraaf

By Thaddeus.Mast

ISU alumnus and current Ames resident, Dane Nealson, has announced his decision to run for the Iowa House of Representatives. Nealson is set to run against current Ames Democrat Beth Wessel-Kroeschell in House District 45. Nealson graduated from Iowa State in 2010 with a degree in political science and a passion for local politics. Because of his major, Nealson said he was given the specifics on how a campaign is run, but it was the experience outside of the classroom that prepared him the most.

The current president of ISU College Republicans is now in the running for representative of Iowa House District 46. Stephen Quist, senior in marketing, is graduating this fall but said he wants to continue to help and serve the Ames community after he leaves. “The people and the community and the students I spend time with have really made me appreciate it, and I really want to give back to them,” Quist said. “It’s important to have someone interested in the students at the state level.” As well as heading the ISU College Republicans, Quist


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The White House ann o u n c e d Monday that Vice President Joe Biden will be coming to Iowa Biden this Thursday. Biden will visit Iowa State University to discuss proposals from the Obama administration to reward busiObama nesses that bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States. The importance of having skilled workers, such as scientists and engineers, will also be discussed. He will be speaking at 11:30 a.m. in Howe Hall. Barack Obama focused on both manufacturing and the economy in his visit to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, earlier this year. ™



Check back for ongoing reports from Biden’s visit at:

Government of the Student Body

Election candidates ready to debate By Charles.O’Brien With the election for the Government of the Student Body president just a week away and with candidates out on the campaign trail, a debate is scheduled for the two campaigns of Jake Swanson and Jared Knight and their respective running mates David Bartholomew and Katie Brown. The debate is set to begin at 7 p.m. Tuesday night in the Gallery Room of the Memorial Union. The de-



bate will last approximately an hour with Marybeth Konkowski, senior in communication studies and election commissioner for GSB, acting as the debate moderator along with Mike Hoefer, junior in computer engineering and Freshman

Council president, as the co-moderator. “Debates are a good opportunity to contrast the differences between both candidates,” said Knight, senior in political science. The debate is to start with an open statement by the candidates followed by questions asked by the moderator and will be wrapped up with closing statements by the candidates. Some questions that the candidates could face Tuesday that have been asked at past debates are questions

asking about the candidates’ platforms, student debt and even what would the candidate do with $1 million. “This debate is important to compare the candidates side by side and will help show students how well-rounded David [Bartholomew] and I are,” said Swanson, junior in public service and administration in agriculture. Both candidates plan to emphasize their differences from one another and make their platform clear to students. Both candidates also

said they felt very prepared and during their opening and closing statements want to focus on their issues most relevant to students. Following the debate, both candidates plan to continue to meet with clubs and organizations throughout the week up until the elections next week which begin Monday and run until March 6. “I’m very excited. It’s going to be fun, and it will be a good opportunity to see both sides of the issues,” Knight said.

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