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CONTENTS Volume 12 Issue 11

4 Pee Wee Profiles Qwest M.V.P.: Ken Boyle Ken Boyle is the father of Ryan Boyle, the star quarterback of the Iowa Raiders youth football team. Ken has played a large role in Ryan’s life and has been there to support Ryan’s development in football every step of the way.

8 Prep Connection State Basketball Tournament Previews Tony Atzeni previews the Iowa high school boys’ state basketball tournament on page 8 and the girls’ tournament on page 10. See which teams Tony believes will make a splash come tourney time!

19 Collegiate Corner AIB Athletics Expanding To Eight Teams by 2013 AIB College of Business in Des Moines has made plans to expand its athletic program to eight teams by 2013. The Eagles have been invited to join the NAIA and the Midwest Collegiate Conference as an associate member. Turn to page 19 to read more on AIB’s future.

28 Minor But Major USHL Leads to NCAA, College Degrees and NHL The United States Hockey League proudly advertises itself as a league that helps young hockey stars work their way to the NHL via the NCAA and a college degree. Statistics show that the NCAA and the USHL are becoming more popular feeders for the NHL.

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Cover: Iowa’s Marcus Coker celebrates during the Insight Bowl against Missouri.

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Prose From the Pub

Hawks Tame Tigers to Wind Down the 2010 Football Season on a Positive Note! The 2010 Iowa football of our first publication, “The season was not the year Local Sports Connection”, a that the Hawkeye Nation 16-page, 2-color tab paper had planned on after the that by today’s standards incredible ride the Hawks would not be used to line provided the state in the bottom of a bird cage. 2009. However, after the However, on that Saturday regular season loss to morning February 8 in the Minnesota Gophers the bowels of Veterans the players and coaching Auditorium I proudly shoved staff rallied the troops the first issue into anyone’s and made certain that hands that came to meet Mike Rickord ISC Publisher the last memory of this Kurt Warner, Dan Gable, less-than-stellar season Chuck Long, and the ‘69 was a pleasant and memorable Drake Basketball Final Four squad. It performance to carry into the 2011 was a proud day for my family. On my season. The Iowa Hawkeyes played son Ben’s 8th birthday, he was forced the Missouri Tigers in the Insight Bowl into child labor alongside my wife and in a game that on paper appeared son Michael, stopping the autograph to favor the explosive Tigers. The seekers long enough to shove the Iowa staff had the Hawks prepared first sports-only free publication into as they provided the Tigers with a their hands. No one turned down my smash mouth running attack led by bride and boys, in fact, I was such an Marcus Coker who started the season opportunist I even sold out my 4-yearas the fourth running back in 2010. old daughter Mikayla as the athletes Quarterback Ricky Stanzi played errorwere all mesmerized by her smile and free while the defense bent but did not innocence, little did they know it was break and the Hawks left the Valley of a lure to grab more photo ops for the Sun victorious, 27-24. the second issue of the “Local Sports The 2010 collegiate football season Concoction”, as many in the publishing was certainly not what the Iowa world labeled our baby! Hawkeyes, Iowa State Cyclones, or the I have been blessed by God with a UNI Panthers fans had anticipated family that stuck by me and incredible when the pads started popping in partners and staff through the years. late August but I want to remind the John Streets and Tony Atzenti have fans of every camp that we are still been my pillars as we have continued very fortunate in this great state to push the limits of small business to have three solid programs to sanity in our quest to be Iowa’s support and rally around led by men leader in covering Iowa high school of integrity. I know there have been sports and the youth programs that some character issues at all three feed each community “From the institutions and that many have Missouri to the Mississippi.” The Iowa zero tolerance when examining the Sports Connection has evolved into a programs. However, these coaches statewide magazine and the state’s cannot monitor the 100 plus young foremost publication thanks to Casey’s men in their programs 24/7 and I General Stores and this growth has for one as the father of a 20-year-old spurred the launch of the state’s only and a 23-year-old collegiate athlete high school-based radio and television know the distractions that they are network along with incredible websites presented with at the NAIA and and digital magazines. I cannot Division II level of collegiate life as a name all of the advertisers that have student athlete. The distraction meter provided incredible support from the for the young men in Ames, Cedar beginning that have helped us sustain Falls, and Iowa City are far beyond our growth of covering Iowans “From the levels of normalcy. Unfortunately, the Pee Wees to the Preps to the there is too much adulation displayed Pros” with a positive perspective but on these campuses towards very each and every client has been superb. impressionable youngsters that The Hy-Vee High School Headquarters are away from home for the first is known in every pocket of the state, time and this combination presents as is the Grinnell Mutual Re-Insurance situations that generate mistakes that Scoreboard Show, and both supported impact the entire program, coaches’ by dozens of partners. reputations, and more importantly the In closing, the bulk of the young men’s futures in many cases. I appreciation goes out to the readers, encourage you to examine the entire listeners, and viewers along with the country and the issues that exist on athletes, coaches, officials, educators, college campuses in this 21st century fans and families in all 99 Iowa and the athletic departments and counties. Thank you from the bottom you will feel very proud that we are in of my heart! God Bless you! And God the company of Ferentz, Rhoads, and Bless America! Farley in Iowa. As I type this column, I celebrate the 13th anniversary of the launching Volume 12 Issue 11


Pee-Wee Profiles

Presented By:

Qwest Most Valuable Parent: Ken Boyle Tim Weideman Editor Ken Boyle isn’t sure, but he thinks if the clock was turned back and he was in seventh grade again, he might be able to take on his 14-year-old son, Ryan Boyle, in a game of basketball. The 46-year-old quickly concedes that’s only because Ryan’s sports of choice are baseball and—above all else—football. Ryan Boyle is the quarterback for the Iowa Raiders, a traveling football team based out of West Des Moines that is comprised mostly of eighth-graders. It is similar to AAU baseball and basketball travel teams in that its players are hand-picked. The players chosen come from the Des Moines Catholic Football League. Ken still works out with Ryan, an activity that has proved a challenge at times. “He actually outgrew me sometime ago,” says Ken. “He’s faster than me and we lift weights and he can lift as much as me already.” Raiders assistant coach Paul Schulte refers to Ryan as “the man” on a team of “studs.” Ken, who also helps assist in coaching duties, couldn’t be more proud of his son. Ryan started going to football camps last year and he has quickly picked up top-notch skills for a quarterback of his age. “He couldn’t get enough of it,” says Ken. “He said, ‘I want to go to more camps.” People started to take notice at the local camps. Ryan was invited to a camp at Football University (FBU) in Chicago. Football University has 17 different camp locations throughout the United States. FBU was started for younger athletes by the same people who began the U.S. Army All-American Bowl—a showcase for top high school talent. After that camp, Ryan went on to Top Gun, a FBU camp held in Williamsburg, Virginia, for the best athletes that attended regional camps. Ryan was then selected to play on Team USA for FBU’s youth all-

American game. “That’s a once-in-a-lifetime event,” says Ken. “He got there and the guys treated those kids like college kids.” Ken says he has taken a back seat in helping Ryan develop as a football player for some time now. When Ryan began attending camps, the two quickly learned that Ken was not teaching him the best techniques. Ken was fine with handing over the reins. “I sure don’t need to be his coach all the time,” says Ken. “Matter of fact, I stopped being the coach a while ago and I’m delighted that there’s more and more resources and really good people available that are looking at youth sports, as well as high school sports, and really getting involved and providing their expertise and their special skills to make kids better.” The Boyle family has had to make sacrifices to help make sure Ryan develops to his full potential. One of those sacrifices was family vacation. Now, the family spends their extended free time taking Ryan to football camps so that he can further improve his techniques. Ken says everyone in the family is OK with that. “Ryan was delighted with the rest of us to know that we were (OK with it),” says Ken. Ryan never needs to be reminded of what his goals are, says Ken. Instead of the typical situation in which parents must remind their children to remain focused and sometimes motivated, Ken does not have to push Ryan. “(Ryan) typically pushes me, saying that he wants to do more,” says Ken. “If he’s not at a sports practice of some sort, he’s either studying or he’s basically lifting weights.” “(Sometimes) I’d like to sit down and watch some college football and sit on the couch and enjoy myself,” says Ken. Ryan has a different idea. “He wants to go throw the ball at me as hard as he can out on the

Ken Boyle’s son, Ryan (Iowa Raiders, Team USA) football field.” Ken is conscious, however, of all the work Ryan puts into football and how it may seem like just that: all work and no play. “I hope he’s not missing his childhood,” says Ken. “He dedicates so much time to make himself better but that’s what he’s doing. That’s Ryan.” With his dad guiding him and the Iowa Raiders coaches and football camp trainers helping develop his skills, Ryan Boyle will be a name heard on the high school grid iron..

In each magazine we feature a parent, player or person as our Qwest M.V.P. The individual is recognized for their efforts during their respective sport and not solely on their wins and losses. If you would like to nominate an individual for our Qwest M.V.P., please contact us at


Volume 12 Issue 11

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Pee -Wee Presented by: Profiles

Iowa Sports Connection

Qwest Team of the Month: Iowa Raiders Tim Weideman Editor Not too many Iowans have heard of travel tackle football teams. The Iowa Raiders, a team based out of West Des Moines, is looking to change that. Only one of two traveling football teams in central Iowa—the other is an Ankeny team—the Raiders don’t only compete against other local youth football teams but they also compete in tournaments around the Midwest against other travel and all-star teams. The Iowa Raiders first formed four years ago when Ed Gochenour held tryouts for kids who were already members of the Des Moines Catholic Football League. The tryouts, according to assistant coach Paul Schulte, resembled the format of the NFL Combine. The young athletes were evaluated with drills such as the 40-yard dash, bench press and agility drills. Most of the players on the Raiders have been on the team since the beginning. This past season, the team finished with a record of 14-1 and won the Mid-States Classic in Lawrence, Kansas, the inaugural Westside Classic Tournament in West Des Moines and finished off the season by winning the Grid Iron Classic in St. Louis, Missouri. The Westside Classic Tournament was played at Valley Stadium in West Des Moines and at St. Mary’s football field in Martensdale. The Raiders had defeated a Des Moines Lincoln Rails team, a Valley Tigers team and beat a good St Joe’s team that was from Missouri to win the championship. Schulte is excited for the tournament in the future. “That’ll be a great tournament going forward for teams,” says Schulte. “That was fun to win that.” Schulte says having the tournament annually will help make travel football teams more popular in Iowa and the competition will get better each year. “Now that AAU is so big with all the baseball and basketball, this will start,” says Schule. “It’s been this way in other states like

Missouri and Kansas. Now there’s this Westside Classic Tournament here that’ll draw attention and people will get teams for that.” Having a travel football team is challenging, though, says Schulte. Kids wishing to participate had to try out for the team, had to practice in addition to any middle school or other youth football league practices and had to pay dues for equipment and travel fees. The team offers scholarships to players to help with the costs. “We didn’t want them not to be able to play just because of money,” says Schulte. A travel football team also requires many people who work together to make everything possible. Head coach Ed Gochenour’s crew included Schulte, Ken Boyle, Darrell Weddington and Dave Hott. Schulte, Boyle and Weddington served as assistants, while Hott handled most of the monetary duties. “There were a lot of people (involved),” says Schulte. “It took a lot of money and quite a bit of time to arrange for practices and getting enough bodies for practices. It was definitely

a big group effort, not to mention the parents just getting the kids to practices and traveling. It was a tough deal to pull this off.” Schulte compliments Gochenour for how he managed the team. “This was his baby,” says Schulte. “He was definitely the most passionate person in the state of Iowa for sixth-, seventhand eighth-grade football.” For the players, all the hard work pays off in the long run when they make the transition to high school football, which most the team is going to do next fall. Schulte says the team will be a step ahead of others their age when it comes time to suit up in high school. The players have experience traveling, game-planning and playing longer seasons. When counting tournament games and scrimmages, the Raiders play 24-plus games in a year. “I don’t see how that doesn’t prepare you going forward.” In other words, look out, Iowa! There could be a handful of young talent rising through the ranks of high school football in the near future.

In each magazine we feature a youth sports team. The team is recognized for their effort on and off the field/court and not solely on their wins and losses. If you would like to nominate a Pee-Wee team for our Qwest Team of the Month, please contact us at

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Volume 12 Issue 11


Pee-Wee Profiles

Iowa Sports Connection

DMYHA Of fers Des Moines Youth Excellent Opportunities Tim Weideman Editor; DMYHA When it comes to youth sports, baseball, softball, basketball, football and wrestling (in Iowa, at least) all come to mind. Unlike our neighbors to the north, hockey is probably not on people’s minds when considering what sports their kids can pick up. The Des Moines Youth Hockey Association (DMYHA) has changed that. The association offers several different levels for kids from grade school to high school. Here’s a break down of the leagues the DMYHA offers to Des Moinesarea youths: DMYHA House League The House League program is a USA Hockey sanctioned league. The House League allows players to experience competitive play locally. All players are given equal opportunity to participate and are encouraged to play all positions. Each division holds a playoff tournament to determine an overall winner. DMYHA holds player evaluations at the beginning of the season to form equally skilled house league teams. All age divisions within the House League form a Select Team each season. The Select Teams will play games against House and Travel teams from other top Iowa programs which gives House players “a taste of travel hockey” with its limited travel schedule.

DMYHA Select Teams The Select Hockey program is designed for kids who want to get a taste of more competitive hockey and want to continue competing in house league but with less cost and time commitment than travel hockey. The Select Hockey teams play games and tournaments in other Iowa communities and in other states such as Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. Annual evaluations are conducted shortly after house league begins with teams announced soon thereafter. Select Hockey promotes individual development with regularly scheduled practices, while emphasizing team play and camaraderie. So please be sure to consider playing Select Hockey as a way to help your son or daughter further develop their hockey skill. DMYHA Jr. Buccaneers Travel League The Travel Hockey program we call “Junior Buccaneers” travel from Des Moines, Iowa to play ice hockey in other Iowa communities and in many other states. Our teams frequently make road trips to Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska and Wisconsin.

team play, and the development of each participant’s skating and hockey skills. If your hockey player plans to tryout for one of the DMYHA Travel teams they will be rated on their work ethic, forward and backward skating, overall speed, teamwork, and position and skill level with the puck.

• • • • • •

Benefits of the Travel Hockey program include: 3 hours of practice time per week (generally full ice practices) High-quality coaching High-quality competition Visit other Midwest Cities Form new friendships (players and parents) Have fun on and off the ice!

DMYHA High School League The High School League is open to all players that are in 9th - 12th grade. The High School League gives players a chance to represent their high school. Club teams from Dowling, Valley, Urbandale, Ankeny, Johnston, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Waukee, Norwalk and players from other area High Schools participate in this league.

For more information about the Des Moines Youth Hockey Association or any of its leagues, visit http://

Participants are selected annually and the program emphasizes strict discipline, individual independence,

Jim Tarpey Sales Manager Dean Foods - LeMars 515-822-4146 6

Volume 12 Issue 11

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Iowa Sports Connection

Pee-Wee Profiles

2010 - 2011 Des Moines Youth Hockey League Bantam Blackhawks Front: Lucky Lovan (#39) 2nd Row (L to R): Nick Barker (#61), Will Tornberg (#4), Joe Zandi (#2), Nolan Brown (#88), Tyler Chapman (#17) 3rd Row (L to R): Head Coach Mick Grossman, Asst. Coach Jeff Johannes, Dane Beery (#33), Andrew Kent (#19), Mike Seymour (#10), Nick McDonald (#8), Goalie Coach Kyle Wahlert, Asst. Coach Kurt Chapman Visit us on the web @

Volume 12 Issue 11


Prep Connection

Iowa Sports Connection

Tony’s Iowa High School Boys Basketball Post Season Outlook Tony Atzeni Radio Account Manager Each year about this time I like to take a peak ahead to the Iowa high school basketball post season outlook. The Iowa High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) has released the district/substate assignments and baring any serious injuries or any other circumstances let’s take a look at the teams to keep an eye on and who I believe will be heading to Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines for the state championship tournament. Beginning with Class 4A, where the defending state champion is Ames but doubtful the two-time champs will make it three straight. In Substate 1 the strong favorite will be Sioux City East while in Substate 2 it looks to be a Waukee and West Des Moines Valley meeting that could decide who advances with Fort Dodge a sleeper. In Substate 3 Cedar Falls and Cedar Rapids Jefferson are both talented and are the favorites while in Substate 4 a couple of rivals in Cedar Rapids Kennedy and Washington with Bettendorf the sleeper you can’t count out. In Substate 5 Davenport Central, Iowa City West and Davenport West are three that have solid chances and looks to be highly contested while in Substate 6 Linn-Mar (Marion) will have the big target on their back with North Scott (Eldridge) the team that has the best chance if any to knock off the Lions. In Substate 7 Ankeny has been tough and will be plenty familiar with the two teams that look to battle them for the spot in Johnston and Southeast Polk. Substate 8 is another very balanced substate with Des Moines Hoover, Des Moines Roosevelt, Dowling Catholic and Urbandale all capable on any given night. Tony’s Class 4A State Tournament Picks Sioux City East, Waukee, Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids Kennedy, Davenport Central, Linn-Mar (Marion), Ankeny and Urbandale. In Class 3A the defending champion is Bishop Heelan (Sioux City) with a great opportunity to defend coming out of Substate 1. Harlan and LeMars are both solid but will have to be at their best to beat the Crusaders. Substate 2 has a few very good programs led by Carroll and MOCFloyd Valley. The two look to be hands on favorites to meet for the ticket to Des Moines. In Substate 3 where there is a deeper field that will contend led by Waverly-Shell rock and Iowa Falls-Alden. Clear Lake has been playing well along with Waukon which make this a difficult and highly-contested substate to come out of. Substate 4 has no great teams but a solid group of above average teams that will battle for a state birth. Benton (Van Horne), Marion, Mount Vernon, Oelwein and Vinton-Shellsburg are all in the mix. In Substate 5 Solon is up to Class 3A and a strong contender but watch for two others that play 4A competition in Davenport Assumption and Dubuque Wahlert. This will be a well-earned ticket. Substate 5 finds two teams that reached the state tournament last season but only once will this season. Mount Pleasant and Pella could meet for the second time this season which will mean a trip to Des Moines with Oskaloosa a sleeper. Dallas Center-Grimes will carry the favorite roll in Substate 7 with Ballard (Huxley) and Grinnell with hopes themselves. In Substate 8 Norwalk is looking for another tip to state and look to be the overwhelming favorite here with A-D-M (Adel) and Centerville will be sleepers. Tony’s Class 3A State Tournament Picks Bishop Heelan (Sioux City), Carroll, Waverly-Shell Rock, Marion, Solon, Mount Pleasant, Dallas Center-Grimes and Norwalk The Class 2A defending champion Western Christian 8

Volume 12 Issue 11

(Hull) is once again the favorites, especially the way they have been playing this season. The Wolves will play in Substate 1 where Sioux Center will be another to keep your eye on and Unity Christian (Orange City) a sleeper. In Substate 2 you can make a point on a number of teams starting with St. Edmond (Fort Dodge) and Emmetsburg and adding East Sac County, Odebolt-Arthur/Battle CreekIda Grove, Roland-Story and Alta/Aurelia. Substate 3 finds PCM-Monroe with the favorite tag but watch for West Marshall (State Center) along with AplingtonParkersburg, north Polk and Gladbrook-Reinbeck with outside chances. Substate 4 is loaded with talent led by West Fork, Sumner-Fredericksburg, Lake Mills and Dike-New Hartford. Garner-Hayfield and Denver are also very capable. This may be one of the deepest substates in all classes. In Substate 5 Turkey Valley (Jackson Junction) has been flying under the radar and look to come out of their district. On the other side there is Cascade, Maquoketa Valley (Dehli), Monticello, Northeast (Goose Lake) and North Linn (Troy Mills). In Substate 6 North Cedar (Stanwood) and West Branch are strong in one district while Mid-Prairie (Wellman), Central Lee (Donnellson), Iowa City Regina and Mediapolis are all strong contenders on the other side of the district bracket. Substate 7 finds Pekin, Pella Christian and Davis County (Bloomfield) in one side of the district bracket with Mount Ayr, Des Moines Christian and Panorama (Panora) solid teams on the other side. Kuemper Catholic (Carroll) plays up in class most of the season and will be the favorite in Substate 8. Logan-Magnolia is a sleeper in one side of the district while Treynor looks to be the team to beat on the other side with St. Albert (Council Bluffs) the sleeper.

with Northeast Hamilton (Blairsburg) the favorite in the other side of the bracket. Ventura and Laurens-Marathon should also be part of the post season picture. NUH-Cedar Falls has built a strong post season tradition lately and once again will be strong coming out of Substate 3. Tripoli and Kee (Lansing) look to battle on the other side of the district bracket. Iowa Mennonite (Kalona) began the season at #1 and so far, so good. IMS will be the favorite out of Substate 4 with Don Bosco (Gilbertville) a contender in the district. Prince of Peace (Clinton) is the favorite on the other side of the bracket with Calamus-Wheatland a sleeper. In Substate 5 Danville looks tough on one side and Keota has our attention on the other side of the district bracket for the showdown for the state tournament trip. In Substate 6 Lynnville-Sully looks to return to state and will be tested with north Tama (Traer) looming in their district while Ankeny Christian Academy, Colo-Nesco and Coon Rapids-Bayard look to be the three battling on the other side of the bracket. In Substate 7 Southeast Warren (Liberty Center) may be the favorite in their district with Murray and Grandview Park Baptist (Des Moines) contenders. Guthrie Center and Orient-Macksburg may be the two on the other side. In Substate 8 a number of teams could step up led by Villisca on one side and elk HornKimballton/Exira on the other side. Tony’s Class 1A State Tournament Picks Boyden-Hull, St. Mary’s (Storm Lake), NUH-Cedar Falls, Iowa Mennonite (Kalona), Danville, Colo-Nesco, Southeast Warren (Liberty Center), Elk HornKimballton/Exira

Class 2A State Tournament Picks Western Christian (Hull), St. Edmond (Fort Dodge), PCM-Monroe, West Fork, Cascade, Mid-Prairie (Wellman), Pella Christian and Kuemper Catholic (Carroll) Rock Valley is the defending champion in Class 1A but the run looks to be over. So who will be the new leader of the class? In Substate 1 Woodbury Central (Moville) and KingsleyPierson are having good season and coming out of one side of the district while perennial power Boyden-Hull and Harris-Lake Park should be tough. In Substate 2, St. Mary’s (Storm Lake) are going to a tough out in one of the districts Visit us on the web @

Iowa Sports Connection

of the Month

Laura TerHark High School: Algona High School Class: 2011 GPA: 3.8 Sport: Basketball, Volleyball & Track Quick Facts: Favorite Food: Desserts -- those including chocolate Role Models: My Parents Favorite Movie: Love & Basketball Favorite Athlete: Michael Jordan Favorite Music: Country Favorite Song: Just Might (Make Me Believe) - By Sugarland Favorite Color: Green Favorite Book: 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult Favorite Game: Apples to Apples

Athletic Honors: Volleyball: 3 Time All-District, 3 Time 1st Team All-Conference, 3 Time Mason City Globe All-Area, 3 Time 1st Team All-Area, IGCA Honorable Mention All-State, IGCA Special Mention All-State, 3rd Team IGCA All-State, IGCA 2nd Team All-State, 2 Time Des Moines Register 2nd Team All-State. Basketball: 3 Time All-District, 3 Time All-Region, 3 Time 1st Team All-Conference, 3 Time All Area Mason City Globe, 3 Time Kossuth Keepers, INA 3rd Team All State, 2 Time INA 2nd Team All State, 2 Time IGCA Basketball Association 2nd Team All State, 2 State 3-point Records, 2nd All-Time with 3-point Career Makes.

Academic Honors:

National Honors Society, 4 Year Honor Roll Student

Community Service/Involvement: Silver Cord, Youth Basketball and Volleyball Camp Instructor, Church Trash and Treasure Days, Church Youth Group. How the Community Views Laura: Kind, friendly, competitive, disciplined, humble, respectful, a leader. Plans after High School: Attending Upper Iowa University to play basketball and major in education.

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Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau

Prep Connection

Iowa Sports Connection

Presented by: Lynn M. Lindaman, MD, P.L.C. Iowa’s Premier Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon

Tony’s Iowa High School Girls Basketball State Tournament Outlook Tony Atzeni Radio Account Manager With the release of the pairing of the Iowa high school girls basketball post season it is time to take a glance at the team or teams to beat in each of the regional. Hoping to defend their 2010 titles are LinnMar (Marion) in Class 4A and Bishop Heelan (Sioux City) in Class 3A but a new champion will be crowned in Class 2A and Class 1A. Mount Vernon won the 2A title last year buy now plays in Class 3A where they will be a factor and Exira has consolidated with Elk-HornKimballton this season. Let’s begin in Class 4A and in Region 1 where it looks to be between Waukee and Sioux City North. Fort Dodge has the ability to maybe surprise. In Region 2 Waterloo West has veteran leadership while Mason City will look to youth but both could be on course to meet for the state birth. In Region 3 Iowa City High has been playing at a high level for most of the season while Southeast Polk despite their outstanding record has flown under the radar. Both are solid choices to advance but only one will with West Des Moines Valley and Cedar Rapids Kennedy hoping to upset. In Region 4 the nod will go to LinnMar (Marion) as they look to repeat with Cedar Rapids Xavier the upset hopeful. In Region 5 Cedar Rapids Washington will run many pieces at you while Pleasant Valley has an experienced group coming back after a birth last season. In Region 6 Ankeny will be tough as usual while Dowling Catholic will be no stranger since the two teams will have already met twice during conference play. Ames has been playing much better and is capable of a challenge. In Region 7 the team is young but Iowa City West looks strong with their challenge coming from Bettendorf while in Region 8 Des Moines East looks

to improve on their runner-up finish last year at state and should be facing Lewis Central (Council Bluffs) for the ticket to state. Tony Class 4A Girls Basketball State Tournament Picks Waukee, Waterloo West, Southeast Polk, Linn-Mar (Marion), Cedar Rapids Washington, Ankeny, Iowa City West and Des Moines East In Class 3A and beginning with Region 1 where the defending champs reside in Bishop Heelan (Sioux City) it looks like we may have a possibility for a new one as MOC-Floyd Valley looks to tip over the apple cart. Algona has once again had another great regular season and may be a sleeper. In Region 2 the choice has to start and probably end with Ballard (Huxley) while in Region 3 the defending champs of Class 2A, Mount Vernon look to be the choice with Waverly-Shell Rock hopeful. In Region 4 Central Clinton (DeWitt) has a strong 1-2 scoring punch and should be one that can punch a ticket to Des Moines. In Region 5 Davenport Assumption may have a new coach but it is the same story, they continue to win. Solon and Keokuk are two pretty solid teams that hope to challenge. In Region 6 Williamsburg is strong and pretty athletic and along Pella could be the two that meet but Benton (Van Horne) could surprise. In Region 7 South Tama has had a great season that was a surprise early but no longer. Dallas CenterGrimes will once again count on an experienced group and will be the team with the edge. Winterset could be a pretty solid sleeper. In Region 8 Sergeant Bluff-Luton is not usually mentioned in basketball but this team could be the team to beat for a state berth with Carroll and Denison-Schleswig and Harlan big factors in a balanced regional.

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Tony Class 3A Girls Basketball State Tournament Picks MOC-Floyd Valley, Ballard (Huxley), Mount Vernon, Central Clinton (DeWitt), Davenport Assumption, Williamsburg, Dallas Center-Grimes and Sergeant Bluff-Luton In Class 2A and in Region 1 the favorite is Odebolt-Arthur/ Battle Creek-Ida Grove. Sioux Center could be the team with the best opportunity for the upset along with Hinton. In Region 2 Kuemper Catholic (Carroll) looks solid and quietly Manson-NW Webster has once again turned out a good team. The tow may

be meeting for the state birth. In Region 3 AGWSR (Ackley) has a strong tradition and Sumner-Fredericksburg might feel a bit under sold as they stand unbeaten so far this season. Add Wapsie Valley (Fairbank), South Winneshiek (Calmar), West Fork and Central Springs (Manly) and you can see there will be some highly contested games along the tournament run. In Region 4 Roland-Story would like to be playing for a title again and based on the regular season could be. Iowa City Regina, North Linn (Troy Mills) and Iowa Valley (Marengo) are others to watch. In Region 5 Monticello has had a season to remember but would like to take it to the next level. Maquoketa Valley (Dehli) has the same hopes this season. In Region 6 Bondurant-Farrar have gained experience and look ready to survive and advance and in order to need to get by the likes of Van Buren (Keosauqua) that have had a great season to date. Highland (Riverside), Mediapolis, Pella Christian and PCM-Monroe are also very capable. In Region 7 Mount Ayr looks to return and will be the favorite but look for Treynor and their tradition to come into play. In Region 8 a number of teams come to mind. Logan-Magnolia, Lawton-Bronson Des Moines Christian and IKM-Manning make this a tough regional to pick. Tony’s Class 2A Girls Basketball State Tournament Picks Odebolt-Arthur/Battle Creek-Ida Grove, Kuemper Catholic (Carroll), Sumner-Fredericksburg, RolandStory, Monticello, Bondurant-Farrar, Mount Ayr and IKM-Manning In Class 1A and in Region 1 with a new look but same old tradition is North Sentral Kossuth with Central Lyon (Rock Rapids) and Marcus-MeridenCleghorn contenders as well. In Region 2 Ar-We-Va (Westside) looks poised and while carry the favorite tag with West Sioux (Hawarden) in the picture as well. In Region 3 a familiar name rises up in North Butler (Greene) but it will have to battle West Hancock (Britt) more than likely. Northeast Hamilton (Blairsburg) is also dangerous. In Region 4 Tripoli has moved from winning the volleyball title to be a strong contender for the state basketball title as well. Prince of Peace (Clinton), East Central (Miles) and Preston are the sleepers here. In Region 5 Lynnville-Sully looks to be a good choice but watch out for North Tama (Traer) while in Region 6 North Mahaska (New Sharon) has the edge. In Region 7 Bedford should be tough but Stanton is just as formidable and could be the two meeting for the trip in March to Des Moines. Martensdale-St. Mary’s would like nothing better than to take another shot at state and this year if they are to gain a bid will have need to watch for Sidney. Tony’s Class1A Girls Basketball State Tournament Picks North Sentral Kossuth, Ar-We-Va (Westside), North Butler (Greene), Tripoli, Lynnville-Sully, Stanton, Martensdale-St. Mary’s

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s Name: Austin Abba lls Fa r School: Ceda Class: 4A nior at Austin Abbas, a se hool, is Sc h Hig Cedar Falls r year in ula tac ec sp a g vin ha is he a ly on t No . swimming -ranked top the of er mb me but he’s team in the state, mer in also the top swim ds the the state. Abbas lea the 50 rest of the state in style, Freestyle, 100 Free 0 100 Backstroke, 20 ual ivid Ind 0 20 le, Freesty er of mb me a Medley and is relay lls Fa r da Ce ee all thr also tops teams, which are te. sta in the

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on Name: Karen Huts agnolia -M an Log ol: ho Sc Class: 2A nior Karen Hutson, a se lia no at Logan-Mag hed a High School, reac 13th c. De milestone on Maple st ain ag y tor vic a in en wh o -Ot on Valley-Anth 00th 1,0 r he ed or sc e sh n also career point. Hutso h 23.1 leads Class 2A wit She is a points per game. y Loganlarge factor in wh in a team ma re l wil a Magnoli season stpo to watch come play.

Name: Jake Logan School: Norwalk Class: 3A


tts Name: Shronda Bu s East ine Mo s De ol: Scho Class: 4A

her Des Along with three of Logan ke Ja r ates, nio se mm alk Norw ines East tea y his team Mo de ma tts Bu is a big reason wh a Shrond Class a letter is ranked No. 2 in history by signing the g din lea sketball ba y pla 3A. Logan is to t en of int .1 PPG), (16 ing or ol. Next sc ho in sc I m tea at a Division G; high up for it su l wil rebounding (11 RP tts Bu s (9) and year, ck blo ), . She is 3A es ss av Cla Br for the Bradley e (66.7 s per int po .8 12 shooting percentag ing ag aver sists as t). 39 en s rc ha pe game and the year on als ste 35 d an team. for Class 4A’s top

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Heart of a Coach: Randy Duffy Ashley Lewis Iowa FCA

Randy Duffy is the Huddle Coach at Bondeurant-Farrar High School. Duffy is a great example of how a high school coach can be a positive influence on young peoples’ lives through.

List your chosen attribute: Meekness (Humility) What is your personal definition of this word? Giving God the credit and not yourself.

What are some of your favorite quotes from other people about this word? “Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is selfgiven. Be careful.” — John Wooden

What is your favorite Biblical passage that deals with this characteristic? “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” (Matthew 5:5).

Why did you choose that particular passage?

Randy Duffy (Huddle Coach at Bondurant-Farrar High School) and family.

Given as part of the Sermon on the Mount…the Beatitudes provide direction for Salvation and also keys to getting through our everyday lives

Please give an application/example of this word in your life. Sharing with others that we are blessed to have the opportunities that we have and that things are easy when our decisions are based on meekness that is God directed!

How do you apply this word in your sport? We have pregame juice and bagels and always have readings from different coaches and the readings always focus on serving others and being part of something bigger than ourselves!

How did you become involved in FCA? Jason “Sandman” Sanders at Waukee allowed me to share a few times to their group, so when I started teaching and coaching at Bondurant we started a huddle!

How active within FCA where/are you? We have a great Huddle here at BF…..we meet the 2nd/4th weds night of each month @ 8:30…..and we also sponsored 5th quarters after every home football game providing food and drinks for our 9-12 students.

What is your athletic experience? Just your average high school benchwarmer

What is your coaching experience? Alden High School in North Central Iowa-Boys Basketball Coach/Athletic Director Waukee High School-Middle School Basketball Bondurant Farrar High School-Boys Basketball Coach For more Heart of a Coach stories, go to or call 515-727-1868.


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Tight Battle Shaping Up for Midwest High School Hockey League Title Tony Atzeni Radio Account Manager The Midwest High School Hockey League was formed in 2006 when what was the Iowa High School Hockey League expanded to include teams from Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska, Sioux Falls, South Dakota and two teams from Kansas City, Missouri. The high school league was formed in 1976 and has teams from eight Iowa cities with the rosters filled by student athletes from high schools across the state. The Iowa based teams include teams from Ames, Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, Mason City, Quad Cities, Sioux City, Waterloo and two from Des Moines. The MHSHL plays their championship and all-star games at the Ames/ISU Ice Arena in Ames and this year the championship is set for the last weekend in February for the varsity league and the first weekend of March for the junior varsity league which will also include the MHSHL All-Star game. Last season the Des Moines Capitals won the varsity championship and are once again contenders along with six others as the teams approach the final month of the season. The Capitals and the Des Moines Oak Leafs have each won three titles this decade bit it is the Oak leafs and Quad Cities that are playing the best hockey at the mid-way point in January. Add Waterloo, Kansas City Stars, Sioux Falls and Omaha to the mix and it should be a highly contested regular season title run for all involved. If there is one team that has made great strides to be in the league race it has to be Quad Cities. The Blues are coming off a 10-19-2 season and at the time of the story had already posted 15 victories on the season. This season has had many stars leading the way for their particular teams. Corbin Belling is at the top of the list, leading the league in goals scored, assist and total points. Bobby Cassett is the leader for Quad Cities very balanced attack. John Watson, Connor Cox and Trevor Seibert are a solid trio for the Capitals while Mason City relies on their duo of Isaac Gribben and Hunter King on the offensive end. As in any team sport, a championship cannot be accomplished without a defense and in hockey, good goaltending. The Oak Leafs run to the top starts with their strong defense and Jake Rosenbaum between the pipes. Rosenbaum, along with Thomas Doheny, are 1-2 in the league

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in goals against average and right there in save percentage. One of the great stories this season is that of Waterloo goalie Jordan Sheeley of Waterloo. Sheeley was a defenseman but when their projected goalie went to play hockey elsewhere he moved to the position and has been nothing short of fantastic. Sheeley has the league lead in shutouts with six and was second in victories with 15. Mike Brown of Quad Cities has been a work horse and is the leader in wins between the pipes with fifteen. The Stars have Brett Noland in goal, who ranks in the top five in goals against average and the league-leader in save percentage. Brendon Stinson is also solid as the two split time in net. So who will be the 2010-2011 MHSHL regular season champions and the #1 seed come tournament time? Who will raise the trophy at the end of February as the league champion? Those are the questions that can only be answered with the remainder of the season and post season play on the ice. As a fan you can find out that answer in Ames at the MHSHL Championship tournament. One thing is for sure being at the past three championships, the fans of the league are outstanding and dedicated. It takes a great commitment to play this sport with the practices and travel each weekend and it is beyond just the student-athletes but the families and extended families that make it happen. Good Luck to all the teams and players and enjoy making life memories. Note: Go to www.iowasportsconnection .com weekly for the each weeks story, standings and statistical leaders in the Midwest High School Hockey League. Post Season Tournament Schedule Information Ames/ISU Ice Arena 1507 Gateway Hulls Park Dr. Ames, Iowa 515-292-6835 2011 Varsity MHSHL Championship Tournament February 25-27 - Ames/ISU Ice Arena

Waterloo’s Jordan Sheeley makes a save agaisnt the Des Moines Capitals. Sheeley stepped into the goalie position this season and leads the league in wins (15). 2011 MHSHL Jr. Varsity Year-End Tournament March 4-6 - Ames/ISU Ice Arena 2011 MHSHL East-West All-Star Game Saturday, March 5 - Ames/ISU Ice Arena Past Decade Champions 2009-2010 – Des Moines Capitals 2008-2009 – Waterloo Warriors 2007-2008 – Des Moines Oak Leafs 2006-2007 – Des Moines Oak Leafs 2005-2006 – Des Moines Oak Leafs 2004-2005 – Des Moines Capitals 2003-2004 – Des Moines Capitals 2002-2003 – Mason City Mohawks 2001-2002 – Omaha Jr. Lancers 2000-2001 – Omaha Jr. Lancers

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A quick look at some of the State’s best performances from the Missouri to the Mississippi

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


Waterloo West (Girls Basketball) beat Linn-Mar (Marion 53-44 on Jan. 4, snapping the Lions’ record 39-game conference winning streak. Larry Hessing (Pella Christian, Boys Basketball) reached a coaching milestone with the 500th victory of his career when the Eagles defeated Newton on Jan. 7, 62-44. Dani Coover (Belle Plaine) broke the all-time record for career rebounds at Belle Plaine against BGM on Jan. 7. Coover broke the old record of 546 set by Gina Schlesselman from 1999-2003. Coover has recorded 557 rebounds through Jan. 7 games. Casey Kasperbauer (Carroll) reached a milestone with his 1,000th career point on Jan. 7 against Dallas Center-Grimes. Michael Kaufman (Orient-Macksburg) reached a milestone with his 1,000th career point in a win over CAM (Anita) on Jan. 7. Drew Utterback (Sigourney) reached a milestone, scoring his 1,000th career point in a victory over North Mahaska (New Sharon) on Jan. 7. Bruce Dall (AGWSR, Ackley, Girls Basketball) reached a milestone with his 300th coaching victory, beating Grundy Center 45-44 Jan. 7. Maddie Oliver (Roland-Story) broke the school record with her 34-point performance against Jefferson-Scranton Jan. 4.

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8 7 4

1 3




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Midwest High School Hockey League Paul Fritzell (Ames)

Bryce Frost (Waterloo)

(Waterloo v. Des Moines Capitals)

Hunter King (Mason City)

John Watson (Des Moines Capitals)

Jon Skarlis (Waterloo)

Cameron Brookes (Des Moines Capitals)

Trevar Selbert (Des Moines Capitals)

Connor Cox (Des Moines Capitals)

(Mason City)

Do you have action photos of your athletes?

Jordan Sheeley (Waterloo)

Isaac Gribben (Mason City)

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Offensive Leaders passing





receptions yards
















Defensive Leaders name


for loss sacks


































0 0


December 28th, 2010 Sun Devil Stadium Tempe, Arizona

Play of the Game With 5:32 remaining in the game, defensive back MICAH HYDE returned an interception for 72 yards and a touchdown, without the help of safety Tyler Sash this time, giving Iowa a three point lead and ultimately resulting in the game winning score.

Player of the Game Running over, around, and through the Missouri defense, Iowa freshman MARCUS COKER got hot early on a 62-yard touchdown run in the first quarter. Coker racked up 219 yards on 33 carries and two touchdowns to help carry the Hawkeyes over the 12th-ranked Tigers.


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Hawkeyes Finish Fourth at Midlands Championships Traci Wagner University of Iowa Sports Information Department

The University of Iowa wrestling team crowned eight placewinners Thursday night at the 2010 Midlands Championships to place fourth with 91 points. Missouri won its first Midlands team title with 103.5, while Wisconsin placed second (95.5) and Lehigh placed third (93) at the 48th annual event in Evanston, IL. Portions of the event will be broadcast Jan. 8 at 3 p.m. (CT) and Jan. 14 at 6 p.m. (CT) on the Big Ten Network. Hawkeye sophomore Matt McDonough was Iowa’s top finisher, placing second at 125 pounds. The tournament’s top seed and the defending Midlands champion at 125, McDonough lost a 3-1 decision to #2 seed Brandon Precin of Northwestern in the championship finals. Precin scored a firstperiod takedown and added an escape in the second period to take a 3-0 lead in the match. McDonough scored an escape in the third period, but could not get the takedown to force overtime. The loss was McDonough’s first of the season, and only the second of his career. “I didn’t wrestle my best match,” said McDonough.” He (Precin) wrestled a really good match. Credit to him for wrestling his match, and


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there’s the problem right there. I gotta make it my match. I gotta stick it to him, and I’m still looking forward because it’s not the end of the season yet.” Also placing for the Hawkeyes were junior Tyler Clark (133-5th), seniors Aaron Janssen (1655th) and Luke Lofthouse (197-7th), redshirt freshmen Ethen Lofthouse (174-5th) and Tony Ramos (133-6th), and sophomores Mark Ballweg (141-6th) and Grant Gambrall (1846th). Clark (#11 seed), Janssen (unseeded) and Ethen Lofthouse (#9 seed) all wrestled above their seeds with their fifth-place finishes. Clark and Ramos met twice during the two-day tournament, with each posting one victory. Ramos scored a 3-1 decision in the championships quarterfinals Wednesday, while Clark scored a 2-1 decision in the first tiebreak period in the fifth-place match Thursday night. The sixth-ranked Hawkeyes (7-0, 1-0 Big Ten) will host Southern Illinois Edwardsville (1-6) Jan. 7 at 7 p.m. at Carver-Hawkeye Arena. The dual has been designated Autograph and HalfPrice Concessions Night. After the dual, Iowa wrestlers will sign autographs at tables around the Carver-Hawkeye Arena concourse.

FINAL MIDLANDS TOP 10 TEAM STANDINGS Place 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Team - Points Missouri - 103.5 Wisconsin - 95.5 Lehigh - 93.0 Iowa - 91.0 Pittsburgh - 82.5 Oklahoma - 82.0 Central Michigan - 72.5 Iowa State - 63.5 Nebraska - 63.0 Illinois - 60.5

IOWA’S MIDLANDS CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL RESULTS (# indicates tournament seed) 125 - #2 Brandon Precin (Northwestern) dec. #1 Matt McDonough (Iowa), 3-1 IOWA’S MIDLANDS FIFTH PLACE RESULTS (# indicates tournament seed) 133 - #11 Tyler Clark (Iowa) dec. #3 Tony Ramos (Iowa), 2-1 TB-1 141 - #6 Todd Schavrien (Missouri) maj. dec. #4 Mark Ballweg (Iowa), 14-2 165 - Aaron Janssen (Iowa) won by medical forfeit over Chris Spangler (Iowa State) 174 - #9 Ethen Lofthouse (Iowa) dec. #4 Mike Letts (Maryland), 6-4 184 - Ryan Loder (Northern Iowa) pinned #1 Grant Gambrall (Iowa),

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AIB Athletics Expanding to Eight Teams by 2013; Joining NAIA, MCC Jennifer Beal AIB Sports Information Director

AIB College of Business in Des Moines is increasing its athletics offerings from three sports to eight over the next three years. “Athletics will be an integral part of the AIB experience involving students, parents, faculty, staff, community and alumni,” said Terry Wilson, AIB’s vice president for student life and athletic director. AIB currently offers three sports – women’s basketball, men’s golf, women’s golf. AIB began offering women’s basketball in 2007-08 and added men’s and women’s golf in 2008-09. The college will add volleyball and men’s basketball in the fall of 2011, men’s and women’s soccer in 2012, and baseball and softball in 2013. The goal, Wilson said, is to bring in a minimum of 150 student athletes during that period of time. The Eagles became a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), in the fall of 2010 and has also gained acceptance as an associate member into the Midwest Collegiate Conference (MCC) and will begin conference play starting with the 2011-2012 season. The switch to NAIA comes three years after AIB was part of the Iowa Community College Athletic Association and a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association. Wilson said the switch to the NAIA made sense after more and more students continue to enroll in the college’s bachelor degree program. “We will strive to recruit quality studentathletes who fit the AIB and the NAIA Champions of Character mission,” Wilson said. “AIB athletics will promote pride in the College among students, faculty, staff, and alumni.” AIB women’s basketball head coach Jerry Kindhart is in his second season at the helm of the program. Kindhart’s resume includes 40+ years coaching girl’s and women’s basketball in the state of Iowa. He took Ballard High School and Dallas Center-Grimes High School to the state tournament in 1970 and 1998, respectively. A graduate of Simpson College, Kindhart was voted to the Iowa Girls Coaches Association Hall of Fame and Iowa High School Athletics Hall of Fame in 2006.

Tony Giannetto will be at the helm of the men’s basketball and men’s and women’s golf teams at AIB. Giannetto has coached basketball for more than 25 years, the majority of them in Marshalltown. He began his career playing basketball at Marshalltown High School and was a member of the 1966 state championship team. Giannetto then played collegiate basketball at Marshalltown Community College under Jon Renner before transferring to UNI to play under Zeke Hoglan. His coaching mentor is George Funk, who is in the Iowa High School Athletic Association Hall of Fame. Another Marshalltown native, Jodi Butler, is the head coach of the AIB volleyball team. Butler, a 2002 graduate of Marshalltown High School, attended Marshalltown Community College where she participated in volleyball and basketball. A two-time all-conference selection in volleyball at Marshalltown, Butler transferred to Graceland University where she was a second-team allconference and honorable mention selection. After graduating from Graceland in 2007, she became the school’s assistant volleyball coach and assistant athletic secretary, positions she held until being named the head coach at AIB. The volleyball and men’s and women’s basketball teams will play their home games in the AIB Activities Center, a $5 million facility built in 1999 that features a gymnasium, running track, cardio room, weight room, men’s and women’s locker rooms, a press box, scoreboards and concession areas. The men’s and women’s golf teams practice and play their home tournaments at Copper Creek Golf Course. Student athletes interested in playing for the AIB Eagles should contact Terry Wilson at 515246-5334.

AIB Women’s Basketball (est. 2007)

About AIB College of Business Founded in 1921, AIB College of Business in Des Moines is an independent, nonprofit, coeducational college of business offering day, evening, and online degrees. AIB offers a Degree in 3 program so that students can earn both an Associate and Bachelor’s degree in just three years if enrolled full-time. In addition, AIB offers a Tuition Freeze program, which locks in tuition for students who choose to enroll full-time. AIB has an enrollment of approximately 900 students and offers career assistance to its graduates for life. Located minutes from downtown, the College also features many student organizations. Bachelor of Science degrees can be earned in accounting, business administration, and court reporting. Associate of Applied Science degrees are offered in accounting, business administration, media communication, health information management, steno transcription, voice captioning, voice court reporting, and voice transcription. Business administration degrees are offered in the areas of leadership, financial services, international business, information technology, sales and marketing, insurance services, sports and event management, and travel and hospitality management.

For more information, please call 800.444.1921 or text “AIB” to 68632.



Des Moines, IA


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your earnhelor’s bac



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Iowa State Finishes Eighth at National Duals Thomas Kroeschell Iowa State Athletic Communications

The Iowa State wrestling team earned an eighth-place finish at the 2011 NWCA/Cliff Keen National Duals. The team placed eighth despite entering as an unseeded team. The Cyclones went 2-3 for the tournament with victories over Northern Illinois and American in the UNI Dome.

Phil Hawes used his minute of riding time to secure a 4-2 victory over Matt Casperson at 197 pounds. Hawes secured an early takedown and controlled his opponent throughout the match.

The Cyclones fell to familiar foe Boise State 25-13 for the second time Sunday, the same score by which Boise State prevailed on Saturday.

Results 125: Alan Bartelli (Boise State) dec. Brandon Jones (Iowa State), 8-3 133: Andrew Hochstrasser (Boise State) pin Ben Cash (Iowa State), 2:53 141: Levi Jones (Boise State) win by forfeit 149: Jason Chamberlain (Boise State) mdec. Max Mayfield (Iowa State), 13-4 157: Adam Hall (Boise State) dec. Trent Weatherman (Iowa State), 10-3 165: Andrew Sorenson (Iowa State) dec. Michael Cuthbertson (Boise State), 5-3 SV 174: Jon Reader (Iowa State) dec. Jake Schwartz (Boise State), 8-2 184: Cole Shafer (Iowa State) mdec. Randy Larson (Boise State), 13-5 197: Phil Hawes (Iowa State) dec. Matt Casperson (Boise State), 4-2 285: J.T. Feelix (Boise State) dec. Matt Gibson (Iowa State), 4-2

The teams we lost to are better teams right now,” Jackson said. “We are a .500 team right now. It is a long season and we held out some guys because we have so much coming up.” Iowa State’s 141-pound All-American, Chris Drouin, missed Sunday’s matches after breaking a finger Saturday. Cyclone 197-pounder Jerome Ward wrestled just one of Iowa State’s five matches. ISU’s 149-pound senior Nate Carr Jr. wrestled only two matches over the weekend. “Drouin is banged up. Jerome has been slow to comeback from arthroscopic knee surgery,” Jackson said. “We expected him to be better off now than he is. Nate Carr Jr. has struggled with his weight and we will have to decide whether he should move up to 157. We shall see.”

Andrew Sorenson once again came through for the Cyclones with a gritty 5-3 overtime win over Michael Cuthbertson at 165 pounds. Sorenson used a takedown with 25 seconds left in the overtime period to seal up his fourth victory of the weekend. Top-ranked Jon Reader continued his undefeated season with an 8-2 victory over Jake Schwartz at 174 pounds. Reader rolled up two minutes of riding time en route to the victory which makes him 23-0 this season. Cole Shafer put forth an impressive performance in his 13-5 decision over Randy Larson at 184 pounds. The redshirt freshman took his opponent down four times during the one-sided match.

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athletic scholarship

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Soccer - Men & Women

Bowling - Men & Women

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Volleyball - Women Wrestling - Men

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Collegiate Corner Iowa State Volleyball Finishes Season with Fifth-Straight NCAA Tourney Iowa Sports Connection

Meaghan Hayden Iowa State University Athletic Communications

Cyclone volleyball continued its tradition of success under head coach Christy JohnsonLynch in 2010, finishing the season ranked 25th by the America Volleyball Coaches Association with a record of 20-9 overall and 13-7 in the Big 12. Iowa State closed the season with its fifthstraight appearance in the NCAA Tournament. In six seasons under Johnson-Lynch, the Cyclones are 10952. The Cyclones compiled a 5-7 record against eight NCAA Tournament teams in 2010 to Victoria Henson help them to a 33rd (top left), ranking in the final Ashley Mass RPI rankings. In (top right) and August, Iowa State Jamie Straube lost to No. 13 Florida (left) were each before beating No. named AVCA 14 Kentucky the All-Americans. following day. The Cyclones began September with a 3-1 win over North Dakota State before sweeping No. 18 Northern Iowa. During the conference schedule, the Cyclones split the season series with Missouri and Oklahoma and lost two each to Nebraska and Texas. In the first round of the NCAA Tournament, the Cyclones traveled to Minneapolis, Minn. to play unseeded Creighton who was making its first-ever post season appearance. The teams traded sets through four games before the Bluejays made

a final push to win the match in five sets, ending Iowa State’s season. Iowa State finished third in the Big 12 in 2010 behind Nebraska and Texas. The Cyclones ranked second in the conference in assists per set (13.77), kills per set (14.61) and digs per set (17.29) this season. For the third-straight season, the Cyclones’ assists average ranked in the top 10, coming in sixth in the nation. The Cyclones also ranked in the top 10 in kills per set for the second consecutive year, finishing seventh. Outside hitter Victoria Henson led the league with 4.50 kills per set and 4.90 points per set. Henson’s averages ranked ninth and 11th in the country, respectively. Sophomore setter Alison Landwehr paced the Big 12 and ranked seventh among Division I volleyball players with 11.89 assists per set. Both Henson and fellow senior Ashley Mass went out on top as they each ended their Cyclone careers in 2010. Henson leaves Iowa State as the school’s record holder in kills, with 1,726, and kills per set (3.90). Mass became the Big 12 leader in career digs in 2010, finishing with 2,294 digs. She is the only Big 12 student-athlete to ever amass 2,200 digs in a career. Mass’ average of 4.92 digs per set is an Iowa State record and, having participated in 129 matches at Iowa State, Mass, along with Steph McCannon (1992-95) is the most active player in Cyclone history. Awards rolled in throughout the season for the Cyclones, including the third-straight Big 12 Libero of the Year honor for Mass. On her way to being named the conference’s top libero, Mass picked up three defensive weekly awards from the league office on the year to finish her four-year career

with 15 weekly conference awards, more than any other volleyball player in league history. Mass, Henson and Jamie Straube were named AVCA All-Americans for their superior play throughout the season. Henson, a previous all-American in 2008 and 2009, became only the second Cyclone in the volleyball program’s history to be named to the AVCA All-America First Team. Mass earned her third all-America nod, selected to the third team, and Straube, who led the Cyclones with a .326 hitting percentage and 1.05 blocks per set, garnered her first career honor as an honorable mention. The trio was also selected to the All-Big 12 First Team A standout in the classroom as well as on the court, Straube was named to the ESPN Academic All-District VII First Team and was joined on the Academic All-Big 12 First Team by teammates Cassie Pratt. Defensive specialist Caitlin Mahoney was named to the conference academic second team.

UPPER IOWA UNIVERSITY HAS A LOT TO BRAG ABOUT “ I chose Upper Iowa University to develop and broaden my education, play competitive collegiate sports, and meet new people. UIU offers opportunities to young minds everyday.” Shaina Marnell, ‘12 Hanover Park, IL

STUDENT FOCUSED – graduating students with less debt than any other private institution in Iowa EXCELLENT FACILITIES – completing $75 million in Phase I construction of classrooms, residence halls, and a student center GLOBALLY AVAILABLE – offering degrees through 17 U.S. educational centers and 3 international locations ONLINE EXCELLENCE – nationally ranked among top online degree-granting universities by Online Education Database and repeatedly rated for “best buy” programs by

Learn more at the

800-553-4150 On Campus • Distance Education • U.S. & International Centers Visit us on the web @ IA Sports ad - Jan 2011 - 7.875 x 4.indd 1

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Nile Kinnick Named Big Ten Icon No. 7 Steve Roe University of Iowa Sports Information Department

Iowa’s Nile Kinnick has been named Big Ten Icon No. 7. The announcement came today from Big Ten Network officials in Chicago. Iowa’s only Heisman Trophy winner is the fourth former Hawkeye named to the elite Big Ten Icon list. Hawkeyes, named earlier, included football’s Alex Karras (33rd) and Chuck Long (43rd) and wrestling’s Tom Brands (50th) Presented by Discover and hosted by Keith Jackson, Big Ten Icons featured a profile of the revered 1939 Heisman Trophy winner and namesake of the Hawkeyes’ football stadium. The episode included one-on-one interviews with former Big Ten Commissioner Wayne Duke, Iowa Athletic Director Gary Barta, former Hawkeye athletic director Bump Elliott, Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz, broadcasters Bob Brooks, Gary Dolphin and Ron Gonder and many others. Kinnick’s jersey number 24 is one of only two numbers retired by the Hawkeyes. He was inducted into the inaugural class of the College Football Hall of Fame in 1951. The native of Adel, Iowa, stood just 5-foot-8 and weighed 170 pounds, but did it all for the Hawkeyes, serving as a halfback, defensive back and punter on the football team, and was the basketball team’s second-leading scorer as a sophomore. As a senior, Kinnick was elected the University of Iowa’s class president. On the football field, the 1939 Hawkeyes were known as “The Ironmen,” still regarded as one of the best teams in school history. The Hawkeyes posted a 6-1-1 record under new coach Eddie Anderson, and Kinnick earned much of the credit. He threw for 638 yards and 11 touchdowns on only 31 passes, and ran for 374 yards and five touchdowns. In all, Kinnick accounted for 107 of Iowa’s 130 points – and that was just on offense. Defensively, Kinnick set a new Iowa record with eight interceptions that still stands today. Kinnick not only won the Heisman Trophy, but

was a consensus first team All-American, the winner of the Chicago Tribune’s Silver Football, as the Big Ten’s Most Valuable Player; the Walter Camp Award; the Maxwell Award; and the Associated Press’ Male Athlete of the Year, trumping New York Yankees great Joe DiMaggio and boxing champion Joe Louis. At the Heisman dinner in New York, two years before the United States entered World War II, Kinnick delivered a passionate, patriotic speech that reportedly caused the 700 people in attendance to give him a standing ovation. The Boston Post’s Bill Cunningham covered the event and wrote, “This country’s OK as long as it’s producing Nile Kinnicks. The football part is incidental.” At his graduation the following spring, Kinnick delivered the commencement speech for the university’s class of 1940. He turned down several opportunities to play professional football and a contract offer from the Yankees, and elected to attend Iowa law school, where he was third in his class after one year. Kinnick joined the Naval Air Reserve in 1941 and was training to be a fighter pilot. He died in June 1943 during a routine training flight off the coast of Venezuela.

Fans can visit to see a complete roster of Big Ten Icons, which also features essays, video and other key facts about each Icon’s career. BIG TEN ICONS TOP 20 COUNTDOWN: No. 20 Charles Woodson, Michigan football (1995-97) No. 19 Suzy Favor Hamilton, Wisconsin track and field (1987-91) No. 18 Jack Nicklaus, Ohio State golf (1959-61) No. 17 Steve Alford, Indiana basketball (1983-87) No. 16 John Cappelletti, Penn State football (1971-74) No. 15 Dave Winfield, Minnesota baseball/ basketball (1970-73) No. 14 Otto Graham, Northwestern football/ basketball/baseball (1940-44) No. 13 Ron Dayne, Wisconsin football (19962000)

In an essay for, former Chicago Tribune sports editor Dan McGrath wrote that Kinnick and fellow Ironmen, “pretty much rescued University of Iowa football during a magical 1939 season that still stirs the imagination 71 years after it took place.” To read the essay on Kinnick and learn more about his accomplishments, visit his Big Ten Icons locker at

No. 12 John Wooden, Purdue basketball (193032)

The No. 1 Big Ten Icon will be revealed in March 2011 in conjunction with the Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament. Big Ten Icons is the network’s most ambitious multi-platform initiative to date. The program is counting down the top 50 student-athletes in Big Ten history, based solely on their collegiate playing careers. All student-athletes from current Big Ten schools are eligible for the network’s list.

No. 8 Jerry Lucas, Ohio State basketball (1959-62)

No. 11 Mark Spitz, Indiana swimming (1968-72) No. 10 Isiah Thomas, Indiana basketball (197981) No. 9

Rick Mount, Purdue basketball (1967-70)

No. 7 Nile Kinnick, Iowa football/basketball (1937-39)

Good January 1 - February 28, 2011. 22

Volume 12 Issue 11

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Collegiate Corner A Pilot for the President: Central Grad Turner Lands Dream Job Iowa Sports Connection

Larry Happel Central College Sports Information Director Nick Turner says he’s living the dream. That was true in 2000, when he celebrated with teammates in a soggy end zone on a gray November afternoon in Linfield, Ore. after he helped the Central College football team sneak away with a memorable NCAA Division III playoff win. It’s equally true 10 years later, as he anxiously guides a VH-3D helicopter onto a tiny aluminum disk planted on a sliver of land most know as the White House lawn, where he helps drop off a passenger, President Barack Obama. “I’ve been riding a pretty good wave,” says Turner, a captain in the U.S. Marine Corps in Quantico, Va. and a member of the elite HMX-1 Squadron, which is responsible for direct helicopter support for the White House. It’s a long trek from starting free safety on the Dutch football squad to serving as a co-pilot for Marine One, as the helicopter is known when it ferries the president. But Turner, who helped the Dutch posted a glossy 37-3 regular-season record in his four seasons, said Central’s preparation was invaluable. “What I learned from the faculty and from playing football at Central—knowing the right things to do and making the right decisions when faced with a fork in the road—that’s what’s made me successful,” Turner says. “I wasn’t the smartest guy, but another thing Central teaches you is to not quit, to never give up.” After graduating from Central in 2001, Turner decided to pursue his dream of serving as a pilot by joining the Marines. Turner’s father, Larry, flew helicopters for the Marines in Vietnam and operates Turner Copter Services, Inc., a crop spraying and heavy lifting business in Elliott, Iowa. Turner was based in Hawaii from 2004-09, but served in Iraq for a seven-month rotation in 2007, and in 2009, spent another two months in Iraq followed by five months in Afghanistan. Turner and a fellow officer planned and led Operation Khanjar July 2, 2009. The operation was an offensive in Helmand province in southern Afghanistan that utilized 4,000 U.S. troops and included the Marines’ biggest

offensive airlift since the Vietnam War. Turner spent nine hours hunched in the back of a Blackhawk helicopter that day, directing the mission and the 75-90 helicopters that were in the air at any one time. “All the things I did at Central and in my life helped prepare me for those nine hours when I had to make decisions that affect people’s lives,” Turner says. “No matter what preparation you have, you never know how you’ll react in that kind of situation. Luckily, I must have got it right because no one got seriously hurt and the Marines were able to occupy the ground and take care of business. And they’re still taking care of business on that same ground today.” In 2009, Turner was chosen to serve with the HMX-1 Squadron, an all-star team also known as the Nighthawks. The selection process required a spotless record. Even speeding tickets are examined. Turner is in the first year of a four-year rotation, serving as a co-pilot. Only five Marines are allowed to serve as pilot for the president and each must be in the fourth year of a rotation.Turner flies two or three times a week, although he can sometimes fly three helicopters in a day. The rest of his time is spent as a schedule writer. He’s had the surreal assignment of helping fly the president three times. “It’s pretty awe-inspiring,” Turner says. “He usually sticks his head in the cockpit and shakes hands with the crew. So I’ve shaken his hand three times.” It’s often a short trip. But transporting America’s leader feels a bit weightier than running the kids to soccer practice. “I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say it is an amazing amount of pressure,” he says. That’s even true in simply returning the president to the White House, where the helicopter must clear trees that closely hug the grounds before safely dropping on one of three small aluminum landing disks.

Nick Turner “On TV, the White House lawn looks enormous,” Turner says. “But I’m here to tell you, it’s not.” Aside from serving as a convenience for the president, Turner notes that helicopter service saves considerable time and expense over presidential ground transportation, which requires extra security in blocking off roads and clogs city traffic. It’s also a more secure way to travel. Wherever the president travels in the world, an HMX-1 pilot and helicopter are stationed nearby. “You never know when you’re going,” Turner says. “You always have your bags packed.” At 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning last summer, he was notified that he needed to fly to Pensacola, Fla. because President Obama wanted to inspect the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Turner was airborne two hours later. It makes for a high-octane lifestyle. “Sometimes you kind of have to pinch yourself,” Turner says. “You stop and think, holy cow, what I’m doing is pretty cool.”


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Collegiate Corner

Iowa Sports Connection

Baker Named Iowa Conference Student-Athlete of the Year Mark Adkins Wartburg Sports Information Director

Wartburg College indoor and outdoor track and field multi-time All-American and national champion Hannah Baker was named the Iowa Conference’s female winner of the 2009-10 Duane Schroeder Scholar Athlete of the Year award. The announcement was made Thursday, Dec. 30. Baker is the third Knights’ women’s studentathlete to be recognized and the college’s fifth combined all-time honoree. A 2010 NCAA Postgraduate Scholar, the Keota native graduated Summa Cum Laude last May after posting a 3.98 grade point average while majoring in biology and minoring in psychology. She was named to the Dean’s List on four occasions, earned the Wartburg College Dean’s Honor Cord upon graduation for having one of the top 40 cumulative GPAs in the Class of 2010, and was named the 2010 Outstanding Senior in biology. Baker was a three-time CoSIDA/ESPN The Magazine Academic All-American®, being named to the second team in 2008 and the first team in both 2009 and 2010. She was also a three-time pick for both the Iowa Conference and United States Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA) All-Academic Teams. In addition, Baker was selected as the Iowa Conference’s nominee for the NCAA Woman of the Year Award, advancing

to the Top 9 phase as one of the final three nominees representing Division III. She is currently attending graduate school at the University of WisconsinMadison, majoring in genetic counseling.

Hannah Baker (Wartburg)

Baker was a standout sprinter on the Wartburg track and field team, claiming membership on the Knights’ 2009 outdoor and 2009 and 2010 indoor NCAA Division III Championship teams and a total of eight Iowa Conference championship teams (4 indoor, 4 outdoor). She also earned All-America honors in the 400-meter dash six times, placing as high as second twice (2008 indoors, 2009 outdoors), and ran on eight All-America relays, including five national champion 4x400-meter relays (200708-09-10 outdoor, 2009 indoor). At the conference level, Baker was a 12-time Iowa Conference champion, winning the 400 six times (indoor and outdoor, 2007-08-09). She was named the Most Valuable Performer at the 2008 IIAC indoor meet after winning the

200- and 400-meter dashes and the long jump. She graduated as the Iowa Conference record holder in the indoor 400-meter dash (56.63 seconds), outdoor 400-meter dash (54.56), and as a member of the indoor 4x200-meter relay (1:41.54). She also holds Wartburg school records in the indoor 400 and outdoor 400 and as a member of five record-holding relays. In addition to these accomplishments, Baker was awarded the 2010 Chellevold Award as Wartburg’s Outstanding Senior Female StudentAthlete and was the Wartburg track and field squad’s newcomer of the year in 2007.



Volume 12 Issue 11

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Minor But Major

Iowa Sports Connection

NHL Mid-Term Rankings List 49 USHL Players; 12 from Iowa Teams USHL

NHL Central Scouting released Monday their mid-term rankings of draft-eligible prospects in advance of the 2011 NHL Entry Draft. Among the rankings are 49 players currently competing in the USHL.

#98 – Zac Larraza (F), Team USA #103 – Andy Welinski (D), Green Bay Gamblers

A total of 41 USHL players – 24 forwards and 17 defensemen – were listed in the top 212 North American skaters. Fourteen USHL clubs had at least one player listed in the NHL Central Scouting mid-term rankings.


Leading the list of USHL players is Team USA forward Tyler Biggs who was tabbed at fifth on the rankings. His teammate on Team USA’s Under-18 squad, J.T. Miller, was slated at #13. Scott Mayfield of the Youngstown Phantoms was the fifth highest ranked defenseman in North American, coming in at #15 on the list. Team USA forward Rocco Grimaldi (#25) and Omaha Lancers forward Seth Ambroz were also included in the top 30 players in the rankings.

#13 – J.T. Miller (F), Team USA

Eight USHL goaltenders were on the list of 34 top draft-eligible North American netminders. Leading that list is Team USA goaltender John Gibson who is 2-3-2 in eight USHL games this season. Gibson’s goaltending partner on the Under-18 squad, Matt McNeely, earned the #5 ranking while Jay Williams (#15) of the Waterloo Black Hawks and Adam Wilcox (#17) of the Green Bay Gamblers were also among the top 20 North American goaltenders.

#56 – Sean Kuraly (F), Indiana Ice

USHL Players on NHL Central Scouting Midterm


Volume 12 Issue 11

Skaters #5 – Tyler Biggs (F), Team USA

#15 – Scott Mayfield (D), Youngstown Phantoms #25 – Rocco Grimaldi (F), Team USA #28 – Seth Ambroz (F), Omaha Lancers #32 – Michael Paliotta (D), Team USA

#59 – Adam Reid (F), Team USA #72 – Robbie Russo (D), Team USA #83 – Colten St. Clair (F), Fargo Force #89 – Austin Czarnik (F), Green Bay Gamblers #90 – Dan Carlson (F), Team USA

#110 – Logan Nelson (F), Des Moines Buccaneers #111 – Zach Saar (F), Chicago Steel #112 – Blake Pietila (F), Team USA #121 – Sam Windle (D), Chicago Steel #125 – J.T. Stenglein (F), Youngstown Phantoms #127 – Sam Warning (F), Cedar Rapids RoughRiders #128 – Joakim Ryan (D), Dubuque Fighting Saints #138 – Garret Haar (D), Fargo Force #149 – Aaron Harstad (D), Green Bay Gamblers #152 – Chris Bradley (D), Youngstown Phantoms #156 – Brendan Woods (F), Muskegon Lumberjacks #159 – Max McCormick (F), Sioux City Musketeers #164 – Jaycob Megna (D), Muskegon Lumberjacks

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Minor But Major

Iowa Sports Connection

#172 – Cason Hohmann (F), Cedar Rapids RoughRiders


#175 – Barrett Kaib (D), Team USA

#1 – John Gibson, Team USA

#185 – Gunnar Hughes (F), Waterloo Black Hawks

#5 – Matt McNeely, Team USA

#55 – Matt Nieto (F), Boston University – Team USA, 2009-10 #61 – Adam Clendening (D), Boston University – Team USA, 2009-10

#15 – Jay Williams, Waterloo Black

#63 – Michael Mersch (F), University of Wisconsin – Team USA, 2009-10

#188 – Andrew Ryan (D), Team USA


#190 – Joe Fiala (D), Team USA

#17 – Adam Wilcox, Green Bay Gamblers

#193 – Alexx Privitera (D), Muskegon Lumberjacks

#22 – Jackson Teichroeb, Dubuque Fighting Saints


#198 – Josiah Didier (D), Cedar Rapids RoughRiders

#24 – Matthew O’Connor, Youngstown Phantoms

#139 – Sahir Gill (F), Boston University – Chicago Steel, 2009-10

#32 – Stephon Williams, Sioux Falls Stampede #202 – Larry Smith, Jr. (D), Sioux City Musketeers #33 – John Keeney, Omaha Lancers #204 – Cole Bardreau (F), Team USA #206 – Reid Boucher (F), Team USA

In addition to the 49 current USHL players on the NHL Central Scouting rankings, there are 13 USHL alumni appearing on the list;

#207 – Brian Ferlin (F), Indiana Ice Skaters #209 – John Gaudreau (F), Dubuque Fighting Saints

#6 – Brandon Saad (F), Saginaw (OHL) – Team USA, 2009-10

LV* - Austin Wuthrich (F), Team USA LV* - Connor Murphy (D), Team USA *limited viewing

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#27 – Jamie Oleksiak (D), Northeastern University – Sioux Falls Stampede/Chicago Steel, 2008-10 #38 – Nick Shore (F), University of Denver – Team USA, 2009-10

#92 – Frankie Simonelli (D), University of Wisconsin – Team USA,

#203 – J.D. Carrabino (D), Springfield (EJHL) – Omaha Lancers/Youngstown Phantoms, 2009-10 Goaltenders #23 – Matt Mahalak, Plymouth (OHL) – Youngstown Phantoms, 200910 #26 – Michael Houser, London (OHL) – Des Moines Buccaneers

Volume 12 Issue 11


Minor But Major

Iowa Sports Connection

USHL Leads to NCAA, College Degrees and the NHL Tim Weideman Editor The United States Hockey League entertains many Iowa sports fans throughout the winter months. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of these young athletes is that most are high school students attempting to achieve their dream of playing in the NHL, while also staying on the path to earning a college degree. The USHL proudly promotes the benefits of earning a college degree, just in case the hockey-for-life plan doesn’t work out. According to the league’s website, 84 percent of athletes who play hockey at the NCAA level go on to graduate. Besides the educational benefits, the USHL is also becoming an even better way for young hockey stars to reach the NHL. Roughly 24 percent of all players in the NHL reached that point via the NCAA and 25 percent of all players in the NCAA competed in the USHL. Here are the players on Iowa USHL teams who have committed to NCAA programs:

Cedar Rapids RoughRiders Cody Campbell, Niagara University (Atlantic Hockey, D1) Anthony DeAngelo, Boston University (Hockey East, D1) Josiah Didier, University of Denver (WCHA, D1) Tommy Fallen, Yale University (ECACHL, D1) Matt Hansen, Colorado College (WCHA, D1) Brady Hjelle, Ohio State University (CCHA, D1) Cason Hohmann, Boston University (Hockey East, D1) Rasmus Juell, Northeastern University (Hockey East, D1) Justin Kovacs, Northeastern University (Hockey East, D1) Jayson Megna, University of Nebraska-Omaha (WCHA, D1) Michael Parks, University of North Dakota (WCHA, D1) Peter Sakaris, Clarkson University (ECACHL, D1)

Simpson, Andy, Dartmouth College (ECACHL, D1) Warning, Sam, University of Minnesota (WCHA, D1) Wilson, Stu, Yale University (ECACHL, D1) Des Moines Buccaneers Mitch Cain, Bemidji State University (WCHA, D1) Doug Clifford, Niagara University (Atlantic Hockey, D1) Austin Coldwell, University of Alaska-Anchorage (WCHA, D1) Cal Decowski, University of Minnesota-Duluth (WCHA, D1) Blake Doerring, University of Vermont (Hockey East, D1) Kevin Irwin, Ohio State University (CCHA, D1) Chris Joyaux, Ohio State University (CCHA, D1) Connor Kucera, Bowling Green State University (CCHA, D1) Dajon Mingo, Bowling Green State University (CCHA, D1) Ethan Prow, St. Cloud State University (WCHA, D1) Justin Selman, University of Michigan (CCHA, D1) Michael Shibrowski, Colorado College (WCHA, D1) Peter Stoykewych, Colorado College (WCHA, D1) Dubuque Fighting Saints Luke Curadi, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (ECACHL, D1) Jordan DiGiando, Colorado College (WCHA, D1) Derek Docken, University of Alaska-Anchorage (WCHA, D1) John Gaudreau, Northeastern University (Hockey East, D1) Zemgus Girgensons, University of Vermont (Hockey East, D1) Eric Johnson, University of Notre Dame (CCHA, D1) Tony Larson, University of Alaska-Anchorage (WCHA, D1) Nick Luukko, University of Vermont (Hockey East, D1) Joakim Ryan, Cornell University (ECACHL, D1) Vinny Saponari, Boston College (Hockey East, D1) Colton Saucerman, University of Massachusetts-Lowell (Hockey East, D1) Castan Sommer, Holy Cross (Atlantic Hockey, D1) Scott Wamsganz, Colorado College (WCHA, D1) Sioux City Musketeers Ryan Carpenter, Bowling Green State University (CCHA, D1)

Max Gaede, Minnesota State University - Mankato (WCHA, D1) Maxim Gaudreault, University of New Hampshire (Hockey East, D1) Nick Gordon, Rochester Institute of Technology (Atlantic Hockey, D1) Caleb Herbert, University of Minnesota-Duluth (WCHA, D1) Troy Hesketh, University of Wisconsin (WCHA, D1) Max McCormick, Ohio State University (CCHA, D1) Tim O’Brien, Dartmouth College (ECACHL, D1) Matt Paape, University of Wisconsin (WCHA, D1) Brett Patterson, Dartmouth College (ECACHL, D1) Jordan Schmaltz, University of North Dakota (WCHA, D1) Matt Skoff, Ohio State University (CCHA, D1) Waterloo Black Hawks Anthony Day, Yale University (ECACHL, D1) Tyson Fulton, Union College (ECACHL, D1) Alex Guptill, University of Michigan (CCHA, D1) Jamie Hill, University of New Hampshire (Hockey East, D1) Vince Hinostroza, University of Notre Dame (CCHA, D1) Gunnar Hughes, St. Lawrence University (ECACHL, D1) Mike Montagna, University of Vermont (Hockey East, D1) C.J. Motte, Ferris State University (CCHA, D1) Zach Palmquist, Minnesota State University Mankato (WCHA, D1) Andrew Panzarella, University of North Dakota (WCHA, D1) Jay Williams, Miami University (CCHA, D1) Jake Youso, Holy Cross (Atlantic Hockey, D1) 28

Volume 12 Issue 11

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Health & Fitness

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Common Wrestling Injuries and Conditions Barron R.B. Bremner, D.O. Des Moines Orthopaedic Surgeons Wrestling is one of the oldest spor ts in the world, and holds a special int erest in the hear ts of many Iowans. Wrestling is an extremely aggressive and strenuous activity, and has a fairly predict able range of common injuries and conditions. Prompt recognition and treatment is needed t o minimize time of f the mat.

become infect ed with resist ant strains of bact eria, which can be more dif ficult t o treat. Ringworm is actually not a worm at all, but a fungus, and it forms a scaly red ring with central clearing. It is the same fungus(Tinea corporis) that causes jock itch and athlet es foot. Treatment is t opical or oral antifungals. Athlet es can return t o spor t af t er 3 days of Skin Infections treatment for skin lesions, 14 days for Wrestling has the highest scalp lesions. incidence of skin infection of all Herpes gladiat orum is a Herpes high school and collegiat e spor ts. simplex virus that is highly cont agious This makes sense, due t o the Barron R.B. and is incurable. It presents as painful close proximity of wrestler s t o clear, fluid filled blist er s or bubbles Bremner, D.O. each other, and the wrestling at op a reddened base. It then ruptures mats. Heat, humidity and breaks in and becomes a painful crusty scab. the skin from trauma predispose wrestler s t o Treatment is based on prevention of outbreaks infection. Skin disease accounts for 20% of lost and shor t ening the duration of sympt oms using mat time due t o illness and injur y. In addition, antivirals such as Valtrex. An athlet e may as athlet es become fatigued, they become compet e three days af t er the last lesion has more susceptible t o infection. Infections are complet ely healed, or af t er 5 days of oral Valtrex usually bact erial(impetigo), fungal(ringworm), or treatment. viral(Herpes gladiat orum). Prevention is paramount. Do not share Knee Injuries equipment, t owels, or clothing. Shower promptly By far, contusions t o the front of the knee af t er practice with antibact erial soap. Wash are the most common knee injur y in wrestling. all clothing and equipment between uses. Clean This const ant pressure and friction on the knee mats between uses. can creat e a fluid collection in front of the knee Impetigo is caused by st aphylococcus and joint called prepat ellar bur sitis(housemaid’s strept ococcus bact eria and causes blist er s or knee). Treatment is with rest, ice, and oral antiscabs that then form a yellow crust. Treatment inflammat ories. Knee pads are ver y helpful. In is with t opical and/or oral antibiotics. Before ver y uncomfor t able cases, I will drain the bur sa a wrestler can compet e, all lesions must be and inject it with st eroid. scabbed(no oozing) and no new lesions can have Twisting injuries can t ear the menisci, two occurred in the last 48 hour s. This may t ake semicircular cushions in the knee. I see this 3-10 days of antibiotic therapy. Some patients more in wrestling coaches. I think almost ever y

wrestling coach I know has had a meniscus t ear, or is currently ignoring one. Meniscus t ear s can be treat ed with ar throscopic surger y. If the t ear is small, the athlet e can get back t o spor ts in a couple weeks, but larger t ear s can end a season. Serious ligament t ear s are rare, but can require surger y. Ant erior cruciat e t ear s usually require surger y and return t o spor ts is in 6-12 months. Minor ligament t ear s of the post erior cruciat e and collat erals can be treat ed with rest, ice, and gradual return t o spor t. Shoulder Injuries The majority of shoulder injuries I see from wrestling are strains from being placed in extreme positions under stress. These usually resolve with rest, anti-inflammat ories, and ice. Dislocations can occur, and of t en become recurrent, requiring surger y. Return t o spor t is in 6-9 months af t er surger y. Concussion Although concussion is more common in football, the incidence of concussion in wrestling is increasing, in par t because more coaches and parents are recognizing the signs and sympt oms of this condition. Concussion is damage t o the brain from trauma t o the head. Sympt oms can include loss of consciousness, confusion, loss of memor y, headache, and nausea. Padded headgear and mouthguards may help t o prevent concussions. In general, gradual return t o play(st ar ting with conditioning and progressing t o light cont act) can st ar t a week af t er the last sympt oms have gone. Dr. Bremner is available at DMOS – East. To reach Dr. Bremner please call 515-299-6363.

2011 Sports Medicine Symposium February 12, 2011 • 8:30 a.m. – 2:50 p.m. Conference & Learning Center at Iowa Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines — Cost: $30/person ($40 at the door) — For: Middle school, high school, club and community coaches (of athletes 11 years of age and older), athletic directors, athletic trainers and school nurses are invited to attend. Program will address common sports injuries — prevention, treatment, return to competition timeline and recovery. Athletic taping, infection prevention in sports and more will be addressed. Key note speaker Holly Silvers, MPT, Director of Rehabilitation for Major League Soccer Chivas USA, the Los Angeles Galaxy, and the Amgen Tour of California pro-tour cycling race. Ms. Silvers is also Director of Research at the Santa Monica Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Research Foundation and team member for the nationally recognized PEP ACL Prevention Program. For more information go to


M et hodist • Lut heran • Blank

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Volume 12 Issue 11


On The Tee

Iowa Sports Connection

Principal Charity Classic is No. 1 Stop on the Champions Tour Tracy Dirks The Principal Charity Classic

The Champions Tour has announced the best tournaments of the 2010 Champions Tour season. The Principal Charity Classic presented by Wells Fargo received the “Players Award” for the 2010 tournament, ranking it the number one stop for Champions Tour professionals. The announcement was made recently by Champions Tour President, Mike Stevens, at the Champions Tour Tournament Association annual awards dinner in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl. “The Principal Charity Classic has positioned itself as a ‘can’t miss’ event for players, sponsors and spectators, resulting in excellent galleries and record contributions to local charities,” said Stevens. World Golf Hall of Fame member, Nick Price earned his second victory of the season during The Principal Charity Classic at Glen Oaks Country Club in West Des Moines, Iowa. “Hands down, The Principal Charity Classic deserves this award. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the time that I have spent at the tournament. The hospitality and warm welcome we receive is second to none,” said Price. “We have consistently received great feedback from the players, caddies and spouses about Glen Oaks Country Club, the Des Moines community and the world-class treatment they receive here,” said Jamie Alt, tournament


Volume 12 Issue 11

director. “Continuing to attract a strong playing field helps the bottom line of the tournament — children’s charities.” In 2009, the tournament was named the ‘Best Managed Event’ on the Tour, an award which recognized community support, attendance, charitable impact and on-site presentation. Over the last four years, The Principal Charity Classic has raised $2.3 million for local children’s charities. The PGA Tour and a recent Iowa State University study estimated the 2010 tournament generated an economic impact of $20.8 million for the region, including increased business for area hotels, restaurants, shopping establishments and other entertainment venues. The event also showcases Des Moines to a national television audience and to more than 70 PGA Champions Tour golfers. The Principal Charity Classic is sponsored by the Principal Financial Group®, presented by Wells Fargo and managed by Bruno Event Team. For more information on the charities and the tournament, visit or connect with The Principal Charity Classic on Twitter and Facebook. About The Principal Charity Classic The Principal Charity Classic is an annual

Champions Tour event at Glen Oaks Country Club in West Des Moines. The 2011 tournament will be held May 30-June 5. The Greater Des Moines Community Foundation plays host to the event, which is focused on philanthropic giving for designated “FORE Our Kids” charities: Blank Children’s Hospital, Bravo Greater Des Moines, Greater Des Moines Community Foundation, United Way of Central Iowa and Variety-The Children’s Charity.

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UPPER IOWA UNIVERSITY HAS A LOT TO BRAG ABOUT “ I chose Upper Iowa University to develop and broaden my education, play competitive collegiate sports, and meet new people. UIU offers opportunities to young minds everyday.” Shaina Marnell, ‘12 Hanover Park, IL

STUDENT FOCUSED – graduating students with less debt than any other private institution in Iowa EXCELLENT FACILITIES – completing $75 million in Phase I construction of classrooms, residence halls, and a student center GLOBALLY AVAILABLE – offering degrees through 17 U.S. educational centers and 3 international locations ONLINE EXCELLENCE – nationally ranked among top online degree-granting universities by Online Education Database and repeatedly rated for “best buy” programs by

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800-553-4150 On Campus • Distance Education • U.S. & International Centers

Upper Iowa UnIversIty has a lot to brag aboUt

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“ I transferred to UIU because it has a more personal environment than many other schools and I can be more one-onone with professors and my advisor. The two-at-a-time class schedule gives me a healthy balance of class, athletics, and other extracurriculars.”

1/5/2011 9:13:01 AM

stUdent FocUsed – graduating students with less debt than any other private institution in Iowa excellent FacIlItIes – completing $75 million in Phase I construction of classrooms, residence halls, and a student center globally avaIlable – offering degrees through 16 U.S. educational centers and 3 international locations onlIne excellence – nationally ranked among top online degree-granting universities by Online Education Database and repeatedly rated for “best buy” programs by

Kirby Hovden, ‘12 West Union, IA

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800-553-4150 On Campus • Distance Education • U.S. & International Centers

Iowa Sports Connection - Volume 12 Issue 11  

Hawks Tame Tigers in the Insight Bowl

Iowa Sports Connection - Volume 12 Issue 11  

Hawks Tame Tigers in the Insight Bowl